I'll Never Break Your Heart by: Katy

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Disclaimer: Okay, the response I got for "Crush" has been really positive, so I've decided to go ahead and write this one. Stories will take a while later, as school is starting and I really wanna survive my junior year :) But I promise, in my free time, I will write the stories out. Anyways, The characters aren't mine, and the song is property of the Backstreet Boys. I just thought it was fitting for this story. Oh, and to the webpages, The parts in ** are flashbacks. Please italicize them, as well as the song lyrics.

"From the first day that I saw your smiling face
Honey I knew that we would be together forever"

*Pacey stepped into the tiny classroom frowning. School. Why did he have to come here. He was starting first grade and was NOT happy about it. Oh well, at least he wasn't going to have to stay home with his overprotective mom and his little sister.

Pacey looked around the room. He didn't know a single person. Lots of little faces, all the same-ignoring him, focusing on their friends. Of COURSE they all knew each other. 'Great,' Pacey thought, 'always the odd one out.'

Pacey was about to take a seat at an empty table when a little blond haired boy waved him over. Pacey didn't feel so embarrassed as the little boy smiled and pulled out a chair for him. The boy looked nice, Pacey was sure he'd like him. And next to him was the prettiest little thing he'd ever seen.

She had dark hair and sad eyes, only they looked sort of angry too. Pacey wanted to kiss her, but he then remembered the way Hannah Von Trapp had shrieked and slapped him when he kissed her at his mom's party.

The girl noticed him staring, and she frowned. "What are you staring at jailbait?" she asked.

Pacey was embarrassed. First two minutes here and already someone was on his case. "Your ugly face," he retorted. He didn't mean it, he just wanted to defend himself.

"Bite me" she said angrily. The little blond boy looked disturbed.

"Stop it you two," he said, "It's the first day. Can we try to be civil?" Pacey and the little girl shrugged."Now," the boy said, "My name's Dawson, and this is Joey, what's your name?"

"Pacey Witter," Pacey said, "And don't laugh. My brother Doug teases me enough about it."

"Siblings can be pains," Joey said suddenly, shocking Pacey by not insulting him, "My big sister Bessie annoys me sometimes. She's always making out with her boyfriend Bodie when she's supposed to be babysitting me."

"You're lucky," Pacey said, "My brother makes out with other guys, at least I'll bet he does. I mean, he listens to Barbara Stries..Stries..whatever."

Joey and Dawson laughed. Pacey smiled. Joey had a pretty laugh. So maybe this day wouldn't turn out so badly.*

"When I asked you out, you said no, but I found out

Darling you'd been hurt, you felt that you'd never love again"

Pacey and Joey were lying on the grass in the middle of Capeside Park, staring at the stars. Joey was lying so close to Pacey that he could smell the way her hair smelled like oranges. Running his fingers through her hair, Pacey said, "Jo?"

"Yeah?' she said distractedly. She was thinking about how quickly everything was happening.

"Do you remember the night of the carnival?" Pacey asked, "the night I tried to kiss you, but you pulled away?"

Joey frowned. Damn. He remembered that. "Sort of," Joey lied.

"Why did you?" Pacey asked, "I mean, why did you pull away?"

"I don't know," Joey said, "I guess...I guess I was still hung up on Dawson. He's been a big part of my life for so long."

Pacey sighed. Dawson. Always Dawson. "Joey, listen to me," Pacey said, "I love you, I always have and I probably always will. Which is why I'm letting you go."

Joey sat up, shocked. "What?!" she said.

"I know," Pacey said, "but if we are ever going to be together, I need to know that I'm the one you dream of, that I'm the one you won't. So I'm going to give you some time to work everything out."

"And if I pick him?" Joey asked, biting her lip.

Pacey was silent for a moment before saying, "If Dawson made you happy, then I'd be happy for you."

"I deserve a try, honey, just once

Give me a chance, and I'll prove this all wrong"

Dawson was in his room, going through his movies when he heard the clatter of the ladder. Dawson nearly dropped his movies. Joey. She was coming. Act cool. As she came through the window, Dawson smiled and said, "Hey Jo, I'm glad you came."

Joey sighed. "Yeah, we need to talk."

Dawson smiled. It was a start. "I'm glad. Listen Jo, I thought about it and I want to give the two of us a chance. I think we could have something special."

Joey smiled. She was sort of happy, but part of her didn't want to hurt Pacey. Part of her loved him. Joey couldn't believe she just thought that. It was impossible. She loved two men. Which one to pick?

Joey looked at Dawson's smiling face. But then, Pacey had said he would be happy if she was happy with Dawson. So she didn't have a reason to feel jealous if they hooked up, right?

Joey leaned forward and kissed Dawson. But all the while she was kissing him, the image of Pacey was still in her head.

"You walked in you were quick to judge
But honey, he's nothing like me"

Pacey woke up with a start. He had had the worst nightmare of his life. No vampires, nor ax murderers, and not even Nellie could scare him as much as this. Sitting up, he realized he would never go to sleep. So he decided he should analyze the dream for any meaning.

Pacey had seen this dream as a third-person observing it would have. It had started out with Joey, in a long white dress, running in a field of flowers. It seemed happy enough-at least it had Joey, smiling and happy. But suddenly she stopped and looked distressed. Sitting down she looked at the flowers. The dream zoomed in on the flowers, like a camera would. Joey picked a single daisy. The white petals on it were perfect and pure-no tears or stains. But in the center, instead of the normal yellow part, was Pacey's face.

Joey looked at the flower and slowly pulled the petals out, saying "I love you...I love you not...I love you ...I love you not..."

Pacey sighed. And that's when he woke up. Before knowing how it turned out. He hated it when dreams did that. Thinking about it, Pacey wondered if that's what Joey was thinking. Did she love him or did she not? Only time would tell.

"I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die, then live without you
I'll give you all of me, honey that's no lie"

Dawson had drifted off to sleep for some time now. As he was lying peacefully beside her, Joey's thoughts drifted to Pacey. She kept feeling that guilt. Even though he had said he would be happy for her, she knew better. She knew it would hurt him. But this was Pacey, PACEY for God's sake. Why should it hurt her?

Because you love him.

There it was. That little voice. The depressing part was that it was true. Oh well, too late to see him tonight. Lying down to sleep, Joey decided that she would tell Dawson that she loved Pacey in the morning.

"I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die, then live without you
I'll give you all of me, honey that's no lie"

Pacey climbed the ladder to Dawson's window. He had to talk things over with Dawson. Dawson would be pissed that Pacey woke him, but it was for the best.

As he stepped into the room, Pacey was surprised to see Joey sleeping peacefully next to Dawson. 'She's made her choice,' Pacey thought. He didn't know what to say, but he knew how he felt. He had to get out of there before he cried loud enough for them to hear.

"As time goes by you will get to know me
A little more better, girl that's the way love goes
And I know you're afraid to let your feelings show
And I understand, but girl it's time to let go
I deserve a try honey, just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in you were so quick to judge
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see"

Joey woke up suddenly, imagining she heard something at the window. She thought it was nothing, but slightly opening her eyes, she saw Pacey leaving. 'Crap!' Joey thought, he would have the wrong idea.

Running to the window, she called out, "Pacey!" Pacey turned, looked at her with sad eyes and walked off. "Pacey!" she called again, but it was too late. He was gone in the night.

"I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die, then live without you
I'll give you all of me, honey that's no lie"

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