The Secret of My Success by: Laura



Dawson and Joey are sitting on his bed, playing a game of Clue. Despite the obvious childishness of it all, they seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Joey looks at the board, then at her notepad, then across the bed at Dawson. She smiles.

JOEY: I'm ready to make a final guess.

DAWSON: What? No fair, we're only on like, our third turn.

JOEY: I'm ready. Are you going to pick up the confidential envelope or am I going to have to check?

DAWSON: I can't look - if you're wrong, then I'll have seen the right answer and the game is a total bust.

JOEY: (reaching for the tiny manila envelope) Fine, I guess I'll just look.

DAWSON: No way! I'll go get my mom. (Joey rolls her eyes as Dawson leaves the room. As soon as he's out the door, he races back in.) I'm trusting you not to look at the answer, so don't you dare take a peek. (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: Me? Of course I won't. (Dawson eyes her suspiciously, then leaves again.)

DAWSON: (OS) Mom! Hey, Mom! Can you come up here for a second? (Everything is quiet for a moment, then a few seconds later Dawson re-enters, Gail in tow.) Can you just check this (he hands her the confidential file) when Joey gives you her answer? (Gail nods.)

GAIL: Sure thing. Joey, go ahead. (Joey smiles as she reads off her notepad.)

JOEY: Professor Plum, with the lead pipe, in the Study.

GAIL: (showing Dawson the cards) She's right. (Dawson looks at Joey, amazed.)

DAWSON: How the heck did you do that? (Joey laughs and points across the bed, to where Dawson's own notepad is laying face up.)

JOEY: Try not setting your check list down face up next time. It makes it really easy when I can see what cards you had. (Dawson scowls.)

DAWSON: Cheater.

GAIL: (taking an envelope out of her pocket.) Well, I can bet Joey doesn't have any idea what is in this envelope. (She hands it to Dawson, pointing to the return address label. Dawson's eyes widen and he grabs it from her.)

JOEY: (curious) What is it? (Dawson tears it open, as Gail watches, smiling.)

DAWSON: (reading it, wide-eyed) Oh my god...I really won.

GAIL: I figured it was good news! You know what you say, Dawson, thin white envelopes are good - shows they're not mailing you back your movie.

DAWSON: Yeah, thin white envelopes are definitely good! (He reads the letter in front of him again.) God...I can't believe this. It really won. First prize. (Joey is confused.)

JOEY: Wait a minute, Dawson...what are you talking about?

DAWSON: The Boston Film Festival. (Joey grabs the letter from him and reads it.)

JOEY: I thought you said you didn't enter anything this year. I thought you said-

DAWSON: I know I told you that, but I didn't want you to take it as a personal insult if it didn't win.

GAIL: (seeing Joey's utterly confused expression) The movie's about you, honey. (Joey looks at Dawson, her mouth dropping in surprise.)

JOEY: About *me*?



Mr. Gold is standing in front of the room, holding a piece of paper and smiling. The bell rings, and all the students eventually quiet down. Still smiling, Mr. Gold remains quiet for a moment, looking at Dawson. Finally, he starts class.

MR. GOLD : Before we begin today, students, I have some great news. I received word yesterday that one of my very own students, right here in Capeside, garnered first prize in the documentary division of the Boston Film Festival. I would like to take this time to congratulate Dawson Leery on his magnificent achievement. (The whole class applauds, and Dawson blushes a little.)

DAWSON: Thanks, Mr. Gold.

MR. GOLD: (laughing) And to think I almost didn't let you into this class! (Everyone laughs.) So, Dawson, why don't you use this opportunity to create a little publicity for yourself. Come on up here and tells us what your film is about, how you made it, whatever you'd like. (He gestures toward the front of the room. Dawson looks startled.)


MR. GOLD: (chuckling) Yes, right now. Come on, this will be a learning experience for everyone. (Unsure, Dawson gets up and heads to the front of the room slowly.)

DAWSON: (looking at Mr. Gold) What exactly do you want to know?

MR. GOLD: Well, it's a documentary, so what did you make it about? (Dawson is a bit embarrassed.)

DAWSON: I actually made a documentary about Joey Potter.

MALE STUDENT: You made a documentary about your girlfriend? (Laughter ripples through the room.)

FEMALE STUDENT: I think it's sweet.

MR. GOLD: made a documentary about your girlfriend. What gave you that idea?

DAWSON: Um...see, last summer, she went away to France for 3 months. And usually every summer we work together to make a movie...last year we made a horror romance type of thing and sent it in, but it didn't win anything. So, it was kind of weird having to work on a movie without her...and that's what gave me the idea. I figured if she couldn't be there, I'd take the opportunity to involve her in the film in some kind of way.

DIFFERENT MALE STUDENT: Excuse me, but if she was in France, how the heck did you make a film about her?

DAWSON: Well that's the great thing about documentary. I could interview people who know her, like her friends and family, and use old home video, I have footage of her all over the place, from all the other movies we've created.

MR. GOLD: So what made you choose to make a movie about her?

DAWSON: What do you mean?

MR. GOLD: What made you think that people would want to watch a movie about some girl they didn't even know? (Dawson thinks about it for a minute.)

DAWSON: Because Joey happens to be this...strong, determined, intelligent, young woman who has had an incredibly, *incredibly* hard life...yet she's still making it through it all and is an even better person for it.

MALE STUDENT: (laughing) But didn't she like, go behind your back with Pacey Witter? (Dawson looks like he's going to choke.)

DAWSON: (tightly) That's...not any of your business...

MR. GOLD: Let's keep our questions geared toward the *film*, please? (Dawson sighs. Mr. Gold turns to him.) How does Joey feel, having an award-winning movie made about her? (Dawson looks around the room and shifts his feet, not sure how to answer that one yet.) (SC) INT.POTTER HOUSE.KITCHEN.AFTER SCHOOL

JOEY: How the heck can I go to Boston and sit there with a whole bunch of people who have watched my life story? They're gonna sit there and *look* at me, like I'm some piece of meat on display. (She opens the refrigerator, frowning.) There's absolutely nothing to eat. (Bessie, who is sitting at the kitchen table, trying to get Alex to eat some icky looking baby food, looks up and smiles at her sister.)

BESSIE: Joey, relax...

JOEY: I mean, it is really sweet of Dawson for making a film about me, but really! How idiotic! Did he *think* about how I would feel? I never wanted my whole life to be broadcasted for everyone to see.

BESSIE: Have you even *seen* the movie? (Joey plops down into the seat next to her sister.)

JOEY: (sheepishly) No.

BESSIE: Well, I have.

JOEY: You saw it and you didn't tell me about it?

BESSIE: Joey, Dawson interviewed me for the movie, of *course* I knew about it. But everyone was sworn to secrecy. He didn't want to have you get your feelings hurt if the judges ended up totally trashing it. I thought it was wise of him.

JOEY: Yeah, so wise. I love finding out he's been keeping a huge secret like this from me for over six months. Some boyfriend.

BESSIE: Joey, you're over-reacting. And I thought you two had sort of split up...? (Joey crosses her arms.)

JOEY: Yeah, no need to remind me of that. (Alex drops his spoon on the floor, and Bessie stoops to pick it up. She goes to the sink to wash it off.)

BESSIE: Well, you two have been spending more time together lately. I took that as a sign of future reconciliation.

JOEY: (sighing) Dawson just wants to take it one day at a time. We're just friends.

BESSIE: With the prospect of getting back together.

JOEY: Bessie!

BESSIE: (innocently) What?

JOEY: (getting up) You're so frustrating! Why can't Dawson and I just...exist in the moment and not have to be analyzed? (Bessie merely shrugs.)

BESSIE: I don't know...because your life is more fun to analyze than my own? (Joey pulls at her hair and turns and goes upstairs.) But you are going to Boston with him next weekend, aren't you?

JOEY: (OS) Bessie, leave me alone! (Bessie laughs and puts the spoon back into Alex's little hand. He promptly throws it on the floor again.)


"Never You Mind" by Semisonic. Dawson is sitting at his computer, writing an e-mail to someone. He hears a noise in his window and turns.

DAWSON: Joey? (Pacey emerges into Dawson's room, looking unsure of himself. Dawson looks at him with surprise; and to Pacey's surprise, not anger.)

PACEY: Hey...Dawson...

DAWSON: Pace, what are you doing here?

PACEY: Well, I heard about your big win and all, and I wanted to congratulate you. I know we haven't exactly been on speaking terms since...well you know what I'm talking I wasn't sure if...

DAWSON: Thanks, Pacey. (Pacey looks relieved.)

PACEY: You're welcome. (he sticks his hands in his pockets, trying to think of something to say. Dawson is quiet too. Pacey looks at the computer screen.) So, what are you doing?

DAWSON: Just writing my grandparents to let them know about the whole film thing. They'll be thrilled. (Pacey nods.)

PACEY: Yeah, they'll probably go around to all their friends now and brag about their film maker grandson who's gonna win an Oscar someday. (They both laugh lightly.)

DAWSON: I can see my Grandma now, trying to one-up her friend Urma who has a beauty-pageant winning granddaughter...

PACEY: Watch, it'll turn into some bloody fist fight we'll hear about on the 11 o'clock news. (They both laugh harder. As the laughter ceases, Dawson looks at Pacey.)

DAWSON: You know, Pacey...I've missed you a lot.

PACEY: (surprised) You have?

DAWSON: Of course I have...

PACEY: Well, I've missed you too. (They are both quiet again. Dawson sighs.)

DAWSON: Listen...I won't pretend that thinking about what happened between you and Joey still doesn't piss me off. I won't kid still does. But I realize now...that it was a mistake and you both truly regret it.

PACEY: Regret it tremendously.

DAWSON: I would just...really appreciate it if we could try to be friends again.

PACEY: (even more surprised) What?

DAWSON: I'm being serious...I'm so sick of being angry and alone. I miss you, I miss Joey...I figure since Jo and I have already started trying to patch things up, it's time you and I tried to too. So what do you say?

PACEY: I say that I definitely agree to that.

DAWSON: (smiling) Good.

PACEY: Good. (They both chuckle as Pacey plops down onto Dawson's floor with a content sigh.) In fact, this is really good...because I have lots of things that I've just been dying to tell you. (Dawson raises his eyebrows.)

DAWSON: Like what? (he pauses) You haven't nailed a science teacher now, have you? (Pacey laughs.)

PACEY: God no. The science teachers are all disgusting - and 90% of them aren't even female. What I wanted to tell you was about that new girl, Sarah?

DAWSON: What about her?

PACEY: Well, I'm not exactly sure where this is going, but we've been spending a lot of time together lately - and I think this could be something good. I really like her. A lot.

DAWSON: (trying to sound enthused) That's...really great, Pacey.

PACEY: Why do you sound like that?

DAWSON: Sound like what?

PACEY: Like this is not good news.

DAWSON: No, no, Pacey, it is good news. It's just me, trying to be your friend. Gonna take a little work. (He smiles.) I am trying though!

PACEY: All right...

DAWSON: So what else have you been up to besides pursuing Sarah? (Pacey is about to answer when Joey climbs in through Dawson's window. She stops in her tracks, seeing Pacey sitting on the floor. Pacey turns and looks at her, and there is an incredibly awkward silence.)

JOEY: What is he doing here?

DAWSON: (looking between the two of them) Uh...Pacey and I were just talking.

JOEY: Oh...well, maybe I should come back later.

PACEY: (getting up) No, stay. I'll go.

DAWSON: Pacey, you don't have to go. Neither do you, Joey.

PACEY: (looking at Joey) Uh, yeah I sort of do have to go, Dawson.


PACEY: I'm really glad that we're starting to get things back on track, Dawson, but...I don't think it would be smart for all of us to attempt to sit in this room together and act like we're all best buds again.

DAWSON: (sighing and glancing at Joey)'re probably right.

PACEY: I'll see you in school tomorrow. (He goes past Joey to the window, making sure not even to come close to touching her, as if she's dangerous.) Bye, Jo. (He climbs out the window, leaving Joey and Dawson alone. Dawson types something quickly on the computer and then clicks send. He waits for it to go through and then signs off and turns off the computer.)

DAWSON: So, Joey...what's new?

JOEY: Nothing much, except everyone's been talking to me about your movie constantly. (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Really?

JOEY: Yeah, really. (Dawson picks up on the sadness in her voice.)

DAWSON: Jo, what's the matter?

JOEY: Nothing. (Dawson gets up and comes sit next to her.)

DAWSON: Doesn't sound like nothing.

JOEY: It's just...It's just that I'm not entirely sure that I'm *comfortable* with this movie.

DAWSON: Because it's about you?

JOEY: Yes, because it's about me! I know you meant well, Dawson, but I don't like the idea of everyone knowing my torrid life history.

DAWSON: (frowning) Jo, your life is not *torrid*...and besides, I didn't make the movie as some exposé on all the troubles of your's about you, and your strength, and your beauty...believe me when I say the point of the movie was really to show everyone why I love you. (Joey looks at him, surprised at him saying I love you. Dawson looks at her as if she shouldn't be surprised.) I do love you, Joey. You could kiss a million different guys and I'd never stop loving you... (he laughs) But don't test me on that promise, k? (Joey laughs too.)

JOEY: Okay, I won't. (They stare at one another intensely for a moment.) Would kissing you be moving ahead of ourselves in terms of rebuilding our relationship? (Dawson smiles lightly)

DAWSON: No...I think kissing would be okay...if you promise to come with me to Boston for the awards ceremony. (Joey backs up from him just a little.)

JOEY: Boston?

DAWSON: Don't you want to?

JOEY: (looking at him as if she wasn't sure until that moment.) Yes...I do want to.

DAWSON: Good. (He leans toward her and they kiss softly.)

JOEY: (as they break away from each other) You have no idea how much I've missed doing that.

DAWSON: No, I think I have an idea...I've missed it just as much. (They kiss again.)


Pacey is walking down the hall with Erik. Halfway down the hall, Jen joins them, kissing Erik hello. Pacey smiles at the two of them knowingly.

PACEY: So, I see you two are becoming the epitome of the happy couple.

ERIK: (taking Jen's hand) You say it like it's a bad thing.

JEN: I think it's a great thing.

PACEY: Did I say it was a bad thing? I think it's awesome. The world is desperately lacking happy couples. Everyone today always has something terrible going on in their relationships - it's all about turmoil and's nice to see two people who can just lay back and have a good time without getting all wack-o on each other.

JEN: You mean like Joey and Dawson?

PACEY: Yes. Granted, their turmoil was basically brought on by yours truly, but it wasn't like their relationship wasn't soap operatic before I messed things up even more. (He looks at Jen and Erik.) Ever wonder why divorce rates are so high nowadays? No one wants to allow themselves to be happy. Society has forced us to believe that in order for our lives to be interesting something always has to be going wrong. No one sees that living a peaceful life and simply appreciating the one you love is a blessed existence.

ERIK: Thank you for the social commentary, Mr. Witter.

JEN: Why this sudden spurt of interest in the philosophy of today's relationships?

PACEY: Let's just say that I've been thinking about having one.

ERIK: What, a relationship?

PACEY: No, a Yorkshire terrier. *Yes*, a relationship.

JEN: (laughing) With who?

PACEY: Sarah.

JEN: New girl Sarah? Pacey, that's great!

PACEY: Really?

JEN: Yes, especially because we've already set up a double date with you, her, and us. (Pacey's jaw drops.)

PACEY: What?

ERIK: Jen thought it was a good idea, don't look at me.

JEN: She told me she liked you, and I told her that we could all go on a double date on Friday night.

PACEY: And she said yes to that?

ERIK: She loved the idea. So you're coming, right? (Pacey nods enthusiastically.)

PACEY: Yeah, of course I'm coming! (He throws his arms around Jen.) I love you, Jen! (He turns to Erik.) Don't worry, I won't try to kiss her or anything. (He slaps Erik on the back and dashes off down the hall.) This is great!

JEN: (looking at Erik.) And you thought he wouldn't go along with it. (Erik shrugs and smiles.)



OL: "Blame it On Me" by the Barenaked Ladies. Joey is packing a suitcase. Clothes are strewn all over her room, and her dresser is cluttered with various bathroom items she needs to bring along. She looks flustered. Mr. Potter comes in, slightly knocking on her door before entering. Joey looks up.

MR. POTTER: (softly) There's someone here to see you. (Joey looks past her father and sees Pacey standing in the hall. Mr. Potter leaves, letting Pacey come inside Joey's room. They look at one another awkwardly.)


JOEY: what's up?

PACEY: Nothing much...I was just walking around and I thought that maybe I should stop by.

JOEY: (confused) Why? I really don't think that we have anything to say to one another.

PACEY: (sitting down on a small empty spot on Joey's bed) Maybe you don't have anything to say to me...but there's things I need to say to you. They've sort of been weighing on me. (Joey looks at him for a moment, then moves some things onto the floor and sits down next to him.)

JOEY: Like what?

PACEY: I know that since we...kissed and all, we haven't exactly been on speaking terms with each other. I mean, I can tell that you don't feel comfortable around me and I don't feel comfortable around you, that's for sure.

JOEY: Yeah...

PACEY: The thing is...before that happened, you and I were really beginning to get close, you know? I felt that we had finally broken down some of the barriers that had made us mortal enemies for so long - we were getting back to the way things used to be before...

JOEY: I know, Pacey...but when we kissed it changed all that. Forever. We can't go back. (She looks away.)

PACEY: don't have to tell me why you kissed me, but I feel like I owe you an explanation for why I kissed you.

JOEY: You don't owe me-

PACEY: Yeah, I do. See...all my life you've basically been the only girl that I could really feel comfortable around. Granted, ever since puberty you and I have basically been verbally beating each other, but were my friend. And then after that class trip to Boston, I really felt like I could talk to you, and you understood me. I felt like we had finally established the kind of friendship that you had with Dawson.

JOEY: (quietly) I thought we did too...

PACEY: But much like in your friendship with Dawson...when you were pining away for our friendship, I secretly had a crush on you. (Joey looks surprised.)

JOEY: What?

PACEY: No one else ever knew about it...once Jen guessed that I had feelings for you awhile back, but I never dignified her suspicions. Until I kissed you.

JOEY: Pacey...I never had any idea that you even liked me that way...ever...I thought that of all people, you were the only person who would never like me as anything more than a friend.

PACEY: Yeah, I know you thought that. And I also knew that you were Dawson's girlfriend, and you two were in love. So I tried to move on, and find someone else. And I succeeded in putting those feelings away until...

JOEY: Until we had that fight and we kissed.

PACEY: Exactly. (He looks at her, unsure of how she really feels about this news.)

JOEY: Why didn't you ever tell me this before? Tell me how you felt?

PACEY: I told you...I knew you didn't feel the same way. No guy is ever gonna bare his soul when he knows it's gonna be surefire rejection. (He sighs.) And I know I never apologized for what happened between us. It was my fault, and I ruined your relationship with Dawson.

JOEY: (touching his shoulder) It was just as much my fault as it was yours, Pace. I kissed you back, if you remember.

PACEY: (laughing lightly) Yeah...that you did. (They both laugh. Joey nudges him.)

JOEY: It was a damned good kiss, wasn't it?

PACEY: Yep, it sure was. (They laugh for a little while then stop, turning serious again.) But in terms of reality...really, that kiss was just a result of me admitting my feelings for you and you being confused over Dawson. It was nothing more than that. (Joey nods slightly) And I have to say...admitting my feelings made it a lot easier to get over them. I mean, it's hard getting over something that you refuse to acknowledge was even there to start with.

JOEY: (smiling teasingly) So, you're over me, huh?

PACEY: Yeah, and as a matter of fact I have a date with Sarah this Friday.

JOEY: I'm really happy for you, Pace, I really am. (she gets up and looks at her reflection in the mirror.) I know this sounds silly, but I want things to get...settled. My life has been in a whirlwind lately, and to tell you the truth...I would really like our little group here to get the stability of the clique on Saved By the Bell. (Pacey laughs. Joey protests) I do, though! I crave the sort of stability and strength that those characters had on that show. I want set couples. I want to have a favorite hangout where we all go together on Friday nights. I want a group of girls to go shopping with and I want a group of guys to watch the football game with. Is that so bad?

PACEY: (thoughtfully)'s not so bad at all. (He gets up and heads to the door.) You're going with Dawson to Boston on Friday, right? (Joey nods.) Well, you just concentrate on fixing things with Dawson, I'll work on that whole Saved by the Bell aspect of things back here, okay? (Joey laughs.)

JOEY: Deal.

PACEY: Cool. (They shake hands jokingly.) So, we're friends now?

JOEY: Friends.

PACEY: Great. I'll see you tomorrow in school. (he leaves, happy with the events that just happened.)


Joey and Dawson are sitting on his bed, watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Joey seems to be genuinely enjoying it, but Dawson looks a little less amused.

DAWSON: Tell me again why we're watching this?

JOEY: (laughing) Because it's scrumdiddlyumptious. (Dawson rolls his eyes.) I thought you liked this movie! Since when have you not liked it?

DAWSON: It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm sort of not in the mood for it. You have to be in a certain mood to watch this movie.

JOEY: You do.

DAWSON: Yes, you do.

JOEY: And you're not in that mood.

DAWSON: No, I'm not. (Joey picks up the remote control and turns the VCR and the TV off and turns to him.)

JOEY: Then what would you rather do, Mr. Leery? (Dawson smiles and rolls over onto his stomach, opening up the drawer of his nightstand and pulling out a video case. He hands it to Joey, who looks at it, stunned. Her own face is looking back at her from the top of the case. She flips it over, gaping at it.) What...what is this?

DAWSON: It's my movie.

JOEY: I can see that...but...but I thought the film committee had it.

DAWSON: I got this in the mail today. It's from some head of department Miramax home video...they want to buy the rights to the movie and release it as a direct to video independent film. (Joey's eyes widen.)

JOEY: What? Dawson, you're kidding!

DAWSON: (smiling giddily) I can't believe it either! It's insane... (He looks at Joey.) But this is an example they got all gussied up and all to show me as some sort of incentive to agree to the deal.

JOEY: They're going to you...for this?

DAWSON: Yep. They're gonna pay me a whole lot.

JOEY: How much?

DAWSON: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 thousand... (Joey's eye basically pop out of her head.)

JOEY: Fourty...did you say...fourty *thousand*?

DAWSON: Isn't it amazing?

JOEY: Dawson, why didn't you tell me about this? How long have you known?

DAWSON: Since this afternoon.

JOEY: (slapping him) And you didn't say anything? I'm sitting here watching Willy Wonka next to a now established and famous film director, who just picked up fourty grand, and I didn't even know it! (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: I was trying to think of how I should tell you...I didn't want to just be like, oh by the way, I am suddenly now the richest 17 year old in Capeside, you know? And I wasn't sure how you'd react - I mean...if this movie does get released on tape, Jo...a lot more people than just the film committee are going to be seeing it. (Joey shrugs.)

JOEY: that you have a tape, you might want to consider letting me actually watch the thing, just maybe? (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: I'll put it in the VCR right now. (He gets up and puts it into the VCR.)


Joey is staring intently at the screen, tears welling in her eyes. Dawson keeps looking at her, gauging her reaction as her life story unfolds on screen.


Shot of TV screen, which is black. The credits begin to roll to the tune of "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. Joey looks at Dawson, wiping away her tears. Dawson is quiet, not sure if the tears signify she liked it or she's upset by it. Joey breaks out into a large smile and throws her arms around Dawson.

JOEY: God, Dawson... (She hugs him tightly.) Thank you so much for that...

DAWSON: (backing away from her a little and looking into her eyes) You really liked it, Jo?

JOEY: Liked it? I loved it, Dawson...Thank you. Thank you so much for loving that way...I one has ever cared that much about me, ever. Just watching that movie made me realize how strongly you feel for me and how deeply and truly you understand me - and how much I love you.

DAWSON: That's why I made it, Joey...I've never known anyone like you. You're amazing - and I just wanted the world to see the Joey Potter that I love so much. (Joey smiles, and kisses him gently. Dawson smiles as they break away from one another, and they kiss again, more deeply and passionately than the one before. In fact, each time their lips meet, they both grow more intense. As the credits end and the room grows quiet, things start to get more heated between the pair. Joey starts unbuttoning Dawson's shirt when he pulls away quickly and moves away from her. Joey looks stunned.)

JOEY: I'm sorry, Dawson...I didn't mean to- (Dawson doesn't look at her.)

DAWSON: It's okay Joey...I just -

JOEY: I know...

DAWSON: I'm not ready for us to...we can't go back to the way we used to be.

JOEY: (sadly) But you just said you loved me...

DAWSON: (glancing at her) I do, Joey...but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still...hurting. I'm learning to forgive you and get past this, but I need to go at my own pace, all right? (Joey nods.)

JOEY: I'm sorry - I just got carried away in the moment. I didn't mean to- (the phone rings, interrupting Joey. Dawson picks it up.)

DAWSON: Hello? (he pauses) Abby! Hey...where've you been? You haven't been in school for like three days. (he pauses) Really? God, I'm sorry. (pauses) You heard about that already? (pauses) Well, thanks! (pauses) Yeah, I'm going up to Boston this weekend for the ceremony and stuff. (pauses) I'm going with my mom and dad and Joey. (Joey sits on Dawson's bed awkwardly as he continues his conversation with Abby. She doesn't know exactly what Abby and Dawson are to each other anymore, but she is not liking the conversation one bit.) Listen, Abby, I'm sort of right in the middle of something right now - can I talk to you tomorrow in school? You're gonna be there, right?(pause) Okay, good. (pause) Yep - I'll see you tomorrow! Bye. (He hangs up and turns to Joey, looking just as awkward as she does.) Sorry about that, Joey...

JOEY: (tightly) That was Abby, huh?

DAWSON: Yeah...her, uh, great aunt died last weekend, and they had to fly out to some place in New Jersey for the funeral.

JOEY: Oh, sorry to hear that.

DAWSON: Abby says she didn't even know her, so she seems okay about it. (Joey gets up.)

JOEY: Well, that's good.'s getting pretty late, Dawson. I better get going.

DAWSON: Jo, if this is about - (he gestures to the phone.)

JOEY: It's not about Abby. (Dawson gives her a look.) Okay, so maybe it's a little bit about Abby. It's also about what happened just before she called too...I just...I think it's better if I go. We can analyze all of this tomorrow.


JOEY: (climbing out the window) I'll talk to you later, Dawson. (She disappears into the night. Dawson sighs and flops back onto his bed.)



OL: "Paper Cup" by Heather Nova. Dawson is talking to Abby by his locker, seemingly happy to be talking to her too. Joey passes by the pair, giving Abby a look of death. Abby shoots one back with even more evil intent. Dawson doesn't notice the exchange, but he does see Joey walk by.

DAWSON: Hey, Jo! (Joey just waves and continues on her way. Abby looks up at him.)

ABBY: What's her problem?

DAWSON: She's probably just a little ticked about this we had yesterday night...probably. (Abby looks at him coyly.)

ABBY: What talk? (Dawson shrugs) Come on, Dawson, give it know I love to hear the troubles of other people's lives. I have so little trouble of my own I have to keep myself occupied somehow.

DAWSON: (shaking his head at Abby) I don't know if I've ever met a bigger busybody than you.

ABBY: So you're not going to tell me? (she pouts.)

DAWSON: Let's just say Joey and I had a discussion involving the aspects of our relationship and where we stand with each other.

ABBY: (seriously) And where do you stand?

DAWSON: We're friends. Of course we're friends.

ABBY: Then...where do we stand? (Dawson looks at her.)

DAWSON: Excuse me?

ABBY: (rolling her eyes) Dawson, it's a simple question. I'm just wondering where I am with you. Am I a temporary Joey replacement until you accept her fully back into your life, are we just friends, am I a possible girlfriend prospect for you, what?

DAWSON: (laughing and blushing slightly) Are you always this blunt?

ABBY: (shutting his locker for him as they turn to go down the hall, she laughs) You know me, Dawson - I get straight to the point. No use beating around the bush.

DAWSON: (sighing) No, there isn't. (He pauses) Kay, you asked me a straightforward question, I'll give you a straightforward answer. Yes, I am your friend. Definitely. I like you a lot - despite the fact you used to torment me endlessly. (They both chuckle.) But as far as our romantic be honest I'm just going to stay away from the whole relationship game for awhile. This whole thing with Joey has really drained me. And I don't know where she and I are going.

ABBY: Do you still love her?

DAWSON: Yeah...I do. But I just don't know if that love is alive, do you know what I mean?

ABBY: Not really.

DAWSON: know how when you love someone - even though the relationship is over, you always have that special place in your heart for them? And then when you fall in love with someone else, that love just overshadows every past relationship you've ever had? (Abby nods, pretending to get it.) I'm not sure if Joey's turning into an old love that I have to get past or if she's still the love of my life.

ABBY: Ah. So just for the record, we're friends?

DAWSON: Yes. Friends.

ABBY: Cool...cause I have a date with Timothy Reigh Friday night, and I wasn't going to go if we were anything more than friends. (Dawson looks at Abby.)

DAWSON: (smiling) You are just too much.

ABBY: Yeah, I know. See ya later. (She punches him lightly on the arm and goes into her classroom. Dawson continues down the hall.)


Pacey is sitting at a lunch table, alone, waiting for his friends to arrive. Sarah comes up to him, smiling.

SARAH: Hey, Pacey! (Pacey looks up and greets her with a huge smile.)

PACEY: Sarah! Hi! What's up?

SARAH: Nothing, really. Can I sit here or are you saving it for someone?

PACEY: Sit your cute ass down, girl. Mi casa es su casa. (Sarah laughs and plops down.)

SARAH: So, did Jen talk to you about Friday night? (Pacey nods.)

PACEY: Yeah - it sounds like it's gonna be great!

SARAH: I take it that means you said yes.

PACEY: I gave it a big yes. (Sarah is visibly relieved.)

SARAH: Cool...I was afraid you were going to say no and I'd end up sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and eating way too much cookie dough ice cream on Friday. You've lifted a load off my shoulders. (Pacey smiles at her. Dawson, Abby and Jen sit down almost all at once, all letting out huge sighs as they lift their heavy backpacks from their shoulders.)

DAWSON: Is it just me, or do teachers just *love* to give you as much homework as possible when you don't have time to do any?

ABBY: Teachers are the devil's tools.

PACEY: Wait. I thought *you* were the devil's tool? (Abby smirks at Pacey.)

ABBY: Ha, ha, very clever. You are a fountain of sparkling wit, Pacey.

PACEY: I do what I can.

DAWSON: (taking out a notebook) Look at this! How am I going to read three chapters this weekend? I'm going to be in Boston!

ERIK: (sitting down next to Jen and giving her a kiss on the cheek) Boston? I love it there.

DAWSON: So do I. Though it certainly looks as if I won't have any time to enjoy it all, with all this homework I have bogging me down.

PACEY: (seeing Joey entering the cafeteria, he waves to her.) Yo, here comes the Ice Queen herself. (He smiles smugly at Joey as she sits down.)

JOEY: Nice to see you too, Jailbait. Sarah, I don't know what you possibly see in this loser. (Pacey and Joey give each other a high five, jokingly celebrating the return to their sarcastic barbs and quips. Dawson looks between the two of them, not sure if he's liking this or if it makes him uncomfortable to have Joey and Pacey's friendship repaired.)

ERIK: Joey, you're going to Boston too, for this film thing, aren't you?

ABBY: Duh she is, Erik - Dawson the freak over here made the entire movie about her. (She nudges Dawson playfully. Joey shifts in her seat.)

JOEY: Actually, it turns out that I might not be able to go after all. (Dawson looks at her in alarm.)

DAWSON: What? Wait- why?

JOEY: Well, I was talking about it with Bessie and my dad, and you know...with tourist season starting up the Ice House is getting really jammed. I feel like I should stay here and help out.

DAWSON: Joey, you said you would come! I need you there with me. You promised.

JOEY: (protesting) I never promised.

DAWSON: The Ice House can't survive a weekend without you?

JOEY: They need my help.

PACEY: (snorting) What a crock, Joey! You're just using it as an excuse because you're freaked out about spending a weekend with you. (He stops, acting as if he's startled.) Did I just say that out loud? (Sarah nods.)

SARAH: Very audible.

DAWSON: Is that true, Joey?

JOEY: (shrugging it off) Of course it's not true, Dawson.

DAWSON: Because I would really like you there with me, Jo.

JOEY: (looking at Dawson) It really matters that much to you?


JOEY: (giving in) Okay...I'll go...

ABBY: (rolling her eyes) How sweet of you. (She can't help feeling a little jealous of Joey after Dawson so evidently laid out his feelings for her in front of everyone. There's a bit of tension in the air for a moment, but Jen breaks it.)

JEN: You know what's disgusting? Miracle Whip. (Everyone looks at her for a second, then everyone starts laughing.)


Dawson and Joey are cramming the last of the bags into the trunk of Mr. Leery's Ford Explorer. Mr. and Mrs. Leery come out of the house, talking about something with one another. Mr. Leery climbs in the driver's seat and starts the car. Dawson opens up the right rear passenger side door for Joey, who climbs in. She still looks a bit apprehensive about the trip, as if given the chance she would be gone from the Leery car in an instant and back home.

DAWSON: (hearing country music playing on the radio as they pull out of the driveway) Mom, can you change the station before I become physically ill? (Gail looks back at her son.)

GAIL: I happen to like this song.

MITCH: (changing the station with a laugh.) You're the only one. (Gail slaps his hand and changes it back.)

GAIL: Mitchell! (He promptly changes the station again.)

MITCH: The only rule for this trip is no country music. (Gail looks at her husband.)

GAIL: All right then...then my rule for the trip is that you and I have to get a room with two beds, Mitchell, if you know what I mean.

DAWSON: (embarrassed) Mom!

MITCH: (changing it back to country music) Country music it is then. (Dawson and Joey look at one another, then simultaneously open their own backpacks and take out their portable CD players. They laugh a little at each other as they put their headphones on.)


Mitch, Gail, Dawson and Joey are standing at the front desk, checking in. Mrs. Leery looks upset.

GAIL: Two rooms? No, we booked three rooms.

CLERK: You're only registered for two, Ma'am.

GAIL: I need three, I asked for three - I better get three.

CLERK: The Boston Film Festival is having their annual ceremony in our ballroom tonight so most of the attendees are staying here -

MITCH: Yeah, that's what we're here for. There's no way that you can get us a third?

CLERK: We're all booked up, sir, I'm sorry.

GAIL: You should be sorry! When I called and made reservations, I specifically asked for three rooms.

CLERK: Ma'am, I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. (Gail starts to say something but Mitch puts his hand on her arm. She sighs.)

GAIL: So what are we supposed to do now? There was supposed to be a room for you and me, one for Dawson, and one for Joey.

DAWSON: Why don't Joey and I just share a room? (Gail looks at Dawson, startled.)

GAIL: Absolutely not!

MITCH: Gail, why not? They've been having sleepovers since they were 7, I think they can handle it.

GAIL: (tightly, under her breath to Mitch.) Well we all know that they no longer just *sleep*, Mitch.

DAWSON: Mom! (The clerk looks at Dawson and Joey, amused.)

GAIL: I think it would be best if you stayed with your father, Dawson, and Joey can stay with me. (Mitch tugs on Gail's arm.)

MITCH: (pulling her aside.) Gail, I really think we should let Dawson stay with Joey.

GAIL: Are you nuts? There's a reason we don't let her sleep over anymore, Mitch, if you remember. That's why I intended on getting the two of them separate rooms! There is a method to my madness.

MITCH: Gail, the two aren't even back together, all right? They're still struggling to pick up the pieces of their friendship, we don't have to worry about them having sex. Just...just let them have the same room. They're going to need all the time and help they can get. (Gail eyes her husband, not giving in but not saying no. A line is starting to form behind them, people wanting to check in or check out. The clerk glances at them.)

CLERK: Excuse me, ma'am? Are the two rooms okay then? (She holds out two envelopes with the keys inside. Gail nods.)

GAIL: Yes...fine. Thank you. (Gail pays for the rooms and they all head for the elevator. The doors ding open and the four of them go inside. Gail sighs, and hands Dawson one of the envelopes.) You and Joey can stay together in the same room. (Dawson and Joey both timidly smile, not entirely sure if this is going to turn out to be a bad thing or a good thing.) But I don't want any hanky panky going on, all right?

DAWSON: *Mother*...

GAIL: *Dawson*...

DAWSON: You don't have to tell us that. (The doors open again as they reach the third floor.) It won't be a problem. (They all step out. Gail looks at her watch.)

GAIL: Okay...the awards ceremony begins at eight. That gives us about three hours beforehand. Why don't we meet down in the lobby at 6:30 to go get some dinner?

DAWSON: We really need an hour and a half to get ready? (Mitch laughs at his son's ignorance.)

MITCH: They're women going to an awards ceremony, thankful they don't need *more* time than that. (They stop in front of their rooms, and Gail unlocks her door.)

GAIL: See you two in a little while. (Mitch and Gail go inside their hotel room, and Dawson slowly takes out his card key and runs it through the lock. The door doesn't open.)

DAWSON: I hate these things.

JOEY: Do you have it the right way? (Dawson looks at it.)

DAWSON: Yeah, I do. (He tries again and nothing happens.)

JOEY: Here, let me see it. (Dawson runs it through again, not handing it to Joey's outstretched hand.)

DAWSON: (looking at the card) That's funny...I'm sure I'm doing this right. (He goes to try again, but Joey reaches for the card.)

JOEY: Let me try to - (Her hand lands on top of his, and they both freeze for a moment. Joey lifts her hand from his and looks away. Dawson hands her the card.)

DAWSON: Here. (She looks at it, then swipes it through the lock. The green light goes on and she opens the door.)

JOEY: There we go.

DAWSON: See, now why did it work for you and not for me? (Joey laughs as they stand in the doorway.)

JOEY: It must like me better. (They sigh, staring into the dark room for a minute before entering.)

DAWSON: (awkwardly) So...this is it.

JOEY: Yeah, this is it. (They look at each other, falling silent. Joey breaks the gaze and steps inside, turning on the light.) I'm going to start getting ready. (She sets her suitcase on the bed and starts unpacking.)



Pacey walks up the front steps and rings the doorbell, waiting for someone to answer. Erik opens the door.

ERIK: (calling back to Sarah and Jen, who are in the kitchen) Hey, Pacey's here! (The two girls come into the foyer, smiling. Pacey steps inside.)

SARAH: Hey, Pacey.

JEN: Hi...what took you so long?

PACEY: (sighing) Had to deal with the in-the-closet brother for a minute before I left. Normal family stuff. Sorry I'm late.

JEN: It's okay. So, where do you guys all want to go? Sarah, you were thinking of that café, right?

SARAH: Yeah, Aesop's.

PACEY: (laughing) *Aesop's*?

SARAH: Yeah, it's that little place down and out of the way by the shore.

PACEY: This is in...the fable guy?

ERIK: I've been there before, it's like this little book shop and coffee house. It's cool.

SARAH: It's really cute, Pacey.

JEN: I say we should check it out. (They all look at Pacey, waiting for him to approve.)

PACEY: (shrugging at them) Sure, let's go, I guess. I don't have any better ideas.

SARAH: (teasingly) What, Pacey's out of great ideas? How extraordinarily unusual. (Pacey playfully pushes her as they walk out of Jen's house.)

PACEY: Aw, shut up. (Jen locks up the house and they go on their way.)


OL: "Lovesong" by The Cure. Dawson is sitting on the bed, flipping through channels and looking bored. Joey comes out of the bathroom, looking frazzled. She brushes her hair, pacing back and forth before returning to the bathroom. Dawson gets up and goes to the bathroom door, watching Joey as she messes with her long brown hair, which she had tried to curl.

DAWSON: (looking at Joey's expression) What's wrong?

JOEY: My hair is not cooperating with me.

DAWSON: Jo, you look great.

JOEY: (frowning at her reflection) You're just saying that cause you know I could beat you up if you didn't.

DAWSON: (smiling) No, I really mean it. You look beautiful.

JOEY: But you're not the one who's going to have a roomful of people looking at you, thinking 'oh, there's that girl from that movie' and have them know everything about you.

DAWSON: I'm not going to have a roomful of people looking at me? Jo, I'm the one who has to get up in front of everyone and accept the award, and make some speech about how much it means to me...all you have to do is sit there...

JOEY: (setting down her brush) I'm sorry, I'm just...nervous. (Dawson steps behind her, setting his hands reassuringly on her shoulders and gazing at her reflection thoughtfully.)

DAWSON: Don't worry, Jo. Everything will be fine, you'll see. (He smiles at her, but she doesn't reciprocate. He turns her around to look at her, staring deep into her eyes.) Joey, everyone there is going to be looking at you with admiration and respect...they see you the way I see you, and they're going to love you. (Joey is quiet. Slowly, Dawson leans toward her, brushing his lips against hers tentatively. She doesn't pull away, so he allows himself to kiss her a little more passionately. Suddenly, she pulls away from him.)

JOEY: Dawson, you have to stop this crap. (Dawson looks at her, stunned.)


JOEY: One minute you're telling me how much you love me and telling me that this movie represents how much you care, and you kiss me and you hug me...and then the next you're pushing me away, telling me that you're still confused and angry and you don't know how you feel about me anymore...

DAWSON: I know I'm having a hard time with this...between us, Joey...but you know how hard this is for me.

JOEY: I know that, Dawson...but do you have any idea how hard it is for *me*? I mean...I can take it, Dawson, if you're still mad at me. If you want to be just friends, fine, tell me so. But you keep turning on and off, hot one minute, cold the next...and I can't take it.

DAWSON: I want you in my life, Joey, I know that much. Isn't that enough?

JOEY: Not when you keep changing your mind, Dawson. Just...make a decision and stick with it, would you, please? (She turns away from him, going into the main room of the hotel. Dawson follows her.)

DAWSON: I wish it were that simple, Joey, but it's not.

JOEY: It could be that simple. You either forgive me, or you don't. (She waits for him to say something, but he doesn't.) Fine, Dawson... (she picks up her hand bag from the bed) Don't make up your mind...but don't kiss me again until you are positive that's what you want to do. (She heads toward the door.)

DAWSON: (a little angry) Joey, where do you get off telling me that what I'm doing is wrong? You're the one who made the mistake, you're the one who should be worried about how I feel - you're the one who should make the sacrifices and do everything you can to make things better between us, if you really want me back.

JOEY: You don't think I've tried?

DAWSON: You've tried? Joey, you barely said two words to me the whole trip up here. If you call that trying to reach out and make things better then-

JOEY: Kay, that's enough, Dawson. (she glares at him) You have gotten all the mileage you can out of my mistakes.

DAWSON: What does that mean?

JOEY: It means this train has run out of steam. It's the end of line, time to get off.

DAWSON: What is this, an ultimatum? (Joey looks away.)

JOEY: (solemnly) I don't know, Dawson...I just... (she looks at him) I wake up every morning and regret kissing Pacey. I fall asleep every night regretting kissing Pacey...I regret it every single minute of every single day, and still that's not enough for you. I wish I could go back in time and erase it, but I can't. It happened...but it's over. I've done everything I can to make you see how sorry I am, but nothing gets through to you. I don't know what else I can do. (she sighs and opens the room door and steps out into the hallway. Dawson doesn't say anything to her.) I'm going downstairs to meet your parents. Come down wherever you're ready. (She closes the door, leaving Dawson standing there, processing what she has just said.)


Joey, Mitch and Gail are sitting on one of the sofas in the lounge, waiting for Dawson to arrive. He walks into the lobby and sees his parents, and slowly walks over. He eyes Joey, but she doesn't even look at him.

GAIL: (looking up at him) Wow, Dawson, you look so handsome. (Dawson blushes lightly.)

MITCH: Very debonair. I can hardly recognize you.

GAIL: You all set to go to dinner? (Dawson nods.)

DAWSON: Sure, let's roll. (They all rise from their seats, Joey uncomfortably tugging on her long black dress and almost tripping over her high heels. Gail laughs a little.)

GAIL: You'll get used to the high heels, trust me.

JOEY: (rolling her eyes) I don't think I ever will, Mrs. Leery. (They head out of the hotel.)


OL: "I've Got a Feeling" by Ivy. Pacey, Sarah, Erik and Jen are sitting around a small round table, laughing and talking. The room is small but comfy, decorated with impressionist paintings. Through the doorway you can see the front book shop, which is lighted much more brightly than the little coffeehouse. Erik, Jen and Sarah are all drinking some kind of coffee, but Pacey is clutching tightly to the Pepsi in his hand.

SARAH: I can't believe that really happened!

JEN: It did, my hand to God.

PACEY: Yeah, Jen, that really works, coming from an atheist. (They all laugh.)

JEN: Well, then, I'll say cross my heart and hope to die. That works, right?

ERIK: It's passable. So...can you imagine what Dawson and Joey are doing right now? As we sit here discussing the most embarrassing aspects of Jen Lindley's childhood, Dawson Leery and Joey Potter are sitting in their formal evening wear-

PACEY: Probably drinking champagne even though they shouldn't be-

JEN: In some crowded room full of aspiring movie stars and directors from all over Massachusetts-

ERIK: Dawson flipping out because he has to give a speech-

PACEY: And Joey flipping out even more because she was forced to wear a fancy dress.

JEN: Definitely.

SARAH: Dawson's movie was about Joey, right?


SARAH: That is so sweet!

PACEY: Sweet...or obsessive.

JEN: (reaching across the table and smacking him jokingly) Pacey, where's your romantic spirit tonight? (Pacey pretends to think.)

PACEY: Oh, I probably left that at home, darn.

ERIK: Well, I'm sure that when Dawson and Joey come back to little old Capeside, they'll be back to their normal selves.

PACEY: Yes, back to the good old times B.K.


PACEY: Before Kiss.

JEN: Erik, if I ever find out that you kiss another girl, I will kill you. Just as a warning. (Erik grins.)

ERIK: I'll keep that in mind.

PACEY: (looking at Sarah) I promise, these lips will fall nowhere else but yours from now on.

SARAH: (grinning) That sounds like a great idea. (Pacey smiles and playfully leans in and kisses her. She giggles.)

JEN: And you said you left your romantic spirit at home...

PACEY: It must've caught up with me. You know how those things are. (The four of them all smile, happy that everything is going along so well.)


The room is dark, the stage that is set up in the front of the room illuminated. There is a speaker on-stage behind the podium, holding an award and giving her acceptance speech. Mitch, Gail, Dawson, and Joey are seated at a table toward the front, four other people sitting with them. The speaker on-stage steps off, and everyone claps for her. Smiling, she goes back to her table. The next presenter steps onto the stage. Dawson glances at Joey.

DAWSON: I think this is me.

PRESENTER: Next, we will be presenting this fine award for best documentary. This year, the competition was tough, the films were excellent, and the decision hard to make. But I have to agree with our judges when they say that the film that was chosen indeed represents the best that this festival has to offer. It is a moving, thoughtful and exceptionally well-filmed piece that truly deserves this honor, and all of us here at the festival wish to see more work like this in the future. The award for best documentary goes to Dawson Leery, for his film Wild Flower. (Applause roars as Dawson stands up, taking a deep breath. He kisses his mom and his dad, but when he gets to Joey he doesn't quite know what to do. Instead of kissing her he just turns toward the stage and climbs up the stairs. He takes the award from the presenter and shakes his hand, then goes to the podium.)

DAWSON: (setting the award down on the podium and looking out at the audience.) To start, I'd obviously like to thank the Boston Film Festival for giving me this award, and having this great festival every year. I'd also like the thank my parents, who have not only put up with me and my insane ideas but helped me with them...Steven Spielberg, for inspiring me to become a director in the first place...and of course, the great people who helped and appeared in this documentary. (he pauses) When I made this film, to be honest, I had no idea how it would be accepted. It's not everyday that someone makes a documentary about his girlfriend. (He smiles, and a light ripple of laughter goes through the audience.) But I knew in my heart that this film wasn't just some kind of extended love letter to her - it was the story of the strongest, most brilliant woman I've ever known. Someone asked me today, why I named the movie Wild Flower. (he pauses again) Joey Potter is...this exceptionally beautiful, strong-willed girl, but you will never find her going along with the crowd. She makes her own way, and she makes a huge impression doing it. She's ten times more special than any rose could ever be. She's the reason I'm successful - she's my inspiration. (he looks out at her in the audience. She gazes up at him, his words touching her soul.) She's my life. This award is really as much hers as it is mine. (Joey's eyes well up with tears.) We've been through a lot together, and I have to say it hasn't been easy. (He starts speaking directly to her.) But Joey, I love you, with all of my heart. I should've forgiven you a long time ago. Will you ever forgive me for being such a fool? (The tears run down Joey's face and she smiles. Everyone in the audience looks at her, waiting for an answer. She nods yes enthusiastically, not trusting her own voice to speak. Dawson smiles and everyone applauds as he steps down off the stage. He goes to Joey immediately and she stands up, throwing her arms around him. They kiss sweetly, the applause growing louder. A few people whistle at them, and a few laugh lightly. Mitch sets his hand on Gail's shoulder, and she looks back at him lovingly. )

JOEY: (whispering) I love you too, Dawson. (He kisses her again and then they sit down. He hands her his award and kisses her cheek. The next presenter steps out as the crowd begins to settle.)

PRESENTER: (laughing a little) Well I'm sure you'll all find what I have to say slightly boring after *that* - (everyone laughs) but you'll just have to pretend it's as interesting, okay? (she smiles widely.) The next award we have to give is the award for best comedic film. (The presenter's word fade into the background as Joey and Dawson stare at one another, entranced.)

JOEY: (laughing lightly) I take it this means you made your decision? (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: The moment I got up on that stage and saw you out there, I knew it, Joey. I simply couldn't stand the idea that one day I might go to look for you and you wouldn't be there. (They kiss again.)


Dawson and Joey walk into the room, leaving the door open behind them as they both flop onto the bed, exhausted.

JOEY: Dawson, you didn't shut the door.

DAWSON: I'm too tired to get up.

JOEY: So am I.

DAWSON: Tonight was some night, huh? (Joey lifts up the award she's holding and looks at it.)

JOEY: Yes, it was. (she sighs contentedly) Thank you, Dawson...for saying those things up there.

DAWSON: (turning on his side to look at her) It was only the truth.

JOEY: I just want you to know that it meant a lot to me. You mean a lot to me.

DAWSON: (smiling) Well you mean a lot to me too. (He kisses her deeply. She breaks away and sets the award on the floor, then pulls Dawson back to her. They kiss passionately for quite some time, leaning back onto the bed, until the silence is broken by a cough. They look up and Gail and Mitch are standing in their doorway. They both smile at his parents sheepishly and sit up.) Hey, Mom...Dad. (Gail and Mitch look at one another, then Mitch picks up Dawson's suitcase from the floor.)

GAIL: Separate rooms, you two. (Dawson and Joey both stand up.)

DAWSON: Mom, come on...

MITCH: Let's go, Don Juan. (He tugs on Dawson's arm, and he reluctantly follows his father.)

GAIL: I'm just going to go grab my things, Joey, I'll be right back. (Mitch and Gail walk out the door, Dawson following behind. As soon as his parents step out into the hallway, Dawson takes a step back and shuts the door. It automatically locks, so both his parents are left alone in the hallway. Joey's mouth drops open.)

GAIL: (OS) Dawson Michael Leery, open this door this instant! (Dawson laughs and gestures Joey to come to him. He kisses her again, but as his parents knocking grows more insistent, Joey eyes him, telling him to open the door. He opens it and gives his parents an innocent look.)


MITCH: Very funny, Dawson. Come on. (He pulls Dawson into the hallway. Joey laughs.)


OL: "Get What You Give" by the New Radicals. Dawson and Joey enter the Ice House, holding hands. Jen, Erik, Pacey and Sarah are already there, waiting for them. Obviously they had agreed to meet there. They all stand up as Joey and Dawson come toward them, clapping and laughing.

PACEY: Congratulations, Dawson!

DAWSON: Thanks, Pacey.

ERIK: Yeah, congrats from all of us. How does it feel to be an "award-winning director"?

DAWSON: Actually...not that different. (he chuckles.)

JEN: Did you bring your award with you? I wanted to see it. (Dawson looks at her.)

DAWSON: No...but I did bring Joey. (they smile at one another)

PACEY: Oh, gag me with a wooden spoon. (Joey punches him in the arm as they all sit down.)

JOEY: Nice, Pacey.

SARAH: Don't worry, Joey, he has no romantic spirit. (Pacey laughs.)

ERIK: How was Boston? (he eyes Joey and Dawson's seemingly permanently interlocked hands.)

JOEY: Good.

DAWSON: Very good.

JEN: I take it you two are back together, huh?

DAWSON: That we are.

ERIK: That's great!

JOEY: (smiling) Guess all we needed was a little shove in the right direction. (she kisses Dawson on the cheek)

DAWSON: Anything interesting happen while we were gone?

SARAH: Not really.

JEN: We went to Aesop's last night.

JOEY: Aesop's? Like as in the fable guy?

PACEY: That's what I said! (Everyone laughs.)

ERIK: Tell us about the awards ceremony. How did it go?

DAWSON: Well, nothing really major happened. We got there about eight and first they had to... (The camera draws back as the music grows louder and the talking fades into the background. The group sits together around the large table, talking and laughing, looking like everything is finally going to work out for all of them.)



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