An Affair to Remember by: Katy


Rating-R. Not suitable for children. I don't go into a lot of detail, mainly skipping the parts, but it's R just the same. The story is loosely based on the premise of the movie "An Affair To Remember," with parts inspired by the late author, V.C. Andrews.

Classification-Love Triangle. More Pacey/Joey, but since Dawson and Joey are together, its a love-triangle. Confused? Just read the story.

Summary-If you've seen, "An Affair To Remember," you know it's about two people, both engaged, who meet, fall in love, and are supposed to meet a few months later. I didn't want to use that particular plotline, but I liked the idea of two attached people who let their hearts guide them. And my favorite author, the late V.C. Andrews, would have loved it. I can just imagine her personal touch to it. So I'm doing her personal touch to it. Only I won't be as graphic or explicit. ;) No NC-17 stories….yet. Anyway, this is a love story, only it's a bit questionable. I know it's questionable, so don't flame me.

Act One
An Affair to Remember

Joey stretched luxuriously and smiled at the form of her sleeping lover, Dawson Leery. Last night he had proposed to her, and she had accepted. They had been dating since they were fifteen, ten years ago.

She hated to get up, but she knew she had to. Today was the day she left to go to New York for two weeks. There was a political convention being held there, and as the youngest political correspondent for CNN at only 25, she had to cover it. The topic was the youth of America, and CNN thought it would be good to get the perspective of a young twenty-something. So they picked their youngest correspondent, Josephine "Joey" Potter.

Joey pulled on her robe and kissed Dawson on his rumpled blonde hair. "Mmm," he said, rolling over to look at Joey. "Leaving so soon?" he asked with a smile.

Joey laughed and kissed him again. "You know I have to," she said.      

"Mmm," he said, smiling, "I've got to get up, too. DreamWorks was having some editing crisis on my movie. I'm not looking forward to eight more hours in front of the cutting board."

Joey laughed. "You love it and you know it," she said.      

"No, I love you," he said, pulling her down on the bed and kissing her passionately. They kissed each other passionately, their mouths uniting in a fire that could melt the coldest of hearts.

Dawson slipped his hand in her robe, but Joey pushed it out. "Mmm," she said, breaking away, "if I get started, I won't stop, and I can't miss my plane."

Dawson laughed. "Damn," he said, "my evil plan was foiled again. All I want is to kiss you again."

Joey laughed. "You can kiss me, but that's it, Romeo. Whatever happened to the nice Leery boy who waited three dates to kiss the girl?"

"He met you," Dawson said with a smile, "And he couldn't control himself. All he wanted to do was ravish you day and night."

Joey laughed and finished dressing. "It's only two weeks," she said, "think of this as a test of our love."

Dawson laughed and smiled. "Just don't fall for any New York boys. You know they're nothing but trouble."


Pacey yawned and walked into the kitchen, where his fiancée, Annie was waiting. "Good morning, moron," she said with a smile.

"Morning sunshine," he said, kissing her on the lips, "what's for breakfast?"      

"Eggs, toast, and O.J." she said, "The breakfast of champions. But I made it for you anyway."

"Sweet," he said, laughing, "perfect food for the flight over. Even if you did cook it. Probably poisoned, knowing you."

Annie smacked him on the head with her spoon. "Just eat it before I lose my happy, perky personality," she said.

"Gonna miss me while I'm gone?" he asked.      

"Like I miss my period and the cramps that come with it," she said, kissing him.

Pacey kissed deeper. He never could resist her sarcastic, quirky personality. Major turn on. He loved girls with a good sense of humor.

Annie pushed him back. "Your elbow is in my eggs," she said, laughing.

"You say the sexiest things," he said.

"Duh," she said, "now eat. You have to make your plane so I can have two weeks of peace and quiet. Plus your boss down at the Times wouldn't be happy if he didn't get those articles."              

"Ugh," Pacey said, "Work. Equivalent of a cold shower."      

Annie laughed. "Works every time," she said.


Jen danced around her kitchen, lip synching to "Jive and Wail." That song always made her feel happy. And she was in a happy mood. Her old friend Joey was coming to New York to cover some convention, and they would get to hang out. It had been a year since they last saw each other.

Jen's phone rang. Turning down the stereo, she picked up the phone and said, "Lindley residence."

"Jen?" came a male voice. Jen struggled to recognize it, but there was so much static that she couldn't decipher it.

"Yes?" she asked into the phone, "This is she."      

'Hey!" said the voice, "It's Pacey. I'm calling from a plane."      

"Omigod!" Jen said, "Pacey? It's been ages! Where have you been? How are you doing? Why haven't you called me in years, you dork!"      

Pacey laughed. "Working at a newspaper in Boston. Just peachy. Too busy."      

Jen laughed. Same old Pacey. "It's so great to hear from you," she said, "boy, this day is just getting better by the second."      

"How do you mean?" Pacey asked.

"Joey's coming in on a plane today," Jen explained.      

"She is?" Pacey asked, "is she coming to New York?"      

"Yeah," Jen said, "she's covering that convention. Is that why you're here, too?"

"Hmm?" asked Pacey. Jen sensed that he was distracted. "Oh, yeah," he said, "convention. Work."

Jen laughed. "You're favorite pasttime."      

"Listen, Jen" Pacey said, "I've got to go. This bill's gonna cost a fortune, and I don't want to make it bigger than it already is. Gotta save my money for the wedding."

Jen screamed. "You're getting married?!" she asked excitedly, "that's so great! You didn't tell me! You'd better come to visit me when you get here, or I'll storm all the way to Boston and kick your ass."

"Count on it," Pacey said distractedly, "I'll definitely be there."


Joey walked up the stairs of the apartment building to the fourth floor. She walked to apartment 405 and knocked on the door. A muffled "coming" came from somewhere inside the apartment. The door swung open and a beautiful blonde stepped outside. The blonde smiled happily and threw her arms around Joey. "Omigod!' Jen, the blonde said, "Joey! It's so great to see you finally!"

Joey hugged back. "I know!" she said, "I have so much to tell you."      

"Well come on in," Jen said, "I love gossip. And we have so much to catch up on."

Jen led Joey inside her apartment. It was a small apartment, with baby blue walls and simple furniture. Jen had decorated it with flowers, lots of birds in painted cages, and little homemade touches, giving it the impression of a garden.

"Sit," Jen said to Joey, gesturing to a wicker rocker with embroidered pillows on it, "Do you want some lemonade?"

"No thanks," Joey said, "So how've you been? How's the job going?"      

"It's going great," Jen said, beaming, "I sold three more paintings and a sculpture last week. And I get my first gallery opening at the DeValone Institute of Art next week. I expect you to be there. I want my best friends there."

Joey smiled. "I'll be happy to come," she said.      

"So how about you?" Jen asked, "how are things with you and Dawson."      

Joey smiled. "First go get that ice cream."      

Jen laughed and went to her freezer. Pulling out a box of cookie dough ice cream and getting two spoons, she walked back to where Joey was, and took the seat beside her. "All right," Jen said, "spill."

"Well," Joey said, smiling, "last night he kind of proposed."

Jen screamed, dropped her spoon and hugged Joey. "That's so great!"      

Joey laughed. "You sure love hugging people," she said.      

Jen smiled. "It's just been such a great week. My opening, you coming to visit, your engagement, Pacey…"

"What about Pacey?" Joey asked.

"He called this morning," Jen said, "apparently he's a newspaper reporter down in Boston and he's covering the convention. And he's gotten himself engaged,too."

"He has?" Joey asked, staring off into space.      

"Yeah," Jen said, "He'll be here today. He's supposed to stop by. You should come over. It will be just like old times, except Dawson's not here."      

"Yeah," Joey said distractedly, "Old times."


**It was after graduation at senior year. Parties were going on all over town. Joey, Jen, Dawson, and Pacey were all packed inside Pacey's truck, heading over to Cliff's party.

"No more school!" Jen yelled. All of them cheered excitedly.      

"Hark the Herald angels shout, school is done and we are out," Pacey sang.      

"No more school, 'cause we are free," Joey continued.      

"From that penitentiary," they all finished.      

Pacey pulled his car into Cliff's front lawn. There were already twenty other cars crammed onto the spacious front lawn. "Good thing Cliff's got a big house," Dawson said, surveying the cars.

The gang all filed inside, where the party was kicking. Dozens of graduates were dancing and drinking, and having a great time.

All night long, the four friends danced and talked with their friends. Around one A.M., the party started slowing down. Jen was slow dancing with Cliff in the corner, practically passing out. Dawson was asleep on the couch, snoring softly. Joey and Pacey were sitting in chairs, talking.

"What a night, huh?" Pacey asked. Joey nodded sleepily. "Well don't fall asleep on me, Sleeping Beauty," Pacey teased.

"Bite me," Joey said, yawning.

"Come on," Pacey said, standing and giving her his hand, "Let's go for a walk on the beach. The night air might do you some good."

Joey and Pacey walked out to where the ocean was crashing on the beach. Sitting down at the edge of the surf, they put their feet in and let the cool water run between their toes.

"This has been a great night," Joey said, "you know, except for the fact that I'm tired, Dawson's passed out, Jen's off with Cliff, and I'm stuck here with you."

"I'm not enamored with it either," Pacey said, "Actually, I have enjoyed your company. It's been a while since I've spent the evening with a girl who hasn't run away screaming after an hour."

"Give me time, "Joey said, smiling, "Senioritis has gotten to me. I'll probably slit my throat tomorrow."

"Charming," Pacey said.

"I remember the day we started school," Joey said.      

"Me too," Pacey said, "I was dragged kicking and screaming into that building. Now I know why."

Joey laughed. "What I remember is you kissing me at lunch and me slapping you."

"You always had a way with boys," Pacey said.      

"Oh yeah, total guy magnet," Joey said, "I've tried to block that memory from my head. Traumatic childhood experience. Screwed me up for life."      

"You were already messed up royally," Pacey said.      

Joey laughed and bent her head back, shutting her eyes. Pacey watched how the night breeze blew her hair around her face, giving the impression of a ghost, taking a walk on the shore of a secluded beach. Feeling his heart take over him, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Pacey was surprised when she returned his kiss. The kiss lasted a few seconds, before they broke apart slowly and looked in each other's eyes. Pacey ran his fingers through her hair and Joey bent her hand down on his chest, feeling his heartbeat.

"Joey?" called Dawson's voice from up around the house. Guiltily, Joey and Pacey broke apart as Dawson ran up. "There you are," Dawson said, kissing his girlfriend on the lips, "having fun without me?" he asked.

"No," Joey and Pacey said quickly. Their faces turned red, and they turned their eyes away, not meeting each other's faces.

Dawson looked at them funny. 'Must be the night air,' he thought, 'it does strange things to people.'**


Pacey walked up to room 405 and knocked on the door. The sound of footsteps came from inside and the door opened. "Pacey!" said Jen, hugging him tightly, "you're here! It's so great to see you! Come inside, there's someone here for you to meet."

"Uh oh," Pacey said, laughing, "remember, I'm almost a married man, don't try and fix me up now."

Pacey walked in Jen's living room and his jaw nearly dropped. Sitting on a little rocker was Joey. She seemed just as shocked to see him. "Hey, Joey," Pacey said softly.

"Hey," she said," slumping down in her seat and not meeting his eyes.      

Jen was oblivious to the tension. "Isn't this great?" she said, "Just like old times."

"Yeah," Joey and Pacey said, "Old times."


**Joey was inside her dorm room at Boston University, listening to music and trying to get through Beowulf when there was a knock at the door. "Come in," she said.

"Studying hard?" asked Pacey, as he walked in carrying a grocery bag.      

"More like hardly studying," Joey said.

"Is Annie here?" Pacey asked. Annie was Joey's dormmate, "We're supposed to study together."

"Oh, she left a message," Joey said, "she had to rush down to the library and won't be back for about four hours. Her computer crashed and her paper is due tomorrow."

"Oh," Pacey said, "Well, I've got food here, care for a study break?"      

"Sure," Joey said, "I'm almost done with this and I have 'till next week."      

Pacey pulled out chicken, chips, and sodas out of the bag. "So where's lover boy?" he asked, biting into a piece of chicken.      

"Dawson's out shooting his documentary for film class," Joey said, taking a swallow of soda, "I'm supposed to meet him later for coffee."      

"Okay," Pacey said, not knowing what to say. Their friendship had been strained ever since that night on the beach. It didn't even feel right to insult each other anymore.

"So," Joey said, "how's the journalism class going?"      

Pacey snorted. "You know how, you're in it."      

"Oh, right," Joey said, lamely.

"Listen, Jo," Pacey said, "I don't think I'm the only one who's noticed that things have been tense lately. We don't even have the friendship we barely had before. Do you think we can put aside that one moment of blind passion and be friends."

"Can we do that?" Joey asked.

"I'm willing to give it a try," Pacey replied.      

Joey looked at his face. There was a little bit of food on the corner of his lips. "You've got something," she said, reaching up with her hand to brush it off his lips, "on your…lips…"

Her hand lingered at his lips and Pacey leaned towards her. Joey kissed him and Pacey wrapped his arms around her waist. They fell backwards on the floor, knocking over the food as they kissed each other hungrily.**


"So," Jen said, after pouring some drinks for all of them, "It would appear that I'm the only one who's not engaged, huh?"

Pacey looked at Joey. "You're engaged?" he asked.      

Joey nodded, but didn't look at him.

"Congratulations," he said. There was a pause. "Dawson?" he asked.      

"Who else?" Joey mumbled, looking at him.

Pacey nodded.

Jen looked between them. "Well this is a lively conversation," she said.      

Joey looked at her watch. "Actually I have to go. I still have to check into my hotel."

"Same here," Pacey said, standing up.

"Well, stop by when you get a chance," Jen said, slightly confused, "Oh, Pacey, I hope you'll come to my gallery opening next week. It'll be fun."

"Wouldn't miss it," he said.

Joey and Pacey left Jen's apartment. Once the door was shut behind them, they turned and faced each other.

"So," Pacey said, "I guess I should congratulate you on your engagement."      

"I should congratulate you, too," Joey said, "You marrying Annie?"      

"Yeah." Pacey said nodding, "Annie's great."

"So is Dawson," Joey said.

Neither knew what to say, so Pacey said, "Well, I'll let you go."      

"See ya," Joey said, walking away.

Pacey started to walk away, but her turned around. "Joey?" he said.      

Joey turned and looked at him with her sad eyes. "Yes?" she asked.      

"I haven't forgotten you," he said, "I never did."      

"Me either," Joey whispered as he turned and walked away.


**Pacey walked into Joey's bathroom and stared at his reflection in the mirror. "You've done some stupid things," he said to the face looking back at him, "but this is the worst."

He turned out of the bathroom and walked back into the bedroom, where Joey sat, biting her nails and looking out the window. She wasn't dressed yet, and a sliver of light from the bathroom shone on her naked back.

Pacey pulled on his boxers, not saying a word. Joey didn't say anything either, just kept biting her nails.

Pacey finished dressing and he walked over to where Joey was. Sitting behind her, he wrapped his arms around her. She touched his hand and leaned into him, but didn't face him. "What do we do now?" she asked.

Pacey buried his head into her shoulder. "I don't know," he said, "I'm just as confused as you."

"What we did," Joey said, "was….amazing, but wrong."      

"I know," Pacey said, "So where do we go from here?"      

"We can't go back to the way things were," Joey said.      

"I know," Pacey said. He paused and then said, "Do you want to act like this didn't happen?" he asked sadly.

Joey nodded, feeling a tear roll down her cheek. "I think it's for the best," she said.

Pacey picked up his things and walked to the door. He put his hand on the knob, but stopped. "Joey?" he said.

Joey turned and faced him, tears in her eyes. "Yes?" she asked.      

"I'll never forget you," Pacey said, "That's a promise."      

Once he had walked out, Joey whispered, "Me either."**


Continued in "The Way We Were"


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