Risky Business by: Laura

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Joey climbs in through Dawson's window. He looks up, startled, then jumps up happily, grabbing something off his desk. Joey falls onto his bed, looking tired.

DAWSON: Joey! Guess what!

JOEY: (unenthused) What?

DAWSON: I got the AFI's Top 100 list today at work. And guess what's on it?

JOEY: (sitting up) Let me guess, every Spielberg movie known to man.

DAWSON: Almost. Jaws, Schindler's List, Close Encounters, Indy, and of course, E.T., to name a few.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) That's great, Dawson, but we were expecting that. It's not news.

DAWSON: But guess what's *not* on it. Gandhi (Joey smiles.)

JOEY: At least the *AFI* knows what a good movie is.

DAWSON: (flopping back onto his bed) Ah, Spielberg gets his revenge. Gandhi may have won the Oscar, but Spielberg-(Joey falls back onto her side of his bed and he props himself up on his elbow to look at her.)

JOEY: But Spielberg is the genius, the god, the brilliant filmmaker. Yes, we have all heard the lecture before. (Dawson laughs a little.)

DAWSON: *We* have all heard it? Joey, have you got multiple personalities? You're the only one in the room with me. (Joey smiles wickedly and looks around her.)

JOEY: That's right. I am. (She looks back at him and he smiles. Joey leans towards him and their lips meet.)

DAWSON: What was that for?

JOEY: Well, I figured since we were the only people in the room... (She teasingly runs her hands up his chest. Dawson moves to kiss her again but she quickly gets up, smiling.)

DAWSON: Jo, you're such a tease. (She grabs the remote from the top of Dawson's TV and sits back down next to him with a smile.)

JOEY: No I'm not. I just want to watch the movie. (She turns on the television and Dawson shakes his head at her. Laughing, he pulls her down to a laying position.)

DAWSON: No way you're getting away that easily, Josephine Potter. (Joey joins him in laughing until his lips fall on hers and the room is silent. They kiss passionately until Dawson pulls away, breathless. He smiles at her.) Okay, *now* we can watch the movie.



The restaurant is empty. Joey is wiping up the tables, looking tired. She looks terrible. Bessie walks over to her sister as Joey sighs and wipes her forehead. Bessie looks concerned.

BESSIE: Joey, are you feeling okay? You don't look too great.

JOEY: Thanks, Bessie, that's really what I needed to hear right now. (Bessie rolls her eyes and feels Joey's forehead.)

BESSIE: Nope, no temp. Are you tired?

JOEY: Bess, I have work to do-work you assigned me, remember? So if you don't mind, could we stop playing Dr. Bessie and Patient Joey so I can get this done and get out of here? I have a date with Dawson tonight.

BESSIE: Again? That's every night this week, Josephine. I don't know if I like this.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes.) Bessie, I did things with Dawson every night when we weren't going out. Is there any difference? (Bessie looks at her sister knowingly.)

BESSIE: *Yes*, before you were *friends*, and now you're making out with him on the front porch in the dark on school nights. (She taps Joey's nose and looks her in the eyes.)

JOEY: (blushing) Bessie...

BESSIE: I just don't want my baby sister making the same mistake I did, okay? I *know* you and Dawson love each other, and your hormones are going and "everyone else is doing it", but just...*don't*, okay? I did and now I have Alex to show for it.

JOEY: (heading into the kitchen.) Thanks for the maternal moment, Bess. Your advice has been noted and I'll make sure to remember it. (She walks through the swinging door, leaving Bessie standing alone in the restaurant.)


Joey tosses the rag she was using to wash the tables into a bucket of bleach and water in the sink, then washes her hands. As she's rinsing her hands, her eyes start to close like she's falling asleep. Joey shakes herself out of it and turns off the water. The door opens and Dawson walks in. He comes over to her and wraps his arms around her waist.

DAWSON: And how's my sweetheart doing this fine afternoon?

JOEY: Dawson, I thought we weren't going to get all sappy and pathetic like the people we used to trash at school.

DAWSON: Used to? We still do. (Joey smiles and turns to him. He pulls her close.) But if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join 'em. (They kiss. Bessie opens the kitchen door, dragging in a bucket of water along with the mop. She stops when she sees them, and coughs. Joey pulls away and looks at her sister sheepishly.) Hi, Bessie. How are you?

BESSIE: Fine, fine, Dawson. And you?

DAWSON: Actually, I'm great. (he looks at Joey) I just got off of work-I talked to Pacey. He said he might have found a place to stay. He didn't say *where* or *how*, but-

BESSIE: (cutting in) Oh, yeah. I was talking about giving him the tiny apartment above this place. (Joey's mouth drops.)

JOEY: *What*? Why didn't you tell me?

BESSIE: (going to the sink to wash her hands) Well, I haven't discussed it with Bodie yet, and I didn't want to get your hopes up.

JOEY: (disbelieving) My *hopes* up?

DAWSON: (cutting in) I think that's *really* great of you, Bess. I mean, he really needs some help right now.

BESSIE: I know. I offered him a job too. So he can work here on his days off from the video store to make extra cash. (Bessie looks at Joey.) Oh, Joey, don't look so distraught. I thought Pacey was your friend.

JOEY: He is-but a job where I work? An apartment here?

BESSIE: Well, it's only a one room place-we certainly could never make use of it otherwise. I just couldn't believe his own father had thrown him out-I wanted to help.

JOEY: I can't believe you're going to thrust me into a working environment with him!

BESSIE: (smiling at her sister's disgust.) It was the least I could do.

DAWSON: (laughing) Relax, Joey. It could be a lot worse. Besides, you really want Pacey to *not* have a home? He can't stay at my house forever, you know.

JOEY: (pouting) Why can't he? (Bessie and Dawson look at her warningly.) I know, I know, this is for the best. I can live with it. (She doesn't wipe the pouty look off her face though.)

BESSIE: Dawson, please take my immature sister here out to dinner now or something? Or else I might be forced to teach her a lesson.

JOEY: Blah-blah-blah.

BESSIE: Joey, I just don't understand why you and Pacey don't get along. But you *will* accept him as your fellow employee, got it?

JOEY: (snottily) Got it.

DAWSON: Come on, Joey. Let's get going. (He nods to Bessie) See you later, Bess. (He ushers Joey toward the door, trying to prevent further tension from forming between the two siblings.)


Joey and Dawson enter the empty theater. They are the first people there. Two Step by Dave Matthews Band is playing on the theater sound system. Dawson leads Joey by her hand down the back row of seats and they sit down, dead center. Joey rests her head against the wall and closes her eyes, tired. Dawson looks at her.

DAWSON: You okay?

JOEY: What? Oh, I'm fine. Just tired.

DAWSON: We can come see this another time if you want to, Joey.

JOEY: And miss Saving Private Ryan? I think not. (Dawson smiles and leans over to kiss her.)

DAWSON: That's my Joey. (Their lips meet. Joey is a little surprised when Dawson gives her a full-fledged kiss-she was expecting a little peck. She relaxes quickly, wrapping her arms around Dawson's neck. Dawson slips his hand around her waist, touching her bare skin. Suddenly, a loud laugh echoes through the theater. They break away.)

PACEY: Joey and Dawson...tsk tsk! You're supposed to make-out *during* the movie, not before. I thought you knew that. (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: Come on, Pace. This is a Spielberg. We couldn't possibly even *consider* missing a second of it. (Joey looks at him with pretend shock.)

JOEY: Dawson Leery, are you saying you'd choose Spielberg over *me*? (Dawson rolls his eyes and leans closer to her.)

DAWSON: (whispering in her ear.) I'd never choose him over you...I mean, I'd rather not sleep with Spielberg, Joey. (She rolls her own eyes at him.)

JOEY: Guys. Always have sex on the brain.

DAWSON: Do not! (Pacey sits down next to Joey and looks at Dawson.)

PACEY: Yeah, Dawson, just admit it. We do. (He turns to Joey.) Speaking of which, what do you say, Joey, you, me, bathroom stall? We have time before the movie starts. (Joey slaps him.)

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey. (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: I swear, Pacey, if I didn't know you were just doing this to torment her and annoy me, I'd have to kill you.

PACEY: (snorting) I'd like to see you try!

DAWSON: (laughing) You don't think I could beat you up? (Joey and Pacey both laugh.)

JOEY: Dawson, Pacey could beat you up in a second.

DAWSON: Gee, thanks, Joey, I'm glad to know you have so much faith in me.

JOEY: I do have faith in you! Just not in the boxing department. But don't worry, (she leans towards him) Pacey beats you up and I'll teach him a lesson. (She kisses Dawson on the cheek and he smiles.)

PACEY: So, Joey, what grave did they pull you out of this morning? You look terrible.

JOEY: Knew you'd feel the need to make a remark. (She rolls her eyes and slouches back into her seat.)

DAWSON: But Joey, seriously, are you really okay? You don't have a fever or anything do you? (Joey glares at him and pushes his hand away from her forehead.)

JOEY: Bessie already checked, thank you very much. Don't even *think* about touching my forehead, Witter.

PACEY: Aren't we biting today. And all me and Dawson did was care. Geez.

JOEY: I will kill you Pacey. Don't tempt me. (Joey gives him a look that could kill, and he turns away, looking towards the door to see who else is coming in.)


The movie is playing. Dawson is staring intently at the screen. Pacey is surveying the audience for fellow cute female attendees. Dawson takes a second and glances at Joey to his right, and then does a double-take. She is asleep. He nudges her, and she sits up straight and opens her eyes, startled.

JOEY: Wha-?

DAWSON: (stunned) *Sleeping* during a *Spielberg*?

JOEY: (stunned at herself, she looks up at the screen and then buries her head in her hands.) Oh, dear god, I missed the entire D-Day landing. (Dawson looks at her for a minute, shocked, then shakes his head and looks back at the screen. Joey rubs her eyes, yawns, and props herself up, intent on watching the movie. Her eyes feel heavy, but she keeps them open.)


Joey and Dawson are walking up the path towards his house. Dawson watches Joey, who is wearily treading along the dirt path. He looks almost worried.

JOEY: Dawson, stop looking so hurt. I feel asleep at the movie-it was sacrilegious I know but I didn't mean to.

DAWSON: I don't care about that, Joey. It's just, I'm getting a little worried. You've been super tired all week now. (They walk up the porch steps and Dawson opens the front door. Joey rolls her eyes as they go inside. The house is dark-his parents are already in bed-so Dawson flips on the light switch.)

JOEY: So? I'm tired, Dawson. It happens. Don't make too much of it. You weren't this worried when Alex was keeping me up.

DAWSON: Yeah, but now he's sleeping through the whole night and you're still falling asleep during the movies. Movies with horrific explosions, rapid gunfire and intense situations.

JOEY: (heading to the stairs) I'm fine, Dawson. (She starts to go upstairs, but stops, looking for a minute as if she's about to lose her balance and fall. Dawson sees this and quickly grabs her arm.)

DAWSON: You're *not* fine, Jo. Come on, let's get you to bed. (He helps her up the stairs and into his room. She pulls away from him.)

JOEY: Dawson, maybe I better just go home. (Dawson looks at her, concerned.)

DAWSON: Joey, you're in no shape to row home. Just stay.

JOEY: There's no need to be so over-protective. I'm not like I'm dying. I'm just overtired. (She heads for the window, but Dawson stops her and takes her in his arms.)

DAWSON: I just care about you, Joey. I worry about you. It's just because I love you. (He kisses her lightly on the lips.) Just stay, okay? I'll be right here if you need anything. (Joey nods, giving in. She takes off her shoes and lays on her side of the bed. Dawson carefully covers her up and kisses her forehead. She smiles. He sits down at his desk.)

JOEY: You're not going to sleep?

DAWSON: (shaking his head) No...I'll wait until you fall asleep, okay? (Joey tries to reply, but just yawns, her eyes closing.)

Dawson wakes up slowly and opens his eyes. He lays his arm across the bed, and sits up suddenly, realizing Joey is not there. He looks around his room quickly, but she's not there. Dawson stands up and checks his desk for a note; she always leaves a note if she leaves before he wakes up. But there wasn't one. Confused, he opens the door to his bedroom and steps out into the hallway, the floor cold against his bare feet. He is heading towards the bathroom when Gail comes hurrying upstairs.

GAIL: (stopping him) Oh, Dawson, honey, don't use that bathroom. Joey got sick in it this morning-I was just about to clean it. (Dawson looks worried.)

DAWSON: Joey got sick? Why didn't you wake me up?

GAIL: She said not to. I think she has a touch of the flu or something. I called Bessie to come pick her up.

DAWSON: (yawning) Is she okay now?

GAIL: I think so.

DAWSON: I'm going to go visit her after I get dressed. (Gail shakes her head.)

GAIL: You can visit her later. I...I want to have a little talk with you first. (Dawson looks confused.)

DAWSON: About what?

GAIL: (awkwardly) Well...about Joey, actually. (Dawson is taken aback.)

DAWSON: Um...what about her?

GAIL: It's sort of about you too...I mean, Dawson, morning sickness is a common symptom of- (Dawson gets the idea.)


GAIL: Well, I *know* that you two have become sexually active-

DAWSON: One time, Mom. Once. And we used protection. We were careful.

GAIL: I know...but it only takes-

DAWSON: (putting his hands on his mom's shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes.) Don't jump to conclusions, okay? People who have sex get sick all the time. So do people who don't. The flu is going around school-it's no surprise she probably has it. I mean, if Joey were pregnant, she would not hesitate in telling me, okay? (Gail smiles, reassured.)

GAIL: Okay, Dawson. I just wanted to make sure. Because if anything like that ever did happen...I mean, you love each other, but you're young, you have your whole lives ahead of you, this just isn't the time to- (Dawson laughs lightly at his mother.)

DAWSON: Thanks for a Full House moment, Mom. I'm going to visit Jo now, okay? (He gives Gail a kiss on the cheek and walks to his room. Gail half-smiles, and walks downstairs.)


Joey sits up in her bed, looking as if she's committing a crime. She stealthily climbs out of bed and tiptoes downstairs. She sits on the stairs for a minute, making sure no one is around. She continues on, checking the kitchen table for notes from her sister.

JOEY: (reading under her breath) Joey, me and Bodie took Alex with us to the Ice House so he wouldn't wake you. Just stay in bed, rest. There's chicken soup made in the fridge if you want it-all you have to do is heat it up. See you later. Love, Bessie... (she smiles a little, than suddenly brings her hand to her forehead, feeling dizzy again. After a moment, she gains her composure.) This is the perfect chance... (She grabs her jacket and rushes out the door.)

INT.DRUGSTORE.MORNING Joey walks into the store, and heads straight down the makeup aisle. Making sure no one is around, she cuts over to the feminine hygiene section and quickly starts searching for something. Embarrassed, she grabs an E.P.T. box.

JEN: Joey? What are you doing here? (Joey jumps, dropping the box to the ground. She hurriedly picks it up, blushing red.) Dawson said you weren't feeling well.

JOEY: (alarmed) Dawson? When did you see Dawson?

JEN: He was out walking. I think he was heading over to visit you...

JOEY: He was? Oh shit! (Jen looks at her strangely.)

JEN: Joey, is something going on? (She eyes the box Joey is holding, then looks at the shelf.) Joey?

JOEY: What? Nothing is going on. I just have the flu. I'm okay. (Jen walks closer to Joey.)

JEN: (skeptical and letting Joey know it) So you thought you could find Tylenol Flu in with the *pregnancy tests*? (Joey looks down at the ground. Jen continues slowly) Does Dawson know?

JOEY: Know what?

JEN: You know what I'm talking about, Joey. Does he know you might be pregnant? (Joey looks at Jen. She quickly sets the box back on the shelf.)

JOEY: I'll worry about this later. I have to get back to my house before he gets there. (She heads to the door.)

JEN: Joey! (Joey stops. Jen pauses, not sure what to say.) Do you want me to buy the test and bring it over later? (Joey smiles gratefully and Jen knows that's a yes. Joey races out. Jen sighs and looks at the test, then heads to the front checkout counter.)


Joey is racing down the street, hurrying to get home. She is sweating even though the air is so cold she can see her breath. She looks as if she's about to fall over, but she keeps going. Suddenly Joey stops, seeing Dawson across the street talking to Pacey outside the video store. She swears under her breath and runs faster, just making it around the corner as Dawson waves good-bye to Pacey and continues on his way.


Joey rushes in through the door, letting it bang loudly behind her. Quickly she heads upstairs, but stops midway and runs back down. She slams the bathroom door shut as Dawson slowly comes up the steps and knocks lightly on the door. When she doesn't answer, he opens it up and lets himself in. Figuring she must be sleeping, he goes up to her room to check on her.


Dawson slowly opens Joey's bedroom door, peeking his head in to see if she's sleeping. His face is covered with concern when he sees the bed is empty. Then the sound of the toilet flushing comes from downstairs and he looks relieved. Then worry takes over again and he hurries downstairs. He goes to the bathroom door and taps on it.


DAWSON: Joey? Are you all right? (the door opens, and a wet-faced, tired-looking and sweaty Joey greets him. She turns back to the sink and takes another drink of water and splashes her face with more cold water. Dawson sets his hand on her back gently. She stands up, sipping from a cup of water. Dawson lightly runs his hands through her hair comfortingly, pulling it back from her dripping wet face.) Joey, come on. Let's get you back into bed. I'll bring you some ice water, okay? (Joey turns to the door, as if agreeing with Dawson, then stops, using her hand to steady herself against the doorframe. Dawson goes to help her.) Let me help you-


JOEY: (angrily) No, Dawson! I don't need- (She pauses, calming down as she sees the caring look in her eyes.) Dawson, I'm not that sick...I'm probably not even sick at all. I don't need you waiting on me like some princess. (Joey tries to regain some composure, but totters towards the stairs instead of walking strongly as she had planned. Dawson hurries to her side but she brushes him away.) Dawson, *please*. (Dawson watches as she tiredly goes upstairs to her bedroom. He walks to the kitchen and opens the cupboard, getting a tall glass out. After he opens the freezer and fills it with ice cubes, he turns on the faucet, as far towards the cold side as it can go. He stops and thinks for a minute, then turns it all the way in the other direction. Dumping the ice cubes and setting the cup aside, Dawson grabs the tea kettle off the stove.)



Dawson comes out of the kitchen, carrying a mug full of steaming hot tea, with a slice of lemon on the edge. He's also attempting to balance a rubber bottle of honey. Trying to make sure he doesn't spill, he pulls the quilt off the back of Joey's couch and tosses it over his left arm. There's a knock on the door, and Dawson turns slowly, and walks to it, opening it up.

DAWSON: Oh, hi Jen! Come on in. (Jen comes in, carrying a plastic bag.)

JEN: Hey, Dawson. Whatcha doing? (Dawson smiles, proud of his domestic efforts.)

DAWSON: Joey's not feeling too great, so I'm playing doctor.

JEN: (smiling wickedly) If she's really sick, Dawson, now might not be the best time to play *doctor*. (Dawson blushes despite himself.)

DAWSON: Leave the sick jokes to Pacey, okay? They're too weird coming from your mouth. (Jen laughs lightly.) So, what brings you down here?

JEN: Actually, after you told me Joey was sick, I thought I'd pick up some medicine and other junk like that. Tylenol, aspirin, herbal tea, she needs it, I have it.

DAWSON: (smiling) Well, I already made her some tea-had to boil two cups of water before I got it right, though. First time I left the tea bag in too long-Joey hates it so strong.

JEN: Ah, the finicky patient?

DAWSON: You know Joey! She says she doesn't want me taking care of her, but I know she likes it, really. I think. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Naw, Dawson, believe me, *any* girl in her right mind doesn't want her boyfriend nearby when she's throwing up and looks horrible. Take it from me. (She takes the mug and honey, then the quilt from Dawson.) Let me take care of her.

DAWSON: (laughing and taking the things back) Jen, I've seen Joey get sick dozens of times. I just want to take care of her-is that a crime?

JEN: (jokingly) Yes, it is. Now give me the tea and let me take it up to her before it gets cold. (She takes the items back once more, clenching onto them tighter.) Look, the best thing for you to do is to go buy her some nice flowers, get her a card, write her a poem, something sappy and romantic. Okay? Leave the caregiver attitude till you're married. (Dawson isn't quite sure what to say to that. Jen looks triumphant. She manually forces him to turn towards the door and pushes him outside.) Okay, good. I'll call you if anything comes up. (She shuts the screen door and the heavy wooden door in his face.)


Dawson stares at the shut door, a bit stunned. Sighing, he turns and walks down the steps.

DAWSON: Well, this is an unexpected turn of events. (He checks his watch.) Well, florist is still open. May as well do what Jen recommends. (Dawson heads down the road.)


Jen enters Joey's bedroom silently. Joey sits up in her bed, a bit dazed. Jen sets the honey and mug down on Joey's desk and walks over to Joey, throwing the quilt over her bed.

JOEY: Dawson?

JEN: No, it's me, Jen. I got rid of Dawson.

JOEY: (sighing) Oh, good. Um... (Joey yawns and Jen touches Joey's forehead.) If *one* more person touches my freaking forehead I am going to scream. (Jen pulls her hand away quickly.)

JEN: Sorry. (She walks to the desk and pours some honey into the tea.) Dawson made you some tea. I didn't really know if you wanted to him to take care of you, but I figured we could really use some time to you know, talk. About girl stuff.

JOEY: About pregnancy.

JEN: Yeah.

JOEY: Why, what lecture do you have prepared for me? (Jen sighs and picks up the plastic bag she brought with her. She digs through it and pulls out an E.P.T. box.)

JEN: No lecture. I just brought the test, and I figured...well, I know what it's like to sit around and wait, not knowing. That's why I hurried over and kicked Dawson out. So you could get this out of the way. I figured you hadn't planned on *including* him in this potentially life-altering event, but-

JOEY: I thought you said no lecture. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Sorry. I must sound like my grandmother. (Joey looks at Jen, wondering something.)

JOEY: How do you know...what it's like to sit around and wait? I mean, have you ever...?

JEN: Twice. Negative both times, thank god. Pregnancy scares are...well, scary. I always had to sit alone in the bathroom and...well, needless to say I really could've used a comforting friend.

JOEY: So now you're here just to offer your services in my time of distress? (Jen laughs.)

JEN: Why are you still so suspicious of everything I do? We're *friends*, Joey. I am here for you. (Joey smiles.)

JOEY: Thanks, Jen. I didn't mean to question your intentions or anything...I just...I'm not used to, you know, having friends besides Pacey and Dawson. I'm sort of...

JEN: Cynical and suspicious? (Joey smiles.)

JOEY: You said it. (She takes the box from Jen, her hand shaking.) Well...I might as well get this over with. No time like the present, right? (Jen smiles reassuringly)

JEN: Don't worry, Joey. Everything will be okay. (Joey nods, not convinced, and heads downstairs slowly.)

JOEY: I'll be right back. (Jen sighs and sits awkwardly on Joey's bed, looking almost as nervous as Joey did.)


Jen and Joey are sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the timer anxiously. Joey taps her feet and stares at her hands as Jen nervously hums to herself. Suddenly the timer dings and they both jump, startled. They exchange looks, knowing the moment of reckoning has arrived. Joey gets up.

JEN: Want me to come look with you? (Joey shakes her head.)

JOEY: (walking to the bathroom) No...I...I can handle it. (She turns on the bathroom light and takes a deep breath, lifting the small white stick off the counter. Not showing any reaction, Joey turns and walks back to the kitchen, holding the test in her shaking fingers. Jen looks at her, not able to tell from Joey's expression what the answer is.)

JEN: Joey? Is it... (Joey takes another deep breath. She looks like she's in shock.)

JOEY: It's positive, Jen. It's positive. (Jen's mouth drops. Joey stands there, staring at the pink plus that indicates her worst fear has come true.)


Joey and Jen are sitting side by side at the table. Jen is holding Joey's hand comfortingly. They both look equally stunned. Joey's face is pale, her expression drained. It appears as if she's in a different world; like her soul left her body.

JEN: We can make an emergency appointment with the doctor, okay? These tests have been known to be wrong. Many, many times, Joey. It's so easy to have it go wrong. You can't be sure that you're really pregnant till your doctor runs the test. (Joey nods, her eyes vacant.) Joey, are you okay?

JOEY: Yeah...I'm...okay...

JEN: I know this isn't what you want to hear right now, but, when are you going to tell Dawson about this? Cause even if it turns out the test was wrong, he has a right to know that this is going on, Joey.

JOEY: I know he does...but I can't worry him with this, Jen. Not until I'm positively 100 percent sure that...that I'm really pregnant. (A tear rolls down her cheek) This isn't fair, Jen. One stupid time-one night and now my whole life could be in utter ruins! Why! Why why why couldn't we have just controlled ourselves? It wasn't that hard-we...we...

JEN: (taking Joey in her arms) I know, Joey, I know...you're feeling confused, and scared, and all of that...and that's something that comes with the territory. But I'm here to help you through this-I know we're not very close yet, but...I want you to let me be your closest friend through this mess, okay? (Joey nods.) And my first duty, Joey, is to tell Dawson.

JOEY: (pulling away from Jen.) *What*?

JEN: Well, somebody has to tell him. And if you won't, I will. Granted, I'm assuming he'd rather hear it from you, straight out and honestly, but you say that's not an option. But if you're pregnant it's his responsibility too.

JOEY: (angry) But I don't know for sure yet! It's not *anyone's* responsibility yet! (Jen sighs and forces Joey to look in her eyes.)

JEN: Trust me, Joey. Dawson will *not* flip out, okay? He will be there to support you in *every* way he possibly can. I know him, and I know you-this is something you have to share together. You acted together, now you have to deal with the consequences, *together*. And you have to let him help you and you have to help him back. (Joey stands up.)

JOEY: I can't. I just can't tell him.

JEN: (heading for the door and grabbing Joey's hand) Then I'm going to make you. (Joey pulls her back.)

JOEY: Is this what you call being supportive of me? (she starts to cry) This isn't *helping me through it*, Jen! This is just making me feel worse! I'm not ready to face Dawson yet, is that all right? Or does your current power trip not allow anyone to have feelings of their own. (Jen backs down, ashamed. Joey storms upstairs.)


Joey is laying face down on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. Jen slowly opens the door and cautiously sits on the edge of Joey's bed. She nudges her.

JEN: (Softly) Joey?

JOEY: (muffled) Go away.

JEN: Joey, I'm sorry. I thought I was helping by making you face it up front. I didn't want to let you live in denial.

JOEY: (sitting up and wiping her eyes.) Denial is a good self-defense mechanism, Jen. But I don't have it. (Jen looks a bit confused.) I always face things up front-I call it like it is. I...I need to *know*, though, Jen. Before I drop a bomb like this on my best friend in the whole universe....I want to make sure. Is that so hard to understand?

JEN: No...it's not...I'm really sorry, Joey.

JOEY: No need to apologize, Lindley. I know you were just trying to do the right thing. (Joey sniffles, then wipes her nose with the back of her hand. She tries to make herself look as if nothing's wrong.)

JEN: I just know that Dawson gives you strength to face anything. I thought that's what you needed even if you were scared to find it. (Joey shrugs.)

JOEY: Maybe I don't need Dawson's comfort just yet. I got you, right? (Jen smiles.)

JEN: Nicest thing you ever said to me, Jo. (Joey tries to smile back, then gets up, brushing her hair back from her sweaty, tear-stained face.)

JOEY: I'm going to take a shower. I feel terrible. (She goes to her dresser, pulling out a pair of boxers and a sweatshirt. Jen stands up.)

JEN: Okay. I'll call Doctor Johanssen and arrange an appointment. (Joey nods, and walks to the door. She is about to leave when she turns, and gives Jen a half-smile.)

JOEY: Jen?

JEN: Hmmm?

JOEY: Thanks. (Jen nods.)

JEN: Anytime, Joey. (Joey nods back, then disappears down the stairs. Jen is once again left alone in Joey's bedroom.)


Joey is asleep in her bed, the covers wrapped tightly around her. She looks peaceful. Dawson creeps in, glancing at her. He's carrying two pieces of rolled up paper, a hardcover book, and a thermos. He sees she's sleeping, and pulls a chair up next to her bed slowly and quietly. Dawson sits, just watching Joey sleep. After a few moments, she stirs, opening her eyes to see Dawson.

DAWSON: (softly) Hey, Joey. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up.

JOEY: (murmuring) No...no, it's okay.

DAWSON: How you feeling?

JOEY: As good as can be expected. (She sits up, folding her covers down at her elbows.) I haven't thrown up since the last time you were here.

DAWSON: Then I guess Jen was a good nurse, right? (He laughs.) Brought you back to good health?

JOEY: Something like that. (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Guess what I found.

JOEY: (unenthused) What.

DAWSON: Well, today, after Jen kicked me outta here, I decided to check out that pawn shop down on Jefferson Avenue-you know, the one by the craft shop? (Joey nods, yawning. Dawson looks excited as he unrolls the two pieces of paper he brought.) Look. Sugarland Express and Empire of the Sun! This almost completes my Spielberg movie shrine. (Joey looks at the posters, temporarily lightening up.)

JOEY: I can't believe you found these. You've been looking *forever*!

DAWSON: Just about. And there they were. Right here in Capeside under my nose. (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: Well, you have been known to ignore things right under your nose. (Dawson gets the drift.)

DAWSON: I realize I love you now-when can we stop re-living my own idiocy? (Joey glances at the clock.)

JOEY: Um...in two...no, never. We must re-hash it always. (Dawson looks at her. She attempts a smile.)

DAWSON: If I didn't want to catch the flu, I'd kiss you. (Joey sighs.)

JOEY: Oh. Right. The flu... (Joey sighs, but keeps her worries to herself.) Well, Jen made me a doctor's appointment for tomorrow-Johanssen managed to squeeze me in as an *emergency* case. You can tell how pathetic a town is when the flu is the worst thing going around. (Dawson laughs lightly)

DAWSON: (setting the posters down) Guess what else I brought. (He picks up the book.) The Big Four. I figured a good murder-mystery-conspiracy novel by the Madame of Mystery herself could cheer you up.

JOEY: Agatha Christie, huh?

DAWSON: Yep. While other sick kids throughout the world are getting read simple love stories and pure-hearted, light tales, I'm going to read you this. (he shakes his head.)

JOEY: Be happy. We could be reading the biography of Ted Bundy. (She looks at the book cover.) I've always had different tastes than everyone else, Dawson. You love me for it, right? (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: (leaning towards her to kiss her.) Screw the flu. (His lips meet hers.) Now, I brought chicken noodle soup, but I don't know if that's what you want. (Joey ponders this for a moment. She looks down awkwardly at Dawson's hand, which is lightly laying against her stomach. Joey quickly raises her eyes to meet his, desperately trying to hide the fact she wants to fall apart.)

JOEY: You know, Dawson...I could really use a glass of ginger ale. Could you go get one for me? (Dawson nods.)

DAWSON: Anything for you. (He gets up, then stops, laughing.) Oh, I forgot to tell you-you'll get a kick out of this. My mom-guess why she thought you were sick this morning?

JOEY: (wearily) Why?

DAWSON: She thought that you might be *pregnant*, can you believe that? Isn't that just the silliest thing you've ever heard? (Joey tries to laugh and comes close to making it real.)

JOEY: Definitely. The very idea is just ludicrous! (Dawson laughs again, and opens her door.)

DAWSON: She is so strange sometimes. (He shakes his head and exits. Joey's face falls and she pulls her blankets close to her.)

JOEY: (sadly) Yeah...it's completely ludicrous... (She bites her lip nervously.)


OL: "Brick" by Ben Folds Five. Dawson enters and opens the fridge, grabbing a can of gingerale out and popping it open. He takes a glass down and pours the contents of the can into it. Then he goes to the garbage and tosses it in the recycling bin. Something falls from the garbage to the floor, and he stoops to pick it up. It's the box from the pregnancy test. Stunned, he looks at it, as if unsure this is what he's really seeing. The camera draws in for a close-up shot of his shocked and confused face.



Dawson enters, looking uneasy. Joey raises her head from her pillow, making an effort to smile as he slowly walks to the side of her bed-he seems almost scared. Joey notices the petrified look on his face and gazes back at him questioningly.

JOEY: What's wrong?

DAWSON: (quickly) Nothing. (Joey sighs.)

JOEY: There's *something* bothering you. (Dawson looks down at his hands, and Joey looks puzzled.) What's going on, Dawson?

DAWSON: (handing her the box lightly, not meeting her eyes.) Maybe you could tell me what's going on... (Joey looks stunned, embarrassed, sad and ashamed all at the same time. Dawson finally raises the courage to meet her eyes, except she looks away, searching for something to say.)

JOEY: Um...

DAWSON: Please tell me that this test isn't yours. (Joey doesn't answer. Tears start to roll down her face.) Joey? Tell me the test isn't yours.

JOEY: (through her tears) I can't, Dawson! I can't! It's...It is mine. I... (Dawson looks at her, shocked.)

DAWSON: I don't understand, Joey. Are you...are you...

JOEY: Pregnant? (She sobs) The test...the test says so, Dawson. (Dawson's mouth drops. He stands up, taking in a deep breath. Nervously he runs his hands through his hair, pacing.) Dawson...Dawson, look at me. (He keeps pacing.) Dawson, say something.

DAWSON: Are you...are you sure? I mean...those tests can go wrong, right? You...you can't be *pregnant*, Jo! It's...it's not possible! (He laughs in disbelief and shock.)

JOEY: It *is* possible, Dawson. We *had* sex. That means it's possible.

DAWSON: But we...but we used protection Joey. It was just the one time-you can't possibly-

JOEY: Dawson...


JOEY: I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning.

DAWSON: (sitting down next to her.) Tomorrow morning? (He stops as this registers.) You already have an appointment? (he pauses.) Joey, when were you planning on telling me all this? (Joey shrugs, looking away. Dawson looks even more stunned.) Joey? (She doesn't answer) Were you planning on telling me at all? (Dawson puts his hand on her cheek and turns her face, forcing her to look at him. He sees the answer in her eyes.) You weren't, were you? I can't believe this! (He stands up, angry.)

JOEY: Dawson! Come on! I was...

DAWSON: Why, Joey? Were you afraid I'd be mad? Afraid I wouldn't stand by you or that I'd run away? Dump you? Let you go through this alone?

JOEY: No, Dawson, I-

DAWSON: (his hand flying about wildly.) You what? What about *honesty*, Joey? What happened to that?

JOEY: Dawson, I wasn't going to lie to you about anything, I...

DAWSON: (finishing for her) Was just going to withhold the truth for awhile, right? (Joey sighs, her shoulders slumping.) Great, Joey. Just great.

JOEY: (quietly) I...Dawson, I wanted to be *sure*.

DAWSON: Of what? Whether you're pregnant or not is a pretty clear cut question with definite answers, Joey.

JOEY: You said it yourself, that those over the counter pregnancy tests are more often wrong than right!

DAWSON: So, what? You were only going to tell me about this if you found out you *are* pregnant? You were just going to leave me in the dark? Not let me know what's going on with you?

JOEY: I didn't want to tell you if...I didn't want you to go through all the *worry*, and the *trauma*...if you didn't have to. (Dawson sits down next to her again on the bed.)

DAWSON: Joey, we are best friends. We are a couple. A couple means two. Together. Whatever happens to you, happens to me.

JOEY: (sniffling) I guess I was just trying to protect you, as funny as that sounds. (She half smiles at her own stupidity.) I'd rather keep all my pain to myself than give you any. (Dawson smiles at her fondly.)

DAWSON: I appreciate that Jo, but knock the idea out of your head right now. "You jump, I jump, right?" (Joey rolls her eyes and grabs her pillow. She's about to hit him when he jumps up.)

JOEY: (mockingly) "You jump, I jump, right?" God, Dawson, it was stupid in the movie and it sounds even more stupid when you say it. (She falls back onto her pillows, putting her hand on her head.) It's so stupid it hurts. Could you please toss me the aspirin? (Dawson laughs lightly and hands her the bottle.)

DAWSON: (sitting down next to her and running his hand though her hair gently, looking down at her face.) Joey, I just want you to know...if it turns out that you...*are*...whatever we decide to do, I *will* be here for you. Every step of the way. And don't *ever* think anything different, okay? (Joey nods.)

JOEY: I never thought I find so much comfort in sappy words like those. (Dawson chuckles)

DAWSON: Even in times of trouble you're still the same, Jo. (Joey smiles.)

JOEY: That's me, the one and only. (Dawson smiles back and leans down to kiss her. After a moment of incredibly intense kissing, Joey pulls away.) No, Dawson. We *obviously* can't.

DAWSON: (offended) What do you think I am? An insensitive, sex-driven, imbecile jerk? We just had a long talk about your chance of pregnancy-sex is *not* on my brain, or anywhere remotely close, trust me. (Joey eyes him.)

JOEY: Then what is?

DAWSON: (smiling) A simple, romantic kiss. (Their lips meet again. After a moment, Dawson breaks the kiss, staring deep into Joey's eyes.) Joey, I love you, okay? We're in this together no matter what happens. (Joey nods, but looks of held-in fright creep over both their faces.)


Jen is sitting on the front steps of her house, looking out at the creek. She's lost in her own deep thoughts. So lost, in fact, that she doesn't see Pacey creeping towards her. Suddenly he jumps at her, grabbing her shoulders. She screams.

JEN: (turning around) *Pacey*! What the hell?

PACEY: (laughing) You should've seen your face.

JEN: That wasn't funny, Pacey.

PACEY: Oh, yes it was.

JEN: You're lucky my Grams is at Bingo night. She would've called the cops, knowing her. Hearing me scream like that.

PACEY: You're almost as easy to freak out as Joey is.

JEN: Yeah, well, Joey's got enough to freak out about these days.

PACEY: (confused) What do you mean? (Jen immediately regrets her statement and attempts to cover it up.)

JEN: What do I mean about what?

PACEY: (Slowly) About Joey. Freaking out? (Jen pauses, nodding.)

JEN: (playing dumb) Yeah...? What about it?

PACEY: (annoyed) Are you just playing the blonde bimbo part tonight or what? (Jen glares at him.) *Why* is Joey freaking out?

JEN: (Shrugging) Well, you know how it is with Joey. Always upset over one thing or another. Why do you care anyway? (She turns the tables on him, and he stops.)

PACEY: Just...mildly curious. (Pacey sighs.) So...

JEN: So...oh! How is the hunt for a place to stay going? I'm sorry I couldn't let you stay at my house-you know how Grams is.

PACEY: (nodding) Well, right now, I'm staying at Dawson's. But Bessie offered me the one-room place above the Ice House, *plus* a part-time job there.

JEN: (surprised) Really? Wow! That's great! What a lucky break.

PACEY: (smiling) And you know what the best part is?

JEN: What?

PACEY: The best part will be the look on Joey's face when she finds out. (He laughs.) It's gonna be a killer.

JEN: (slyly) I'm beginning to think there's a reason you love to torment her so much, Pacey Witter.

PACEY: Get *that* idea out of your head, Lindley. I like someone, and it's *not* her.

JEN: (laughing) Really...then who do you like?

PACEY: None of your business. Besides, you wouldn't know her. (Jen knows he's lying but stops talking. They exchange looks, Jen's is one of knowing, and Pacey's expression shows he's clearly trying to think of a way to change the subject.) So, Jen...who do *you* like? Over Dawson yet? (Now Jen gets defensive.)

JEN: (a little angry) That's not any of your business.

PACEY: No need to get angry, now. If you can ask me who I like, I certainly have the right to ask you the same question, do I not? (Jen rolls her eyes.)

JEN: (sighing) Okay, so this is a touchy subject for both of us.

PACEY: Yes, it is. (He turns to go.) This has been an enlightening conversation, but I promised Bessie that I'd meet her at the Ice House in twenty minutes. To get everything arranged.

JEN: (regaining her nice attitude) When are you moving in?

PACEY: Tonight, if possible. I have to go to Dawson's and grab my stuff before I head over to talk with Bess, though.

JEN: Oh. Well, I hope this all works out, Pace.

PACEY: A month ago I would've said I'd be stuck at home with my dumbass father and idiot brother for all eternity and I wanted to get out, but now I'm free, Jen. Free of them. I'd live in an alley if it meant not going back home. But, fortunately for me, I'm on a good luck streak. (He smiles widely and walks away. Jen watches him.)

JEN: I wish *I* had a little of that luck. (She sighs and walks inside her house.)


Jen is sitting on the outside steps of the doctor's office, watching the sign on the lawn sway back and forth in the breeze. Joey and Dawson walk slowly down the sidewalk, their pace dragging more and more as they come closer to the building. Jen sees Joey and stands up, and then she sees Dawson and she gasps. Dawson stops, surprised at seeing Jen.

JEN: Joey, you told him? (Dawson looks at Joey.)

DAWSON: You told *Jen* before you told me? (Joey shrugs.)

JOEY: She bought me the test. Please, Dawson, let's not get into this again. (Dawson lets out a deep breath, letting Jen's knowledge of their situation sink in. Jen looks at the pair awkwardly.)

JEN: (eyeing Joey) Um...Jo, I can leave, if you want. I mean, now that Dawson's here, I doubt you still need me here for support. (Jen starts to walk away, but Joey catches her arm.)

JOEY: (smiling affectionately) No, Jen. I want you to be there with me. You've been such a great help already. (Jen smiles, knowing that her and Joey's friendship is now cemented. Dawson seems a bit uncomfortable in the situation, but doesn't say anything. The two girls go inside.)

DAWSON: (muttering under his breath) I am going to find out if Joey is pregnant in the presence of my ex-girlfriend. The world is just against me this week. (He shakes his head, disbelieving and catches the door before it shuts.)


Joey, Dawson and Jen are sitting rigidly in the waiting room. Their faces are pale. Joey is nervously tapping her foot. Dawson keeps cracking his knuckles and Jen is pulling at the hem of her skirt. Dawson picks up a magazine and opens it. After a moment, he sets it back down, obviously not able to concentrate. He glances at Joey, and tries to give her a re-assuring smile. She attempts to return it, but fails. Dawson sets his hand on her knee, his fingers tapping nervously against her skin. Joey looks across the waiting room to the other patients. A woman is sitting near the window, with a small child in her arms. Joey and Dawson look at each other, knowing that could be them. The door of the waiting room opens, and all three turn expectantly. A tall woman, with red hair pulled back in a bun, steps in, looking at a clipboard.

NURSE: Joey Potter?

JOEY: (her voice shaking) Yes?

NURSE: Dr. Johanssen can see you now. (Joey stands up nervously. Dawson squeezes her hand.)

JOEY: Wish me luck.

JEN: Good luck, Joey. (Joey goes in for her examination. Dawson and Jen go back to waiting.)



The room is dusty-the furniture covered with dirty, white sheets. The old wooden door creaks open, and Bessie comes in, with Pacey following. They both cough as the dust flies. Pacey looks around the room.

BESSIE: I know it's not great, but it'll work for you, right?

PACEY: Of course it'll work for me! Bessie, I am eternally grateful to you for this. You are a lifesaver. (Bessie smiles.)

BESSIE: Pleasure's mine, Pacey. (She smiles fondly, looking around the room.) My mom used to use this room as an art studio. When business was slow, or *non-existant* on certain days, she'd come up here, and paint. (Her face becomes clouded with memories. She almost starts to daydream.) I can see her now...sitting there, drawing some outrageous still life-she did the weirdest things. Apples and pears with a telephone, and stuff like that. The things made no sense-but I loved to watch her draw them. (She smiles and turns to Pacey.) My mother would've wanted you to live here, Pacey. She always loved you. And Dawson. Looked on you both as sons. (Bessie turns to go.) Bet you never knew that, huh?

PACEY: No, I didn't. But I feel honored that she thought that highly of me. (Bessie nods, reminiscing her mother. She sighs.)

BESSIE: I miss her.

PACEY: We all do. (She smiles, and heads out the door.)

BESSIE: Well, settle in, Pacey. Come down when you're done and I'll show you your way around the kitchen.

PACEY: Okay. (Bessie disappears. After a second, Pacey goes to the door.) Bess?

BESSIE: (stopping on the stairs) Yeah?

PACEY: Thanks. (She tucks her hair behind her ear and smiles again.)

BESSIE: Anytime, Pacey. (Bodie comes to the bottom of the stairs, carrying Alex. Bessie beams upon them, and hurries down, taking Alex in her arms and giving Bodie a kiss on the cheek. Pacey smiles and walks back inside his new home.)


OL: "Shimmer" by Fuel. Joey, Dawson and Jen are sitting in the waiting room again. Similar actions to last scene. The door opens and this time, Dr. Johanssen, a short, stout woman with curly gray hair comes out, looking serious. Joey doesn't take it as a good sign.

DOCTOR: Joey, Dawson...come this way please. (Joey holds Dawson's hand tightly as they walk through the door into the actual office. Jen follows closely behind. Dr. Johanssen leads them to a small examination room and asks them all to sit down.) Now, Joey, Dawson, I'm sure this day hasn't been easy on either of you. (She gestures to the folder she is holding.) I have the results of the test right here... (Joey and Dawson look at her expectantly.) But I'm not going to read them to you yet. (All three teenagers look surprised.)

JEN: Wha...how come? (she grasps Joey's hand.)

DOCTOR: I don't want them to impact what I'm about to say. (She focuses on Joey and Dawson.) I normally don't pry into the lives of my patients like this, but I must say that 15 is too young of an age to be sexually active. I know that many people of younger ages are also, and I don't approve of that any more than I do this, believe me. (She looks at the pair, fondly.) I've known both of you since you were mere children. I never dreamed I'd be sitting here, holding the results of a test that could change both of you lives *forever*. I've seen you grow, I've seen you mature...and I never saw this coming. Now, I trust the two of you to learn from this and control yourselves in the future-am I safe in assuming so? (Joey and Dawson nod. Jen remains silent, feeling out of place.) I can see as clear as day that you two feel very strongly for one another, and I hope you have enough strength and respect for each other to abstain from furthering your sexual relationship. As I'm sure you know, abstinence is the only way to stay safe. Choose a different path and next time you may not be so lucky.

DAWSON: (registering her last words) You may not be so lucky...you mean...

JOEY: Were we...lucky this time? (Dr. Johanssen smiles.)

DOCTOR: I'm happy to say that you were. (The three teens all look relieved and happy. Jen and Dawson throw their arms around Joey. After a moment, Joey looks at the doctor, confused.)

JOEY: But...what about the test? And how tired and achy I've been feeling? And the vomiting? I threw up the first thing when I woke up this morning. And what about my period? I'm a week late. I-

DOCTOR: You have, or rather had, a case of mild flu, Joey. You seem mostly over it now-I would give you a prescription, but most of it is already out of your system, I'm guessing.

JOEY: But what about-

DOCTOR: It's normal for girls your age to be irregular, and as for the test, most likely it was just human error. (Joey looks relieved.) These circumstances are amazing, Joey. A lot of coincidences-all your outward symptoms would point to pregnancy, but lucky for you it's just an unbelievable mix of different things. (She pats Joey's head affectionately.) You're a lucky girl, Joey Potter. (Joey smiles as Dawson gives her hand a squeeze.)

JOEY: Yeah, I am. (She sends a smile back to Dr. Johanssen.)


Dawson and Joey flop onto his bed, exhausted. Dawson lets out a long, deep sigh, then turns onto his side to look at Joey.

DAWSON: How are you feeling?

JOEY: Tired and achy. But I haven't thrown up since yesterday, so I think the worst is over. Bessie's chicken soup must have cured me, huh? (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: Bessie's soup is probably what *made* you get sick. I think Bodie should *always* make the food at your house from now on, k? (Joey giggles and takes the remote control, turning on the tv. Then she gets out of bed, grabbing a movie case off Dawson's shelf. he looks at her questioningly.) And what movie are we going to watch to celebrate the fact we can rest easy tonight, Jo?


DAWSON: Ah, good. Knew I could count on you.

JOEY: (smiling) I'm in the mood for something comforting and familiar. (Dawson nods, and kisses her as she sits back down next to him. She relaxes in his arms for a moment.)

DAWSON: Was that comforting and familiar? (Joey nods with a smile, then snuggles close next to her best friend as the opening credits start. Dawson turns out the light.) Love you, Joey.

JOEY: Love you too.

DAWSON: I'm glad everything worked out.

JOEY: So am I.

DAWSON: I also think-(Joey cuts him off.)

JOEY: Can we watch the movie? You're talking over the opening. (Dawson laughs and starts to tickle her. The screen fades to black to the sounds of their laughter.)


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