True Love Never Dies by: KatieJoWitter

Author’s Note: This Story is a one-parter and has a very sad ending.

True Love Never Dies

“Fire, fire!” somebody yelled.

The Potter B&B was on fire. Pacey, Joey’s boyfriend, was frantic. He needed to see her. He had heard about the fire from a neighbor and went directly there. The fire department was swarming everywhere. Pacey saw Bessie crying while she was talking to the police.

“Yes, she is still in there and so is Alex,” Bessie replied to the young officer’s question. Pacey ran over to her.

“Wait. Joey and Alex are in there?” he yelled.

“Yes. Joey and I came out when we saw the fire. Jo reminded me that Alex was still sleeping in his room and she offered to go get him quickly. I said ‘okay and hurry’ and she was off inside.”

“How long has she been in there?” the police officer asked.

“10 minutes,” Bessie told him.

“I’m going in there,” Pacey told Bessie but the police officer stopped him.

“Whoa there, no you’re not. It’s too dangerous. There are already firefighters looking for them.”

A firefighter finally called out, “Mat, we found the little boy.”

Bessie let out a cry of relief and joy and ran off to see her baby.

“Was Joey found with Alex?” Pacey asked.

“No one else was found.”

Pacey started weeping. Then something else happened. Shouts of a badly burned teenager was reported. It was Joey.

“Is she okay?” Pacey questioned after they said he couldn’t see her.

“Joey’s on her way to the hospital. We’ll find out soon.”

Pacey raced to his car and headed to the hospital.


When he got there, after getting a speeing ticket, the paramedics said she had been severely burned and the condition was life-threatening. He saw Bessie crying in the waiting room and went over to talk to her. “Hi, Bess.”


“How’s Alexander?”

“He has a couple cuts and scrapes and has to spend the night here but he’ll be fine.”

Bessie started breaking down in tears again.

“It’s gonna be all right, Bess,” he comforted her.

“I killed her. I let her go in there. I forgot Alex was still inside. It’s all my fault.”

“Bessie, for one, she’s not dead. Two, she volunteered to go, and last but not least, it isn’t your fault.”

“Pace, she’s dying,” Bess sobbed. They were interrupted by Joey’s doctor.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Potter?”

“Yes, is she all right?”

“I have some bad news. Her heart just stopped. Joey’s dead.” Bessie fell to the ground and Pacey helped her up.

“Can I see her?”

“Yes. But I have to warm you. She’s pretty burned up.”

“Pacey, come with me?”


As they walked into Joey’s room, they saw Joey. She was burned from head to toe. Bessie sat by her bed for ten minutes talking to the lifeless woman. Then she left and it was Pacey’s turn to sit with her.

“Hey, Potter. Well, you were completely stupid going back in there, but you're one brave girl. I’m gonna miss you.” Pacey began to sob onto her burnt hand. “We’ve been dating for four years now and I was going to propose to you tomorrow. You always did have a way of getting out of things.” He laughed at his own joke and then started crying again. He took out Joey’s engagement ring from his coat pocket and placed it on her ring finger. “See, perfect fit. I am really going to miss you, Potter. I love you.” He kissed her hand with the ring still on it and started to make his way to the door.

“You’re my True Love, Jo. I will always love you, forever,” he whispered to her as he left her room.

The End

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