Dazed and Confused by: Laura


Note from Laura: I gave Joey her own bedroom. Just pretend Bodie built her one.


Dawson and Joey are on the bed, kissing passionately. Suddenly the phone rings. They ignore it, but the answering machine picks it up. They can both hear the message play from downstairs as they continue to kiss.

MACHINE: (Gail's voice) Hi! You've reached the Leery Residence. We can't come to the phone right now, so you can call back later or leave a message after the beep. Thank you. (There is a loud beep, then Bessie's voice rings shrilly in the air.) Josephine Potter! If you're over there you better get your butt home right now! Alexander is throwing up all over the place and Bodie's at the Ice House! If you're not home in 15 minutes you can kiss your weekend good-bye! (The line goes dead and the machine stops with a click. Dawson pulls away from Joey, and she sighs. She rolls off the side of the bed and starts putting her shoes on.)

JOEY: (slowly) I guess I better go home...

DAWSON: You're leaving?

JOEY: I better...Bessie sounded pretty mad.

DAWSON: Yeah... (She turns to look at him, and they kiss again.) I'll see you tomorrow?

JOEY: Yeah. (She heads to the window. Neither really know exactly what to say. She starts to step down the ladder.)

DAWSON: Hey, Joey?

JOEY: Yeah?

DAWSON: We're still best friends, right? (Joey smiles at him in a nonverbal reply of reassurance and climbs down the ladder. Dawson sighs and looks around his empty room. He sees a picture of Joey and him, around age seven, sitting together on the dock. He walks over to it and picks it up. His fingers unconsciously raise to his lips, remembering the passionate kisses they had just shared. He stares at Joey's face in the photo.) What am I doing? (He sets the picture down with a thud.)



It's sunny outside, but it's starting to cloud over. The store is empty. Crowingby Toad the Wet Sprocket is playing on the store stero. Pacey is sitting behind the counter, his feet propped up next to the cash register. He smiles to himself as he crumples up a piece of paper and aims for the garbage can. He's just about to toss it when he sees Dawson pass by the window. He stands up quickly, dropping the paper to the floor, and taps on the window, trying to get Dawson's attention. Dawson doesn't even notice, and continues down the street.

PACEY: Dawson! (He jumps over the counter and races out the door.) Dawson! (Dawson stops, and slowly turns around. He faintly smiles.) What? I don't get a hello anymore? What's up with that?

DAWSON: (apologetic) I'm sorry...I didn't even notice you.

PACEY: That makes me feel wonderful.

DAWSON: (quickly) No, that's not what I meant. My mind's just someplace else today.

PACEY: (knowingly) And that would be...?

DAWSON: I don't know. (he rubs his forehead.) I just stopped by at Jen's...her grandfather died last night, Pacey.

PACEY: (his face falling.) Oo. Oh, man, that's rough. Is she okay?

DAWSON: Yeah...she's doing all right. As well as can be expected. (he shrugs.) Have you seen Joey today? I wanted to tell her before she ran into Jen and verbally attacked her or something. (Dawson laughs slightly.)

PACEY: (smiling knowingly) Have I seen Joey...? Yeah, as a matter of fact I did, and it was an interesting encounter.


PACEY: Dawson, come on man. I know what happened between you and Joey. She told me. (They both walk into the video store. Dawson seems surprised.)

DAWSON: She told you?

PACEY: Yeah, why wouldn't she? I *am* her friend.

DAWSON: So, you talked to her?

PACEY: (lifting himself up onto the counter to sit, he eyes Dawson suspiciously) No, we telepathically sent messages to each other.

DAWSON: So...how did she seem? Was she happy or she...

PACEY: Something else? No, she was *definitely* happy about it. (Dawson sighs.) Aren't *you* happy about it?

DAWSON: (taking a movie off the shelf and looks at it) I think so.

PACEY: You...*think* so? (Dawson puts the movie back on the shelf.)

DAWSON: (sitting down on a chair, he buries his head in his hands, then looks back up at Pacey.) I don't know! I *thought* I would be, but now! How am I supposed to act around her? What are the rules of etiquette for actually *dating* your best friend? What are we supposed to do? Does this mean we're a couple now or are we *almost* a couple, and-

PACEY: Whoa, whoa, slow down, Dawson. Too many questions.

DAWSON: Pacey, when I kissed her...everything was clear to me. I thought I knew what I wanted. But now I'm not so sure. I don't think we're ready. She's my best friend! I don't think I can risk losing that. (He sighs deeply and turns away.) And then there's this whole *unresolved* thing with Jen, and-

PACEY: (getting down from the counter, in complete disbelief.) *Jen*? You're still thinking about *Jen*? Dawson, Dawson...you've *got* to be kidding me. Joey's not going to France, you know.


PACEY: And now you're going to dump her? Right after you *kiss* her?

DAWSON: I *know* it sounds awful! But I don't want it to be the end for us! (Joey steps into the doorway of the video store, but neither of them see her.) I don't want it to be over...I just want to * delay* it for awhile. She'll understand.

PACEY: You've *delayed* it for long enough already! You think she's just going to agree to sit around and wait for you? She's been waiting forever!

DAWSON: Pacey! We're 15! We're not even on the *brink* of adulthood yet! No one can expect this life-long commitment or anything remotely so! But friendship is forever, Pacey. And before I go ruin things between us with some kind of commitment to a romantic relationship I think we should just stop and take a breather for awhile. (Pacey looks at Dawson, angry. Joey moves slightly, and they both see her. She is steaming. Dawson looks horrified.)

JOEY: You're such a coward, Dawson. (She turns and leaves. Dawson and Pacey exchange glances.)


Joey tries to hold back her tears as she walks down the street, but can't control them. She breaks out into a run, nearly knocking over an elderly woman who steps out onto the sidewalk from a craft store. Dawson comes running out of the video store.

DAWSON: Joey! Joey, wait! (Joey keeps running, but Dawson catches up to her. He grabs her arm.) Joey-

JOEY: (ripping her arm away from him.) Don't! Do *not* touch me, Dawson.

DAWSON: Joey, I didn't mean for you to hear all that. I wanted to talk about this with you later. I never wanted to hurt you.

JOEY: (choking back tears.) How can you stand here and do this? Just tell so many bold faced lies, one after the other? All that crap about truth and honesty! Being totally open with each other? What happened to that, huh? Dawson, sometimes I can't believe you!

DAWSON: (pleadingly.) I'm not lying! Joey, I just want to wait. A little while! (He takes her arm again.)

JOEY: (angrily) So...what? So you can figure out how you feel about me? How you feel about *Jen*? So you can decide which one of us is *worthy* of your affections?

DAWSON: Joey, I never meant *anything* like that-I- (He is near tears.)

JOEY: It's too late, Dawson. I can see you've already made up your mind. (She pulls away from him and stalks off.)

DAWSON: Joey! (He stares after her, not knowing what to do. Pacey walks out of the video store and up to Dawson. Dawson turns to him.)

PACEY: (glaring at him.) She's right. You're the biggest coward I've ever seen, Dawson Leery. (He stalks off in the direction Joey went. Dawson sighs deeply and looks around him, not knowing where to go or what to say.)


OL: I'm So Ordinary by Paula Cole.The sun is setting over the water. Joey is sitting on a bench near the water, gazing out at the sunset as if in a trance. Her face is covered with dried tears. Pacey is walking towards her slowly, coming up the path behind her. Gently he sets his hand on her shoulder. She jumps.

JOEY: Pacey! God! Don't do that-you scared me!

PACEY: Sorry. Can I sit down? (He gestures to the seat next to her.)

JOEY: Free country. (He sits down, looking at her. She is looking out at the water again.)

PACEY: So...how are you doing?

JOEY: Isn't it amazing? The sunset? All the colors...and the patterns in the sky... (She sighs wistfully, and looks at Pacey.)

PACEY: Yeah...it's beautiful.

JOEY: Too bad it's all caused by air pollution. (She laughs slightly.) Everything that seems beautiful is actually horrible, isn't it?

PACEY: (sighing) Not everything. Joey-

JOEY: How could he do that? I thought that...I thought-that he- (She starts to cry again.)

PACEY: (he takes her in his arms and pulls her tight.) I know, Jo. And he does, I know it.

JOEY: I don't understand! Is there something *wrong* with me? What did I do?

PACEY: Joey...there's nothing wrong with you. At all. Dawson's the screwed up one. (He smiles a little as she pulls away.) Just give it some time. He'll come around.

JOEY: It took 15 years before he kissed me. I'll be thirty by the time he even asks me out.

PACEY: (Smiling) Don't worry. I'll think of something to speed things up. (Joey smiles back at him, a bit unsurely, then gets up and starts to walk away. Pacey leans back into the seat. She turns back and looks at him.)

JOEY: Pacey?

PACEY: Yeah?

JOEY: Thanks, I mean, for listening to me.

PACEY: Anytime. (They both exchange silent smiles and Joey turns to walk home.)

JOEY: (stopping again.) Hey, Pacey?

PACEY: (laughing) Yeah, Joey?

JOEY: You tell anyone I cried and I'll kill you.(She smiles and finally walks away.)


Dawson is laying in bed. The light is on, and he is still in his clothes. The TV isn't on. He stares up at the ceiling. A wind blows the curtains slightly through the open window and he jumps up.

DAWSON: (hopeful) Joey? Is that you? (He looks through the open window out into the dark night. No one is on the ladder. He sorrowfully flops back onto his bed. His bedroom door opens and his mom sticks her head inside.)

GAIL: Dawson? It's time to get ready for bed, okay?

DAWSON: Has Joey called yet?

GAIL: (sadly) No, sorry. Not yet.

DAWSON: (sitting up) I can't believe this! I hate myself! I *really* screwed this up.

GAIL: (softly) Don't hate yourself. (She turns to go, then looks back.) Dawson?

DAWSON: Yeah, Mom?

GAIL: People *do* get second chances. I know that better than anybody. (She smiles reassuringly and Dawson looks a little better. She shuts the door behind her and Dawson falls back to his pillows. He looks at his watch, then at the phone.)



People are getting off their buses, and the school yard is noisy. Cheerleaders are practicing on the lawn, and a couple of students are studying under a big oak tree. Dawson stops on the front path, his eyes darting about in the crowd, searching for Joey. He spots her, getting out of Pacey's truck. He looks relieved as she and Pacey start walking towards him, but his face falls as they continue right past him and into the school without a hello.


Dawson is at his locker, and Jen walks up to him. He looks surprised, breaking out of the sullen expression he's carried on his face all day long.

JEN: Hey.

DAWSON: Hey. How are you? With your grandfather? Are you...

JEN: (forcing a smile) I'm...I'm okay, actually, I mean...I'd really..rather not talk about it right now. (she changes the subject.) So, what's up? I noticed Joey and Pacey are giving you the infamous and immature silent treatment today. Need a friend?

DAWSON: (slowly) Yeah...I could.

JEN: (as they start walking down the hallway.) What's going on? I thought...I mean, when I talked to you on Saturday morning...you said...well, I thought it was clear you two were together.

DAWSON: Well, we're not. I really don't want to explain it right now, so can we just leave it at that?

JEN: (taken aback) Sure.

DAWSON: Sorry...I just don't feel like talking about it. (Joey comes out of a classroom, and Dawson grasps at the chance to talk to her.) Joey! (Joey looks at him, and sees Jen standing next to him. Immediately she haughtily stalks off. Dawson looks beaten. Jen looks at him.)

JEN: God...she's really angry. Dawson, what happened? You have to tell me.

DAWSON: Jen...I can't...

JEN: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry...(He starts to walk away.) Dawson?


JEN: I know this may come at a little late notice and at an inopportune time, but do you want to see a movie tonight? (quickly) As friends, of course. Grams wants me to get out of the house for awhile. You know, "God and your Grandfather are together now. They would not want you sitting around the house moping for your loss instead of celebrating your Grandfather's passing to a better place," she says. If I don't get out of the house soon I might do something terrible. (Dawson looks unsure.) Please? It'll help get your mind off Joey?

DAWSON: (giving in) What time? (Jen smiles)


Joey is working behind the counter, looking unhappy. The restaurant is empty, except a pair of little girls in a booth eating ice cream. Pacey races in, looking like he got struck by lightning. He runs to the counter and sits down,slapping his hand against the counter.

PACEY: (yelling) Service, please!

JOEY: What are *you* doing here?

PACEY: Um..wild guess. I'm hungry?

JOEY: Couldn't you eat someplace else?

PACEY: Does this mean you're going to poison my food again?

JOEY: (bitingly) You know what they say, third times a charm! (She smiles evilly and hands Pacey a menu. He tosses it aside.)

PACEY: I'll just have a medium order of fries.

JOEY: (writing it on the paper and passing it back to the kitchen.) So...

PACEY: So, I have a plan.

JOEY: For what?

PACEY: For you to get Dawson back.

JOEY: (snorting at the idea) Did I ever really have him?

PACEY: (he's obviously excited over this little plan of his.) I've been thinking since Saturday night. We can't keep up this silent treatment thing. It's already been two full days of school. (he pauses.) See, you and I know Dawson better than anyone, right?

JOEY: (confused about where this is heading) I guess...

PACEY: What's the one controlling factor in his life? Movies, right?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes.) Obviously.

PACEY: So that's what we gotta do! We gotta play him by that!

JOEY: (sitting down on a stool on her side of the counter.) I don't follow...

PACEY: Okay, in a movie, how does a girl get the guy to recognize what she's worth?

JOEY: Let's see.. gets sick and/or is put in a life-threatening situation. Dawson drilled that one into me.

PACEY: Yeah, and you can't make yourself sick, so that won't work, and we both know that Dawson couldn't save you from anything if his *life* depended on it.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes.) Your point would be?

PACEY: Well? What's the other way? (Joey doesn't reply.) She makes him *insanely* jealous by going out with a dashing, handsome, charming, *wonderful* young man who he feels he could *never* compete with.

JOEY: And I see you think this *wonderful* young man could be played by you?

PACEY: Of course.

JOEY: That's so Neanderthal, Pacey.

PACEY: Is it? Cause, I remember a certain Jen going out with a certain Cliff, and making a certain Dawson *very* jealous!

JOEY: (angrily) Well, *I* am *certainly* not Jen! (The bell rings, and Joey gets Pacey's fries from the kitchen. She hands them to him.) So this is your big plan, huh? And what makes you think Dawson could *ever* believe I would fall for you?

PACEY: (laughing) Come on, Joey. Think about it. We have *so* much in common.

JOEY: (doubtful) Like what?

PACEY: Let's see, we've got *jerks* for fathers, pain-in-the-ass siblings, low self-esteem and we're both social outcasts. Plus, we both have an idiot friend named Dawson. We're a match made in heaven! And when Dawson sees us together, he's going to see all that and it's going to drive him *crazy*!

JOEY: (laughing) You really think this'll work?

PACEY: Yeah, of course. (he stuffs a fry into his mouth.)

JOEY: (she stares at the counter sadly, then looks up at him.) Can I ask you a question?

PACEY: Sure.

JOEY: Why...why would you want to...I mean...(she shrugs, giving up.) Why would you do this for me?

PACEY: (thinking) I don't know, sheer boredom perhaps? (Joey glares at him.) Well, one, I think you're gorgeous. (Joey looks away from him, uncomfortable.) And you're fun to be with... and you deserve to be happy. And Dawson's never going to see what I'm looking at right now unless someone hits him over the head with it. I mean, you're a great girl, Joey.

JOEY: (blushing) I'm *not*.

PACEY: You are. But don't worry, it's not like I'm in *love* with you or anything. You can still be my arch enemy, if you like. (He pauses, and eats some fries. Joey looks at him, pondering his plan. Pacey suddenly looks at her, evilly.) You realize of course the means we'll have to kiss in public.

JOEY: (taking his fries away from him and puts them near the register, just out of his reach.) Ughh! You wish!

PACEY: What? We can't make everyone think we're together without a little public displaying of affection, Joey.

JOEY: (disgusted, she heads back into the kitchen. Pacey eyes his fries that Joey put next to the cash register and grabs them. She comes back in from the kitchen.) If we're going out now, you know that means you have to pick me up for school tomorrow.

PACEY: I'll be there bright and early. (He flashes her a wicked smile and she can't help but smile back. He tosses his napkin down on the counter and stands up. Joey turns and walks back into the kitchen, then suddenly she runs back.)

JOEY: Pacey! You didn't pay for those fries! (But Pacey is already gone. She sits down on a stool, defeated.)


Joey races out the front door, Bessie following much more slowly, with the baby on her hip. Pacey reaches across the front seat to unlock the passenger side door.

BESSIE: Joey! Aren't you walking to school with Dawson?

JOEY: (climbing into the truck) Not today! (under her breath) Not ever! (She slams the door.)

PACEY: (sarcastically.)Good morning, sunshine. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Die, Pacey.

PACEY: (he flashes her a charming smile.) What, no good morning kiss?

JOEY: (moving as far away from him as possible.) *Shut up*, Pacey. (He starts the engine and they drive off.)


The regular school morning scene. Pacey's truck pulls into a space near the front of school, and Joey quickly climbs out. Pacey locks the door and tosses his keys into his pocket.)

JOEY: I don't know why you bother locking this hunk of junk. It's not like anyone would even *consider* stealing it.

PACEY: Hey, you may insult me all you wish. Do *not* attack my vehicle. The privacy of having my own truck could come in handy when I get a *real* girlfriend.

JOEY: (disgusted)You know, Pacey, your *real* vehicle is in your pants. I think it may be the only thing that controls your mind. And *no one* in their right mind would go out with *you*.

PACEY: (laughing) Oh, then why are you going out with me?

JOEY: I'm beginning to doubt my sanity when I made *that* decision. Anyway, we're not really going out, so- (Pacey takes her hand and she stops talking, surprised.) What are you doing?

PACEY: (she tries to pull her hand away but he holds on tight.) Please, Joey. We can't be all lovey-dovey *just* around Dawson. He'll see right through it. We have to make it believable. (They walk into the school.)


Pacey practically drags Joey down the hall toward her locker. She looks disgusted.

JOEY: You just have this *whole thing* figured out, don't you?

PACEY: I know, I am a genius. (They stop in front of her locker. Joey raises her hand to do her combination, but Pacey stops her.) What's your combination?

JOEY: *What*? You think I'm going to tell you my combination?

PACEY: (exasperated) Joey, get with it. Every boyfriend knows his girlfriend's combo. Come on-what is it? (Joey shakes her head in disgust and twirls her lock, then opens her locker.)

JOEY: Where are you getting all this information from? Is there some "Learn-how-to Pose as a Boyfriend" handbook out there that no one knows about?

PACEY: Just trust me. I have three sisters. And of course, in-the-closet Deputy Doug. I know these things. (Joey rolls her eyes at him and takes a book out of her locker, then shuts it. She leans against the wall and looks at him. Pacey sees Abby, the school gossip, coming down the hallway, and pulls Joey close.) Quick, kiss me.

JOEY: (pulling away, annoyed.) You wish. I'd rather eat rat poison.

PACEY: I'm serious. Abby is coming. If she sees us, word will be all over school by next period. Dawson will hear it. It's perfect. (Joey hesitates, then Pacey just sighs, frustrated, and pulls her to him and kisses her. Abby stops in her tracks with a stifled laugh.)

ABBY: (under her breath as she continues down the hall.) Wait till everyone hears about this! (She quickly walks into a classroom to talk to her friends. Pacey pulls away. Joey looks stunned.)

JOEY: I...I have to... (she starts to walk away, clumsily. She almost crashes into someone walking down the hallway, and quickly utters an apology. She turns and sees it's Jen.)

JEN: Hey, Joey. (She looks from Joey, to Pacey, then back to Joey.) Did...did I just see what I *thought* I saw?

PACEY: (flashing her a smile and throwing his arm around Joey. She forces a smile.) Yes, you did.

JEN: But... I thought... you guys hated each other! I don't understand.

PACEY: Let's call it a love-hate relationship. I gotta go. I'll see you later. (He kisses Joey on the cheek. She isn't amused. Pacey walks away. Jen is stunned.)

JEN: Joey!

JOEY: (embarrassed) What?

JEN: How come you didn't say anything?

JOEY: (trying to think of an explanation) Why...would I say anything? Besides, it just happened, like yesterday.

JEN: (as they start to walk down the hall.) What about Dawson?

JOEY: (shrugging) What about him?

JEN: (confused, but gives up.) Well, I guess this means there isn't a *Dawson* issue, anymore.

JOEY: (pretending to be happy) No, I guess there's not!

JEN: So there's no hard feelings between us then? Since we don't have Dawson to fight over?

JOEY: (biting back angry words.) Of course not. Why would there be? (Jen smiles at her happily.)

JEN: Great! Then we're friends?

JOEY: I guess so!

JEN: (stopping in front of her classroom.) Well, I have to go to class...hey...listen, I know you and Dawson aren't *exactly* speaking right now, but do you know why he's not in school? We were supposed to walk to school together today but he never showed. I figured he must have gotten sick.

JOEY: (surprised) He's not in school?

JEN: (surprised Joey didn't know.) No...

JOEY: I didn't even notice . (She turns to go. Jen starts to go into her classroom, then stops.)

JEN: Joey?

JOEY: Yeah?

JEN: I'm glad we're friends now. I mean, it's what I've always wanted to be. (Joey smiles tightly, then walks away. She rolls her eyes and mutters something under her breath.)

JOEY: Bitch. (Jen turns to go, happy, oblivious to Joey's real feelings.)


Dawson is sitting on the edge of his bed, watching the TV like a zombie. Something clangs against his window, then Joey climbs in. He jumps, then looks at her, surprised. Joey doesn't look at him.

DAWSON: (happily) Joey! Hi!

JOEY: (lowly) Hey. (She looks around the room, trying to avoid his eyes.) So, Jen said you stayed home.

DAWSON: Yeah...excuse, stomach-ache. Reason: Spielberg marathon, channel 10. (He laughs slightly. There is tension in the air.) Wanna watch with me?

JOEY: Um... (she eyes the TV.)

DAWSON: Please? It'll be like old times. (Joey glares at him, fed up. She explodes.)

JOEY: (angrily) Don't say that, Dawson. *Don't* try to make up with me. It's not going to be that way anymore.

DAWSON: (getting up and walking to her) You can't say that, Joey! Please don't tell me you really think that? Look, Joey, I know I've been *insensitive*, and *indecisive*, and I totally deserve to have you *hate* me for the rest of your life. I shouldn't have kissed you if I wasn't *totally* sure about how I felt because no one, especially not you, deserves to have their feelings jerked around like that. (he caresses her face, looking deep into her eyes.) But *please* don't tell me there's no hope for forgiveness. If there's even just the slightest chance- (Joey looks fed up.)

JOEY: (coldly, backing away from him.) Look, Dawson, I didn't come here to make up. I just came over cause I left my wallet here and I need it. (She moves away from him.)

DAWSON: Joey...

JOEY: (She sees her wallet and grabs it.) Dawson! I *don't* want to go back to being *good old Joey* anymore! Can't you see that?

DAWSON: This is why I didn't want to start this! I knew this whole *love* thing would wreck *everything*! (he looks frustrated. Joey looks him in the eyes.)

JOEY: No, Dawson, it didn't ruin it.

DAWSON: (hopeful) It didn't?

JOEY: No. Your *fear* of love "wrecking things" ruined our so-called friendship. *You're* the one who ruined it. (Dawson looks let down and hurt. Joey moves to the window. Dawson tries to stop her, gently. He takes hold of her arm. OL: "Gone to the Movies" by Semi-sonic begins to play.)

DAWSON: (pleadingly) Joey, I know I can't expect you to-

JOEY: Dawson, I have to go. I'm going to be late. (She tries to pull her arm away.)

DAWSON: Late for what?

JOEY: (looking out the window.) I'm going to the movies with Pacey. (She looks back at him, unsure of what his reaction will be. He lets go of her arm, stunned.)

DAWSON: With *Pacey*? (Dawson looks deeply depressed with this news.)

JOEY: Yeah...it's...

DAWSON: (backing away from her.) It's not like a...date or anything, is it? I mean-(Joey is about to answer when Dawson's bedroom door opens.)

JOEY: Dawson-

GAIL: Dawson! Dinner is ready. (She sees Joey in the window.) Oh, hi, Joey! I didn't know you were here. (She smiles at her son, but he doesn't smile back.) Would you like to stay for dinner?

JOEY: No, thanks, Mrs. Leery, but I was just leaving. (She smiles at Mrs. Leery, glares at Dawson and steps out onto the ladder. Dawson watches her go. Dawson turns to his mother, looking sad.)

GAIL: What's wrong?

DAWSON: She's going to a movie.

GAIL: (confused about why he's mad about that) Um...so...

DAWSON: She's going with Pacey.

GAIL: Why aren't you going?

DAWSON: *I* wasn't invited. (Gail sits down next to her son, not quite sure what to say.)

GAIL: Are they going out on an actual date?

DAWSON: (ready to pull his hair out) I don't know! Two weeks ago, they couldn't stand to be in the same *room* together for more than a second.

GAIL: (thinking) Dawson, if it means anything to you, I don't see Joey and Pacey as a possible couple. Not in a million years. They're probably just going as friends.

MITCH: (OS) Gail! Are you coming? (Gail looks down the hall towards her bedroom doorway.)

GAIL: Be right there! (She finishes her conversation with Dawson quickly.) You know what? I think we can save dinner for later. Honey, even though you're not feeling that great today, you might want to go to the movies. You know...check out this...Pacey & Joey situation. (She offers him a 10 dollar bill with a wink.) Just go on down to the Rialto and see what's playing, okay? (Dawson gives her a kiss on the cheek and rushes past her and runs downstairs.)


Pacey and Joey are standing in line, towards the front. Dawson walks up and stops at the end of the line, trying to see them without being seen. He sees Pacey lean over to Joey and say something, and she laughs. Dawson's attention focuses on Joey's smiling face. He zones out the rest of the world. Her laughter cuts through the fog in his mind as clear as a bell. Suddenly someone taps Dawson on the shoulder and he jumps. He turns to see who it is and backs up with disgust before thinking about his actions. It's Abby.

ABBY: Why, if it isn't the spurned Dawson Leery.


ABBY: (snottily) You know, Dawson, first it's *Jen*, and now this thing with Pacey and *Joey*...I mean, no *wonder* you skipped school today. You haven't had a nice time lately, have you? I thought you and Joey would be *together* *forever*, and now look at you! I mean, isn't Pacey like, one of your best friends?

DAWSON: I don't quite follow you, but if you're hinting that Joey and Pacey are an item or whatever you'd like to call it, you're wrong. Look at them. They're as far from romantic as you can get. (He looks at them, wincing at his own unconvincing voice. He couldn't even make himself believe that. Joey punches Pacey in the arm, and he mocks being hurt as he throws her another insult.)

ABBY: They could've fooled me!

DAWSON: What do you mean? (he's confused)

ABBY: (remembering) Oh! That's right! You weren't in school today when Pacey and Joey had their various makeout sessions in the middle of the hallway! (She clicks her tongue) What a pity. I'm *sure* you would have enjoyed seeing his tongue halfway down her throat. (She laughs) See ya later, Dawson. Have a nice night. (She saunters off, feeling better now that she's degraded someone. Stunned, Dawson watches her leave, then focuses back on Joey and Pacey. They are buying their tickets. Pacey is paying for both of the tickets. Thinking Abby must have been right, he turns and walks away quickly. He wipes his eyes and tries to straighten up as he walks home, but he can't keep his composure for long. To avoid his parents he creeps up the ladder and into his room.)

(OL of "Gone to the Movies" by SemiSonic stops.)



The clock reads 12:03. Dawson is sitting in the dark, looking out his window. From there he can faintly see a light on in Joey's house on the other side of the creek. The light goes out, and Dawson looks up to the sky, at the stars.

(FO) EXT.JOEY'S HOUSE.NIGHT Joey and Pacey are walking along the path in front of her house. The house is dark. They stop in front of it, and Joey seems to be contemplating whether or not to go in.

JOEY: I don't want to wake the baby. Bessie will kill me if I do. (She glances at her watch.) It's like, midnight already.

PACEY: I can't believe we've been out walking for so long...

JOEY: Neither can I... (She looks up at him, almost for a moment wondering why she loved Dawson instead of Pacey. She shakes it off.)

PACEY: So...

JOEY: So...I guess I'm going to just stay here on the porch for tonight.

PACEY: Are you sure? Isn't it going to get really cold?

JOEY: (shrugging her shoulders.) I've survived worse. Besides, we've got blankets stashed around here someplace. (She looks around her, trying to remember where.)

PACEY: Joey, I know this would probably be really weird for you and all, but want to crash at my house?

JOEY: Um...

PACEY: We have this little place above the garage-you can use it for tonight. It would be a lot warmer than out here.

JOEY: (giving in) Sure... (They start walking down the path again. Joey is silent. Pacey stares at her.)

PACEY: Thinking about Dawson?

JOEY: (defensive) No! (Pacey gives her a knowing look.) Maybe just a little. (She shrugs her shoulders a little.) It's just that whenever I needed a place to stay, I'd go to his house and sleepover. It's just weird...that all that's changed now.

PACEY: (laughing) And for the better! Now you get to stay above the garage of the town's one and only self-proclaimed loser, Pacey Witter. I'd say that's better than staying in aspiring-film-maker-angel-on-earth-Dawson's bed, am I right? (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: You're not a loser.

PACEY: Thanks for trying, but it's been pretty clear to me that's what I am.

JOEY: (with joking self-importance) Well, you aren't a loser. Cause Joey Potter, tom-boy-social-outcast-pathetic-dork-extroirdinaire says so. (For a moment it seems that both of them have let their guards completely down. They smile.)

PACEY: Well, aren't we just the perfect pair? (Pacey takes her hand with a friendly laugh. They walk down the road, talking and laughing.)


Joey is on the old, rickety stairs leading up to the small loft above the garage. Pacey walks in the side door of the garage, carrying some blankets. She looks at him.

JOEY: Where did you find those? (He hands them to her.)

PACEY: You think I haven't spent nights out here before? It's my sanctuary!

JOEY: (smirking) I never pictured you as someone with a *sanctuary*.

PACEY: Shut up. (He pushes her out of the way and walks up the stairs. She follows him. They both stop, looking around the room. It's almost bare, with a dirty wooden floor. There is a mattress thrown off in one corner, and a filthy window on the other end of the room, overlooking Pacey's driveway. Joey wipes a pane of the glass and looks out. Disgusted, she wipes her hand on her shirt.)

JOEY: Ughhh...

PACEY: It's not Buckingham Palace, but it'll do.

JOEY: You just quoted something from Mary Poppins.

PACEY: You hang with Dawson *way* too much. He's starting to brainwash you.

JOEY: Let's not...talk about Dawson anymore. I've had enough of that for one night. (She flops onto the mattress with a sigh. Something makes a crinkling noise-it sounds like paper. Pacey suddenly looks terrified. He races over but Joey has already lifted the mattress to look.) What...? (She pulls out a small stack of white papers. Pacey tries to grab them.) What's this?

PACEY: Joey-give them to me. (She turns away from him as he reaches, and starts looking through them. They're pencil drawings. One is of Dawson's house, one's of the beach, another is a stack of books. She stops as she sees a drawing of her and Dawson together.)

JOEY: Pacey...

PACEY: (angry) Joey, just give them to me!

JOEY: (amazed) These are really good-did you...? Did you do these?

PACEY: (trying to grab them again) So what if I did? Hand them over! You- (Joey is walking away from him, flipping to another picture. This one is of just Joey, sitting at a desk in school. She looks sad and lonely, but beautiful at the same time. Joey looks up at Pacey. He grabs them from her.) Pretend you *never* saw these. If you say *anything*-

JOEY: Pacey! Those drawings are *beautiful*! I never even knew that- Why didn't you-

PACEY: What? So you could laugh at me some more? (He stuffs them back under the mattress. Joey watches him.)

JOEY: Pace, that's a talent right there, do you know that? You can't just stuff those back under there...you should show someone, or sell them...or...

PACEY: (walking towards the stairs.) Joey, please. Just don't tell anyone. I'm enough of a laughing stock as it is. (He looks down the stairs with dread, then looks at his watch. The room is entirely silent for a minute) I better go. It's only 12:30 now...maybe someone will still be up to let me in.

JOEY: Pacey, why don't you just stay here? I mean, I won't try to kill you in your sleep or anything. I promise. (Pacey looks at her. She smiles. He gives in.)


Jen and Dawson are sitting at a lunch table, alone. Dawson is upset. He gazes across the cafeteria to where Pacey and Joey are sitting, also alone. He grimaces and looks away as Pacey kisses Joey. Jen turns to him, so neither of them notice Joey glance over as Pacey pulls away.

JEN: How long are you going to torture yourself with this?

DAWSON: (rudely) Oh, I don't know...what's the appropriate time period to stop wanting to *kill* yourself after the girl you love, who's *also* your best friend in the *whole entire world*, falls in love with your *other* best friend, both of whom won't even *talk* to you? What is it? A week? Two days? (He flops his face down on the table. Jen leans back in her seat, just observing his behavior. He sits up, apologetic.) I'm sorry...I'm just...really torn up about this. I don't mean to bore you with all my incessant whining. (He falls onto the table again.)

JEN: (looking at his lunch, which he hasn't touched.) Aren't you even going to eat any lunch?

DAWSON: (muffled) I'm not hungry.

JEN: (turning her face away from him) Now I know what Joey must have felt like when you talked about *me*...

DAWSON: (turning his face to her) Did you say something?

JEN: (with a fake smile) Nope! (He glances over at Joey, who is laughing with Pacey, and buries his face in his arms again.)


Joey rushes out of one of her classrooms, and Jen comes out of the room across the hallway. Jen spots her and tries to catch up with her.

JEN: Joey! (Joey stops unhappily)

JOEY: Yeah?

JEN: (obviously on a mission) Look, I know that you and I aren't really *great* friends or anything, yet...but-it's about Dawson.

JOEY: Why am I *not* surprised. (She faces Jen, snottily.) What's the matter with him *now*?

JEN: (looking surprised) Joey, what's happened to you?

JOEY: (confused) Huh?

JEN: You used to care about Dawson *so* much and now I look at you and I see this...*bitterness* and this *hatred*...(Joey glares at Jen.) Look, I won't pretend to know what went on between you two...*Dawson* won't tell me and I sincerely doubt you'd like to divulge the info, so maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about. But one thing I *do* know is that Dawson has been moping around and he hasn't been the same since- (Pacey walks up to the pair of girls, flashing them both a smile.)

PACEY: Hey, so, how's my best girl doing this *fine* afternoon? (Joey looks up at him, glaring.)

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey. (She stalks off. Pacey looks at Jen.)

PACEY: What did you say to her?

JEN: (offended) Why do you assume it was something *I* said? (Pacey looks at her questioningly. She rolls her eyes.) Forget about it. You wouldn't be interested in what we were saying anyway. It was about Dawson. (Jen starts to walk away, but Pacey stops her.)

PACEY: Wait-what about Dawson?

JEN: It's nothing really. He's just really upset over Joey not talking to him and everything. I tried to talk to her about it, but...I mean, Dawson hasn't eaten hardly anything and-

PACEY: Well, I have a feeling that Dawson's going to have to get down on his hands and knees, Jen. (He starts walking away.) He doesn't even understand all the pain he caused Joey, and she knows it. (He turns down the hall, and Jen sighs.)

JEN: (to herself) He understands it perfectly well, Pacey. But for once Dawson doesn't know what to do about it. (She shakes her head and walks over to her locker, sadly.)


Joey and Pacey are sitting on her floor, playing Monopoly. Pacey seems to be winning, since Joey looks pissed. She rolls the dice and gets a twelve. She lands on Boardwalk. Pacey laughs.

PACEY: That'll be $1,200.00, Miss Josephine.

JOEY: (handing over the money with a look that could kill) If you call me that one more time I am going to slit your throat, do you got me?

PACEY: If you threaten the landlord, I think I might add an extra 100 bucks to that rent, so watch it. (He takes the money from her and counts it.)

JOEY: What, you don't trust me?

PACEY: Of course I don't. (He sets the money down on the floor next to him.) So, can I ask you a question?

JOEY: (wearily) That depends.

PACEY: It's about Dawson. (She sighs and leans back against her bed.)

JOEY: I'd rather not talk about that.

PACEY: See, Joey, I don't get you. The whole point of this "us going out" thing was supposed to be-

JOEY: I know, I know what the whole point was.

PACEY: But here he is, practically begging for you to even *talk* to him, and you're stone cold.

JOEY: (getting up) Pacey, you don't understand. I thought you did, but-

PACEY: (looking up at her) What am I supposed to understand?

JOEY: Sure, Dawson wants me back. But he wants the Joey who comes over for movie night, he wants the Joey who listens to all his problems and he wants the Joey who sits through his babbling about Jen. He doesn't *love* me, he doesn't want that part of me back, Pacey.

PACEY: Yes he does, Jo.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Thanks for the effort, Pacey, but you aren't a very good liar. You never have been. (She turns to the window and stares out. She becomes quiet. Pacey walks over to her and looks out.) At night, I would sit here...I can see the lights on at Dawson's house reflecting off the water...(She looks up at Pacey.) But I don't want to sit here anymore...I either want to *be* there, with Dawson...or have nothing to do with it. It just hurts too much.

PACEY: (putting his hands on her shoulders) So it's really like that, huh? Now or never?

JOEY: (shaking her head) I don't *want* it to be...it just is. I keep telling myself that I can settle for just *being friends*, but then I see him, and I just *know* it's not possible. (She gazes up at Pacey once more, and sees something in his eyes she'd never noticed before. He turns away from her.)

PACEY: (picking up his jacket from the bed) Listen, Dawson's having a movie-marathon Friday night-you're coming.

JOEY: (stubbornly) No, I'm not.

PACEY: (opening the door) It's now or never, Jo. But you have to let him know that. Think about it. We can finish the game some other time. (He gives her a half-smile and leaves. She turns to look out the window again, then shuts the blinds.)


Dawson is laying on his bed, looking at his E.T. collector's statue. Pacey climbs in the window. Dawson sits up, surprised, then his look turns to one of anger.

PACEY: Hey, Dawson.

DAWSON: (tightly) Hey. (He gets up and walks over to his desk, setting the statue down.) What's up? I haven't talked to you since that...other night.

PACEY: (quickly and dreadingly) Look, I need to talk to you about something.

DAWSON: I'll take a wild guess what about. Joey?

PACEY: Um...yeah.

DAWSON: How come you didn't tell me you were going out with her?

PACEY: (offended) What, do I have to report all my actions to you now?

DAWSON: That's not what I mean. How could you just...go behind my back like that? You know how I feel about her.

PACEY: Do I? Cause it seems like you don't even know how you feel about her. I mean, you're the one who told her to get lost.

DAWSON: (angry) I *never* said anything like that! You *know* how much she means to me. I just said I wanted to stay friends a little while longer.

PACEY: What good would that do? It may make some sense in your demented, little mind, Dawson, but out here in the *real* world it comes off as a drastically pathetic excuse to weasel your way out of a relationship.

DAWSON: You didn't even give me a chance to explain myself to her! You were chasing her the minute she left the video store! You didn't even ask me-

PACEY: *Ask* you! Ask you what? If I could ask her out? Dawson, you *dumped* her. I don't care about how long you've been friends or whatever fantasies you're having about her in your mind now, but any claim you may have had to her, anything that gave me second-thoughts about asking out your *best friend* are gone now! You didn't want her, and therefore don't have any authority to tell me what I *can* and *can not* do with her!

DAWSON: I'm not telling you what to do!

PACEY: We're not all characters in some *screenplay*, Dawson. You can't write our lives for us, or direct us where to go. (Dawson is silent.) Look, I didn't come here to fight with you.

DAWSON: (skeptically) Sure seems that way.

PACEY: I just thought that...Jen was telling me about how you've been acting. About this whole Joey thing.

DAWSON: (defensive) How have I been acting?

PACEY: Like you're a manic depressive.

DAWSON: I have not been acting like that. I'm just... (He walks to the window, and looks out.) Why did she have to make such a big sacrifice for me?

PACEY: What? The Paris thing? Dawson, get over yourself, man. She was going to go, but the girl they originally asked had changed her mind. (disgusted) Is that what this is about? *Guilt*?

DAWSON: No, it's confusion. I don't know what she wants me to be...and now she's off with you and I get to sit here wondering if she really loved me at all! God, Pace! Why'd you have to do this to me? Couldn't you have waited before stabbing me in the back?

PACEY: (angry, he just ignores the question and says what he came there to say) I'm bringing Joey here tomorrow night.

DAWSON: (surprised) What?

PACEY: You better start making some decisions, Dawson. Because if you don't resolve this whole issue soon...Man, I'm sick of sitting on the sidelines with her, Dawson. I'm sick of watching her dream about you every day, and I'm sick of knowing she's thinking about *you* when she's kissing me...you either make the move now, Dawson or I'm not looking back the next time you say you don't want me to go out with her.

DAWSON: (as Pacey starts to leave) Pacey?

PACEY: What?

DAWSON: Thanks. For doing this for me. I don't deserve it.

PACEY: I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for her. (He steps out the door, then steps back.) But, Dawson? You were right about one thing.

DAWSON: What's that?

PACEY: You don't deserve it. (He walks downstairs.)



Dawson and Jen are sitting on the edge of his bed, both looking nervous. The clock's ticking seems louder than usual. Dawson turns on the TV, flips through a few stations, then turns it off.

JEN: Why'd you turn it off?

DAWSON: Nothing on. (Jen looks frustrated. Dawson looks at his window.) They're not coming. We might as well call the whole thing off. I don't think I could stand watching them together anyway. It's for the best. (He gets up and takes the stack of videos off the top of the TV. The door to his bedroom opens and Pacey comes in, pulling an unhappy Joey behind him. Dawson immediately notices Pacey's hand in Joey's and looks down at the floor. Jen gets up.)

JEN: Pacey! Joey! Hey! (She gets up and gives Joey a hug, which Joey tries to shrug away from.)

PACEY: Hey, Jen. Hey, Dawson. (He sits down on the floor in front of the TV. Joey stands awkwardly in the doorway. Jen gives her a look, beckoning her inside. She slowly walks over and sits next to Pacey.) What are we watching tonight? Porno?

DAWSON: (laughing slightly, but his voice is on edge.) No. I decided we'd pay tribute to Rogers and Hammerstein tonight.

JOEY: *What*? (It escapes her before she has time to stop herself.)

DAWSON: You know, I was in the mood for a good musical. Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel, you know, the classics from the golden age of movie musical. (He holds up each copy as he reads the title.)

JEN: (digging something out of her backpack.) And I brought my copy of The Sound of Music too. (Joey looks disgusted.)

PACEY: Dawson, you never said anything about *musicals*. My sisters made me watch that damn Von Trapp family sing that insanely annoying "goodnight" song over and over and over. It's torture.

DAWSON: Come on, Pace. Musicals are a long cherished part of cinematic history. The represent a period of time when everyone's cares could slide into oblivion as soon as they entered a theater. It was like magic. Rogers and Hammerstein were kings-they could tell the story just as well through song as Spielberg can through actions and words.

JOEY: Oh, please, Dawson, your social commentary on the value of movie musicals is pointless. People just don't break out into song and dance in the middle of a sentence. No one *magically* knows a perfectly choreographed routine out of nowhere. It's just not realistic.

DAWSON: An Extra-terrestrial getting left behind on earth and then befriending a young boy doesn't sound realistic either, yet it's your favorite movie. The whole basis for your dislike of musicals is labeled incoherent by common sagacious reasoning.

JOEY: (bitingly) E.T. is not my favorite movie anymore, Dawson. (Pacey suddenly realizes major trouble ahead and looks at Jen. Dawson is stunned.)

DAWSON: (shocked) How can you say that? It's always been your favorite movie!

JOEY: (viciously) Let's just say that as fast as I fell in love with it, I fell right out. (Jen stands up.)

JEN: I'm going to go get some popcorn-Pacey? Come with me? (She quickly runs out, pulling Pacey along with her. He glances at Joey before being yanked into the hallway.)

DAWSON: (getting up from the bed as Joey gets up from the floor.) Joey, I can't believe you said that.

JOEY: It's a movie, Dawson, get over it.

DAWSON: (frustrated) You know just as well as I do you were *not* talking about E.T. just then. (She looks away.) Look, Jo...I can't pretend that this never happened between us. I'd like to, but-

JOEY: What do you regret more, Dawson? The fact you *kissed* me, or the fact you dumped me? Cause I'd really like to know. (Dawson's jaw drops slightly open, not knowing what to say. Joey turns to leave.)

DAWSON: Joey, what would've happened if Bessie hadn't called at that moment?

JOEY: (hesitant) What do you mean?

DAWSON: (moving close to her) You know what I mean.

JOEY: (upset) So, that's what this is about? *Sex*?

DAWSON: No, I swear it's not. Joey, I just want to know. Are your feelings still as strong now as they were then? I mean, as soon as I told you I didn't want to go out yet, you just moved onto Pacey like you didn't even care. And now you expect me to know how you feel and I just don't know what to think. (He looks her straight in the eyes.)

JOEY: (near tears) Dawson, don't do this to me.

DAWSON: (softly) Do what?

JOEY: Dawson, if you don't know what you want...I don't want to be trapped at the brunt end of it again, Dawson. (She backs away from him, wiping her face. He pulls her back.)

DAWSON: (at a loss for words) Joey, look at me. (He cradles her chin gently in his hand and looks deep into her eyes.) I want you to say it, Jo. Do you love me?

JOEY: Do you love *me*? (Dawson is taken aback. He was expecting a simple yes. Joey pulls away completely.) That's what I thought.

DAWSON: (angry) Are you in love with Pacey then?

JOEY: (frustrated) Why is everything about *love*? Everything is suddenly dependent on *who* loves*who*! You want me to set you straight, Dawson? You want all the answers? I don't have them! Yeah, I love you! Is that what you wanted to hear? Is it? Dawson, this whole week has been a waste. I'm right back where I started. You're still in love with Jen, I'm still in love with you, and magically you're still as oblivious to the rest of the world as an unborn child. (She turns around quickly, and knocks a ceramic statue of Darth Vader off Dawson's bookshelf. It crashes to the floor and shatters into a million pieces. Joey watches it fall, and looks up at Dawson.) Sorry, Dawson. I didn't mean to. (Dawson kneels on the floor and starts picking up the pieces.)

DAWSON: Joey-do you know how much that statue was worth? (He looks at her, shocked. Joey's face coils up in disgust and disdain.)

JOEY: Yeah, Dawson? So, what's the running price on a broken heart these days? (She walks to the door.) Get over yourself, Leery. (with sarcastic fake cheerfulness) Oh, and may the force be with you.

DAWSON: Joey!(She runs downstairs, past Pacey and Jen, who come running out of the kitchen, alarmed by the sound of breaking glass. Pacey watches her breeze past.)

PACEY: Joey?

DAWSON: Joey, wait! (He runs to the top of the stairs. She stops at the door, looking back at him.)

JOEY: I've waited much too long already. Rot in hell, Dawson. (She throws open the door and races outside. Dawson turns and stalks back into his room, slamming the door. Jen and Pacey look at each other for a moment.)



Jen creeps up to Dawson's door, and knocks lightly. She seems almost scared to enter.

DAWSON: (OS) Go away, Jen, I don't want to talk to you! (Jen opens the door slowly and slips inside. Dawson is laying face down on the bed.)

JEN: You're not going after her?

DAWSON: (sitting up) Oh no, she made it pretty clear she wants *nothing* to do with me. In fact, she *loves* me, and on the other hand, wants me to rot in hell! (Jen walks slowly to Dawson's dresser and takes a picture of Joey and Dawson gently off the top. She smiles faintly.)

JEN: Look at you two. *Happy*, as if you didn't have a care in the world.

DAWSON: (getting up and taking the picture from her.) That was before hormones. (He turns on the radio, and "When I Fall" by the Barenaked Ladies is playing. Sound Clip to download: here.)

JEN: Look, Dawson, I won't pretend that I don't want you back. Cause I do. I invited Pacey and Joey over here tonight, and my half my heart was wishing that you guys would fight. But the other half of my heart, and the rest of my body just *knows*, Dawson. You and Joey belong together.

DAWSON: She said she loved me. She asked me if I loved her. And I...I couldn't say it.

JEN: (sitting down on the bed as he does.) Why not?

DAWSON: I was looking at her...and it was there, in my mind...but there was this *look* in her eyes. This hatred, and this fear, but this silent hope and love that I could almost *feel* in the air. But, Jen, it's all so sudden. One month ago she was just, Joey Potter, the best friend a guy could have. And you were Jen, the girl I wanted who didn't want *me*. And Pacey was just...Joey's enemy for life.

JEN: And now...

DAWSON: And now Joey says she's in *love* with me, and isn't content *just* being my *best* friend, you suddenly want me back, and Pacey is this *unbelievable* threat to my relationship with Joey and I didn't even see it coming. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. It's as if the rapid ascent into adulthood was kicked into warp speed. I was happy with the way things were! Why is there all this *pressure* to grow up? Everything was so simple.

JEN: (standing up) There has to be room in life to account for unexpected plot twists, Dawson. And I can guarantee you right now that this won't be the only one on the road ahead. So you better get used to it. (Jen walks slowly out of the room, leaving Dawson to think.)


Joey is throwing things from her shelves into a cardboard box. She pauses as she takes down her own E.T. collection, looking misty-eyed for a moment. Then she quickens her pace as she rips the Jurassic Park poster from the wall beside her bed. Pacey opens the door slightly and watches her for a second. Then he knocks lightly and enters.

JOEY: (wiping her face quickly) Pacey! What are you doing here?

PACEY: (closing the door behind him gently) Actually, I came to see if you were okay. Are you?

JOEY: (tossing a picture of her and Dawson into the box) Yeah. Fine. Never better. (Pacey walks over and looks into the box.)

PACEY: What is all this stuff? (He starts pushing his way through it.) Your E.T. collection? Your John Williams CD? What...what are you doing with all of your things?

JOEY: Pacey, these aren't my things. Not anymore. They just remind me of Dawson. (Pulling the box out of his grasp.) Therefore, it's now *trash*.

PACEY: (stopping her as she heads for the door) Jo, you can't run away from this. One minute you want me to go out with you to make him jealous and the next you're throwing out every possession you have that reminds you of him. (staring her down) It seems to me that you're just as scared of getting involved as he is. (He walks away and sits on her bed with a smirk.) And frankly, I'm starting to feel a little used.

JOEY: *Used*? Pacey! This whole thing was *your* idea! You *wanted* to help me make Dawson jealous.

PACEY: I'm having second thoughts. Before we get all mixed up in mind games and soap opera tactics, I think you should sit down by *yourself* for awhile and figure out what *you* really want, Joey. Everything is just too complicated and it could be *very* simple.

JOEY: (laughing) So, what, you're dumping me?

PACEY: In way, I suppose it could be looked at as a definite dumping.

JOEY: (sitting down on the bed next to him) And I thought this day couldn't get any worse. The biggest screw-up in the history of Capeside just broke up with *me*.

PACEY: (laughing) Well, considering we were never *really* going out I wouldn't take it too hard if I were you. (He gives her a little nudge with his elbow) Besides, I think tonight the honor of being the biggest screw-up belongs to Dawson. (He takes a little stuffed E.T. figure out of the cardboard box and sets it back on the shelf. Then he walks to the window to look out onto the water.) The lights are still reflecting on the water, Miss Josephine. Better get over there before they go out. (He looks back at her with a charming half-smile.) You might have time to catch the end of Oklahoma!

JOEY: (shaking her head) Not tonight. I need some time alone to think. (Pacey nods)

PACEY: I'll take that as my cue to leave. (He opens her bedroom door and walks out.)

JOEY: Thanks, Pace. (He turns back with a smile as he walks down the stairs, then slowly goes outside. Joey wanders back into her room.)


Pacey steps out the front door, looking sullen. He takes a deep breath and walks down the steps and down to the path. He glances back at Joey's window.

PACEY: (to himself aloud) Damn, Dawson has everything. (Pacey continues down the path. A window on the second floor, Joey's window, opens suddenly.)

JOEY: Pacey!

PACEY: (turning back and looking up at her) Yeah, Jo?

JOEY: It's 27-9-15!

PACEY: (confused) *What*?

JOEY: (smiling) My locker combination. It's 27-9-15. (They both look at each other, smiling and silent. Pacey nods and turns to go home. Joey disappears from the window.)


Joey sighs happily, then walks to the bed where the cardboard box lay. She digs out the picture of her and Dawson and sets it back in its place. Slowly she begins to unpack her things.



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