Joey, Pacey, and Alexander Part Five by: KatieJoWitter

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“We’re gonna be parents!” Pacey stood up and hugged Joey.


Pacey, Joey, and Alex were in the living room. Pacey and Joey were both trying to get Alex to settle down. He was bouncing up and down on the furniture and screaming.

“Alex, get down!” Joey shouted over his screams.


“Alex,” Pacey warned. Joey started breaking down in tears. Pacey thought something was terribly wrong and Alex quieted down.

“Jo! What’s wrong?”

“Pace. I can’t even take care of Alexander. How am I going to take care of a baby?”

“Jo, I’m here to help you.”

“Pacey, tell me the honest truth.”


“Am I going to make a terrible mother?”



“Yes, honest.” Pacey leaned over and wiped the tears from her face. In response, she leaned over and kissed him.

“Guess what?”


“We have our first doctor’s appointment in 2 weeks.”

“You mean I have to come?” Pacey teased.

“Pacey! Of course you’re coming. It’s our baby!”

“Hold on, Potter. I am coming. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”



“What is it, Alex?”

“Can you and mommy go to the park with me?”

Pacey looked over to Joey who was rubbing her stomach and giving him a “I don’t really feel like it look”.

“How about we go tomorrow?”

“Okay. Mom can we watch a movie? Dad rented Tarzan.”

“That sounds good.”

They all fell asleep watching the movie with Alex sitting on Pacey’s lap and Pacey’s arm around Joey’s shoulders and Joey’s hand on her stomach.


To be continued...............

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