The Dawson Show "Take Two" by: Katy

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Meredith Monroe walked into Kevin Williamson's office. "Hey Kevin," she said cheerily, "you wanted to see me?"

"Meredith," he said, smiling, "How are you. You look lovely today. But I'll stop beating around the bush. I assume you heard about Dawson seeing Katie and Josh kiss."

"Yeah, I saw," Meredith said. "

Well," Kevin said, "We're going to let Pacey and Joey have a fling. I was just telling you. Pacey is breaking up with Andie today. I was just going to prepare you, so you could work out something."

"Okay, sure," Meredith said, a bit dejected. She sort of liked pretending she was Andie. She had always had a crush on Josh, ever since she saw the premiere episode of Dawson's Creek. And when she had won the role…that was just surreal.

Kevin noticed her dejected look. "Don't worry," he said,

"Pacey and Andie will be together again soon. As will Dawson andJoey…"


"You're breaking up with me?" Andie said, raising her voice level. A few students turned to look at Pacey and Andie, who were arguing in the hall.

"Andie, listen," Pacey said gently.

"I don't want to listen!" she screamed, "I just want you out of my life forever!" With that, Andie stormed away.

Pacey looked upset, but when he knew for sure the cameras were off, he smiled. Meredith was one hell of an actress. For a moment, he actually believed she was heartbroken about losing him.


Kerr and Katie sat at the set of the Icehouse, sipping drinks. Ever since Kerr had come on the set, he and Katie had bonded. They were like twins separated at birth. When they had to do kiss scenes, they would make faces afterwards. It was like kissing your sibling. Right now, they were discussing a particular member of the cast that Kerr had a crush on… "I don't even think she knows I'm alive," he said, "I mean, we did have that one scene, but it was nothing passionate."

"You never know," Katie said, "she might like you back."

"But it seems like she has this huge crush on Dawson," Kerr said, "I mean, she's never come out and said it, but I can sort of sense that she has a crush on everyone's favorite television star."

"Well that doesn't mean you can't still go for her," Katie said, "In fact, you might even consider asking her out."

"I'm just so nervous about it," Kerr said, "and I don't get nervous. I'm like Josh, I'm the funny guy on the set. I'm not supposed to get flustered about a girl. But then again, Michelle is like no other girl I've ever met….


"Admit it," Monica said, "you kind of like being the bad girl. You get to flirt with Dawson. You like him. It's so obvious."

"No I don't like him like that," Michelle said, "Well…not really…not a whole lot…Ok, I like him, so sue me."

"I knew it!" Monica said excitedly, "so why don't you talk to Kevin about having the two characters go out again?"

"Well," Michelle said, "You know how Kevin is. He's really big on Dawson and Joey. Jen's purpose was to bring them together. And it's not like I'm die- hard in love with him, it's just a crush."

"Yeah it's just…a little crush," she said, breaking into song, "not like you faint, everytime you touch…" Her singing was stopped as Michelle hit her with a pillow. The two girls collapsed into laughter.


As the episode of Dawson's Creek ended, the room was in an uproar. "YES!" Katy screamed, standing up, brandishing Nixonian Victory signs, "I knew Pacey and Joey would get together."

"SAY IT AIN'T SO!" Cory cried, shaking the TV.

"I have nothing to live for," Vanessa said dramatically.

MaryAnn just rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe she knew these people.


Dawson shut off the VCR. Watching E.T. just wasn't the same anymore without someone to discuss it with. The movie had lost it's magic. Just like he had lost his magic with Joey. Usually, when he and Joey had a fight, Dawson would go to Pacey to talk. But right now he didn't want to see Pacey. Pacey might be with Joey. Joey with Pacey. Pacey would look in her eyes. She would give that little half-smile. They would draw closer together... He didn't want to think about them. He just wanted to forget them. Write them out of the script. But he couldn't do this. This was life. It wasn't some scripted show.


"Oooh, I like this scene," Josh said, flipping through the new script Kevin had sent them, "we have a make-out scene.."

"We do not," Katie laughed, grabbing the script from his hands.

"Well we should," Josh said, kissing her on the cheek, "and I think maybe we should do a little improv." He grinned suggestively.

"Oh no," Katie said, pushing his hands away, "you know what happened last time we did a little rewrite of the script."

"Awwww," Josh said, putting a little pout on.

"Don't look at me like that," Katie said, grinning, "Now, I have to go. Kevin wants Joey over at Dawson's to have a 'Movie Night Talk.'"

"Stop by later?" Josh asked.

"Of course," Katie said, kissing him.


Joey climbed in Dawson's window. "Dawson?" she asked.

Dawson looked at the window. "Joey?" he asked.

"Hey," Joey said, smiling a little half-smile, "I think we need to talk."

"We have nothing to talk about," Dawson said, turning away.

"Dawson..." Joey said, walking after him, "I hate for us to be like this."

"Well you should have thought of that after you betrayed me," Dawson said, "Twice."

"I've already apologized," Joey said, raising her voice a little, "what more do you want?!"

"I want us back," Dawson said, turning around, his lip trembling a little, "I want us to be Dawson and Joey again. I want us to regain what we lost. And most of all, I want to turn back the clock to when we first kissed, because Joey, if I could do that over....I would hold you forever and never let you go."

Katie looked at him, but not as Joey. There was something so magical about Dawson. Something she couldn't explain. Maybe she sort of understood what Joey would see in him...

"I want to trust you again," Dawson said, "but I just don't know how do do that." Dawson looked down, not wanting to look in her eyes.

Katie felt her eyes tearing up. She wasn't supposed to feel like this. She wasn't supposed to get feelings like this for Dawson. She was with Josh. She loved Josh. But there was just something about Dawson...and for a moment, she wished she was Joey.

"We can start with something simple," Katie whispered, but not as Joey. She reached for the stereo and turned on the radio.

"Valley of Sound" by Heather Nova floated in through the speakers.

Move me
Don't try
Let the music reach me tonight
Push me into something new
I've been riding all day on a bus
Just to listen to you
I love, I love, I love the lookIn your trespassed eyes
I love, I love, I love the way
You can make me cry
Sink me into stirred up seas
Something I can drown in
Only you can do this to me
I love, I love, I love the look
In your trespassed eyes
I love, I love, I love the way
You can make me cry
Fill me up
And drop me down
Now I'm alive in the valley of sound
In the valley of sound
The valley of sound.

Katie looked up into Dawson's eyes. They were so earnest and open. He looked at her like she was the only girl in the world. No one had ever looked at her like that.

It's not you he's looking at, Katie reminded herself, He's looking at Joey, the girl he's always known. He loves Joey.

Katie knew she shouldn't do it. It was wrong. The timing was all wrong. But like that ever-famous line, sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.She kissed him. And for the first time, she wasn't acting.

*Announcer's Voice* Next time, on The Dawson Show.

"So I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime. You know. On a date." - Jack
"Do you love him?" -Pacey
"I don't know." -Joey
"Do you love me?" -Pacey
"Show me the Pacey." -an obsessed Pacey fan
"It's not like I care...that much." -Andie/Meredith
"Who are you?" -Dawson
"Smile, you're on camera." -Michelle

To Be Continued in"Smile, You're on camera"

Coming Soon "Cut, That's a wrap."

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