As I Lay Thee Down To Rest Part One by: Lauren


Authors Note: I didn't like the way my original first part of As I Lay Thee Down, so I'm giving another shot at it. This is the real first part for now. We'll see how it goes. Well, on with the show! Also the title is changed to As I Lay Thee Down to Rest.

Pacey and Andie are sitting in her kitchen studying for a major biology test that is coming up. They are waiting for Joey, Dawson and Jen to arrive. Jack has been very uncomfortable around everyone since his "coming out."

"Oh, come on Andie a 15 min. break? Come on it won't hurt …just 15 minutes!"

"No Pace, we need to study for this exam! Do you realize how crucial this is??!?! Omigod! We have so much studying to do!"

"Calm down McPhee, take a chill pill or something! The test isn't until Wednesday."

"I know, I know, Pace, I'm sorry…..I guess I'm just a little high-strung today that's all." Then there is a ring at the doorbell. Joey and Dawson are standing outside. Andie comes and greets them at the door.

"Hey guys! Come right in….Pacey and I were just about to take a small break." Andie shoots a smile at Pacey.

"Hey Andie!" says Dawson.

"Hi Andie!" says Joey.

"Um, where's Jen, where is she?" says Andie.

"Hey D man!" says Pacey.

"Hey Pace!" says Dawson.

"Jen said she couldn't come…something came up," explains Joey.

"Oh, alright, I hope everything's okay."

"Andie, come here!!!" screams Jack.

"Hold on I'll be right back. Andie walks upstairs What is it Jack!?!"

"Andie, mom hasn't been taking her medication. I just checked the medication bottle."

"Are you sure, I mean, Jack, you could be wrong!"

"I'm positive Andie, I took a count of the pills."

Tears start to well up in Andie's eyes. She begins to sob and Jack hugs his sister.

"Do you want me to explain things to the guys downstairs? I mean if you want me to…because I don't know if you still are up to studying." says Jack.

"Could you please do that for me Jack?"

Jack just silently nods his head as his sister half walks half runs to her room. "Um, hey Dawson, Pacey(he pauses)…Joey."

"Hey Jack," reply Dawson and Pacey.

Joey manages a meager "Hi."

"Andie, um, you see won't be able to study at all for the afternoon. Something kind of came up. I hope you all understand. I'm sorry to cut your plans short."

"It's okay Jack, will she be okay?" asks Dawson.

"Um, yea she'll be fine," says Jack somewhat uncertainty.

"Well bye Jack, tell Andie to give me a call when she feels up to it." says Joey. Dawson and Joey get up and leave. Pacey who has just been sitting there for the past 5 minutes looks up at Jack and asks "Jack, what happened?"

"Well, um see its mom again…" Jack trails off.

"I'm gonna go talk to her," says Pacey.

Jack steps in front of Pacey and says "I don't think that's a good idea…I think you should just leave."

"Well Jack I don't really care what you think, I'm going upstairs to talk to Andie whether you like it or not!"

"I said NO! It's not your problem!" screams Jack.

Pacey stunned by this just rushes past Jack and goes upstairs to comfort Andie. Pacey knocks on Andie's door and Andie says, "Who is it?," half sniffling. "It's Pacey, can I come in?"

He doesn't hear anything except Andie crying, so he just goes in. Andie doesn't look up she just sat on her bed crying and Pacey puts his arm around her and she just holds him and that's how they stayed for the rest of the night.

Part 2 coming soon!!! Why does Jack have an attitude problem? Is Andie gonna be okay? And why wasn't Jen there? All these answers and more coming up!!!!


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