Joey, Pacey, and Alexander Part Three by: KatieJoWitter

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Setting: Pacey, Alex and Joey just arrived home to the Potter’s house.

Joey, Pacey, and Alexander Part 3

Pacey went into Joey’s room to change into something more comfortable, which was only a pair of boxers. Joey went into the kitchen and got Alex a snack. Alex, on the other hand, was watching TV. They still had to keep a very close lookout on him because Alex liked to get into mischief. Once Pacey arrived back from Joey’s room, she went in there to change also.

“Hey, little guy. what are you watching?”

“Sponge Bob.”

“Sponge Bob? That’s a terrible show. Don’t watch that. That’s junk.”

“Please, daddy,” Alex whined.

“How ‘bout you go watch the new movie Rachel brought you?” Rachel was the new girl, who just turned 5 and lived in Dawson’s old house.

“Okay,” Alex agreed.

Joey came back from her room wearing only a camisole and boxers.

“Hey! What should I make for dinner?”

“Spaghetti!” Alex shouted.


“Sure, that sounds fine.” Joey left to go prepare dinner.

Alex was happily watching his movie so Pacey decided to go help Joey.


When Pacey walked in the kitchen he saw Joey dancing around to the song “If” that was playing on the radio. Pacey quietly tip-toed to Joey. He placed both hands around her waist. She started to turn around, but he stopped her. Pacey began kissing and sucking on her earlobe and then her neck. She finally turned around and started kissing him on the lips. Their kiss quickly deepened. Joey reached over, barely breaking the kiss to turn off the stove. Then their lips connected again. They walked out of the kitchen and into the family room. Alexander was sleeping contently on the couch. Joey turned off the movie and Pacey carried Alex to his room. When Pacey came back Joey took Pacey’s hand and guided him into her room.

To be continued...........

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