Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter Two by: Kelli

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Author’s Note: Once again, I have to say a very big thanks to my reviewers (Dashboard234, prom hater, C-chan96, and lysser312). You guys let me know that my idea wasn’t stupid, which is important, since this is my first fanfic and I wasn’t sure(. Also, I am sorry if the last chapter was hard to read. I’ve never posted a story on the Internet and didn’t realize it would come out like that. I have fixed it for this chapter. As for this chapter, I have created a new town, Bayview. I know the name is dorky, but I couldn’t think of anything else! This is the completely fictional town where Dawson and Pacey (and others, you’ll see) are from. Not much different from Capeside. I wanted Joey and the boys to have similar backgrounds growing up, so sorry if it is too much of a coincidence. With Pacey and the stockbroker stuff, I am sorry if I messed up there. I am NOT a stockbroker!! So bear with me!!! Thanks again for reading! Hope you like this chapter!

The Three Stooges

Pacey Witter hurried into his apartment building and stopped at the rows of mailboxes that were neatly placed into the wall. He used his key to open box #6.

“Let’s see,” he thought to himself. “What excitement has the mailman brought me today?”

He leafed through the stack with a sigh. The stack contained bills, bills and more bills. He began making his way to the stairs to start his trek up to his loft apartment.

“You may already be a winner..” he read to himself. “Oh really now Ed McMahon? Don’t think you’ll be appearing on my doorstep any time soon!” he chuckled to himself.

He started up the stairs and something caught his eye. Here was something he could get into. It was this month’s Maxim with Michelle Branch on it. This was worth reading! “Or rather gazing at lustfully!” Pacey thought with a sly smile. She was definitely his type: Tall, long brown hair, gorgeous smile, among other things.

“Ah Michelle,” he said to her picture. “I could make you happy now. Just give me five minutes alone with you.”

He tore himself away from Michelle and Maxim and continued up the stairs. He continued to look through his mail. At the bottom of the stack were two brown envelopes. One addressed to him and the other was for Jack McPhee, his roommate.

‘What could this be?’ Pacey thought to himself.

Suddenly he noticed the name in the return address on each of them: MTV.

“This must be from Room Raiders!” he exclaimed and began sprinting up the stairs two at a time. He reached apartment #6 and tried the knob. Of Course it was unlocked. He was going to have to have that talk with Jackers again about the dangers of leaving the door unlocked in the big city. After all, Bertha was all alone in there! They had her welfare to think about! She is such a beautiful wide-screen TV!

Pacey walked the apartment and was immediately met by the sound of “feelin’ This” by Blink 182 blaring from the stereo upstairs. ‘So Jack is home.” Pacey thought to himself.

He looked around their apartment. He had to admit he was still in awe of the place. He couldn’t believe that he could afford a place like this. Just a little over a year ago he was working as a chef in Boston and living on a boat (Ok, more like a yacht.) down at the docks.

So, living on a yacht wasn’t THAT bad. He loved sailing and the water, but the yacht wasn’t even his! He had just worked on the yacht the summer before and his boss had let him stay on the yacht until Pacey was able to find a more permanent residence.

Pacey had really enjoyed being a chef, but let’s face it, it didn’t exactly bring in beaucoup bucks, at least not when you first start out. And Pacey didn’t really believe he was the next Emmeril!

Then one day he stumbled on that ad in the paper.... “Are you stuck in a job with no future? Do you feel like your life has no direction? Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by? Well, Monday January 15th could be your lucky day! The stockbrokerage firm of Keller, Bates and Gray is looking for fresh young talent. If you are hard working, intelligent, well spoken, and can think quick on your feet then you are what we are looking for!! We are willing to train and no previous experience is required. Must be ready for any challenge and willing to work long hours. Also, you will have to take and pass the series 7 stockbroker exam. If you are interested then come to.”

It was like the ad spoke to Pacey, but it seemed too good to be true. He went to the interview anyway, and to his surprise, he got the job. And he was good at it! Apparently all those years of bullshitting his way through the many sticky situations he always got himself into had paid off. He passed his stockbroker exam with flying colors and found himself no longer financially challenged!

He was living in a place like this, which was spacious, furnished with all the latest furniture and electronic gadgets, and had a great view! And then there was Bertha. His eyes fell on the beautiful piece of electronic equipment. He could stare at her all day.

Suddenly Pacey snapped back to reality - the envelopes from Room Raiders!

“Jack!” he yelled. “Hey Jackers!” he yelled a little more loudly. No response. Pacey was sure it was because Blink 182 was still coming loudly from upstairs.

“McPhee!” he screamed at the top of his lungs as he stood at the bottom of the spiral staircase.

Finally, the volume of the music was lowered and Jack appeared at the top of the stairs. “God Pacey, you don’t have to yell! I heard you!” Jack replied slightly annoyed.

Well, I don’t see how with that music blaring.” Pacey said with a smirk.

“Sorry Dad,” Jack said sarcastically as he came down the stairs.

“Just don’t let it happen again or you’re grounded McPhee!” Pacey said in a mock stern voice.

“That’s funny, Pacey. You grounding me! Ever since you became all Donald Trump on me you’re no fun anymore! I never thought I would say this to you, of all people, but you need to lighten up Witter!” Jack said.

“Well Jackers, I think I may have a chance to do just that,” Pacey said with a grin.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked as he strolled into the kitchen, grabbed an apple, and bit into it.

Pacey held up the two big brown envelopes for jack to see.

“What? Are you going to start working for UPS? Those brown shorts will make your legs look great!” Jack quipped.

“Very funny Jack,” Pacey replied. “These two envelopes came from MTV, as in Music Television, as in Room Raiders.”

“Oh, I totally forgot about that. Did we get picked?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t opened mine yet.” Pacey said.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Jacked exclaimed and with that Jack grabbed his envelope, and he and Pacey ripped into them. They were silent for a minute as they both read. Then they looked at each other and grinned.

“We’re in!” Jack said as he gave Pacey a high five.

“Yeah, and it’s a good thing too, because you really need help getting a date, Jack.” Pacey said nonchalantly as he sat down on the couch.

“Me?” Jack asked putting his hand to his chest. “I’m not the one who dated his teacher!”

“And you call that a problem with women McPhee? I’ll have you know I am revered as a God in several small countries for sleeping with my hot English teacher when I was a mere 15 years old,” Pacey bragged.

“Oh, forgive me, oh exalted one. I bow down to you, God of Jailbaitia.” Jack said mockingly, bowing in front of Pacey.

“Oh McPhee, you are on a roll today!” Pacey exclaimed as he threw a pillow at his best friend.

Pacey had known Jack since they were 15 when Jack and his family had moved to Bayview, Mass., where Pacey had lived all of his life. Bayview was a small coastal town about 30 minutes outside of Boston. He and Jack had become friends when Pacey started dating Jack’s sister, Andie. They stayed friends even after he and Andie broke up.

Jack was in Boston attending Boston Bay College. He was majoring in Secondary Education and had a scholarship to play football. They had been living together for about a year now, and they always had fun together. Jack was a good friend.

“Ok, since we’ve both established that we aren’t socially challenged with the ladies, tell me again why we thought we needed to be on this show in the first place?” Pacey asked Jack.

Suddenly Pacey and Jack looked at each other. “Dawson,” they exclaimed in unison. In their excitement they had forgotten about their other best friend, Dawson.

Dawson Leery was 20 years old like Jack and Pacey. He and Pacey had grown up together. Pacey was probably closer to Dawson than he was with his own brother. Dawson was an aspiring filmmaker, but had recently had to drop out of USC film school after his Dad passed away suddenly. He was now living back in Bayview with his mom and little sister. He was helping his mom run the family restaurant. That didn’t mean he had given up his dream of making movies though.

Dawson was always looking for “life experience” to inspire his next film. When he saw the flyer for Room Raiders, he was convinced that was where he would find it. Dawson thought that he, Pacey, and Jack should do it together. Dawson came up with an idea to put a twist on Room Raiders. Usually the 3 guys who were prospective dates on the show didn’t know each other, but Dawson thought it would be way more interesting if 3 friends were having their rooms searched and competing for a date. The 3 went to the casting call together and pitched the idea to the director. Apparently, the liked it because here they were with letters in their hands congratulating them.

Pacey picked up the phone. “I’ll call him,” he said.

“Hey D,” he said when Dawson picked up. “Did you get a let-.” Dawson cut him off.

“Yes, isn’t it great! They liked our idea! We’re going on Room Raiders!”

Pacey had to laugh to himself. Good old Dawson, so full of enthusiasm.

“So, they went for the 3 friends competing idea?” Pacey asked.

“Yes they did. I’ve already talked with the assistant director.” Dawson said happily.

‘Of course he did.’ Pacey thought to himself. Just then he heard a baby cry.

“Sorry Pace. That’s Lilly. I need to go. I’ll call you later, man. And thanks again to you and Jack for doing this with me. You won’t regret it!”

“Anytime D. Give Lilly a kiss from me!” Pacey replied.

“Later,” Dawson said and with that they hung up.

Pacey was just about to turn to Jack and tell him what Dawson had said when Jen Lindley burst through the apartment door. Jen was the 4th person in their group of friends from Bayview. She also attended Boston Bay College and lived in town with her Grams. She also happened to be Dawson’s ex, though she was much closer to Jack these days. The two swore they were just friends though.

“Hey you two!” Jen said happily. “How are my two favorite men in Boston?”

“We’re great Jen.” Jack said happily standing up to hug her.

“Yeah. Wanna know why we’re so great?” Pacey asked Jen.

“Why?” Jen asked.

“Because. You are looking at two contestants for the show Room Raiders.” Pacey answered proudly.

Jen rolled her eyes and sat down on the couch. “Oh my God, I can’t believe they picked you knuckleheads! What were they thinking?” Jen exclaimed. “And the poor girl that has to pick from you 3. Some one should warn her she doesn’t have much of a choice.” Jen cracked.

“Hey now!” Pacey warned. “Any girl would be lucky to pick from 3 handsome, studly gentlemen like us!”

“Yeah. She gets to pick one of the Three Musketeers.” Jack said.

“More like the Three Stooges.” Jen said with a laugh.

“Oh, you’re going to get it now Lindley!” Jack said as he jumped on Jen and began tickling her. Jen squealed with laughter.

“Those two.” Pacey said to himself, shaking his head.

He left them alone in the living room and went upstairs to his room. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He then collapsed on to the bed. Today had been a rough one!

His thoughts turned to Room Raiders and the girl who was going to be searching through this very room. He wondered who she was. It was going to kill him because he wouldn’t find out until that day. He hoped she was hot!

Deep down Pacey also hoped for something more. Dawson had been so down since his Dad died. He really needed a good girl in his life, and God love him, Dawson was clueless when it came to women! It was a miracle he ever got Jen. Pacey really hoped this girl was great and that she picked Dawson. He and Jack really didn’t have a problem with girls. They would be fine. They were really doing this for Dawson. Besides, it seemed like only a matter of time before Jen and Jack stopped being so clueless and got together.

And Pacey, he was just fine with life the way it was. Nothing was missing. ‘I mean, look at my car?’ he thought with a smile. He finally had the Viper he always wanted. And Bertha, who needs love when you’ve got her? Yep, Pacey was convinced the last thing he needed in his life was love.

Or did he.....

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