Anatomy of a Murder: Introduction by: Katy


Summary: A dead body. No clues. Several suspects. Several motives. It's several years in the future, and Pacey returns to Capeside with his soon-to-be wife Madeleine. But when he gets home, he is started to find all of his friends have been irreversably warped by past actions. They are angry, bitter, jealous...and one of them is angry enough to commit murder.

Disclaimer: Slowly, she stalks...inch by inch...step by step. She turns to face you. Her eyes flicker with a hint of disdain. "What?" she asks, with an almost haughty air, "you actually expect me to lower myself to doing a disclaimer?" She gives a short laugh. "Please, we're beyond that."

Rating: This part is PG, for violence (not graphic, just implied). But stuff will get racier in later parts. We're talking murder, violence, sex... it gets into the ooky.

Author's note: This is going to be a lot darker and a lot more different than my other work. I'm moving away from my usually more flowery, idealistic writing, and I'm trying my hand at a dark piece. This is not a happy piece. It won't end happily. This is about what happens when people can't get over the past. It's about jealousy, greed, resentment, and revenge. This isn't what would happen on the show. Don't expect romance and an ending where everyone suddenly is forgiven. It's just not in the cards.

Anatomy of a Murder

At approximately 5:53 AM on a warm August morning, two shots pierced the silence of a quaint Massachusetts suburb. A couple hours later, a body was removed from an abandoned warehouse. The victim was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. The second bullet was nowhere to be found.

With those two gunshots, my life turned upside down. The quiet life I had dreamed of was gone for good.

The murder baffled the police. No suspects. No murder weapon. No eyewitnesses, save a few people in the surrounding area who heard two gunshots. The case was practically over before it began.

But the real mystery was only just beginning. The 'why' wouldn't be revealed for a while, but the 'who' was available almost immediately. In fact there were several 'who's.' Each had a motive. Each had the opportunity. But how do you find a murderer amongst a crowd? Can you look into their eyes and know?

You can't just 'find' a murderer who's not willing to show himself. You have to track him, or her, down. To catch them, you must understand them. To understand them, you have to understand the anatomy of a murder.

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