Raiders of the Lost Heart Chapter Three by: Kelli

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Authorís Note: I want to say thank you once again to all who have read and reviewed my story. I am really grateful for all of the reviews and I am glad you all like it!!! I hope you will continue to read and enjoy it! To C- Chan I have to say I have enjoyed your reviews. They are very entertaining! I only hope I can keep the story interesting for you! This chapter is just setting up the Room Raiders show so I hope it isnít too boring. The next few chapters will be more interesting when she goes through the rooms. Thanks again!

Meet Joey Potter

Joey sat nervously in the back of the green SUV that Room Raiders used to drive around the invaders of privacy to each bedroom that was going to be ransacked. Today was the day she would be doing the invading and ransacking.

She really couldnít believe the day had come and that she was actually going to go through with it. In the weeks following the letter announcing Joeyís downfall, she had tried her best to accept her fate. Even after Audreyís coaxing Joey still had many doubts and reservations, but anyone who knew Joey well knew she always had doubts and reservations about something.

Spontaneity was just not a quality she could get herself to possess. For once in her life she wished she could just jump into something without thinking so much! However, Room Raiders was not going to be her spontaneous coming out party. Try as she might, she couldnít bring herself to let go of the feeling that she was making a huge mistake by going on this show.

Once she had let Audrey talk her into it though, there was no backing out. So instead she came up with a way to help her get through the whole ordeal. She was just going to look at the whole experience as homework because if there was one thing Joey was good at it was school.

She would just make it an experiment. She would go through each room in a scientific manner and see how well she could judge each guyís personality by what she found. Of course she would really only get to spend a significant amount of time with one of the guys, so she would be able to see if she was right about only one of them. Still, Joey thought it would be a good way to test her judge of character.

She also thought this whole fiasco would give her something good to write about for Hetsonís class. She was sure this was going to be embarrassing for her in one way or another, and if there was one thing Professor Hetson loved, it was Joey making an ass out of herself.

When she told Audrey all of this her roommate had groaned in protest. She was still pushing Joey to have fun. Joey promised her she would try her best to do so, and really she had to admit deep down inside she was excited about digging through someoneís bedroom. Maybe she would find something really juicy!

Audrey also kept insisting that Joey might find herself a guy on this show, but Joey highly doubted that. She had never been lucky in love. In fact, she had never been in love at all. Sure, she had dated, but it was never anything serious. She had never had a guy make her weak in the knees with a smile, or make her melt with a look. No fireworks had ever gone off when a guy kissed her. Why should this be any different?

Still she promised Audrey she would keep an open mind. So, here she was, ready for her mission. Strangely enough, it was Valentineís Day, which Audrey was convinced was an omen of course. The director had assured her this was just a coincidence. He had no plans to turn this into a romantic Valentineís Day show.

He told her that this episode of Room Raiders had another twist to it. Apparently, instead of choosing from three guys who didnít know each other she was choosing from three best friends. “This makes it a competition between friends and more interesting.” The director had told her.

That was all the info Joey had been given about the three guys. She did know one lived outside of Boston in Bayview. The other two were roommates who lived right in Boston.

That was all she knew. She didnít know names, ages, or occupations. All pictures were going to be removed from the rooms too. MTV went to great lengths to make sure you picked your date based on room alone!

Joey began to fidget nervously. She had been waiting for a half an hour. Why werenít they starting? She surveyed her outfit again for the third time. She was glad she had worn the denim skirt and blue V-neck sweater. She felt very comfortable in this outfit.

She was glad she didnít go with the outfit that Audrey had wanted her to wear. She had begged Joey to wear something much more revealing, but Joey had put her foot down. It she was going to do this she was going to look classy and not like some two-bit floozy!

Joeyís hair and makeup had been down by people from the show, and she had to admit she looked pretty good. She just wanted to go and get this over with!

Just then the door flew open. It was the assistant director, Jeff. “Hey Joey!” He exclaimed. “Are you ready?”

“As ready as Iíll ever be!” Joey replied shakily.

Jeff smiled at her. “Donít be nervous. You look great. The guys will be watching you from another location. Just start talking to them through the camera. Remember to start off and introduce yourself. Show them your spy kit and tease them with the stuff inside. Just be yourself and have fun!” Joey nodded ok and watched as the driver, Jeff and the camera crew got into the SUV. They began the drive to their first stop, which was Bayview. Joey sat in the back seat and had cameras and microphones pointed at her.

Her heart began to race and her palms were sweaty. She bit her lip and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She was definitely beginning to panic. She wanted to jump out of the van, but there was not time for that because Jeff was looking and her and saying, “Ok Joey. Youíre on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” He pointed to her.

Joey stared at the camera blankly. She had to pull herself together. She smiled as best she could, took a deep breath and began. “Hi, Iím Joey...”


Dawson, Pacey and Jack sat in the Room Raiders van in front of a TV screen. They were laughing and talking, waiting for the TV screen to come on so they could watch helplessly while their rooms were searched.

About and hour ago the show had come and surprised each of them. They had told them the day they would be there, but not the time. They all just had to be ready. The show liked to catch the contestants off guard so they didnít have time to straighten up or get rid of anything embarrassing.

This didnít bother Pacey. He really didnít care if this girl found anything bad or embarrassing in his room. He didnít want to be picked. He was still hoping Dawson would be the one chosen. He and Jack had talked it over and both had agreed they didnít need to win – Dawson did.

Pacey just hoped Dawson had gotten rid of that ridiculous ET doll. ‘Collectorís item, my ass.í Pacey thought to himself.

“So, what do you think this girl is going to be like?” Jack asked his two best friends.

“I really have no clue, Jack, but I know what she better not be like.” Pacey said with a huge grin. “She better not have been hit with the ugly stick one too many times, if you know what I mean!”

Dawson rolled his eyes at his best friend and groaned. “You would say something like that Pacey.”

Jack started laughing. “You know, Witter, I donít think you should be worrying about her looks all that much. The real question is will this girl be old enough for you?”

With that comment, Dawson and Jack started howling with laughter. Pacey feigned being hurt. “You guys are obviously just jealous of my way with the sophisticated ladies.” Pacey said. “Oh yes, Pacey.” Dawson said sarcastically. “I really envy you. Could you please teach me all off your infinite wisdom, like your secret formula for your cologne that drives the ladies wild, Eau De Aspercreme!”

This sent Jack into hysterics. “Good one, man.” Jack said as he high-fived Dawson.

“Keep it up you two. I know enough about the both of you to shut you up pretty quickly, now donít I, Oompahloompah.” Pacey said with a smirk towards Dawson.

“You really donít want to go there again, Pace. Remember what happened the last time you called me that? Iím sure your nose does.” Dawson said with a mischievous look at Pacey.

Paceyís hand immediately went to his nose. “Yes, I remember. Youíre just lucky your fist didnít permanently damage this beautiful piece of work. Luckily my handsome face is still the masterpiece it always was.” Pacey said grinning.

This time both Dawson and Jack groaned. “I really wish I wouldíve been there to see you smack this one up.” Jack said.

“It was kinda fun.” Dawson admitted.

“Hey, I thought you two were supposed to be my best friends?” Pacey exclaimed.

“Awe, you know we love you, Pace.” Jack said apologetically as he put an arm around Pacey.

“Yeah, Pacey.” Dawson said with a smile as he playfully punched his best friend on the arm.

“I guess I forgive you. After all, it is Valentineís Day, and I love you guys too.” Pacey said while he pretended to wipe an imaginary tear away. “Besides, you two wonít be laughing so hard when I get the girl.” He said smugly.

“You wanna make a bet on that?” Jack challenged.

“Name your price, McPhee.” Pacey shot back.

While Jack and Pacey continued their wagering Dawson fell silent. Jack and Pacey noticed this and turned their attention to their friend. “Hey D, you want to get in on the betting?” Pacey asked.

“Nah,” Dawson replied. “Iím pretty sure I wonít be picked.” Dawson said somewhat sadly. “I mean whoís going to pick someone who still lives at home with his mommy?”

Pacey immediately spoke up. “Dawson, you live with your mom for a very good reason, and Iím sure any girl would think it was a noble thing you did. Giving up school to help your mom like that.”

Dawson looked gratefully at his best friend. That was on of the things he liked best about Pacey. He was fiercely loyal and always knew how to make him feel better. He knew he could count on Pacey for anything. He really didnít know what he wouldíve done without him after his dad died.

“Thanks Pace, but how is this girl going to know why I live with my mom? Itís not like itís written on my bedroom walls.” Dawson said.

“Even so, I wouldnít count you and your room out of the running so easily. The way I see it, we all have an equally good chance in this game.” Pacey replied.

“Yeah,” Jack chimed in. “Itís hard to tell who sheíll pick based on our rooms.”

“I guess youíre right.” Dawson said slowly.

“Thatís the spirit, D.” Pacey exclaimed encouragingly.

Pacey stole a look at Jack out of the corner of his eye. He caught Jackís eye and they gave a little nod to each other slyly. Little did Dawson know that even if his room didnít get picked, he would still be getting the girl that day. Jack and Pacey would see to it.

Suddenly, the three turned their eyes to the TV screen as it came on. There they saw her, and immediately they knew they had lucked out. The ugly stick hadnít touched her at all!

She had long brown hair that cascaded in waves over her shoulders. She was tall and thin. She gave a cute, crooked little grin, but it was her eyes that Pacey noticed first. They were a deep chocolate brown, and Pacey was taken aback because they seemed to be looking right at him. Or more like into him. He had to catch his breath.

“Wow.” Jack said.

“Sheís beautiful.” Dawson exclaimed.

Pacey, who was never at a loss for words, was speechless as he heard her speak for the first time. “Hi, Iím Joey Potter...”

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