Untamed Heart by: Laura

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Note from Laura: After watching "The Reluctant Hero", I saw they had their own little Jimmy Stewart bit in there. I just wanted to make it clear that Jimmy Stewart conversation in this fan fic was my own. I wrote this in June, 1998 so I obviously couldn't rip it off the show.

Speaking of which: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but plaigarism is not. Reading other fics and finding the Brad Pitt-Tom Cruise discussion as well as the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon discussion that I wrote in this fic or variations thereof is remotely disturbing to me. Please do not lift lines of dialogue or steal entire ideas from my fics, please! I don't want to accuse anyone since I realize other authors might have thought of similar ideas to mine all on their own and I truly hope that is the case.


Joey is sitting at a desk in the front of the room. She eyes the clock and starts to pack up her things to leave. Pacey watches her intently. The bell rings and he almost jumps out of his seat. He practically runs to catch up with her as she walks out the door.

PACEY: Hey! Jo! Wait up! (She stops, and he smiles.)

JOEY: Hey, dumbass. (He pretends to punch her.)

PACEY: You were concentrating really hard in there-are you plotting another plan to wipe me off the face of the planet? (He smiles wickedly and then spots Jen coming down the hallway.) Or are you leaning more towards killing her?

JOEY: Great, she's coming over. You're a curse, Pacey.

PACEY: Everyone seems to agree on that one. (He playfully shoves Joey slightly as Jen walks up to them both.)

JEN: (grinning) Hey, you two lovebirds. (Both Pacey and Joey look at each other, trying not to laugh.)

JOEY: Lovebirds? We broke up. (She stops for a second, thinking.) Didn't we?

JEN: (surprised) You did? But I thought-

PACEY: (stifling his laughter) Technically, yeah. We did. (Jen looks from Joey to Pacey, then back at Joey.)

JEN: What's so funny? Do I have something on my face or something? (She self-consciously looks in Joey's mirror as Joey opens her locker. Joey rolls her eyes.) Anyway, I was going to ask you guys to come to a movie with me and Dawson tonight, but seeing as how you two aren't going out anymore...I mean...well, I just thought it would be a good oppurtunity for you and Dawson to...talk...or whatever...

JOEY: (annoyed) Jen, stop with the make-up efforts, all right?

JEN: (taken aback) What?

JOEY: (exploding) I don't know *why* *you*, of all people, are so set on getting us all to be *friends* again, but, this isn't Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, okay? It's not your job.

JEN: I have to say I *really* resent that, Joey. I'm your friend and Pacey's friend just as much as I am Dawson's friend, and I really hate to see everyone like this. So I *am* involved and I have every right to be.

JOEY: Well, it's between *me* and *Dawson*. Not your business, and I don't want it to be. Besides, none of this would've happened if you hadn't come to Capeside in the first place, so...

JEN: What do you mean by that?

JOEY: You know *exactly* what I mean by that. (They both glare at each other and Pacey steps between them.)

PACEY: Girls, girls! Calm down. I mean, is Dawson *really* worth fighting over? (They both ignore him.) Joey, come on. (He gently tugs her arm as he shuts her locker for her.) Let's go. Jen, thanks for the invitation, but I think Joey will decline it, k?

JOEY: No, I'm going.

PACEY: You are?

JEN: (bitingly) Fine. Come. But don't expect me to talk to you.

JOEY: (sarcastically) Oh. What a loss. I'll go kill myself now. (Jen stalks off, and Joey heads off in the other direction, haughtily, leaving Pacey standing alone in the middle of the hallway.)

PACEY: Well, *that* was interesting... (He shrugs and heads to his next class.)



Bessie is cooking something on the stove. Alexander is sitting in his baby basket on the table. Joey comes down the stairs, and walks into the kitchen. Bessie stops in her tracks. Joey is only wearing a small red tank top with spaghetti straps, and a pair of faded blue jeans, but she looks beautiful. She's wearing a little makeup, and her hair is slightly curled.

BESSIE: Wow, Joey. You look great.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Please, Bessie. It took me an hour to curl my own hair. And I ended up trying to brush it out.

BESSIE: (walking up to her and touching her hair.) It looks pretty. (knowingly) So, going out tonight? You and Dawson made up?

JOEY: Actually, I *am* going somewhere with Dawson, if you can believe that. And Jen. And Pacey. (A smile escapes as she mentions Pacey, and Bessie notices.)

BESSIE: Pacey...hmm...You've been spending an awful lot of time with him lately. Is there something going on there?

JOEY: (with disgust) Between me and Pacey? When hell freezes over. We're just going to see a movie down at the Rialto.

BESSIE: What movie?

JOEY: Good Will Hunting. (She glances at the clock, and then hears a car door slam outside. Pacey walks to the door, and peers in through the screen.)

PACEY: Joey?

JOEY: (to Bessie) I gotta go. (She gives Alexander a kiss good-bye and he giggles. She steps out the door, and Pacey's jaw drops. Joey is uncomfortable.) What's the matter?

PACEY: (quickly) Nothing. You look nice. (Joey blushes.)

JOEY: Thanks. (They stand there silently for a moment) We better get going. (They walk down to where Pacey parked the wagon.) Hey, the wagon tonight?

PACEY: Yeah, I hotwired it again. We have to pick up Dawson and Jen.

JOEY: (getting in to the car) Wow, it's a dream come true. (Pacey gets into the already running car, and they drive off.)


Pacey pulls up in front of Dawson's house. He is sitting on the front steps with Jen. They both stand up as Pacey slows. Dawson locks eyes with Joey, who is sitting beside Pacey in the front seat. They gaze at each other for a moment, then Joey breaks the look. Dawson opens the back door, and Jen climbs in.

PACEY: Hey, guys.

JEN: Hey. Everybody ready for a night of fun? (Joey grunts in reply.)


The group of four enters the foyer of the theater. Jen glances at Joey, who looks depressed. Pacey eyes the candy counter.

JEN: I'm going to use the bathroom. Joey, come with me. (Joey looks alarmed. Pacey nods for her to go, reassuringly. Joey slowly follows Jen to the ladies' room. Pacey rubs his hands together and steps into line for food. Dawson stands next to him.)

DAWSON: Listen, Jen told me that you and Joey broke up. Is it true?

PACEY: (not looking at Dawson) You could say that.

DAWSON: (awkwardly) Was there a reason?

PACEY: (pausing as he looks at Dawson) You know why, Dawson.

DAWSON: (surprised) Do I?

PACEY: Of course you do. She's still head over heels in love with you. No matter how mad she is.

DAWSON: Pace, man, I'm really sorry.

PACEY: (laughing) For what? (He moves up in the line and Dawson follows.)

DAWSON: I know you really like her and I sort of screwed things up for you.

PACEY: Dawson, you have a major ego problem, you know that? It's not that big of a deal. Joey is really just more of a friend than anything else. I mean, I knew she was still in love with you when I asked her out- it wasn't exactly a *surprise.*(He pauses again.) I think it was just because we both needed someone. To you know, *be* with. It was just pure rebound. For both of us. Nothing real. (Pacey is obviously lying about his feelings for Joey but has clearly thought about having this conversation before. It sounds rehearsed, but Dawson buys into it.)

DAWSON: (looking relieved) Really? So, you wouldn't care if we got together?

PACEY: (rolling his eyes.) Not at all. But you better work on getting her to talk to you before you think that far ahead. She may love you, but god, is she pissed off. (He steps up to the counter. A particularly large, weird looking woman with dyed black, permed hair and blue eyeshadow looks at him rudely.)

CLERK: (With fake, bitter enthusiam.) May I help you?

PACEY: Yeah, a large Pepsi and a box of Milk Duds please? (She gets the drink and the box of milk duds and rings it up on the cash register. Pacey digs up money from his pocket.)

CLERK: That'd be $5.25. (Pacey hands her six dollars and she gives him 75 cents change. Then she looks at Dawson.)

DAWSON: Yeah, I'll just have a large 7up and Milk Duds. (She gets him his order and slaps it onto the corner.)

CLERK: $5.25, same as him. (Dawson hands her the money.)


Joey is washing her hands at the sink as Jen steps out of a stall, rearranging her dress. Jen looks at Joey's reflection in the mirror as she steps up to wash her hands. Joey shakes her hands dry a little before grabbing a paper towel. Jen turns on the water, glancing over at Joey.

JOEY: I guess...I'll go back out...(She heads for the door.)

JEN: Wait, Jo. We need to talk. (Joey stops, knowing Jen's right.)

JOEY: Listen, if this is about before? In the hall? I don't really-

JEN: Joey, I thought *a lot* about what you said, and I see how you could blame me for getting in the way of your relationship with Dawson. I mean, if someone just swooped into town out of nowhere and took all my best friend's attention, I'd hate her guts too. I think I'd hate her even more than you hate me.

JOEY: Jen-

JEN: No, Joey, let me finish. This has been going on long enough, and I'm sick of being at each other's throats all the time. I see it from your point of view, I really do. But you can't blame me for something I have no control over, okay? I didn't *plan* on Dawson liking me. I didn't manipulate him, or put a spell on him, or anything like that. I didn't mean to wreck things for you. I didn't even know about how you felt. And for you to hate me for that...it really hurts, Joey. Cause I *want* to be friends with you. I never wanted for this...*rift* to grow between us. I'd love for you to sleep over, and watch Brad Pitt movies, and tell each other secrets that we could *never* tell Dawson or Pacey. I've never really had that before, and I don't think you've had it either. (Joey doesn't speak. She looks at Jen, stone cold. Jen is let down.) Fine...if that's the way you want it to be... (Jen starts for the door, but Joey turns.)

JOEY: (having a sudden attack of conscience) Jen?

JEN: Yeah?

JOEY: (smiling wickedly) I'm more of a Tom Cruise girl. You know, the crooked smile. But if you're willing to watch Far and Away, you can sleep over tonight, if you want.

JEN: (smiles) Tell you what. I'll bring The Devil's Own, and we can decide who has the sexier Irish accent. (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: Sounds like a plan. (Jen slips her arm into Joey's.)

JEN: Thanks, Jo.

JOEY: (confused) For what?

JEN: For forgiving me.

JOEY: (laughing) Who said anything about forgiveness? (They exit the bathroom.)



Pacey and Dawson are sitting on a bench, a poster for Good Will Hunting behind them. They look up, hearing laughing. Both are stunned to see Joey and Jen coming out of the bathroom, arm in arm.

PACEY: (to Dawson)What the hell happened in there?

DAWSON: You know what they say, girls bond in the bathroom.

PACEY: They don't say that, do they?

DAWSON: My mom said it. (Joey and Jen stop laughing as they approach the two guys.)

PACEY: Um...hi...what took so long?

JEN: Oh! We were that long?

JOEY: Sorry.

JEN: We were talking about something. (Dawson gets the feeling they were talking about him, so he changes the subject.)

DAWSON: Well, ready to go get seats? Me and Pacey bought snacks.


PACEY & DAWSON: (to Joey, both handing her their box of Milk Duds.) I bought you some Milk Duds. (Joey looks at them both, and they both laugh.)

DAWSON: Pace! You didn't tell me those were for Jo!

PACEY: Well, I didn't know you bought that box for her either. (They both look at each other.)

DAWSON: I thought you remembered I always buy them. I mean, it's tradition.

JOEY: (not knowing what to do.) Um...

JEN: (intervening, she takes one box from Dawson and hands it to Joey. She takes Pacey's and starts to open it.) Thanks, you guys. (She pops one into her mouth and walks into the theater. Joey looks relieved.)


"Demons" by Guster is playing quietly on the theater stereo.

PACEY: Hey! You better give me some of those! (He runs after her. Joey slowly follows, Dawson beside her. He looks at her, stepping almost cautiously down the aisle. He seems almost afraid as he starts to speak. Pacey turns back and sees how uncomfortable they both are. )

DAWSON: So...Joey...how are you?

JOEY: (not looking at him) Um, fine, I guess. (He glances at her quickly.) You?

DAWSON: Okay...so... (Pacey comes running back up the aisle and playfully grabs Joey in his arms and starts dragging her down the aisle. Joey lets out a small shriek of surprise.)

JOEY: Pacey! (He picks her up into the air and throws her over his shoulder. The theater is still mostly empty, but the people already there look up, startled. A few laugh.) Pacey! Pacey! Oh my god, Pacey, put me down! (Pacey walks down the front row of seats and drops her into one of the seats, laughing. She immediately stands up and hits him.) You stupid ass! Why the hell did you do that?

PACEY: Just sit down. (He lightly shoves her back into the seat. Then he walks back to Dawson and pulls him down to where Joey is sitting, and pushes him down into the seat next to Joey. Joey and Dawson look at each other, then at Pacey.) Okay, here's what's going to happen. You two are going to sit here for the whole movie. Until the movie starts, you are going to talk to each other. About anything. Just *talk* to each other for a change. Trash the last movie you saw. Just don't resort to talking about the weather. (Joey and Dawson look at Pacey, confused.)

JOEY: Pacey, you can't be serious...I-

PACEY: (starting to walk back up the aisle.) Don't worry, me and Jen will be sitting right back here, in case either of you tries to kill each other. We'll meet up with you after the movie.

DAWSON: *Pacey*!

JOEY: Pace, you can't *force* us to sit with each other.

PACEY: You're right, I can't. But, hey, I can try. (He leaves them, and they both sigh simultaneously. Dawson laughs slightly, trying to ease the tension. (In the back of the theater, Pacey plops down next to Jen. She looks puzzled.)

JEN: Why...What's going on?

PACEY: Well, I'm forcing Joey to sit with Dawson. They have to be alone for a while.

JEN: Yeah... (She sighs lightly. Cliff walks into the theater, alone. Jen sees him.) Cliff! Hey! (In the front row, Dawson hears Jen calling this, and looks back. Joey looks back, and then slumps into her seat. Cliff spots Jen and walks over to her.)

CLIFF: Hey, Jen!

JEN: Hi! I didn't know you were going to be here! (She smiles, a bit fakely, but mostly sincere.)

CLIFF: Yeah, I was supposed to be coming here with this girl I know, but she cancelled last minute, so I decided, what the heck, I'll come see it anyway.

JEN: Oh! You should sit with us then. (Cliff looks at Pacey.)

CLIFF: I...I wouldn't want to intrude, on anything...

PACEY: Intrude on what?

CLIFF: Well, aren't you two here, like, *together*?

PACEY: (laughing, as does Jen.) Oh, no! We're not here together. We're here with Joey and Dawson.

JEN: Yeah, we aren't like...

CLIFF: (looking around, confused) Um...where are Joey and Dawson? (Pacey points. Cliff is even more confused.)

PACEY: We're forcing them to sit together. Long story. (Cliff just nods.) I'll be right back. I have to go to the bathroom before the movie starts. (He gets up, and Cliff takes his seat. More people are starting to come into the theater. Down in the front row, Joey glares at Dawson after he glanced back at Jen. He looks down at his hands. He's about to say something when she cuts him off.)

JOEY: You can go back there and sit with Jen.


JOEY: I know that's what you want. So, don't waste your time sitting here. Go back there before Cliff puts the moves on her again.

DAWSON: (hurt) I don't want to go sit with her.

JOEY: (slouching back into her seat again) Could've fooled me.

DAWSON: Jo, is this how it's going to be?

JOEY: Guess so. It was your choice, not mine. (Dawson looks at her, getting a little angry.)

DAWSON: Joey, come on. You're not even giving me a chance? What is it, one strike, you're out? Look, I know I screwed up, but I can't take back the kiss.

JOEY: (angry) Oh, so now the truth comes out. You think that the kiss was where you screwed up?

DAWSON: Well, we were fine *before* I kissed you, weren't we?

JOEY: Not really, Dawson. You were just too blind to see it.

DAWSON: Joey, when you told me you were going to France...when I kissed you, I meant it. If you went, I don't know *what* I would do. I'd be lost without you. You were my best friend in the whole world. You still are...do you want to be?

JOEY: Of course, Dawson. But things are different now.

DAWSON: (looking away) I know. Jo, I'm not used to...*needing* someone that much. You've been having feelings towards me for a long time now, but I'm just getting hit with this now. To make that transition from *friend*...to boyfriend...(He looks at her) It's not easy to make the jump.

JOEY: But do you *want* to make the jump, Dawson?

DAWSON: I don't know. (Joey getting up, and handing him the box of Milk Duds.)

JOEY: Well, tell me when you decide one way or the other. Because whether you decide to stay friends or be more than that...I can't be drawn along on a string while you're indecisive.

DAWSON: So, what are you saying? That the only way I can keep being friends with you is if we go out?

JOEY: (thinking) No. We can only be friends again if you actually decide on what the definition of our relationship is. (She walks up the aisle to where Jen and Cliff are sitting. She sits down on the other side of Jen. Cliff looks up at her.)

CLIFF: Hi, Joey.

JOEY: Hey.

JEN: What are you doing? Where's Dawson?

JOEY: He's still sitting down there. I don't want to talk about it. (Cliff and Jen both look down to where Dawson is sitting.)

JEN: Joey, what happened?

JOEY: *Nothing* happened, okay? Just drop it. (She takes the box of Milk Duds from Jen's hand and dumps some into her own hand. Jen watches her. Cliff looks at Dawson as Pacey walks back into the theater.)

CLIFF: I thought that you and Pacey broke up cause you were going to go out with Dawson, Joey... (Joey just turns and glares at him. Pacey sits down in the row behind them and leans over the seats.)

PACEY: Touchy subject, Cliff. Don't continue with that line of questioning or I'm sure Miss Josephine here will beat the crap outta you. (Pacey flashes Joey his debonaire smile and she turns away from him, rolling her eyes. Cliff focuses back at Jen.)

JEN: So, who was supposed to come with you tonight?

CLIFF: Oh, Mary Beth. You know, that girl who came with Dawson to the carnival that time? (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Really? Oh, she's nice! Why couldn't she- (Jen stops as she sees Dawson get up and walk up the aisle.)

PACEY: Here comes Dawson. (Dawson stops by their row, looking nervous.) Dawson, sit down. (Dawson starts to sit in the last seat on the aisle, but Jen throws her hand over it.)

JEN: No, sit next to Joey. (Joey looks up, alarmed.)

JOEY: Jen!

PACEY: Come on, Dawson. (Dawson climbs past Jen and Cliff, and takes a seat next to Joey, wearily. Joey slouches into her seat, as if wanting to disappear. The lights start to go down before anyone can say anything, and the previews start. Cliff leans over to Jen.)

CLIFF: What's going on between those two?

JEN: (somewhat harshly) Shhhh! The movie's starting. (Cliff humbly turns his attention to the screen.)



Joey is paying attention to the movie, intent on ignoring Dawson's presence. Dawson keeps glancing at her. Pacey is sitting behind them, eating popcorn noisily.


Will (Matt Damon) is on screen with Sean (Robin Williams) in Sean's office.

WILL: It's just that this girl is fuckin' perfect right now and I don't want to ruin that.

SEAN: Or maybe it's that you're perfect right now and you don't want to ruin *that*. Well, that's a *super* philosophy, Will. That way you can go through life without ever really knowing *anybody*. (Will ponders this for a moment. Joey glances at Dawson. He was looking at her, but he quickly look away and shifts in his seat. Joey gets up, and climbs past Jen and Cliff to the aisle, and goes back and sits with Pacey. Dawson looks deeply depressed.)

PACEY: (whispering) What happened?

JOEY: Nothing. Nothing at all. (Not knowing what to do, he offers her a Milk Dud. She shakes her head no, but he gives her a puppy dog face and shoves them back at her.)

PACEY: Come on, I can't eat them all by myself.

JOEY: Please, Pacey! You could eat the contents of an entire grocery store in an hour. (Pacey laughs slightly. An old woman down the row looks at them, angry. Dawson glances back at them as Pacey dumps some candy into her hand.)


Joey and Pacey walk out onto the street, followed by Jen and Cliff, then a sullen Dawson. Cliff says his goodbyes and heads off in the opposite direction. Jen catches up with Joey, and Pacey walks behind the two with Dawson. Dawson walks along, silent, staring at the ground.

JEN: So, Jo, who do you think is cuter, Ben Affleck or Matt Damon?

JOEY: (laughing) Depends. What's your definition of cute?

JEN: (thinking) Cute...is just...cute...

JOEY: That helps!

JEN: Well, which one would you rather have sex with?

JOEY: (laughs again) I'd have to say...Ben Affleck. Matt Damon is cute and all, but Ben is more of a real...*man*. (Pacey and Dawson just listen as Jen and Joey discuss this.)

JEN: I think so too. You know, long fingers.

JOEY: (laughing at Jen's use of her phrase) Besides *that*, he's stronger...and taller. (Both girls laugh. Dawson glances at Pacey, suddenly aware Pacey's a lot taller than he is.) I'd definitely choose him over Matt. (Pacey pushes himself in between Jen and Joey)

PACEY: Well, I don't know about you girls, but I think Matt Damon is just a stud muffin. I mean, have you seen his ass? Very nice. (Jen and Joey both laugh hysterically and push Pacey back with Dawson.)

DAWSON: Can we please talk about something else?


Joey stumbles back into her room, carrying a sleeping bag. Jen is sitting on the bed, gazing around Joey's room.

JEN: You know, I've never seen your room before.

JOEY: You haven't?

JEN: Nope. It reminds me a little of Dawson's. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Here, I brought up this sleeping bag. I'll go get some pillows. (Joey leaves the room again. Jen gets up and starts looking at some of Joey's things. She walks to her dresser. She runs her fingers over some bottles of perfume, her hairbrush, and a copy of The Horse Whisperer. She sees the picture of Joey and Dawson sitting there. Joey is in Dawson's arms, laughing. They're on a swing, down at the park. They look like they're the greatest friends in the world. She reaches out with her finger and lightly touches Dawson's face in the picture, sentimentally. She sighs and walks back to the bed. Joey comes back in and drops two pillows on the floor.)

JOEY: So, what do you want to do now?

JEN: I don't know. Want to watch a movie?

JOEY: (smiling) Sure.


"Iris" by the Goo-goo Dolls is playing on Dawson's radio. Pacey is sitting at Dawson's desk, his feet up on the table top. Dawson is spread across his bed, looking as if he's ready to kill someone.

PACEY: Look, Dawson, it's a simple question.

DAWSON: *No*, it's *not*!

PACEY: Let's review the facts, Dawson. You kissed her, told her you loved her. Two days later, you freak out, tell her you want to wait before taking things further. You break up. Now you're not sure how you feel. You know you love her, but you're scared shitless because, well, face it, Dawson, you've never loved anyone more than you loved yourself.

DAWSON: (offended) What do you mean by that?

PACEY: Nevermind. Dawson, you've got to see by now that avoiding your feelings for her so you don't ruin your friendship *obviously* didn't work. You are worse off now than ever before.

DAWSON: (letting out a deep breath.) I know...Pacey?

PACEY: Yeah?

DAWSON: The only thing that's really bothering me is the fact she went out with you...

PACEY: God, Dawson, I'm not *that* bad of a person.

DAWSON: (laughing) That's not what I meant.

PACEY: I know. Look, Dawson, Joey's probably going to kill me for telling you this, but our relationship? Well, it was all an act. It was my idea.

DAWSON: (stunned) What?

PACEY: We decided that we'd act like we were going out to try to make you jealous, so you would realize you wanted Joey for yourself. (Dawson just looks at him, shocked.)

DAWSON: I...I can't believe it. You guys lied to me? To everyone?

PACEY: It was my fault, really. I convinced her it would work. But it didn't, so we stopped the whole thing. (Dawson just sits there, mouth open, eyes wide. He shakes his head, as everything comes into focus.)


Bessie comes in, looking tired. Joey and Jen look up at her.

BESSIE: Alexander is *finally* asleep, so try to keep it quiet, okay? (Both girls nod, and Bessie glances at the TV) What are you guys watching?

JOEY: Far and Away.

BESSIE: Oooo, Tom Cruise. I love this movie. (She sighs dreamily as she sits down on the couch.) Doesn't he have the best smile? (Bodie comes in from the kitchen, laughing slightly.)

BODIE: I thought *I* had the best smile?

BESSIE: (getting up again, slapping her forehead) Oh, right, of course. How could I have forgotten?

BODIE: (heading down the hall.) I'm heading to bed, you coming?


BODIE: (as they walk away.) You two don't stay up too late, okay? (Joey smiles faintly. Jen pauses the movie.)

JEN: Can I ask you a question?

JOEY: Yeah?

JEN: There's been this...politeness to all our actions and words tonight. Can we just drop all the pretenses here? I want to really talk, as if we've known each other forever.

JOEY: What do you want to talk about?

JEN: Dawson.

JOEY: Had a feeling. That seems to be what everyone wants to talk to me about lately. Well, if you don't mind, I'd rather not.

JEN: Joey, he loves you.

JOEY: He has a funny way of showing it. (getting up from the floor and sitting on the couch.) Jen, why do you care about what goes on between us anyway? Don't you want him back?

JEN: (sighing) I might as well be honest with you. Here's the deal. I want him back. I think he's a great guy, and I should've given him more of a chance. (Joey shifts in her seat on the couch.) But, Joey, I know he's in love with you. Everyone can see it as clear as day. I'm not going to try to go out with him again. I'll get over him. Cause the only way he can be happy is with you, and the only way you can be happy is if you're with him.

JOEY: I'm not so sure.

JEN: (surprised) What do you mean?

JOEY: I don't know. Lately all Dawson has brought me is pain. I barely trust him any more.

JEN: So, if Dawson came over right now, with a dozen roses and professed his undying love for you, you'd turn him away?

JOEY: That'd never happen. (Jen just looks at her, sad.) Jen, it's not the end of the world. (Joey plops down onto the floor again.)



OL: Stay by Lisa Loeb. Dawson is sitting on his bed, watching TV. He jumps as his poster for The Color Purple falls off the wall. He walks over and sticks it back up on the wall. Joey silently creeps in through his door. He turns, and jumps.


JOEY: Hey...

DAWSON: I'm glad you came over...

JOEY: Yeah, we need to talk...

DAWSON: You want to go first?

JOEY: (sitting on the bed) No, you can go.

DAWSON: Okay. How do I say this...? I've been rehearsing this in my mind all last night and all of today and now I can't remember a single thing I wanted to say. Okay...Pacey was over here last night, and he told me something.

JOEY: (wearily) What did he tell you?

DAWSON: He said you two were only going out to make me jealous. Is that true?

JOEY: (looking away) Um...

DAWSON: Is it?

JOEY: Well, yeah. But you have to understand-

DAWSON: Joey, I've decided. I just want to be friends. (Joey looks let down.)

JOEY: Why? Because-

DAWSON: No, it's not cause you lied about the Pacey thing. I *really* thought about it last night, for hours. And the truth is, I'm still partly hung up on Jen. (Joey moves towards the window.) Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get back together with her or anything. It's just part of me still likes her and I have to...get it out of my system. And even after I do that, Joey, I'm not ready to start this with you. Not yet.

JOEY: (trying to accept what he's saying) All right...

DAWSON: I'm not saying I *never* want things to get to that point with you. But-

JOEY: But until then we're just friends, right?

DAWSON: You understand, don't you?

JOEY: I can't pretend that I don't think you're reasoning is dumb, but I understand. When I realized how I felt about you...I was pretty confused too. (Joey starts towards the window again.)

DAWSON: Where are you going?

JOEY: I better get home.

DAWSON: Why don't you stay the night? I know movie nights are usually Fridays, but I've really missed having movie night with you. (He holds up his copy of ET.) Please?

JOEY: (smiling) Dawson, I'd like to, but I'm really tired. Jen slept over last night, and we stayed up all night watching Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise movies.

DAWSON: Then we'll sleep. Just stay here with me, Jo, okay? It's Saturday. We can sleep in late tomorrow morning. (Jo relents and backs out of the window.)

JOEY: Okay, fine. (Dawson lays down on his side of the bed, and Joey lays on hers. Dawson smiles at her, and turns out the light.)

DAWSON: Good night, Jo.

JOEY: Good night, Dawson. (Joey rolls on her side, facing away from him.)


Sunlight is streaming in through the window. Dawson wakes, and notices Joey is now laying in his arms. He watches her sleep for a moment. He slowly brushes a strand of hair from her face, gently. She stirs slightly.

DAWSON: (whispering to her, but actually to himself.) It's just not the right time for us now, Jo...I'm sorry... (Joey moves closer to him in her sleep.)

JOEY: (murmuring) Pacey... (Dawson takes his hand from her face quickly, stunned. Joey opens her eyes and quickly pulls away.) Hey...Dawson.

DAWSON: Um, hey. (He gets up and walks to his closet, not sure what to do.)


Joey climbs down the ladder and slowly walks to the dock. Pacey is sitting there, as if he's waiting for her.

JOEY: Pacey?

PACEY: Hey, Joey. I went to your house, but Bessie said you were here, so...

JOEY: Yeah, I spent the night.

PACEY: (looking sad) Did you *spend* the night, or did you just stay there?

JOEY: (punching him) I just stayed there, stupid. Dawson...well, he told me he only wanted to be *friends*.

PACEY: (secretly elated, but outwardly sympathetic) Oh. I'm sorry.

JOEY: (with false happiness) It's okay, really. I've sort of been preparing myself for it. I knew it was coming.

PACEY: How'd you know?

JOEY: Come on, I know Dawson like the back of my hand. He says he loves me, but isn't ready for a relationship right now.

PACEY: He really said that?

JOEY: (she can not hide the bitterness she feels.) Yep, that's what he said. So, I'm back to being old Joey again. I told him before that I didn't want to be, but I guess I've come to terms with my place in his life since then. Oh, by the way, thanks for telling him all about our little acting job.

PACEY: (defensive) Well, we were going to have to tell him eventually!

JOEY: (relenting) Yeah, I know. (They are both silent for a minute. Joey starts to get into her boat.)

PACEY: Wait-there was a reason why I was waiting for you.

JOEY: And that would be...?

PACEY: You're going on a *day of fun* with yours truly!

JOEY: Excuse me?

PACEY: I already talked to Bessie. She says you can go. Leave the boat tied up there for now. (Joey looks at him, suspicious.) Come on, Jo. There's no way out of it. I made sure of that. (Joey slowly gets out of the boat. Pacey offers her his hand.)

JOEY: (as they walk down the path to where the Witter Truck is sitting.) Am I allowed to ask where we're going?

PACEY: (opening the passenger side door for her) Nope. (He shuts it after she gets in and walks to the driver's side. Shot pans up to Dawson's window. He has been watching the entire scene. He turns away, a bit hurt.)

DAWSON: (to himself) Pacey doesn't waste any time, does he? (He flops onto his bed)



Pacey and Joey are on the outskirts of town, heading further away. Pacey is clearly speeding.

JOEY: *Where* are we going?

PACEY: We're not going anywhere.

JOEY: I don't get you.

PACEY: We are just going to keep driving until we feel like stopping.

JOEY: *What*?

PACEY: (looking at her) The point of today is that you're not going to worry about Dawson. You're not even going to *think* him for the next 8 hours, okay, Joey? (Pacey veers slightly to the right as he looks at Joey.)

JOEY: (alarmed) Pacey! Watch the road! (Pacey just laughs. Joey lets out a deep breath as he brings the truck to a straight path. Pacey steps on the gas and they speed up.) Pacey! Slow down!

PACEY: Nope. (Joey clutches onto the dashboard, afraid.)


Pacey and Joey walk cautiously into a small diner. It looks more like a truck stop than an actual restaurant. Joey sits down at the counter, looking disgusted.

JOEY: Pacey, do you have *any* idea where we are?

PACEY: None at all. Great, isn't it?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) Yeah, perfect. You're a moron. You better be able to get us home.

PACEY: (laughing) Now there's the Joey we all love. (Joey turns away from him and takes a menu from the counter.)

JOEY: Let's see if they have anything here that doesn't taste like shrapnel. (She hands Pacey a menu too. He opens it as a waitress walks up to them.)

WAITRESS: Hey, kids. What can I get ya? (She is chewing gum loudly, and her hair is obviously dyed blonde. She pulls at the edge of her pink and white gingham uniform.)

PACEY: Um...I'll just have a cheeseburger with a Pepsi. (The waitress writes that down and looks to Joey. She has no clue what she wants.)

JOEY: Uh...I'll just have the same thing as him. (She hands the waitress her menu and the waitress walks away.)

PACEY: That's going to be you in twenty years, right, Jo?

JOEY: God, I hope not.

PACEY: (looking at her sincerely) I don't think you'll have to worry about that. You'll get out of here. You're lucky enough.

JOEY: Yeah, my mom's dead, father's in jail, my sister is unmarried and has a kid, and is living with her boyfriend, and my best friend just told me he doesn't want to get romantic with me even though I'm in love with him. If only *everyone* could be so lucky!

PACEY: No, I meant lucky, intelligence-wise. I'm going to be stuck in Capeside for my entire life.

JOEY: You could get out of here no problem if you just applied yourself a little more.

PACEY: Yeah, but where's the fun in that?


Pacey and Joey are finishing their lunches, with the company of an older man, who appears to be slightly crazy. He's dressed in a large overcoat and top hat, and is carrying a cane. But his hair is long and unbrushed and hanging out from the hat.

MAN: So, then I turn to Mr. Washington, and I say that a night attack on Valley Forge would be the best way to go.

PACEY: (trying not to laugh) Oh, so you're the brains behind the plan, huh? (He glances at Joey, who brings her napkin up to her face to cover her smile.)

MAN: Yes, but do I get the credit? Of course not. Mr. Washington went on to be President, did you know that? And now look at me, just an ordinary man, when *I* could have been the President!

ANOTHER WAITRESS: Bill! Come down here-your food is ready.

MAN: Ah, see her? She's Marilyn Monroe. Ain't she gorgeous? (He gets up.) See you kids later. Coming, Marilyn! (Pacey and Joey's waitress walks up to them.)

WAITRESS: That's just Crazy Bill. Don't mind him. He's harmless. Can I get you kids anything else?

PACEY: (throwing his napkin onto the counter.) No thanks, we better be on our way. (He hands her the money for the food, and she takes change from the cash register. Pacey and Joey walk out to the truck, and drive off.)


The sun is setting. Pacey is still speeding along. Joey sees a sign that reads: Boston 24 miles, and turns to Pacey, stunned.

JOEY: Did you see that?

PACEY: What?

JOEY: Pace, we're almost to *Boston*! Don't you think we should go home? We're never going to make it back before midnight now!

PACEY: Relax. We'll just stay in Boston tonight! Sounds good, doesn't it?

JOEY: Where are we going to stay? You have money for a hotel room? Besides, Bessie would *kill* me!

PACEY: Good point. And we wouldn't want you dead, would we? (Pacey makes a 3-point turn and heads back in the direction they came from. "Great Escape" by Guster starts to play. Pacey speeds up again, faster than he was going before.)

JOEY: Pacey, do you have to go so damn fast?

PACEY: Stick your head out the window, Jo.

JOEY: I'm not a dog, Pacey.

PACEY: That could be debated.

JOEY: Hey!

PACEY: Just do it! It feels awesome! (Joey sighs and reluctantly sticks her head out the window. The wind blows her hair around widly. She pulls herself out a little further.)

JOEY: Oh, Pacey! You should see the sunset!

PACEY: Is it pretty?

JOEY: It's gorgeous!

PACEY: I can't see it-you're blocking the window. (Joey sits back down in her seat, and Pacey looks out. The sky to the west is all colors, from orange to purple to blue.) It's great, Jo. (Joey looks out the window, smiling with her whole self for the first time the whole day. Pacey continues to race down the road as the song ends.)


Joey is slumped over in her seat, looking tired. Pacey checks his watch.

PACEY: Hey, Jo, it's only 10:00. We're making good time. We should be home in half an hour.

JOEY: (sarcastically) Yip-eee.

PACEY: I thought you wanted to get home...

JOEY: I don't *want* to. I *have* to. There's a big difference. (Suddenly, the truck begins to slow. Pacey pulls over to the side of the road as it comes to a stop.) What's the matter?

PACEY: Shit!

JOEY: (alarmed) What? What is it? (Pacey taps on the gas meter, disbelieving.)

PACEY: We're out of gas.

JOEY: (disbelieving) What? You've got to be kidding me! (Pacey tries to start the truck again, but the engine just murumurs. Joey looks horrified.) Pacey! What are we going to do? We're in the middle of nowhere!

PACEY: Relax, Jo. It's not the end of the world. I think there was a gas station up that way some place. Didn't we pass it when we were driving before?

JOEY: And it didn't occur to you to get gas then?

PACEY: We had a full tank then, Miss Josephine. We passed this way over 9 hours ago. (Joey collapses back into her seat.)

JOEY: This is all your fault, Pacey!

PACEY: *My* fault? This isn't anyone's fault-

JOEY: If you just checked the gas like a normal human being we wouldn't be in this mess. You're always going to be a screw-up, aren't you, Pacey?

PACEY: (angry) Joey, just shut up. (he opens his door.) I better start walking if we want to get home sometime tonight.

JOEY: (alarmed) Wait! I'm coming with you.

PACEY: Who's going to stay here with the truck?

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) It's out of gas, Pacey, and it's a piece of junk. No one could steal it if they tried. And if you think I'm going to sit here alone on a deserted road late at night, you've got to be insane. (Joey gets out of the truck, as does Pacey. They head down the road.)



Joey is on the phone near the door. The room is empty except for her and Pacey, and the man working at the station. Pacey is talking to the man, trying to explain the situation.

JOEY: Bessie?

BESSIE: Is that you, Joey?

JOEY: Yeah, listen-

BESSIE: Where have you been? I thought you were going to be home hours ago! You have *school* tomorrow!

JOEY: I know, I'm sorry. Me and Pacey ran out of gas.

BESSIE: Where are you?

JOEY: Right now we're at a gas station on route 89. We're okay, we're just not going to be home for another hour or so, okay?

BESSIE: Route *89*? What the hell are you doing all the way out there?

JOEY: Long story. I'll see you later, Bessie. (She hangs up before she has to explain more to her sister. She walks over to Pacey.) So, what's the deal?

PACEY: (coldly) This guy is going to give us a ride back to the truck with some gas. He'll re-fill us and then we can go home.

JOEY: Phew. Good. (Pacey walks out of the gas station.)


The gas station truck pulls away from the side of the road, leaving Pacey and Joey alone. They both wave.

PACEY: Thanks again!

JOEY: Pacey...(He turns to get back into the truck, ignoring Joey. Joey stops him.) Pace? Listen, I'm really sorry about what I said before. About you always being a screw-up? I didn't mean it. I was just being immature and stupid. I was angry.

PACEY: It's okay. I mean, you were right to say it, cause that's what I am. A loser, a screw-up, whatever you'd like to call it, that's what I am.

JOEY: But Pacey, you're not! How can you think that? Take a step back and look at yourself, at who you are.

PACEY: Jo, I'm just a failure at everything I do.

JOEY: Pace, no man is a failure who has friends.

PACEY: There you go, quoting movies again. I'm not a great guy, Joey. I'm not Jimmy Stewart.

JOEY: No one is, Pace. (They are silent. Pacey starts to get into the truck again.) I don't want to go home yet, Pacey. Don't take me home. (OL: "Iris" by the Goo-goo Dolls starts to play.)

PACEY: I don't want to leave yet either. (Their eyes meet, and they stare at each other for a moment.)

JOEY: Thanks for today, Pacey. I don't know what I would do without you. I- (Pacey brings his finger to her lips, touching them lightly. Slowly, he leans down and kisses her. Half-expecting her to pull away, he kisses her hesitantly, but after she doesn't, he pulls her closer. They stand there, next to the truck, lost in their own world for just a little while. When they separate, Joey looks up at Pacey, amazed.) What was that for?

PACEY: Because...while you've been watching Dawson every day...and dreaming about him...I've been watching you, and dreaming about you...you understand me in this way no one else does, Joey. (He caresses her cheek. Her eyes seem to have a hint of fear in them.)

JOEY: (slowly) Pacey...I...

PACEY: (quietly) Don't tell me you don't feel the same way...I *know* you don't...but... (Their lips meet again, and Joey wraps her arms around his neck. After a moment, she pulls away.)

JOEY: I can't, Pace. I just can't do this. (She walks to the passenger's side door, and gets in. Pacey, saddened, climbs in and starts the engine. They drive away in silence.)


Joey is slouched back into her seat, looking unhappy. She's as far away from Pacey as possible. Pacey just stares straight ahead to the road, his hands tight on the steering wheel. He's going at a moderate speed. The truck is completely silent. They both look out the window as they spot a man in an overcoat standing alongside the road. He is screaming something about an apocolypse. They both look at each other.

JOEY: Wait-wasn't that Crazy Bill? (They both burst out laughing-the tension is broken.)


Pacey's truck pulls to a stop by the docks. They both get out.


Dawson wakes up as he hears a car door shut. He gets up and walks to his window. He watches as Pacey walks Joey to her small boat, which is still tied up. Pacey is holding Joey's hand, and she is laughing.


Pacey and Joey stand at the end of the docks, both smiling.

PACEY: So...

JOEY: I better get going. Bessie's probably worried sick.

PACEY: Yeah...tell her it was all my fault.

JOEY: I was planning on it. (She laughs.)

PACEY: Before you go...we should talk about before. Where are we...with that?

JOEY: You mean, the kiss...

PACEY: Or rather, *kisses*...

JOEY: Yeah...I'm sorry...I shouldn't have-

PACEY: What is there to be sorry about, Jo?

JOEY: Pacey, You know I'm still in love with Dawson. It'd be unfair to you, if we get involved right now. (OL: "Caribbean Blue" by Enya, very faintly)

PACEY: (pulling her close, laying his hand on her cheek.) Let me know when you're ready, Jo. Cause I'll be here.

JOEY: It might take awhile, Pace. (They lean closer to one another.)

PACEY: (whispering) I'm not going anywhere...

JOEY: (before their lips touch) I'm glad... (They finally kiss. Joey seems to melt in his arms. OL music grows stronger as shot draws back to what the scene would look like through Dawson's window. Switch to closeup shot of the pair, kssing passionately. Joey pulls away, and climbs into her boat.) See you tomorrow, Mr. Stewart. Thanks for everything. (She smiles sweetly, and Pacey reaches out to squeeze her hand before she goes.)

PACEY: Dawson is an idiot, Joey. (She looks up to Dawson's window.)

JOEY: Maybe he is. (She rows away silently. Pacey walks back down the pier to his truck, climbs in, and drives off. Dawson backs away from his window, stunned. Joey is rowing down the creek. She stops, and lets herself float along. She leans back to gaze up at the stars, smiling. The shot swirls up to the sky, which is sparkling with hundreds of stars.)


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