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(Last time, in "I Don't Wanna Miss a thing"….Joey is spotted by modeling agents who want her to come to New York and be a model. Dawson is a little uncomfortable with this arrangement, but he doesn't want to stop her. Cliff offers Jen and her grandmother his condolences. Pacey receives a kiss from the mysterious Kathleen, granddaughter of Old Man Ethan.)

"I don't care
What my teachers say
I'm gonna be a supermodel.
And everyone
Is gonna dress like me
Wait and see
When I'm a supermodel.
And my hair will shine like the sea
And everyone will wanna look
Just like me."
-"Supermodel" by Jill Sobule

Dawson and Joey embraced tightly as the last call for passengers on Flight 273 to New York was announced.

"Promise me you'll write?" Dawson said, fighting back the tears.

"Dawson," Joey said, wiping her tears, "I'm only going to be gone for a week."

"I know how our lives work, Jo," Dawson replied, "something always happens and nothing's ever the same. It's like our lives are controlled by some mysterious man."

Joey laughed. "I think you've seen "The Truman Show" one too many times Dawson. You're just trying to create conflict. Like I've told you before, you're trying to script out your life. This isn't a movie, this is real. Accept your perfect life."

Dawson smiled. "At least I got over my Peter Pan Syndrome."

"We'll see about that," Joey said as she walked towards the gate, "I'll call you tonight, ok?"

"Okay, Jo!" Dawson called as the door was shut behind her. He stuck his hands in his pockets and walked to where Bessie was sitting.

"Bessie, are you crying?" Dawson asked as he saw a tear run down Bessie's face.

Bessie wiped her tears and smiled. "It's the mother in me. My baby sister is gone off to New York all on her own. I can't help but worry."

"She'll be fine," Dawson assured her…and himself.

Jen walked around the church, where in just two days Gramps' funeral would be held. Normally, Jen wouldn't set foot in a place Grams worshipped, literally, but things had changed. Jen had made her peace with God, in her own way. Oh, she was still doubtful about the whole God thing, but if there was a God, she wouldn't mind him watching over her some.

Sitting down in a pew, Jen began looking at all the stained glass windows. They were truly beautiful. The most beautiful one of all was one of angels watching down on Mary and Joseph.

Jen did a double-take as she looked at that window. One of the angels resembled her Gramps-a lot. And his eyes weren't cast on Mary and Joseph, but on Jen herself.

Jen felt herself start to cry. "He's watching over me," she said to no one in particular. Then she did something she hadn't done in years-she prayed.

And all the while, Grams was watching her granddaughter from the back of the church. Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched her. "My Jennifer's a good girl, despite what everyone thinks." she said. Then, looking up at the stained glass window of the angels, she added, "Watch over her when I can't."

Pacey practically ran all the way to the ruins. He was supposed to meet Kathleen here in a couple minutes. They had been meeting everyday for a week now.

By the time he got there, Kathleen was already there. She was in a long white dress and had little white rosettes in her hair.

"Pacey!" she called as soon as she saw him. He ran to her and engulfed her in an embrace.

"I come bearing gifts," Pacey said, pulling out a tiny box.

Kathleen took the box and opened it slowly. When she saw what was in it, she gasped. It was a heart-shaped locket.

"Pacey, it's beautiful," she gushed, "Help me put it on?"

Pacey smiled and put it on. "I saw it and had to get it for you. Open it up."

Kathleen opened it. Inside was a tiny picture of Pacey. Engraved on the other side was "For Kathleen, from Pacey."

Kathleen nearly cried when she saw it. Pacey saw her get teary-eyed. "Do you like it?" he asked. Kathleen responded by kissing him deeply.

As the kiss went on and on, they were unaware of a silent witness who watched them, before hobbling away on a cane.

"Josephine?" called Jacqueline, walking into the make-up room, "I do hate to disturb you when you're in the make-up chair, but there's someone I'd like you to meet. Scott?"

Through the door walked a gorgeous dark-haired boy of around Joey's age. He resembled Dawson a lot, except for the different color hair.

"Greetings, Josephine," Scott said, grinning, "now, now, down on the kisses and hugs, it's only Scott."

Joey laughed to herself. So he had a bit of Pacey in him too. Now, if he had Jen in him, it would be like the gang back home all rolled up into one.

Jacqueline laughed. "Scott, darling, you're such a tease," she said, "There's plenty of time to flirt with Josephine later, but now it's business time." Scott made a face. "I know," Jacqueline said, "Business is a beast, but alas, it is one of the main parts of the business. See, The Daphne Erikson Modeling, in partnership with Guess Jeans, is launching a new "Fresh Faces" campaign. The idea is the All-American couple in relaxed fit jeans. We need two people with down-to-earth good looks, as opposed to the more glammed-up, sexy approach. So we thought you two. Now, the representative from Guess is here, and he wants to see what you two have. We have the outfits ready in the dressing rooms, so come out to Studio 3 when you are dressed.

Jacqueline waltzed out the door, leaving Scott and Joey behind. The make-up woman had just finished, so she was running off to go apply make-up elsewhere.

Scott and Joey both collapsed in laughter. "She's a card," Joey said to Scott.

"Jackie's great," Scott said, "She's a little eccentric, but it makes her loveable. So Josephine…"

"Call me Joey," Joey said, "I don't like being called Josephine, but Jacqueline thinks Joey is too "boyish"."

Scott laughed. "Sounds like Jackie," he said, "oh, word to the wise, don't call her Jackie to her face. She's got this thing about nicknames. So when we're around her, I'll call you Josephine, but when we're alone, I'll call you Joey, deal?"

"Deal," Joey said, realizing that she was going to like Scott a lot, "so shall we go get into our clothes?"

"Let's," Scott said, offering Joey his arm, which she readily took.

Scott and Joey both emerged from their dressing rooms. Scott was wearing loose-fitting jeans and a blue top. His hair was slightly rumpled. Joey was wearing relaxed-fit jeans and a purple top. Her hair had been curled into loose waves, and was pinned back with a little butterfly clip.

When Scott saw her, his eyes lit up. "You look great, Joey," he said.

Joey gave him a half-smile. "I guess," she said, "I just feel a little too wholesome. The clips are cute, but butterflies aren't my thing. It's like I'm masquerading as someone else."

"Part of the job," Scott said, smiling at her.

They would have talked longer, but Jacqueline danced in again. "Ready? Oh good!" she said, spotting them. "Oh, you two look absolutely darling! A modern Romeo and Juliet," she sighed, "This way please!"

Scott and Joey walked out to Studio 3, where a sweet looking woman in a denim dress was sitting. "You must be Scott and Josephine," she said, "I'm Luna Timber from Guess. Now just relax and have fun."

Scott and Joey smiled reassuringly at each other as the last minute preps were made to the camera. "Now, show us what you've got!" Luna said, clasping her hands together, "Let's try a happy couple look."

Joey and Scott began posing in different positions as the cameraman snapped pictures of them. In some pictures, they were hugging each other tightly, in some Joey's arm was draped over Scott's shoulder.

When the session was complete, Luna walked to them, clapping, with a huge smile on her face. "I think we've found the new Guess couple," she said happily.

The following night, Dawson was flipping through the television stations. Ordinarily, tonight would have been Movie Night, but it wasn't the same without Joey.

Dawson stopped on some entertainment channel. "This week on 'Week in Fashion'" said a model on the television, "We cover the rise of the model - an ascent into the world of fashion." Dawson rolled his eyes, but kept watching, since nothing else was on. "But first," the woman said, "we cover the newest sensation to hit the fashion world. Josephine Potter, a fifteen year old model from Capeside, Massachusetts."

Dawson nearly fell off the bed. His jaw dropped as a film clip of Joey, smiling and posing for the camera, appeared on screen. Immediately putting in a blank tape, and pressing record, Dawson began to watch the show, as they did an interview with Joey.

"Now Josephine," said the woman, "tell us how you got started in the 'biz.'

"Well," Joey said, brushing her hair out of her eyes, "I was waitressing at the S. S. Ice House that my sister runs, and a couple of modeling agents came in for a bite to eat. When I went to take their order, they asked me to come to New York to be a model, and the rest is history."

Dawson was shocked at how polished and professional Joey was on camera. It was as if she had been doing this for years.

"Now," the interviewer said, "A little birdie told us that you and another model, Scott Parker, just became the new Guess Jeans couple. Congratulations!"

"Thanks," Joey said, smiling a little half smile, "It was pretty surreal. Scott was just as shocked as I was." "Inquiring minds want to know," the woman said, "if there was any chemistry between Scott and you. We saw some of the pictures of you two from the campaign, and you two actually look like a real couple."

Dawson felt jealousy rise up when they showed the pictures on the T.V. Joey and this guy DID look like a couple. But the jealousy went away when he heard Joey's response.

"Oh no," she said, laughing, "there's nothing there but friendship. I already have the most wonderful, amazing, boyfriend back in Capeside."

Dawson smiled at Joey's praise for him. "Could you tell us a bit about him," the lady said.

"Well his name is Dawson Leery," Joey said, smiling to herself, "and he's my age. We've been friends since we were little. I practically LIVE at his house. He's an aspiring film maker, and he practically worships Spielburg. He's a total romantic at heart. He's one of the rare, genuine, nice guys. He's the sort of guy you'd take home to mom. He's handsome, smart, funny… totally idealistic. He's my everything."

"He sounds wonderful," the lady said, smiling at Joey.

"Oh he is," Joey said, nodding, "he's the most wonderful man alive."

The interview went on, but Dawson didn't really hear the rest of it. He just sat there smiling, happy that Joey felt the same way about him as he did about her.

The next day was a sad day for most everyone. It was the day of Gramps's funeral. Jen was a wreck, and neither Dawson, Cliff, nor Pacey knew how to make her feel better. Jen was thankful that they were trying to cheer her up, but she just couldn't. The strange thing was, she just wanted Joey to be there. Even though they hadn't gotten along, Joey was the only one who seemed to understand what it was like to loose someone you loved.

Jen had talked...well…cried to Joey over the phone the night before. Joey apologized for not being there, but she had promised a night of cookie dough ice cream and Brad Pitt Movies, her treat, when she returned.

During the funeral, Jen just kept her eyes focused on the coffin. She just couldn't believe that Gramps was gone. It just didn't seem fair for him to have died.

Jen looked around the church at all the faces. Grams was crying hysterically, and no one could stop her. The preacher was talking about the kind of man Gramps was. Practically the entire town was there, with matching black clothes and blank stares.

'STOP IT!,' Jen wanted to scream at them all, 'STOP ACTING LIKE HE'S GONE! He's never going to die unless you let him die in our hearts.' Jen hated funerals. They reminded her of how everything had an ending, and that nothing good could last. Gramps wouldn't have wanted it like this. He wouldn't have wanted people crying over how he died. He would have wanted them to be happy for him. Happy for the life that he had lived. Happy that he wasn't in pain anymore. And even though Jen still wasn't completely convinced in a religious god, happy that he was in a better place than he was.

Jen felt that she would just suffocate if she stood there. The next few moments appeared to her as if in slow motion. She saw herself standing up from the seat. All eyes turned to her, and the speaker stopped speaking. She felt herself choke up and break into tears. She saw mourners speaking quietly to her, telling her that it would be ok. But she knew it wouldn't be ok. Didn't they see? Gramps was gone! Now there was no one with her.

Grams looked at her, begging her to sit down and not say anything. The entire church watched her, waiting for her to either throw a fit, or sit down. Jen just ran. She ran down the aisle, wanting to get away from everything.

Bursting through the doors, Jen ran all the way to the old oak tree in the front of the church. She finally let it all come out. She just began crying, not knowing if she could stop.

While she was crying, Cliff came up behind her and put his arms around her. Jen turned around and hugged him, crying into his shoulder. "I can't go back there," Jen said, "I WON'T go back there. I've made a huge fool of myself."

"Shhh." Cliff said, stroking her hair, "No you haven't. They realize that you couldn't stay there. I'm sure most of them felt the same way. Don't worry, they understand."

"I'm all alone now," Jen said, still crying, "No one loves me anymore. I mean, they say they love me but they don't. No one loves a girl like me. I've got too many problems. I messed up a long time ago, and now I have to pay."

"That's silly, Jen," Cliff said, "Lots of people love you. Your Grams loves you, she's always looking out for you. Your friends love you, that's why they're here for you. I love you too."

Jen sniffed, and calmed down a bit. "How can anyone love a mess like me?" she asked, dejectedly.

Cliff tilted her head up. "We don't choose who we love," he said, "We just love them. Everyone is loved by someone. They might not realize it, but someone does."

Jen smiled a little smile. "I guess you're right," she admitted, "You're such a nice guy. Why would you want someone as messed up as me? You could have any girl you wanted."

"I don't want any girl," he said, "I want Jen. I love her for her smile, her brains. I love her for the way always tries to do what's right. I love her for her opinions. I love her for the way she fights for what she believes in. You're a fighter, Jen, and I know you'll make it through this. And I'll be there right by your side, all the way."

Jen didn't know what to say to this. There was only one way she knew how to respond. She kissed him.

Pacey whistled all the way to the ruins. He was in such a good mood, despite the earlier funeral. He finally had someone who he could love, and who would love him back. With Tamara, it had been a heavy attraction, but he wasn't sure if it was love. But this, this, was love. Pacey could feel it.

Pacey arrived at the ruins, flowers in hand, but Kathleen wasn't there. Instead, Old Man Ethan stood there, glaring at Pacey.

"Were you expecting someone?" Old Man Ethan asked, hobbling towards Pacey.

"Uh," Pacey said, fumbling for an answer, "Well, I mean, um."

Ethan frowned even more. "Let me clarify myself more," he said, "Were you waiting for my granddaughter, Kathleen?" Pacey said nothing. "I thought so," Ethan said, "Stay away from Kathleen. She's too good for the likes of you. She won't be coming out here anymore, I've seen to that. It would be wise of you to stay away from her. You're a young boy, you can find someone else. Just stay away from my property. Oh, and don't hang around the ruins anymore, or I'll call the police. And I'm sure your father has enough trouble keeping the hooligans in line, without having to cart off his own son."

Old Man Ethan hobbled away, leaving a speechless Pacey behind.

Dawson was the first person to greet Joey when her plane came in. The second she stepped through the door, he ran to her, and hugged her, swinging her around.

"Joey!" he said, hugging her, "I'm so glad to see you. Oh, these are for you," he said, giving her a big bouquet of flowers.

"Dawson!" she said, hugging him and taking the flowers, "I can't tell you how great it is to see you. I mean, New York is great, but Capeside is where you are, so it's where I belong."

Dawson smiled. "I have a little surprise for you. I figure, in honor of you being back, we would hold a movie night. I rented 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'When Harry Met Sally.'"

Joey smiled. "What, no E.T.? What's with the Meg Ryan flicks?" she asked, teasing him.

Dawson smiled. "Both are 'soul mate' flicks, with climaxes set in New York. Besides, romantic movies make for great make-out flicks," he teased, receiving a playful punch from Joey.

Joey was at her house, unpacking her things, and getting ready for movie night, when the phone rang. "Hello?" she said, picking up the phone.

"Josephine, darling!" came Jacqueline's voice, "I have wonderful news! Well, after the premiere of the Guess photos, our agency received several calls inquiring about you and Scott. We got calls from Vanity Fair, Vogue, Mui Mui, and even Donatella Versace! All wanting to line you and Scott up for photo shoots and fashion shows! I wanted to check with you first. You see, you'd be in Los Angeles for two months. We'd have tutors for you, or course. And on week-ends you had off, you could jet back to Capeside for visits. Also, we have several journalists, DYING to interview you. If you play your cards right, you could become the new 'It' girl. Why, I'd bet by the end of two months, you'd have your entire college education money earned."

Joey was silent for a moment, before replying, "I'll do it."

"Fabulous!" Jacqueline said, "I'm so relieved you agreed. I just talked to Scott and he said he'd only go if you did. I'll have the plane tickets to you by tomorrow, so be ready to leave that day. And since you're now the Agency's most promising model, we can get the V.I.P. apartment for you in L. A. It has five bedrooms, so both you and Scott will stay there with a couple other models we're sending out. Ciao, darling!"

Joey hung the phone up, smiling. Then she frowned, realizing she had a lot to do. She picked up the phone and began dialing Dawson's number.

Dawson was busy getting ready for movie night. He wanted tonight to be especially romantic. He had candles set up, and had made lasagna, Joey's favorite, to go with the movie. He then planned a midnight boat trip down the creek. He wanted tonight to be something they remembered forever.

Just as Dawson had lit the candles, the phone rang. Answering it, he said "Hello?"

"Dawson!" said Joey's voice, "Listen, I feel really bad for this, but something's come up and I have to cancel movie night."

"What's wrong?" Dawson asked, frowning.

"Jackie just called," she said, "And she wants me to go to L. A. tomorrow! I have to pack and make all kinds of arrangements. I'll be gone for a couple months, but I can jet back on some weekends."

Dawson felt like someone had ripped his heart out. "Two months?" he asked, "Jo, I don't want to be away from you for that long."

"I don't want to either," Joey said, "But it's only two months. I might even have my college money earned, and then we could spend more time together. I'm so sorry."

Dawson couldn't stop himself from getting angry. "Joey, I have barely seen you at all this month!" he said, "This modeling thing is getting in the way of us. I want my girlfriend back!"

Joey felt herself get angry, too. "You just can't stand it, can you Dawson?" she spat out, "You just have to have everything go your way. Don't you understand, this is my turn to shine! You need to either accept that, and be happy for me, or let me go," she said.

Dawson didn't want to lose Joey. He didn't want to let her go. "I'll be there," he said sadly, "It's just, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," Joey said, on the verge of tears, " but this is something I have to do. Please understand."

"I do," Dawson said, as Joey hung up, "I'm tired of understanding. All I do is understand," he said, echoing the line she had said all those months ago.

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