Change of Heart by: Laura

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Dawson and Joey are laying on his bed, their faces towards the TV and their feet resting on his headboard. The television casts an eerie blue glow on their faces. Neither of them is really paying any attention to the movie, they're just using it as an excuse not to talk to each other. Dawson keeps glancing at Joey, thinking she doesn't notice. But she does, and becomes uncomfortable. She shifts slightly, then sits up.

JOEY: You know what I was thinking?


JOEY: I think we should call Pacey and Jen over.

DAWSON: (confused) Why? It's *our* movie night. (Joey takes the remote and turns off the TV.)

JOEY: This is *not* movie night, Dawson. This is different. If you can't sense that, then our friendship is on a rapid downward spiral into a vast field of set concrete.

DAWSON: What are you saying, Joey? Please don't start with the "hormones destined to damage our relationship" line. I think we've already had our share of emerging hormones/damaging situations for the year. I can't handle any more of them.

JOEY: Okay then, I won't go into it again. But it's there, and we'll have to deal with it eventually.

DAWSON: (shaking his head) Just lie down, Joey. Watch the movie. (Joey rolls her eyes and falls back onto the bed with a sigh.)

JOEY: Fine, whatever. (Dawson leans back too, trying to focus on the movie. But his eyes keep cascading up and down Joey's body. Joey looks at him out of the corner of her eye, stealing glances at him. At the same time, they both sit up straight and Dawson grabs the phone.)

DAWSON: I'll call Pacey. (Joey stands up and heads for the window.)

JOEY: I'll go get Jen. (Dawson hurriedly dials Pacey's number as Joey practically jumps down the ladder.)



Students are scattered around the front lawn of school, playing football, talking, studying. The camera focuses on a young girl walking out of the front doors. Shot zooms in to reveal Joey heading down the steps, looking gloomy. Her backpack is slung over her shoulder, obviously weighed down with books.

PACEY: (OS) Hey, Jo! Wait up! (Joey stops as Pacey races up to her.)

JOEY: (rudely) Oh, you're talking to me now?

PACEY: I talked to you at Dawson's the other night, didn't I?

JOEY: That was talking?

PACEY: (grabbing her arm) Look, Joey, I thought every thing was all right between us now...I mean, I thought we had reached a sort of *understanding* about all this. I'm really sorry about the whole Anderson thing-I know you were just trying to do the right thing.

JOEY: Very profound, Pacey. Really. (Pacey stops, looking defeated. Joey relents.) Listen...Anderson and I? We're done. Finished. He broke up with me. The right thing wasn't the right thing after all. (A look of hope jumps across Pacey's face, which he quickly tries to cover.)

PACEY: (trying to sound sympathetic) Oh...I'm sorry...(He is saved by Dawson, who runs up to his two friends happily.)

DAWSON: Hey you guys? Are we all at peace now? (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Guess so.

DAWSON: (clapping his hands) Good, cause we're all going for a picnic tomorrow. (Joey and Pacey both look at him questioningly.)

JOEY: (disbelieving) A *picnic*?

DAWSON: Aw, Jo, don't look that way-it'll be fun! It's a half-day, we have to do *something* during the afternoon!

PACEY: And going to a movie would be out of the question...?

DAWSON: You guys! We haven't gone for a picnic in such a long time!

JOEY: Which should tell you something right there, Dawson! You wonder *why* we haven't gone on one? Because it's stupid!

PACEY: Pointless.

JOEY: Childish.

DAWSON: *Please*? (He looks at them both with puppy eyes. Joey gives in first.)

JOEY: Fine. I'll go on the idiotic picnic. (Dawson beams)

DAWSON: Thanks Jo! (Pacey lets out a long sigh.)

PACEY: (reluctantly) I guess I'll attend this kindergarten escapade too.

DAWSON: Great! (He slaps Pacey on the shoulder.) You won't regret this. It'll be awesome, just the four of us.

PACEY: Four of us?

DAWSON: Jen's coming too, of course.

JOEY: *Wonderful*.

DAWSON: I thought you and Jen-

JOEY: We are. Old habits are just hard to break. (Joey gives him a slightly bitter smile and starts walking away. Once she's out of earshot, Dawson turns to Pacey.)

DAWSON: So, I see you and Joey are friends again...

PACEY: We're...*working* on it...(suspiciously) Why?

DAWSON: (defensive) Just wondering! I just want things to go back to the way they used to be. With Jo as my best friend and *only* my best friend with you two tossing insults at each other all day. (He glances at Joey, who is still walking slowly down the sidewalk then he runs his hands through his hair frustrated.) Though it would certainly help matters if I didn't have this overwhelming longing to nail her. (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Did *Dawson* *Leery* just used the phrase *nail her* in a complete sentence? And they say there's no hope for change in this little old world of ours.

DAWSON: Shut up, Pacey. It slipped out-I didn't mean to sound like chauvinistic and stereotypical pig. (he looks at Pacey pointedly)

PACEY: (not taking offense to Dawson's insult.) Look, Dawson, it's about time that we all faced up to the truth. We can't all just...*deny* our feelings for one another. This is a soap opera worthy love triangle here. I want Joey, you want Joey, Joey's trapped between her two best friends. But if you try to ignore your feelings, and Joey tries to ignore her feelings, then this is going to get even messier than it was before.

DAWSON: (sighing) I know...I just don't want to lose her friendship, Pace.

PACEY: Well, at least at this point, *I* don't have to worry about that problem.

DAWSON: (thinking) This picnic has potential to get nasty then, doesn't it?

PACEY: (smiling as he walks away) Naw, I wouldn't plan on it. (Dawson looks relieved.) But I'd bring a bullet-proof vest just in case. (He leaves, and Dawson frowns.)


Outside shot of Dawson's window, with someone peering out at the pouring rain. Inside, Joey backs away from the window with a sigh. Dawson is laying on his floor, looking exasperated. Pacey is sitting on the bed and Jen is leaning against the door, looking bored.

JOEY: Picnic, huh, Dawson? *Great* idea. (She flops onto the bed next to Pacey. He looks at her quickly. Dawson sits up.)

DAWSON: Hey! I didn't know it was going to rain! What do I look like, a meteorologist? (The sound of someone yelling echoes up into Dawson's room.)

JOEY: I thought things were better with your parents.

DAWSON: (shrugging) They are. There's still a flare-up every now and then though. (He flips on the TV, trying to draw attention away from the shouting match downstairs.) They're leaving to go to somewhere in a little while. Some luncheon for the station that my Dad has to attend too. (Pacey glances at the clock. It's 12:03.)

PACEY: Dawson, what the hell is going to be on TV at noon? It's all children's programs! (Jen sits down in Dawson's desk chair with a smile.)

JEN: And what's wrong with Blue's Clues, may I ask? I think that dorky host is a pretty adorable guy. (Joey looks at her, astonished.)

JOEY: You can't be serious. He dances and talks to imaginary household items!

JEN: Yeah, but he's doing it to entertain kids. I think that's worthwhile.

JOEY: But- (Pacey holds up his hands.)

PACEY: Let's just stop the debate over programming on Nickelodeon and pick out a movie, k? (He gets up and walks to Dawson's movie shelf. Dawson gets up too, as if to make sure Pacey doesn't mess up his carefully ordered movies. Joey buries her head under Dawson's pillows and Jen watches her, slightly amused. Pacey grabs a movie off the shelf with a happy expression.) Oo! Let's watch Rear Window! (Joey sits up, surprised.)

JOEY: You like Rear Window?

PACEY: Yeah, of course! A Hitchcock flick with Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart? (Joey half smiles, remembering her and Pacey's conversation about the famed actor on the day Pacey had stolen her away on a driving expedition to nowhere. That was the day she had shared her first real kiss with Pacey. Pacey obviously recalls this too, and his eyes meet Joey's. Dawson sees this and says something to break the moment.)

DAWSON: I thought you liked the movie too, Joey. You always want to watch it.

JOEY: (nodding) I do...I just didn't think of Pacey as the kind of person who would like it. (She half-smiles again and shrugs her shoulders, turning away from Pacey.) Put it in, Dawson. (Dawson sticks in the tape and takes his usual place next to Joey on the bed. Pacey looks a bit put out about that, even though he knows it's tradition. He rolls his eyes and sits on the floor by the end of the bed. Dawson turns out the lights and presses play.)


The group is still sitting in the same positions as they were in the previous scene. The television is off and Dawson's light is on. It's raining even harder now, pounding loudly against the windows of the bedroom. Joey sighs, bored and stares up at his ceiling. Pacey and Dawson are both looking at her but she doesn't notice. However, Jen does, and coughs loudly to try to attract their attention away from Joey. When that doesn't work, she sits up with a large smile.

JEN: I've got an idea!

JOEY: (sitting up) What? (Both guys quickly look away from her.)

JEN: Let's play a game.

PACEY: (wearily) Which game?

JEN: I don't know....

DAWSON: How about Monopoly? (Pacey and Joey exchange looks and Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Oh no, you do *not* want to play Monopoly with Joey. She can get nasty.

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey.

DAWSON: (sighing) We could play...Clue?

JOEY: *Please*, not a board game. We can *not* be *that* bored.

JEN: We are.

DAWSON: We could play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

JOEY: (smiling) Yeah, that's more like it.

JEN: (confused) What's Six Degrees of-

PACEY: You know, the game where you connect an actor or actress to Kevin Bacon by jumping from movie to movie? Ever see that commercial on USA where- (Jen nods)

JEN: Oh, yeah. I know what you're talking about. I've played this before, I remember now. (She smiles.) Pacey, you pick the first person to connect.

PACEY: Okay...(he looks at Joey) This should be easy for you. Connect Tom Cruise to Kevin Bacon. (Dawson and Joey both burst out into hysterics. Jen thinks for a minute, then rolls her eyes. Pacey looks confused.) What?

DAWSON: Pace, Tom Cruise starred in A Few Good Men *with* Kevin Bacon. You're supposed to make these *hard*. (Pacey rolls his eyes.)

PACEY: Well, excuse me, I forgot they were in that movie together.

JOEY: You're so dense. (Pacey looks hurt.)

PACEY: Fine, Josephine, you think of a hard one.

JOEY: Okay, Pacey. Connect Deborah Kerr to Kevin. (Pacey thinks for a minute. Dawson and Joey look at each other, on verge of laughter.)

PACEY: Got it. Deborah Kerr with Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity, Burt Lancaster with James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams, James Earl Jones with Harrison Ford in Star Wars-

JOEY: Hey! He was only a *voice* in that movie!

PACEY: Yes, but didn't his name appear in the closing credits with Harrison's?

DAWSON: Yeah, Jo, it counts. (Pacey smiles triumphantly.)

PACEY: Anyway, Harrison Ford with Brad Pitt in The Devil's Own, Brad Pitt with Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire, and, (looking pointedly at Dawson and Joey.) Tom Cruise with Kevin Bacon in A Few Good Men. So there. (Jen claps and Dawson smiles. Joey is not amused.)

JOEY: You realize of course that you could have gone directly from Brad to Kevin with Sleepers.

PACEY: You're just unrelentless. (Joey smirks.)

DAWSON: Actually, you could have gone Burt Lancaster with Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams to Kevin Costner with Kevin Bacon in JFK. (Joey glares at him viciously.) Okay, Pacey, who's next? Your choice.

PACEY: Well, since Joey here thinks I'm a steaming idiot, let's see if she can do this one. (He narrows his eyes at Joey jokingly.) Josephine Potter, I bet you can't connect...*Albert Finney* to Kevin Bacon. (Joey looks puzzled and embarrassed.)

JOEY: Who is Albert Finney?

DAWSON: He played Hercule-

JOEY: Poirot, okay, I remember. (Pacey looks at her, anxiously awaiting for her to give up. Instead, she sits up straight with a knowing smile.) I got it. Albert Finney with Lauren Bacall in Murder on the Orient Express, Lauren Bacall with Barbara Streisand in The Mirror Has Two Faces, Barbara with Robert Redford in The Way We Were, Redford with Dustin Hoffman in All the President's Men, (Pacey sighs, knowing she's got it.) Dustin Hoffman with Tom Cruise in Rain Man, (she takes a deep breath) and, Tommy with dearest Kevin in A Few Good Men. (She sticks her tongue out at Pacey. Jen looks at Joey in awe, and Dawson looks proud.)

DAWSON: I have taught you well, my dear apprentice. (Joey smiles.)

JEN: Wow, Joey...that was amazing. How could you know all that?

PACEY: She's been friends with movie boy for her entire life. How do you *think* she knew all that?

JOEY: You should know better than to mess with the reigning six degree queen, Witter. (Pacey rolls his eyes. Joey looks at Jen with a smile.) Jen, your turn. Try to connect... (She ponders it for a moment.) Beethoven to Kevin Bacon.

DAWSON: (laughing) What?

JEN: (disbelieving) Like, *Beethoven*, the *dog*? (Joey nods. Jen shakes her head.) I think we should just go get some lunch. I'm hungry.

JOEY: Oh, don't try to weasel your way out of this one! (she laughs)

PACEY: Actually, I'm hungry too. We can hold off on the Beethoven connection till later. (He opens the bedroom door and gestures towards the stairs.) Everyone? (Joey and Dawson look at each other with a sigh and stand up. Joey walks out, lightly brushing against Pacey. She looks up at him, and starts to say something.)

JOEY: Pacey...oh, nevermind. (She continues on past, leaving Pacey wondering what she was going to say.)


Dawson, Joey and Jen are in the kitchen, bustling around. Dawson takes a two liter of Pepsi out of the fridge and Joey hands him four glasses. Jen is cooking something on the stove. Pacey comes back in the room, looking happy. He sees Jen cooking and laughs. She looks at him.

JEN: What?

PACEY: Nothing. You're just the last person I thought I'd see behind a stove.

JEN: I don't know if I should take offense to that, but for the sake of peace I won't. Joey, can you hand me some plates?

JOEY: Sure. (She gets down some plates from the cupboard above Dawson's head and hands them to Jen. Jen sets the stack of four down on the counter than picks up one and turns to the stove.) Voila! (She sets a grilled cheese sandwich on the plate and sets it down.)

PACEY: (taking the plate) Ah, grilled cheese a la Jen. Magnifique.

JEN: It's the only thing I know how to make, okay? Sorry if it's not gourmet. (Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: Naw, Jen, it's my fave food in the world. (Jen takes care of the rest of the sandwiches and hands another plate to Pacey. Dawson is almost finished pouring the drinks.)

JEN: Okay, we're gonna go sit down in the dining room. We've got your food.

DAWSON: Kay-me and Jo will be in there in a sec with the drinks. (Jen starts to leave) Wait, Jen! Is Pepsi okay for you or do you want something else? (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Pepsi's fine. (She walks out of the kitchen. Dawson pours the last glass full of pop as Joey walks up behind him to take one pair of glasses. Suddenly the phone rings and Dawson turns, crashing right into Joey. Their faces almost crash into one another's. They both laugh nervously, but neither really backs away from the other.)

DAWSON: (murmuring) I'm...sorry.

JOEY: No, it's okay. My fault...(Her last words sort of trail off as Dawson leans in closer to her. They both close their eyes. Their lips are about to meet when the phone rings again and Pacey comes back into the kitchen.)

PACEY: Dawson, man, you gonna get that or...(Joey and Dawson quickly pull away from each other, but it's too late. Pacey sees them and stops in his tracks.) Or are you already *busy*....(Dawson grabs the phone and answers it, not looking at Pacey. Joey takes a couple of glasses and hurries out, leaving Pacey standing there dumbfounded.)


Joey is sitting next to Jen on one side of the table, and Pacey is sitting at the end of the table. There is a feeling of tension in the air, and Jen looks uncomfortable and slightly confused, since she doesn't know what's going on. Dawson comes in, carrying a bag of chips and two glasses. He hands one to Pacey and sets the other next to his plate. Pacey and Joey are both staring at their food, but not eating. Jen awkwardly takes a bite of her sandwich. Dawson looks from Pacey to Joey, then down at his plate.

JEN: (trying to break the ice) So...what do you guys want to do after this?

PACEY: (bitterly) I don't know...I think Dawson and Joey have already done a whole lot more than we have. (Dawson looks at Pacey, hurt.)

DAWSON: Pace, we weren't doing anything.

JEN: What's going on?

PACEY: Dawson and Joey were playing suck face in the kitchen while we were out here.

JOEY: (angrily) We were not! Pacey, we just crashed into each other, okay? It's that simple. We weren't-

PACEY: (sharply) Let's just drop it. Forget I said anything. (He returns his gaze back to the tabletop. Joey sighs.)

DAWSON: Fine...

JOEY: Fine...

JEN: Not fine!

PACEY, DAWSON & JOEY SIMULTANEOUS: Huh? (Jen stands up, looking upset.)

JEN: You guys promised that this wouldn't happen today. That we'd all be friends!

DAWSON: We're all friends! We're just friends with excess baggage.

JEN: Well, carry-on bags aren't allowed on this trip, okay? We're just going to get along, and treat each other like civilized human beings-does everyone understand?

DAWSON: (humbly) Yeah. (Jen looks at Joey.)

JOEY: Yes... (Jen then turns to Pacey, who sighs.)

PACEY: I understand. (Jen sits down, triumphant.)

JEN: Good. (The room falls silent as they begin to eat.)



Joey is standing in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection. Tears are streaming down her face. The bathroom door slowly opens and Jen comes in. Joey quickly wipes her cheeks as Jen looks at her with pity. Joey tries to laugh it off.

JOEY: You know, I think I've cried more in the past two months than I did during my *entire* childhood?

JEN: (laughing too) Yeah, I think adolescence does that to ya. It's so god damn hard.

JOEY: Tell me about it. When we were 5, I never had to worry about... (She stops.)

JEN: About what?

JOEY: Everything. (Joey looks down at the tiled floor sadly.) I'm just kidding myself, Jen.

JEN: What do you mean? (Jen sits on the edge of the tub and looks up at her friend.)

JOEY: Dawson. Pacey. All of it. I mean, I waited so long to have Dawson look at me...well, the way he looked at you... (Joey sits down next to Jen.) But he just...he took too long, Jen...if he had just decided what he felt about me that night when we kissed...all of this could have been avoided.

JEN: (sighing) But instead he did the usual Dawson maneuver and over-thought everything and weighed every option and told you that you guys should just be friends. And then took it back.

JOEY: (bitterly) And by that time...

JEN: (filling it in for her) A new variable had entered the equation.

JOEY:'s not like I don't love Dawson anymore...cause I do...I mean, I always have...and I know that even though he pretends that being *just friends* is for the best... (She trails off again, but then continues.) I've always wanted for him to *want* *me*. And now that he does I find *myself* wanting someone else.

JEN: Pacey.

JOEY: (nodding) Pacey's always been honest and clear with me. He...he takes action. I never thought I'd be attracted to him-I've always said I hated him...but after waiting...and waiting...and waiting for Dawson to come around...having someone just outright *love*

JEN: Great.

JOEY: Exactly. I know I have to choose between them. And soon, before I lose them both.

JEN: Well, Joey...let me ask you *two* questions. (Joey raises her eyebrows.) When you're with Dawson, who is on your mind?

JOEY: (thinking) Um...well...Dawson...and Pacey. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: And when you're with Pacey, who's on your mind?

JOEY: (almost guiltily) Just Pacey. (She and Jen exchange looks.)

JEN: Then there's your answer.

JOEY: Yeah...I guess that-(The bathroom door opens and Dawson sticks his head inside.)

DAWSON: Hey, you two, if your female bonding moment is over, Pacey and I want to revert back to early childhood with an asinine game of hide-and-seek. You guys up to the proposal? (Jen nods.)

JEN: Sure...we'll be right out. (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Great. (He shuts the door. Jen slowly gets up and heads out. As she opens the door, she turns back to Joey with a smile.)

JEN: Joey?

JOEY: Yeah?

JEN: It was nice. Talking to you like this. Without any sarcasm or stuff like that. Promise me that we'll always be able to do this?

JOEY: (trying to smile) Sure. I promise. (Jen smiles widely and steps outside.)


OL: Inside Out by Eve 6. Jen is facing the wall, her eyes closed. As soon as Dawson checks to see her eyes are shut, he gestures to Pacey and Joey to run and hide.

JEN: 9, 10, 11... (Pacey darts into the closet, and Dawson and Joey dash out of the room.) 21, 22, 23...(Dawson escapes to the kitchen and Joey runs upstairs.) 28, 29, 30... (Jen opens her eyes.) Ready or not, here I come! (She heads out of the room and goes upstairs, having heard footsteps pounding up the creaky steps. Pacey walks out of the closet and simply sits down on the couch, which is safe. Dawson runs in and sits down next to him as a shriek rings from upstairs, followed by laughter. Jen and Joey come downstairs.)

JOEY: I'm it! You guys better run fast cause I'm not going to be as easy to beat as Jen was!

JEN: Hey! What are you talking about? I *caught you*! (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: Yeah, but the boys here made it to home base in a total of two minutes flat. (She faces the wall and closes her eyes, and without warning begins to count loudly) 1, 2, 3, 4...(Dawson, Pacey and Jen hurriedly scatter.)


OL: "Something's Always Wrong" by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Joey slowly opens Dawson's bedroom door and gazes around the room. She closes the door behind her. She takes her time, looking at Dawson's things and surveying his movie collection, before simply opening Dawson's closet door to reveal Dawson sitting on the floor. He smiles and stands up.

JOEY: What genius, Dawson. Really. Einstein doesn't even compare.

DAWSON: Shut up. I heard you coming and had to hide somewhere quickly. You count too fast.

JOEY: Naw, you're just too slow. (She hears Jen and Pacey talking downstairs, and knows they both must have reached safety.)

DAWSON: Well, I guess I better go count. (he heads for the door.)

JOEY: Dawson, wait a second. Before you go down, we need to talk.

DAWSON: (innocently) About what?

JOEY: Don't play ignorant on me, Dawson. In the past few months things have completely changed between us. Our friendship has been ardently out of balance since Jen arrived in Capeside and the fact that I declared my love for you, followed by Pacey declaring his love for me had not helped matters any. The proverbial theme of "friends forever" is fading quickly into the deep vaporizing pit of repugnance and unless we manage to come up with a solution tout-de-suite, our mutual esteem is going to cease to be.

DAWSON: You can't possibly think that our situation is *that* harrowing, Joey!

JOEY: But it *is*, Dawson. We have to decide where we stand right now without any over-analyzation. Just *look* at me, Dawson, and tell me what I am to you. Right now, right here. (Dawson looks at her, clearly speechless.)

DAWSON: You're my best friend.

JOEY: And that's all. (Dawson doesn't reply; he's obviously unsure.) So if I went downstairs right now, sat on Pacey's lap and kissed him, you'd be nothing else than happy for me?


JOEY: (crossing her arms) Is honesty too hard a concept to deal with here?

DAWSON: (putting his hands on her shoulders.) Joey, listen to me, okay? You are my best friend in the whole entire world. I have become *very* attracted to you lately and I'm not exactly sure what to do about it. I am confused and unsure, and to be *honest*, I'm not going to pretend that Pacey's feelings for you haven't played a part in my new interest in you. (Joey starts to speak but he stops her. He looks as if he's just had a major revelation.) You asked me to tell you right now so let me finish. I wasn't infallible about this even a *minute* ago but at this *moment* I see my affectivities *very* clearly. Joey, I've been leading you on, and dragging you along, when basically the only reason behind my actions was the fact I didn't want Pacey to have you. I know that sounds revolting, but it *is* the truth. (Joey looks a little hurt by this.) Don't get me wrong, Joey. I think you're beautiful, and intelligent, and a wonderful person to be around. You know me in a way no one else does or ever will. But I think...I just think that I should've stuck to my original instinct...we don't belong together. Not right now. (Dawson lets out a deep breath.) Whoa...I can't believe I just said that.

JOEY: Neither can I.

DAWSON: You aren't upset with me, are you? (Without a word, Joey pulls Dawson to her and kisses him passionately. When they break away from each other, Dawson looks at her stunned.) What was that for?

JOEY: (smiling and walking to the door) It was a good-bye kiss, Dawson. (She extends her hand to him and he takes it, and they shake.) Friends?

DAWSON: Best friends. (Joey beams.)

JOEY: I'm so glad that you've finally made up your mind, Dawson. This is going to solve everything now. (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: You don't have to act *so* broken up and sad about this, Joey. You could show a *little* despondency.

JOEY: (walking down the stairs) Hey, I'm not saying part of me doesn't wish you had said the opposite thing, Dawson. (She stops for a second and looks back at him as he climbs down behind her.) But the other part of me moved on a long time ago and that's what I'm going to focus on. (She runs down into the living room, leaving a stunned Dawson on the staircase.)

DAWSON: (to himself) Glad to know I mattered so much. (He snorts slightly and continues down.)


OL: "Something's Always Wrong" (continued) It is still raining, but not nearly as hard. Joey opens the front door and steps out onto the front porch, taking a deep breath happily. She walks to the railing and lays her hands on it gently, seeming very at peace with the world. The door creaks open again, but she doesn't seem to notice. Pacey cautiously walks out. He watches Joey for a moment as she gazes out to the creek, humming lightly to herself. Then he coughs quietly to let her know he's there. She whirls around, startled.

JOEY: Pacey!

PACEY: Sorry...I didn't mean to...

JOEY: (smiling) No, no, that's all right! (Pacey looks at her questioningly.)

PACEY: Is it...

JOEY: Listen, Pacey, about what you saw the kitchen?

PACEY: Jo, you don't have to explain, okay? I mean, you and belong together. You would've been together a long time ago if I hadn't jumped into the picture.

JOEY: (sighing) Yeah, we probably would have. (Pacey looks hurt.) But we would've broken up.


JOEY: Dawson and I...we had a long talk earlier...about *us*.

PACEY: (slowly) Did you.

JOEY: Yeah, we did...and we both reached the same conclusion, *finally*.

PACEY: (hopeful) And that would be?

JOEY: Dawson said that he doesn't want me in any other way except as his best friend. And I agreed. (Pacey looks surprised.)

PACEY: What? Dawson said that?

JOEY: Yes, I-

PACEY: Joey, yesterday he was talking about how much he wanted to sleep with you!

JOEY: *What*? He was not.

PACEY: He was! (Joey just stands there, searching for a reply.)

JOEY: his opinion is changed, all right?

PACEY: Are you sure?

JOEY: I really don't care if he's telling the truth or not. (They both look at each other for a moment, then Pacey turns away.)

PACEY: Look, know I'm not usually the type to talk things out and think things through...I mean, if this had come up a week ago I'd have kissed you by now... (Joey half smiles at the thought. Pacey turns back to her.) But we've been at this stage before. I'm not going to knowingly put myself back in the same place just to get hurt all over again. I need to know that what you're saying is true. I don't want you to tell me you want me if part of you still loves Dawson. (Joey stares at him. She is about to speak when the front door opens and Jen sticks her head out.)

JEN: Hey, Joey? (Joey jumps a foot into the air, then quickly turns to look at Jen.)

JOEY: What?

JEN: Bessie's on the phone for you. (Joey nods and glances at Pacey. He doesn't meet her eyes. She quickly goes inside.)

JOEY: (murmuring to Jen as she holds the door open for her.) Thanks. (Joey heads to the kitchen to get the phone. Jen stares at Pacey for a minute, then steps outside shutting the door behind her.)

JEN: So, Pacey...what were you and Joey talking about?

PACEY: (laughing lightly) What else? Her, Dawson and Me. We haven't talked about anything but for the past month, why should we stop now? (He sounds almost bitter.)

JEN: What did Joey say?

PACEY: (trying to put the attention on her) Why are you interested?

JEN: Because I think I know what she said and I want to know if my guess is right. (Pacey half-smiles at her.)

PACEY: Don't you feel weird? Playing mediator between your ex-boyfriend, a girl who used to hate you and the town loser?

JEN: You guys are my friends, Pacey. And you're not a loser. (She pauses) If I'm right, I'm guessing Joey came out here to tell you that she is in love with you.

PACEY: What?

JEN: She...didn't?

PACEY: No. She just said her and Dawson had talked and decided to be friends.

JEN: Oh. (she smiles at Pacey) Cause me and Jo were talking in the bathroom earlier, you know, *girl to girl* or what have you, and she made up her mind then, who she wanted.

PACEY: You're not saying...

JEN: I'm *saying*, Joey wants to be with you, Pacey. She has finally made up her mind.

PACEY: (almost giddily) Really?

JEN: Really. So you can forget all your insecurities about Dawson being in the picture. Even if he changes his mind again about how he feels, Joey's not going to be confused by it again. She *knows* what she wants, now. (Pacey just beams back at Jen. She opens the door to go back into the house.) But don't tell her I told you all this stuff. She'll kill me. (Pacey nods.)

PACEY: Okay, I won't. (She starts to leave.) Oh, Jen?

JEN: Yes?

PACEY: Thanks. (Jen smiles in return and disappears into the house. Pacey turns back to the railing and looks out into the pouring rain happily. He sees the sun peeking through the clouds and sticks his hand out into the air to feel the light rain. He smiles.) All we need now is a rainbow and the world will be perfect. (He sighs contentedly and turns toward the house, trying to regain his cocky attitude that he hadn't used since Joey and Jen had gone to New York City. Pacey takes a deep breath and goes inside with a smile.)



OL: Two Princes by The Spin Doctors. The sun is now out, and then rain has stopped. The whole scene seems very tranquil, the creek silently flowing by and a slight breeze blowing through the trees. All of a sudden the peace is broken as Joey runs on screen, carrying a football close to her body. She shrieks and giggles as Pacey chases after her. He grabs her and tackles her, and they fall to the wet soggy ground. Joey laughs harder.

JOEY: *Touch* football, you moron! Not tackle! (Pacey laughs and stands up, helping Joey to her feet. They both have mud all over them. Dawson comes running up, Jen close behind. Joey surveys the area where she was tackle and then smiles.) All right! I made it past the tree! First down. (Pacey looks, and shakes his head.)

PACEY: Uh-huh. No way. First down is the next tree. (Joey punches his arm.)

JOEY: I don't *think* so!

JEN: Nice try, Pacey. It's ours.

PACEY: Nope. Third down.

DAWSON: I agree with Pacey.

JOEY: You would! You're on his team! (Dawson shrugs)

DAWSON: Doesn't make him any less right. Or you any less wrong. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: You'll pay for that one. (Joey scoops up a handful of mud and goes chasing after him.)

DAWSON: Oh, shit. (He tears off towards the docks, Joey in pursuit. Jen and Pacey race after them. Joey catches up to Dawson quickly and grabs hold of the collar of his shirt. She dumps the mud down his back and he lets out a cry of surprise.) Yow! Joey! (Joey laughs. Dawson looks at her with mock anger and picks her up. She screams.)

JOEY: Dawson! (Dawson walks down the bank of the creek and tosses Joey into the water. Pacey races down towards the pair.)

PACEY: Dawson! (Dawson turns to him, laughing. Pacey gives Dawson a warning look jokingly, and crosses his arms.) Hasn't anyone ever told you that's not the correct way to treat a lady? (Dawson backs up, laughing.)

DAWSON: You wouldn't.

PACEY: I would. (He pushes Dawson down into the water and he lands right smack on his butt, sending a wave of water crashing into Joey's face. She scowls at him. Pacey laughs and voluntarily jumps in after them. Jen stands at the edge of the water, watching them as they splash each other.)

JEN: (joking) You guys look like idiots! (The three in the water all look at each other, then nod. Jen's expression changes from a look of happiness to a look of fear.) Oh, no, you don't! (She hurriedly tries to get away, but they pull her down into the water with them. They all splash around, laughing and shrieking. Their fun is disrupted as a blue truck pulls up into Dawson's driveway and Bessie climbs out. None of them notice until Bessie is standing at the edge of the creek, looking at them all questioningly. Joey sees her and stops, looking sheepish.)

BESSIE: Just what do you think you're doing, young lady? (Joey tries to straighten her clothes, but they're completely soaked and sticking to her skin. Dawson immediately sobers up, but Jen and Pacey are having a harder time controlling their giggling. Joey climbs out of the water.)

JOEY: Um...swimming? (Bessie rolls her eyes.)

BESSIE: You're insane, Joey. Swimming in your clothes is a beyond stupid idea.

JOEY: (sarcastically) Would you rather I stripped naked and went swimming?

PACEY: Now *there's* a good idea! (It slips out before he can stop himself, and Jen splashes water into his face. Bessie looks at him and Joey blushes.)

BESSIE: Pardon?

PACEY: Just joking!

BESSIE: *Joey*, next time, get your bathing suit? We don't have the money to replace all your clothes cause you decided to use them to explore the creek, got it? (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Got it. (Bessie sighs and hands Joey and envelope.)

BESSIE: Here. I knew you've been waiting for this anxiously for awhile, and I was going out anyway, so I figured I'd drop it off. (Joey looks at the large manila envelope with a smile.) I'm going grocery shopping. *You* go get changed. (Joey nods.)

JOEY: Yep. (Bessie shoots her another warning look and heads back to the truck. Dawson climbs out of the water and peers over Joey's shoulder to see what it is.)

JEN: I'm going to go home and get changed. Be right back. (She climbs out of the water and walks towards her house. They all nod and Dawson turns back to Joey.)

DAWSON: What is this? (he tries to take the envelope from her but she clings to it.)

JOEY: Dawson, don't get it all wet. (She holds the piece of mail far away from her own dripping body.) Let's just go get changed and then maybe I'll tell you.

PACEY: Will you tell me now?

JOEY: No, I'm not telling you either. Come on. (She gestures toward the house.)


The dryer is going. Joey stands there patiently, wearing only a towel. The buzzer goes off as the dryer stops. Pacey comes in, wearing a towel around his waist. He looks Joey up and down before making his presence known. Joey sees him and blushes.

PACEY: Is our stuff done? (Joey opens up the dryer and takes out a small pile of clothes. She searches through it and tosses Pacey his pair of boxers, trying not to let him see her own underclothes as she digs them out of the pile. Their other clothes are hanging on a temporary clothesline behind her.)

JOEY: Yeah, this stuff is done. Did Dawson find me some clothes to wear until these are dry? (Pacey nods, holding his towel tighter around him.)

PACEY: Yep. Why didn't you just throw all the rest of our stuff in the dryer too, Jo? (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Glad *you're* not the one in charge of this. The clothes we were wearing are all mostly cotton. I put them in the dryer and the only person who could wear them would have to be three sizes smaller than you. (She heads to the door, trying not to let Pacey know she can't keep her eyes off his body. Pacey stops her as she brushes past him.)

PACEY: Wait, Joey, while I have you all to myself... (He sets his hands on her bare shoulders and looks her in the eyes.) About what we were talking about before... (Their faces are very close to one another's.)

JOEY: (hopeful) Yes? (Just then they hear Jen come in the front door and pull away from each other.)

JEN: (OS) Hello? (She walks through the house and spots Pacey and Joey.) Oh, there you guys are.

JOEY: Yeah, here we are! (She smiles nervously.) Well...I better go get changed. (She heads out of the room and goes upstairs. Pacey almost loses his grip on his towel and he blushes. Jen laughs slightly.)

PACEY: Yeah, um, I better go get changed too. (He goes past Jen awkwardly and heads upstairs. Jen smiles to herself and walks to the living room. She sits down on the couch to wait.)


Dawson hands Joey a shirt from his drawer. She already has a pair of shorts on, but her towel is wrapped around her upper body since she only has a bra on. Dawson tries not to look directly at her.

JOEY: Face the other way, Dawson. No peeking.

DAWSON: I know the rules, you goof. (He turns and faces the wall. Joey quickly pulls the shirt over her head. The door opens, and Pacey comes in, wearing his boxers.)

JOEY: Okay, all set. You can turn around. (Dawson turns. Pacey and Joey exchange looks, and Pacey awkwardly looks at Dawson.)

PACEY: Hey, Dawson, can I borrow some clothes of yours?

DAWSON: (laughing) I'm beginning to feel like a department store. Pace, you're a lot taller than I am. I'll get you some of my dad's clothes.

JOEY: Oo, Pacey. You get to wear Mr. Man-meat's clothing. (Dawson glares at her.)

DAWSON: That is so *not* funny.

PACEY: Yeah, it is, Dawson. I mean, if *my* mom called my dad Mr. Man-meat, now that would be un-funny, but when it comes to your parents-

DAWSON: Ughhh. Stop talking. I'm going to go get you some clothes. (He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Joey eyes Pacey's boxers.)

JOEY: You know, Pacey, red and blue plaid looks great on you. Really. (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: You're such a sarcastic bitch, you know that?

JOEY: Oh, I know. (she glances at the door) But that's why you like me, right?

PACEY: (moving close to her) Who said I liked you? Last time I checked we were mortal enemies.

JOEY: (flirtatiously) Then I guess the idea of you kissing me isn't going to pop up any time soon? (Pacey smiles at her charmingly and pulls her to him.)

PACEY: Well, I don't know about that. (They lean towards each other and their lips meet; tentatively at first, then with more passion. Pacey's tongue slips into her mouth. Joey moves even closer to him. Suddenly the door opens and Dawson comes back in, carrying a pair of khakis and a shirt.)

DAWSON: I could only find-(he sees them and stops in his tracks, his mouth hanging open. Pacey and Joey pull away from each other quickly. Joey blushes. Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: Hi, um...hey, Dawson! (He takes the clothes out of Dawson's limp hand.) Uh, are these for me? Great...I'm going to go get changed. (He hurries out, glancing back at Joey, who can't help but let a smile escape her. Joey looks at Dawson after the door shuts. He is stunned. Joey half-smiles nervously and shifts her feet. Tension hangs in the air.)


Dawson comes downstairs, looking flustered. Jen and Joey are sitting on the couch, talking. Pacey is still upstairs. Dawson sits down on the chair furthest away from Joey and she notices.

DAWSON: What are you guys talking about? (Jen and Joey look at each other, and Joey giggles lightly.)

JOEY: Um... (As if on cue, Pacey comes bounding downstairs, smiling.)

PACEY: Let the party begin, Pacey is now here and ready to go. (Joey rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Do you know the definition of delusional?

PACEY: I don't know anything except the definition of happiness at this moment, Josephine. (She tries to glare at him but ends up smiling. He plops down next to her on the couch. Dawson stands up, obviously peeved.)

DAWSON: (tightly) I'm going to get something to drink. Anyone else want anything?

JEN: Sure...I'll have a Coke, if that's okay. (Dawson nods and heads to the kitchen, not waiting for Pacey or Joey's reply. Pacey stands up.)

PACEY: (sighing) Wait, Dawson, I'll come with you. (He follows Dawson into the kitchen. Joey and Jen exchange worried looks. Joey's face falls.)


Dawson opens the fridge and starts digging out the pop. Pacey enters with a sigh. Dawson sets the pop on the counter with a bang and gets down two glasses. Pacey walks over and gets down another two for him and Joey, knowing Dawson wasn't going to.

PACEY: Look, Dawson...

DAWSON: Pacey, you don't owe me an explanation or anything.

PACEY: You're right, I don't. But Dawson, are you like, upset about this? I wanted to talk with you about Joey before anything happened, but-

DAWSON: But the hormones couldn't wait. I understand.

PACEY: No, you don't understand, Dawson. (He makes Dawson look him in the eye.) Joey said that you and her decided just to be friends, right?

DAWSON: (sighing) Right. I...I just wasn't prepared to walk in on that, Pacey. It was all so...sudden.

PACEY: I'm sorry, Dawson. But me and Joey...I just wanted to check and make sure this is okay with you? (Dawson lets out a deep breath.)

DAWSON: And what if I said no?

PACEY: I'd kill you.

DAWSON: (laughing slightly) Pacey, I'm happy for you, I'm happy for Joey...really. It's just...going to take some getting used to. I thought I'd have more time to get *adjusted* to the situation. (He sighs.) Well, once again, I have to re-write the script of my life. I'm getting sick of all this revision and editing. (Pacey laughs and pours some pop into the glasses.)

PACEY: (setting the container down and slapping Dawson on the shoulder) Dawson, my man, sometimes you are just truly frightening. (He picks up two glasses and takes them out to the two girls.)



Jen, Dawson and Pacey are watching something on the TV in the living room. Joey, looking almost guilty, creeps into the kitchen stealthily. She picks up the manila envelope she had left on the counter and forgotten to open after all the excitement of her kiss with Pacey. She opens it up and pulls out a stack of papers. She flips on the light above the sink and looks at the top page. The header on the page reads "Capeside Art Festival" in big bold letters. She begins to read it out loud to herself.

JOEY: (whispering) "Dear Mr. Witter, we are pleased to inform you that "Lost Love", the pen and ink work that you submitted into the Capeside Art Contest has received the highest honor in the festival. Enclosed in this envelope is a check for a total sum of one hundred and fifty dollars. Your piece will be displayed, along with other winners, in the Capeside Art Show next Friday evening at 8:00 PM in the gym of Capeside High. Congratulations on your excellent achievement. Sincerely, Jonathan Winters, Town Supervisor"....(Joey smiles widely.) He won... (The main light of the kitchen suddenly comes on.)

PACEY: Who won what? (Joey turns around, stashing the papers behind her back.)

JOEY: Nothing. Nevermind. (Pacey walks to her and tries to grab the papers from behind her.)

PACEY: What are you hiding?

JOEY: It's nothing!

PACEY: If it's *nothing*, why can't I see it? (Joey tries to keep the papers away from him, but he wins and takes them from her. Her face falls. OL: "Long Day" by Matchbox 20.)

JOEY: Pacey...don't hate me... (Pacey looks at her strangely and begins to read the letter.)

PACEY: "Dear Mr. Witter, we are pleased to inform you that "Lost Love", the pen and ink work that you submitted into the Capeside Art Contest... (he stops and looks at Joey, shocked.) What the heck is this guy talking about? (Joey looks at the ground.) Joey, I didn't submit anything into this contest. What does this guy mean?

JOEY: (quietly) I saw the ad in the paper...and I remembered the drawings you had in the loft above your garage...and...

PACEY: You didn't. (his mouth drops.) Joey! You entered my drawings? Which one did you enter?

JOEY: (taking the letter as he hands it back to her angrily) The one-

PACEY: Nevermind-I don't even want to know. Joey! I *told* you I didn't want *anyone* to see those! How could you do this to me! I don't-

JOEY: (pleadingly) But Pacey! You won! You won first place-

PACEY: Why did you do this, Joey? When you found these, I told you...I said...ughh! I thought you understood that-

JOEY: Pacey...I... (Pacey just throws up his hands and moves toward the door.)

PACEY: Don't. Just...don't. Those were private, Joey. *Private*. I didn't want anyone to see them. Ever.

JOEY: Pace-

PACEY: (heading outside into the dimming evening) I trusted you, Joey. (Pacey lets the door go and it slams shut. Joey races to the doorway only to see him retreating towards the dock.)

JOEY: Pacey! Wait! (He doesn't look back. She runs out onto the porch, then onto the steps.)


OL: "I Hope, I Think, I Know" by Oasis

JOEY: Pace! Come on! (she sighs as he disappears off into the distance. She looks at the letter clutched in her fist. Mad, she throws it to the ground.) Damn it! Damn-damn-*damn*! (Dawson and Jen appear in the doorway, confused.)

DAWSON: Jo, what's going on? (She looks at them, as if she is startled that they were even near by.)

JEN: Where'd Pacey go? (Ashamed, Joey picks up the letter and brushes the dirt off of it. She hands it to Dawson and Jen to read. They both skim it quickly and look even more confused.)

DAWSON: I don't get it.

JOEY: (looking at them earnestly) Pacey...he has these drawings, which he keeps under this old mattress in the loft above his garage. One night we were staying up there-


JOEY: Completely platonic, Dawson. And I found them...and he made me swear I wouldn't tell or show anyone...

JEN: And they ended up in an art

JOEY: I...I entered them. (Dawson and Jen look at her) I know! I shouldn't have! I just...I knew he could win, and I knew that he was looking for money to get his own place, and...

DAWSON: broke your promise, went behind his back and entered them in a contest.

JOEY: (nodding) Pretty much. And now I've ruined everything. (She sits down on the steps sadly. Jen sits down next to her.)

JEN: Joey, don't say that! You and Pacey just started...after all you've been through...He's not going to stay mad for long.

DAWSON: Shouldn't you go after him and talk about this?

JOEY: What's the use? He's totally pissed right now-he's not going to want to talk to me.

JEN: Jo... (she pauses) Do you have any idea where he could've gone? (Joey nods.)

JOEY: Oh, yeah. I know exactly where he went. But I don't know if I should leave him alone for now, or...

DAWSON: Where'd he go? I'll go talk to him, if that's what you want... (Joey stands up.)

JOEY: No, I'll go. This is between me and him. Just...wish me luck.

DAWSON: (sadly) Good luck.

JEN: Yeah, good luck. (Joey gives them a half-smile.)

JOEY: to make amends. (She looks at the letter with a sigh and walks away. Dawson and Jen look at each other awkwardly.)

JEN: Well, what do you want to do now? (Dawson shrugs.)

DAWSON: Kill myself? (Jen looks at him.)

JEN: That bad?

DAWSON: I know this sounds awfully...*awful*, but...I expected...

JEN: You expected Joey to be hurt when you said you didn't want her?

DAWSON: Yeah, I guess I did.

JEN: It's normal, Dawson. But she's spent a lot of time hurting over you already. And I'm sure she's hurt now, it's just-

DAWSON: She's got Pacey. Or at least I hope she does. (He and Jen exchange looks.) I want her to be happy, Jen, that's all I want.

JEN: And you don't think she could've been happy with you?

DAWSON: That's besides the point.

JEN: Then what is the point?

DAWSON: (thinking) Joey was in love with me, and I told her I didn't want to be anything other than friends. Pacey moved in on her, and I guess I got jealous. I caused that whole mess between us and I don't want to do that again, *ever*.

JEN: (sadly) But do you love her?

DAWSON: (opening his front door and shaking his head.) The pathetic thing is I still don't know. (He pauses) I never had enough time to figure it out. (He shrugs.) And that's my fault, nobody else's. (Dawson steps inside. Jen gets up, taking it as her cue to leave.) Jen?

JEN: Yes?

DAWSON: Thanks. For listening to me about all this.

JEN: (shrugging) No problem. (they smile at each other for a moment, then Dawson waves to her slightly and shuts the door. With a deep sigh, Jen turns and walks towards her own house.)


OL: "Near You Always" by Jewel. Joey is sitting in the corner on the mattress, staring out the window. She hears a noise from below and it shakes her from her reverie. She quickly stashes the pictures she was looking at under the mattress and looks towards the doorway. Pacey steps off the ladder and into the room slowly, not seeing her. Joey smiles.

JOEY: (softly) Hey... (Pacey looks at her, not even surprised to see her.)

PACEY: Hey, Jo...

JOEY: I was wondering when you'd get here.

PACEY: (shuffling his feet) Well, here I am... (Joey stands up.)

JOEY: Look, Pacey, I am *really* sorry, okay? I thought that it was for the best. I knew you needed money, and...and I was just trying to help. (Pacey nods slightly.)

PACEY: (quietly) Which one did you enter?

JOEY: (ashamed) The one...of me... (Pacey smiles. She blushes.) Well it was the most detailed, okay?

PACEY: (laughing) Naw, you just wanted to have the one of yourself in the show, Josephine Potter. (He walks closer to her, smiling.) I'm onto you.

JOEY: (questioningly) So you're not mad?

PACEY: (stopping) I was...I am still a little bit hurt...I mean, I trusted you with something private and you *literally* put it on public display. (Joey shrugs and pulls something from her pocket.)

JOEY: Does $150 make the pain more bearable? (Pacey's mouth drops.)

PACEY: 150 dollars? From an *art show*? (He takes the check and looks at it.)

JOEY: Yeah, pretty unbelievable, huh? (She half smiles at him and shrugs.) I knew you could win it, so that's why I entered your drawing. (Pacey's still stunned. Joey looks at him for a moment, than kisses him lightly.) I know it's not nearly enough to move out of your parent's house...but... (Pacey puts his finger to her lips, staring at her.)

PACEY: (quietly) Thank you, Joey. (He pulls her close and kisses her gently. Joey wraps her arms around his neck and deepens the kiss. Pacey likes the idea and repsonds quickly. After a few moments, Pacey lets the check waft to the floor as he runs his hands through Joey's long brown hair. For a second, he pulls away and smiles at her.) Do you have *any* idea how long I've waited to kiss you like this? (Joey smiles and brings him back to her lips. Slowly, Pacey lays Joey down on the mattress and they continue to kiss passionately. As the shot pans right to the window, OS, someone begins to laugh.)

JOEY: (OS) Tom Cruise and Kevin Bacon in A Few Good Men...what in hell were you thinking of? (Pacey's laughter joins Joey's.)

PACEY: (OS) I had...*other* things on my mind... (The camera stops at the window, which displays a perfect starlit night, as kissing once more takes over the conversation.) I love you, Joey.

JOEY: (OS) You better. (The room falls silent as the camera focuses on the beautiful night.)


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