Made To Love You: Prologue by: Kelli


Author’s Note: Okay, so if you’ve been reading my other fanfic, ‘Raiders of the Lost Heart,’ then you already know I watch way too much MTV. I just can’t help myself. While I was watching one of my favorite MTV shows the other day I came up with another idea for a story. (Don’t worry. I’m not abandoning Raiders. I just had to get this idea down before it left me!)

Anyway, MTV has what I think is an awesome show called Made. If you’ve never seen the show, basically they take a teenager who wants to do something they normally wouldn’t do and help them to do it. For example, they took a girl who wasn’t the ‘cheerleader type’ and turned her into a cheerleader. They also took a very athletically challenged guy and helped him get on the varsity basketball team. And they helped a girl who wasn’t one of the ‘popular crowd’ get elected homecoming queen. Those are just a few examples. The show takes you on the journey with them. They even give them a ‘Made Coach,’ who is usually an expert or has done what they want to do, to help them.

It is all really very interesting. The thing I love most about the show is the message it sends. Although not everyone on the show always achieves their main goal, they always learn valuable life lessons. It shows you that if you have confidence and believe in yourself, if you work hard you can achieve anything. A lot of the time I think it also shows that while you may think it’s important to be beautiful on the outside, what’s on the inside counts so much more.

So, what does this have to do with Dawson’s Creek? Well, did I mention that in one episode of Made they took a ‘tomboy’ and made her into a beauty queen? Does that sound kinda familiar? Remember ‘Beauty Contest’ and the Miss Windjammer Pageant? Joey was the ‘tomboy’ who entered and who no one (including Dawson initially) thought would win.

What if Joey, who is so fed up with being the ‘tomboy’ and Dawson never noticing her, decides she wants to be ‘made’ into a beauty queen? What if she gets on the show, Made, with her goal being not only to win the pageant, but Dawson’s heart as well? What would happen to Joey, who has almost no self-confidence and doesn’t know how beautiful she is, on her journey to that goal? Would she achieve her goals and get what she wants, or would life surprise her in ways she never expected...

This fic is going to take place during season one, right after ‘Double Date’ but obviously before ‘Beauty Contest.’ And just for the sake of my story there’s going to be about four months between those two ‘episodes.’ I know it wasn’t that way on the actual show, but on Made they usually give them about three months time to help them prepare to reach their goal. So, I have to do it that way. Everything else that happened up to Double Date is the same. This is just a prologue, and I may not get back to it until after Raiders is finished, but let me know if you like it and want me to continue. As you know I love all feedback!! Thanks for reading!

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Made To Love You: Prologue

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

‘I wanna be the first. I wanna be the best. I wanna be...MADE!”

Those are three very simple sentences with a very simple message. Not one person can say they haven’t felt that way at some point in their lives. We all have dreams, desires, and goals that we’d like to see become a reality.

And I, Joey Potter, was no different from anyone else. My dream seemed to be a completely impossible one, though. See, I had this best friend, Dawson Leery. He and I had been friends since we were about five years old. Starting with our Sesame Street days, there wasn’t a memory that I had that he wasn’t a part of. We had the perfect friendship.

That is until puberty came barreling down on us like a hurricane. That is when everything changed, and I somehow developed what Dawson would call a ‘thing’ for my best friend.

The problem was to him I would always be ‘Good old Joey.’ – Never beautiful and certainly never a girl he’d go out with. So I suffered in silence while he fell for the gorgeous perfect blonde from New York, Jen Lindley. She was everything I wasn’t, and I was cast aside yet again.

I was just so desperate for Dawson to notice me that I guess that’s why I decided to do something about it, something drastic, something that ‘little Joey Potter’ would never do. I went completely insane and decided to let the MTV show Made turn me into a beauty queen!

I thought it would be the perfect way to get Dawson to finally SEE me as more than a friend. I guess I had this outlandish idea that I could magically be transformed into a beautiful princess and win the heart of my prince. I even had a Made ‘coach’ to be my fairy godmother.

At the time, it all seemed like it was going to be a real life fairy tale...

So was it? Was this ugly duckling ‘made’ into a swan? Were my dreams ‘made’ into a reality? Did I get the ‘prince’ or was there someone else who was ‘made’ for me?

I bet you all want to know, don’t you? Well, you’ll just have to read my tale to find out:

Once upon time, Joey Potter wanted to be the best. Joey potter wanted to be the first. Joey Potter wanted to be...made!


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