A Cinderella Story by: Katy

Author's Note: Okay, pretend Breaking Away never happened. So Dawson and Joey aren't together yet. Okay, about this story. I was watching Cinderella (Don't ask, I was on a Disney kick) and I must have been really tired, jacked up on caffeine, whatever, because I started picturing the characters as DC people. So I figured I'd write this and just vent my strange dreams. I know it's weird, but then again, so am I. So just read and enjoy.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"


Joey woke up with a headache that morning. As she slowly woke up, she heard Bessie's shrill voice. "JOEYRELLA!" it called.

Joey looked confused. Joeyrella? Bessie must have been watching Cinderella with Alex and got the names confused.

Joey headed to the living room and saw Bessie in fancy clothes, standing beside....Abby and Nellie?

"Joeyrella," Bessie said, "Our breakfast wasn't ready this morning. You lazy slob! Why can't you do anything right?"

"What drugs are you on, Bessie?," Joey asked, "I wasn't supposed to make breakfast this morning, you always do."

"How dare you call me Bessie!" Bessie said, "I am your stepmother, and you will address me as that. And as for me making breakfast, why would I do that? You always make breakfast for me, Abby, and Nellie."

"Right, Bessie," Joey said, "did Alex keep you up last night, because you've lost your mind. And I don't know why Abby and Nellie are here, but as far as I'm concerned, they can leave. It's too early in the morning for me to deal with them."

"I told you she was worthless, mother," Abby said to Bessie, "she never does anything right."

"Don't make me punch you," Joey said to Abby, "because I haven't had my coffee and it's really tempting to right now."

Abby and Nellie both covered their faces. "Don't let her hit us, mother!" they shrieked, "not before the royal ball."

Joey got a confused look on her face. "The ball?" she asked.

"Yes," Bessie said, looking at Joey like she was a bug, "the ball for the prince. He's deciding who he's going to marry."

'Oh, I get it,' Joey thought, 'I'm dreaming. I knew I shouldn't have watched Cinderella with Alex last night. Let me guess, the prince is Dawson, only he won't pick Cinderella, he'll pick Jen, the mysterious princess.'

Joey's thoughts were interrupted by Bessie pushing a broom into Joey's hands. "Go sweep the entire house. Then, mop the floors, change Alex, feed the chickens, and wash the windows. And then, maybe, just maybe, you can come to the ball as well."

"Fine," Joey said, playing along, "but, Bess- I mean stepmother, when did we get chickens? Or did you mean Abby and Nellie?"

"GO!" Bessie yelled, pointing towards the hallway, "we must prepare for the ball."


Joey walked back to her room. "Now, where are all the little mice to help me out," she asked herself.

As if by magic, twenty little mice ran out from under her bed, all yelling, "Joeyrelly! Joeyrelly!" the weird thing was they all looked like Bodie!

"Joeyrelly!" one of the Bodie mice said, "We'll help you make your dress, go do the chores, we'll do the dress."

Rolling her eyes, but figuring she might as well go with the flow, Joey said, "thanks...Bodie?"

"Anytime," they all replied.

Walking out the door, Joey shook her head and said, "I must have eaten some bad clams or something."


So Joey worked all day long, finally finishing her chores. She finished, just as Bessie, Nellie, and Abby were heading out the door.

"I guess you don't get to go, Joeyrella" Nellie said, mock sweetly, "Too bad, we get the Prince all to ourselves."

"Awww," Joey said, just as mock sweetly, "Darn, I guess I'll just have to go mope in my room."

"I guess you will," Abby said smugly, "after all, we all can't be beautiful or special. Some of us have to be content with being the town charity case."

Before Joey could hurl back an insult, they exited the house. Storming back up to her room, Joey was surprised to see a pretty white dress that glinted in the moonlight, hanging in her room. It had a white sash around the waist, and white pearls for the necklace.

"It's beautiful!" Joey said to all the Bodie mice, who sat there, beaming.

"We're glad you like it, Joeyrelly," they said simultaneously, "now go meet the prince."

"I will," Joey said, pulling on the dress, "thank you again!"


Joey rushed out the door to where Abby, Nellie, and Bessie were all climbing in their carriage. "Joeyrella?" Bessie said, looking bewildered.

"In the flesh," Joey said sweetly, "I got my dress."

"So you did," Bessie said, frowning. Bessie looked closer and started smiling. "And it's a lovely one too. Don't you love the sash, Abby?"

Abby looked and screamed, "that's my sash! You little thief!" she yelled, ripping it off.

Nellie looked at Joey, too. "My pearls! How dare you!" she yelled ripping them off.

Abby and Nellie continued ripping at the dress. When they were done, the dress was in rags. Joey felt fury rising inside of her. Screaming, she punched Abby right in the eye, and Nellie in the nose.

They both started shrieking and pulled out their compacts to apply makeup. Bessie glared at Joey. "You're not going to the ball," she said, matter-of-factly."

"I'm so devastated," Joey said back. Then, looking at Abby and Nellie, she said, "I hope your faces don't bruise up before you meet the prince."

As the carriage pulled away, Joey sat down sadly. As silly as it was, she kind of wanted to go. She wanted to know how the dream ended, if the prince would pick Cinder- Joeyrella over the mystery girl. Too late now.

As if on cue, a flash of light came, and out popped a woman in a blue dress.

"Never fear," she said, "Your fairy Jenmother is here."

"My what?" Joey said, gaping at Jen, in full fairy godmother getup.

"You're going to the ball," Jen said, pulling out a wand, "but you'll need a few things first." Looking around, Jen spotted an old baby carriage, which probably belonged to Alex. Aiming her wand at it, Jen turned the carriage into a large carriage, fit for a princess...if she happened to be two years old.

"It's kind of childish," Jen said, "but I'm in a rush. You're losing time. Now, we need some horses." Looking around again, she spotted four Bodie mice. Aiming her wand at them, she turned them into horses.

"Almost done," Jen said, "but we still need a driver." Looking around, she spotted an E.T. doll which had been lying inside the carriage. Aiming her wand at it, she turned it into a driver, which happened to look like E.T.

"Now, all you need is a footman," Jen said. As if on cue, Alex toddled out the door. Aiming her wand at him, Jen turned Alex into an overgrown footman, decked out in diapers.

"You're ready," Jen said, "go on and go."

"Earth to the fairy Jenmother," Joey said, "I need a dress."

"Oh, you're right," Jen said, looking at the outfit. Silent for a moment, Jen raised her wand and turned the rags into the black dress from the beauty pageant.

"What, no glass slippers?" Joey asked, looking at her black pumps.

Jen made a face. "Not unless you want blisters," she said, "ever tried to dance in those things? Not fun."

"So how long do I have until this turns back to fake," Joey asked, "let me guess, midnight?"

"Mignight?" Jen said, laughing, "what party do you know of that stops at midnight? You've got until two A.M. That's enough time."

"Thanks," Joey said, smiling at her fairy Jenmother (I dare you to say that with a straight face), "this means a lot to me."

"Go and have fun" Jen said, "and when you come back, you can tell me all about it over a box of cookie dough ice cream."


The party was swinging by the time Joeyrella got there (again, say that with a straight face). Walking in the ballroom, Joey hung at the back, trying to catch a glimpse of the prince. She was unsuccessful, because he was too far away to see.

The prince saw her though. Walking over, he took Joeyrella's hand. "Care to dance?" he asked.

Joey nearly passed out when she saw who the prince was. PACEY?!?!? What kind of weird dream was this? Her thoughts were interrupted when he leaned over and kissed her. Strangely enough, Joey found herself kissing him back.


Dawson was laughing in hysterics. "You sure do have strange dreams." he said to Joey, who had been describing her dream, "are you on drugs?"

Throwing a pillow at Dawson, Joey said, "it's not funny! It was the strangest dream I've ever had. But that kiss..."

"Joey," Dawson said, looking at her, "it was Pacey. Prince Pacey. You're telling me you dreamed of a guy who worships the Mighty Ducks Movies?"

"I know!" Joey said, "it was bizarre, but in a strange way, it was kind of nice."

"So what happened next?" Dawson asked, hiding his laughter.

"I woke up," Joey said, "I don't know. Alex screamed and I woke up. I'm never going to know what happened."

"You'll just have to wonder whether at the end of the night you went home with the prince or the man at the bar. But where was I in the dream?" Dawson said.

"I don't know," Joey said, "but if I had to guess, I'd guess you were the bumbling attendant who had to go find the girl."

"Oh well," Dawson said, "it's late, let's go to sleep. Oh, and try to dream about something that doesn't involve kissing Pacey. I don't want you to wake up screaming."

Elbowing him in the side, Joey said, "Goodnight Dawson."

"Goodnight Jo," Dawson said, settling down to sleep.     Dawson fell asleep right away, but Joey stayed up. Involuntarily, she touched her lips, remembering the kiss, even though it was just a dream. But like they say, a dream is a wish your heart makes.


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