Circle of Friends by: Lindsay

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Spoiler: Takes place right after "The Object of My Affection"

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[OPEN: Jen and Joey, sitting at the counter at the Ice House. Jen is wearing a long-sleeved navy blue button-up shirt and khaki pants. Joey is wearing a purple sweater and black jeans. Both girls have their hair down, and they each have a soda in front of them. It appears to be the afternoon.]

JOEY: Wait, Mike Randall, as in all-star second point guard Mike Randall?

[Jen nods her head with a half-smile and a confused look]

JOEY(with a

look of complete disbelief): You went out with Mike Randall? JEN: Yes, Joey! Why is that so hard to believe?

JOEY: It's not, I just . . . Mike Randall, huh? Well, I have to compliment you on your choice. To say he is good-looking would be an understatement.

JEN(smiles and nods knowingly): You're telling me. But what's the big deal, Joey?

JOEY: Oh, nothing, Mike and I just had this . . . thing. In sixth grade.

JEN(smiles, and leans forward, intent on getting some good gossip): Like, what kind of 'thing'?

JOEY(smiles sheepishly, and looks down): Well, he was my first boyfriend.

JEN(mouth opens wide, and she leans back in a bit of shock): You're kidding me!

JOEY: No, I, uh, I wish I was. 'Cause, well, he was my first something else, too.

JEN: Joey? (no response) C'mon, tell me!

JOEY: Alright, already. He was my first French kiss.

[Jen starts giggling.]

JOEY(indignantly): What? Jen? What the hell is so funny?

JEN(regaining her composure): Nothing, Joey, I, uh, so how was he?

JOEY: Well, it was- (Jen starts laughing again, harder this time) Jen stop it!

[Joey starts to protest, but soon joins in Jen's laughter]

JOEY(in between giggles): It was horrible! (calming down) I was completely and utterly disgusted. (makes a face) uggh . . . just thinking about it . . .

JEN(still amused): Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't think he was so bad.

JOEY(incredilous): He kissed you? (Jen nods in response) Jen! You waited this long to tell me?

JEN: I was looking for a good way to bring it up. (smiling, shaking her head) You should have seen the look on your face.

JOEY(thoughtfully): You wanna know the irony of the situation?

JEN: What's that?

JOEY: Well, since you moved here, you've kissed three guys, right?

JEN(thinking): Are you counting Pacey?

JOEY(makes a face): Unfortunately for you, yeah.

JEN(making a similar face): Okay. Continue.

JOEY: Well, I've only kissed three guys my whole life.

JEN(in disbelief): That's *it*?

JOEY(defensively): It's a small town, okay? We don't have the selection New York does.

JEN(nods): Point taken.

JOEY: You're pushing me off the subject. What I was getting at is that we each have three from Capeside on our lists, and two of them are the same people.

JEN(furrows her brow): Mike and . . .?

She comes to the realization, and says simultaneously with JOEY: Dawson.

(they nod in silence for a few seconds)

JOEY: Pretty weird, dontcha think, that we have *that* in common, of all things? I mean, considering we used to hate each other . . .

JEN: *You* hated *me*, Joey. The feeling was *not* mutual.

JOEY: Oh, come off it, Jen. You hated me when you were with Dawson, because you thought I'd come between your relationship with him.

JEN: You *did*.

JOEY: Hey, you dumped him. He was fair game.

[Jen is silent for a moment]

JEN: It's so great how we kept our promise to keep Dawson out of our friendship.

["I Will Be Your Friend" by Amy Grant starts playing, as Joey starts giggling, and Jen soon joins in. Their voices start to fade The camera zooms out as Joey crumples up her napkin and throws it at Jen, who in turn starts taking pieces of ice out of her soda, chucking them at Joey. The laughter of the two girls gets slightly louder as the scene fades to black]


[OPEN: Dawson, at his locker, shuffling through a mess of papers and other trash. He finds a banana that is completely brown, picks it up and looks thoroughly disgusted. He tosses it into a nearby trash can just as Joey walks up to him.]

JOEY: Hey, Dawson.

DAWSON(turning): Oh, hey, Jo.

[He kisses her gently on the cheek]

J: So, whatcha doin'?

D: I'm attempting to clean out my unbelievably disgusting locker. I think I just found a banana from October.

J(makes a face): Ew. So, what are we doing tonight?

D(with his head in his locker): Uh, I hadn't thought about it. (his head comes out and he looks at her) How 'bout an early movie night?

J: I don't know, Dawson. I was thinking maybe we could include Jen and Pacey tonight. I haven't seen much of them, especially Pacey, all week.

D: Jo, as happy as I am that you now *like* hanging out with Jen, and that you're actually *concerned* about the amount of time you spend with Pacey, I'd kinda like you for myself tonight. You haven't seen much of *me* much this week, either.

J: Dawson, I saw you last night.

D: Yeah, but we were studying for our math test.

J(crossing her arms, looking annoyed): Oh, so, if we don't make out, it doesn't count as 'seeing each other'?

D: No, that's not what I meant. (he looks at her, she still has her arms crossed. she isn't pleased) Jo, you know I didn't mean it like that. I just meant that I really enjoy the time we spend alone, when we're not preoccupied with other things. Please don't be mad, Jo.

J(sighing): Look Dawson, I'm not mad, but it's the last day of school before Winter Break. We should celebrating. I wanna hang out with my friends that I rarely see. If you were thinking with the head on top of shoulders, you would see that this is important to me. (she pauses to see if he is registering this. she can't read his face, so she continues) Pacey and Jen are my friends, okay? (she pauses again, shortly) Last time I checked, they were yours, too.

[With that, she walks away. Dawson stares at her for a second before calling out her name]

D: Joey!

[When she doesn't turn around, he runs after her]

D(while placing his hand on her shoulder): Jo!

[She turns around with crossed arms]

J: What, Dawson?

D: I'm sorry. You're right. We should hang out with our friends tonight.

J: Dawson, I don't want you saying things you don't mean just to make me happy.

D: I'm not, Jo. I really mean that. You have to understand where I'm coming from, though. I've got years and years of repressed desire inside of me. (she cracks a smile, so he continues) This is all so new, Jo, you and me. Now that I have you, I never want it to be the way it was before. I just want to hold you forever . . . which is kinda hard when there's company. Especially when that company consists of a jealous ex-girlfriend.

J: You think Jen still has the hots for you?

D: I know she does. Well, according to Pacey she does.

J: What does he know?

D: Hey, don't bash Pacey. He's the one who's spent the last two months trying to convince me that I was in love with you. (pauses) But, you're right. (teasing her) What does he know?

[Joey, in fake shock, punches him playfully on the arm]

J(jokingly, while punching him): How *dare* you?

[Dawson pushes her arm away and starts tickling her. She starts giggling uncontrollably until they hear a loud crash. They turn to see that all of Dawson's piled up books and trash from his locker have fallen over onto the ground. He looks at Joey and they both start laughing as they walk over to pick it all up]

D(slipping his arm around Joey's waist while they are walking): Jo?

J: Yeah?

D: Let's never fight again, okay?

J(smiling): Sounds good to me.

[Scene cuts to Jen, Joey, Pacey, and Dawson at lunch. Jen and Joey are sitting next to each other, with Pacey and Dawson across from them. Jen and Joey are engrossed in their conversation.]

JOEY: Tomorrow night, huh? Mike sure doesn't waste any time.

JEN: Well, I'm glad he doesn't. (pauses) You have to come over tomorrow, and help me pick out something to wear.

JOEY(looks uncertain): I don't know, Jen. I'm not good with that kind of stuff.

JEN: Please? C'mon, Joey. It'll be fun.

JOEY(teasing): Well, as long as I don't have to paint your nails . . . So, where are you guys going, anyway?

JEN: Well, dinner, for sure. After that, I don't know. He wouldn't say.

JOEY(smiling): Oooh, exciting. (jokingly) He's already more interesting than Dawson.

[The two girls giggle, and Dawson's ears perk up at the mention of his name]

D: Who's more interesting than me?

JEN: Nothing.

JOEY: No one.

D(scowling, turns to Pacey): Why did I encourage this friendship?

[Pacey shrugs]

JOEY: We're just talking about Jen's new boyfriend.

JEN: He's *not* my-

[Mike walks up behind her at that exact moment, before she can finish her sentence]

MIKE: Hey, Jen.

JEN(turns around suddenly): Hey, Mike.

M: Can I sit?

JEN: Huh? Oh, yeah, sure.

[Mike takes a seat next to her]

JEN: You know Dawson and Pacey, right?

[Mike nods at the two of them, and Dawson and Pacey return the gesture]

JEN(in a teasing voice): And I *know* you know Joey.

[Joey blushes as Mike replies to Jen]

M: Yeah, of course.

[There is an uncomfortable silence]

JOEY(standing up): Well, I should go. Dawson, you coming?

D(standing up): Yeah.

[Dawson takes his trash to the garbage can, and Pacey follows his lead, while Joey leans over and whispers in Jen's ear]

JOEY(in a fake threatening tone): You are *so* dead.

JEN(smiles): See ya tonight, Joey.


[OPEN: Jen, Joey, Pacey, and Dawson are standing in line at the Rialto. The camera is focused far away, so we see the whole theater. It is very crowded. Jen and Joey are behind Dawson and Pacey, giggling about something. We can't hear their voices very well until the camera zooms in to the four of them.]

JOEY(just after she's done laughing): I can't believe I agreed to see this movie.

PACEY: Oh, come on Joey, it'll be great. The special effects are supposed to be awesome.

JOEY(sarcastically): Oh, yeah. Guns, bombs, huge explosions. Sounds like a real quality movie to me.

D: Jo, how can you say that? You know action-adventure movies are extremely difficult to film. When you're demolishing things, you only get one shot at it. If you mess up, you're pretty much screwed. And the directors-

JOEY(interrupting): *Okay* Dawson. I get it. I'm sorry, but this end-of-the-world crap doesn't appeal to me.

D: You liked "Independence Day."

JOEY: Two words for you Dawson: Will Smith

JEN(trying to ease the tension): Hey, Joey, I got two more words for ya.

JOEY(turns to look at Jen): And they would be?

JEN: Ben Affleck.

JOEY(squeals with delight): He's in this? (Jen nods her head, smiling. Joey turns to Dawson) Okay, I'm in.

[Dawson sighs, exasperated. Pacey just pats him on the shoulder]

D simultaneously with P: Women.

[Dawson buys the tickets for him and Joey, Jen buys her own, and Pacey buys his. The four friends walk into the theater as the scene fades to black]

[Scene cuts to the four walking out of the theater. It is night time. Dawson has his arm around Joey, Jen looks distraught]

JOEY: Okay, Pacey, I'll say it. But listen carefully, 'cause you'll never hear it from me again.

[Pacey smiles devilishly]

JOEY(sighs): Contrary to my previous-

P(interrupting): Not to mention stereotypical. (Joey shoots him a dirty look) Sorry. Continue, please.

JOEY: -beliefs, that was a really good movie. I was wrong. You were right.

P: Well, I hate to say I told you so, but . . . I told you so! Heh heh . . .

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey.

P(smiling): With pleasure.

JEN(with her arms crossed): Well, as much as I'd love to stay here and listen to you two bicker all night, since it's quite the rarity these days, I should be getting home. Grams has been extra protective of me lately, and I want to keep her in a good mood.

P(looks uncomfortable with the thought of being alone with Dawson and Joey): Hey, Jen, it's freezing out here. Let me drive you home. Besides, there's all sorts of weirdoes out there, y' know?

JEN(sarcastically): Yeah, Pacey. You're one of 'em.

[Pacey pretends to be hurt, and wipes a fake tear from his eye. Jen stands there with her arms crossed, amused at him. All of the sudden, he lunges at her, and starts tickling her. She is laughing uncontrollably]

JEN: Okay, Pacey! I give!

P(stops): So, are you guys ready to go? I mean, Dawson, Jo, do you guys mind leaving now?

[Dawson and Joey glance at each other and shrug, neither wanting the night to be over]

D(to Joey): Well, it's not *too* far to your house from here. We *could* walk. Then we can see each other a little longer. I mean, unless you want to-

JOEY: Spend the night? I guess I could. It's been a week since I have, so I don't think Bessie will mind. I mean, if that's okay-

D: No, it's perfect, Jo. Maybe we can actually *talk*. This week has been so hectic . . .

JOEY: I know. (suddenly remembering Jen and Pacey, who are looking at them expectantly) Uh, so yeah. We're ready to go.

[The four of them walk to Pacey's car, which is nearby, and get in. Jen takes shotgun, while Joey and Dawson hop in back. As Pacey starts his car, Dawson leans over and kisses Joey. They start talking softly, and we can't understand them. The camera zooms in on Jen, who does not look happy. "Ain't That Unusual" by the Goo Goo Dolls starts playing]

P(after a few seconds of observing Jen, places a hand on her shoulder, and speaks softly): Hey, Jen, it'll be okay.

JEN(laughs nervously): What are you talking about, Pacey?

P: I'm talkin' about Dumb and Dumber back there (motions to the backseat- Joey and Dawson are wrapped up in a kiss) I don't expect you to be over him just 'cause he's with someone new. Or just 'cause you are, for that matter.

JEN(sighs and looks out the window): Yeah, well, *I* didn't expect this to last so long.

P: Oh, c' mon. You really like Mike, right?

JEN(turns to look at him): Yeah. I do.

P: Trust me, Jen. A few more dates with him, you'll be over ol' Spielberg junior back there.

JEN(smiles at his comment): Y' think?

P:Oh, I *know*. It's *Dawson*, for cryin' out loud. I mean, he's a nice guy, but geez! His life is devoted to the movies, in almost every way, shape and form. (Jen smiles) And unless you get off on that kinda stuff, he's about as much fun as tube of toothpaste.

JEN(giggles a little): Thanks, Pacey. For putting things in perspective.

P: Hey, no problem. I've known the guy my whole life, practically. Anytime you need some repulsive information about Dawson, you gotta come to me. I could go on forever about his hair, and I could even tell you the *real* reason why we used to call him oompa-loompa.

JEN(laughs): I might take you up on that sometime, Pace.

[She glances back at Dawson and Joey. Dawson has leaned back and pulled Joey with him, putting them in a more compromising position, and her smile fades. She turns to look out the window again for a few seconds before the scene fades to black]


[OPEN: Joey and Jen, in Jen's room. There are a few shirts and sweaters strewn among the floor and Jen's bed. Jen is wearing a red v-neck sweater and black jeans.]

JEN(looking at herself in a full-length mirror): Uck.

JOEY: Umm . . . I'm gonna say pass on those jeans. They don't look right with red. But the sweater is really cute. Try a white t-shirt underneath, and . . . (gets up and looks in Jen's closet. She pulls out an ankle-length skirt, black with red and white flowers) this.

JEN(goes over to her drawer, and pulls out a white t-shirt, then grabs the skirt from Joey): Okay, let's try this again.

[Scene cuts to Dawson and Pacey, sitting behind the counter at the video store]

D: So, how come you aren't with Kate tonight?

P(looks at him like he's stupid): 'Cause I'm at work, with *you*, dumbass.

D(looks confused for a second): Oh yeah.

P: Man, have you got it bad.

D: What? What are you talking about?

P: Love. You're head over heels in love. It's so obvious it's pathetic.

D(smiling, dreamy look on his face): Yeah . . . yeah I am.

P: Well, at least you're not denying it anymore.

[Scene cuts back to Joey and Jen, still in Jen's room. Jen is standing in front of the mirror, wearing Joey's suggested outfit, and looking pleased with herself.]

JOEY(smiling): You look great, Jen.

JEN: Thanks, Joey. I couldn't have done it without you. So, do you have plans with Dawson tonight?

JOEY(looks at her watch): Yeah, he gets off work in about an hour.

JEN(starts to pick up the rest of her clothes): What are you guys doing? Same ol', same ol'?

JOEY: Yeah, unfortunately.

JEN: Do I detect a note of unhappiness in your voice?

JOEY: Yeah, but it's not Dawson's fault. It just gets boring around here in the winter, cause it's too cold to do anything. Over the years, I think I've seen every movie known to man.

JEN: Oh, come on. It's not like you guys really *watch* the movies anymore.

JOEY: Actually . . .

JEN(in disbelief): So, sex hasn't come up yet?

JOEY: Jen! We've only been together a little over a week!

JEN: Joey, you've been *together* your whole lives.

JOEY: Well, you know what I mean. We know each other really well, emotionally, but physically . . . (she trails off again)

JEN(smiling, inquisitively): So, how far have you guys gone?

[Just then, the doorbell rings]

MRS. RYAN(off-stage): Jennifer! Michael is here!

JOEY(smiling): Saved by the bell.

JEN(smiling as well): For now. But this conversation is *not* over.

[Scene cuts to Mike, waiting inside the door. He sees Joey and Jen walk down the stairs together]

MIKE: Hey, Joey. Wow, Jen, you look great.

[Jen and Joey smile at each other]

JEN: Thanks, Mike.

JOEY(while walking past Jen and Mike to the door): Well, have a good time, Jen. Call me tomorrow or something. I get off work at seven.

JEN: Okay, Joey. And thanks again.

JOEY(smiles): No problem.

[Joey walks out the door, shutting it behind her]

JEN(smiling): So, where are we going?

MIKE: Dinner.

JEN: And after?

MIKE(smiling devilishly): I told you. It's a suprise.

MRS. RYAN(pops her head out of the kitchen): Be sure to have her home by midnight, Michael.

MIKE: Will do, Mrs. Ryan.

[Him and Jen turn to leave]

JEN: Bye, Grams!

MRS. RYAN: Good-bye, Jennifer. Have fun.

[Jen and Mike walk out the door]

[Scene cuts back to Dawson and Pacey at the video store]

P(looking around at the empty store): Man, it sure is slow for a Saturday night.

D: No kidding. What time is it?

P(looking at his watch): 7:30. You off at eight?

D(smiling): Yep. How 'bout you?

P: I gotta stay 'till eleven. Stan wants me to close.

D: Does that guy ever do *anything* himself?

[Pacey just rolls his eyes]

D: So, Jo and I are having another movie night. What do you suggest?

P: C'mon, Dawson. We both know you're not actually going to *watch* the movie.

D: God, Pace, is that all you think about? Believe it or not, there is more to a relationship than sex. What Joey and I have is better.

P: How so?

D: Well, we're emotionally and spiritually connected, for one thing. We have deep feelings for each other that go beyond lust. And, we're . . . (struggling) we're, uh, very respectful of one another.

P: That's great, Dawson, but you had all that before she was your girlfriend. Face it, man. You guys are nothing but best friends who kiss.

D(with an informative tone): Pace, we've done a *lot* more than just *kiss*.

P(smiling, now that he's finally getting details): Oh, yeah? Like what?

D: Well, last night, we-

[He stops when they hear the bell on the door ding. They both look up to see who has entered]

[Close-up of Pacey, who furrows his brow for a second before realizing who it is. He stands up with a look of pure shock on his face]

P: Tamara?

TAMARA: Hello, Pacey.


[OPEN: Right where we left off. The video store, Pacey standing up, Dawson sitting next to him. Both have looks of disbelief on their faces]

P: Tammy (pauses) uh, sorry, *Ms. Jacobs*, what, uh, what are you doing here?

T: I'm in town for the week, visiting some family and friends for the holidays. I just wanted to see how you're doing.

P(still in shock): Yeah, I, uh, I'm doing pretty good . . . and yourself?

[Just then, another customer enters the store, eyeing Tamara and Pacey suspiciously]

T(looking at the customer, then back at Pacey): I'm doing okay. I'm adjusting well at my new school, so...

P: Listen, Ta- uh, Ms. Jacobs, I'm, uh, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. If I could-

T(interupting): I know you would, Pacey. No more apologies, okay? (nods his head, she lowers her voice) So, do you want to go somewhere and talk?

[Joey walks into the store]

J: Hey Dawson. Hey Pace. (eyes Tamara) Ms. Jacobs?

T: Hello, Joey. (turns back to Pacey expectantly) How 'bout it?

P: Uh, listen, I'd really like that, but I have to work until eleven.

T: Oh. Tomorrow then?

P: Sure.

T: Three o' clock, be here. (leans in and speaks even softer) We'll go somewhere out of town.

P(smiling): I'll be here.

[Tamara smiles, and walks out of the store]

J: *What* was that all about?

P: Nothing.

J(doesn't look convinced, crosses her arms): I'm surprised that woman doesn't hate you, after what you did.

[Pacey bites his lip to keep his mouth shut]

J: Frankly, I'm more surprised that she'd even set foot in this town again. She's got guts. But what in the world did she want to see you for?

P(clears his throat, is getting angry): Look, Joey. That stuff that I supposedly made up about me and Ms. Jacobs . . . that was true, okay? Remember that tape you saw? Guy with the throbbing neck muscles? You called me perverted for wanting to see it? That was me. (pauses) On the tape. (pauses again) With Tamara.

[Joey has been listening, her eyes growing wider and wider as Pacey went on. He finishes, and it is silent for a few seconds before she bursts out laughing]

J(in between giggles): Oh! Oh, that's good, Pace! Tell another joke! (she continues laughing, and when she finishes, she looks at his scowling face) hehe . . . that *was* a joke, wasn't it?

P(shortly): No.

[He walks into the back room]

J: Oh my God. Dawson, did you-

[Dawson nods his head. Joey walks behind the counter, and into the back room. Pacey is sitting in the corner, trying extremely hard not to cry]

J: Pacey, I'm sorry. I didn't know.

P: Don't worry about it.

[She sits down next to him]

J: Did you really like her?

P: Yeah, actually, I did. It wasn't just about the sex, although . . .

J(smiling): Save it, Pace.

P: Well, she wants to see me tomorrow. (sighs, burying his face in his hands) how am gonna do this? I mean, it's not like I just *did* like her, y' know? I still *do*.

J(nods her head): I understand. But Pacey, you've got Kate now, remember? And there's no way to say this without sounding rude, but you're a *lot* better off with someone your own age.

P: I know. It's just gonna take some time, that's all.

[They are silent for a few seconds]

P: Jo?

J: Yeah?

P: Tell Dawson he can go ahead and leave now. I'll cover for him.

J(smiling): Thanks, Pace. (then, on impulse, reaches over and kisses him on the cheek) Good luck tomorrow.

P: Thanks, Jo.

[Joey gets up, and walks to the front of the video store]

J: Hey, Dawson. Pacey says we can leave now. He's gonna cover for you.

D: Is he okay?

J: Yeah, he'll be fine.

D: I guess I just never really knew that she actually meant something to him . . . So anyway, what movie do you wanna see, Jo?

J: I don't care, Dawson. I was thinking maybe we could just talk tonight.

D: Okay, Jo. What about?

J(crooked smile): Oh, I don't know. Just *stuff*.

D(shrugs): Okay, sure.

[Dawson slips his arm around Joey's waist, and they walk out of the store together]

[Scene cuts to Jen, in Mike's car]

J: You're talking me dancing?!

M(smiling): Yep. Sound like fun?

J: Actually, it does. Where at?

M: The Rave.

J: Don't you have to be 18 to get in there?

M: Yeah, but my brother works there, so it's all good.

J(leaning back in her seat): Wow. I have to say, I'm impressed. I never would have guessed.

M(smiling): It's just a sample of my work , though.

J: Your *work*?

M: Yep. Good ol' unpredictable me. (he reaches over, and puts his hand over Jen's) I figured, after Dawson, you need some spice in your life.

J(smiles): Ain't that the truth.

[Scene cuts to Joey and Dawson, walking along the beach. "Lovesong" by Tori Amos is playing softly]

D: So talk already, Jo.

J: What?

D: You said you wanted to talk, so go for it.

[Joey stops, and sits down on a log. Dawson sits next to her]

D: Jo?

J(sighing): I suppose now's as good of a time as ever. (pauses) Dawson, I wanted to talk about us. Every night we spend together, we explore more and more of, uh, each other. (Dawson blushes a little) And every night, we come closer and closer to the inevitable. I just think maybe we should talk about this before we get to that point. You know, so we aren't caught up in a moment.

D: I agree with you, completely, Jo, but I don't know what you want me to say. I want that moment to come, y' know? I want to show my love for you in every way possible. But, Jo, I would never push you into something you're not ready for. I know things have been going really quickly these last couple weeks, and if you want to slow it down for awhile, I comp-

J(a little too loud): No! (embarrassed, speaks softer) No, Dawson. I definitely *don't* want to slow down. I'm not even sure how I feel about sex. Cause I think I'm ready. But everyday I see Bessie and think, man, I don't want that. So, if we started . . . I mean, if we decided . . . well, I'd go on birth control. But for the first time, I don't want to plan it all out. I say, whatever happens, happens. I just think we should know where we stand on the issue. Of course, I won't know how I *really* feel until the moment is shoved in my face. But what about you, Dawson?

D: What do you mean? Am *I* ready?

J: Well, yeah.

D(looks at Joey lovingly, puts his hand on the side of her head, stroking her hair): Jo, I love you more than anything in the whole world. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Every time I see something new, or feel something new, I want to share it with you. I even think . . . I even think I want to share the rest of my life with you. (Joey's eyes widen) I can't imagine sharing something as romantic and life changing as sex with anyone *but* you. So, yes, I'm ready. I think I've been ready my whole life.

J: Wow, Dawson, was that rehearsed?

D(smiling): No, but it sounded good, didn't it?

J(smiling and blushing): Yeah . . .

D: Jo, I'm saying it should happen tonight, or tomorrow, or even next week. I think that, when the time is right, we'll know.

J(standing up): You're right. Thanks for being so patient and understanding.

D(standing up and smiling): It's what I do best. (pauses as he puts his arm around Joey) Did I ever tell you how wonderful you are?

J(sarcastically): Never.

D: Well, you are.

[They walk in silence for a few seconds]

J: Dawson?

D: Yeah?

J: So are you.

[Dawson stops, knowing Joey isn't one to dish out compliments, and kisses her on her forehead]

J: What was that for?

D: Because you love me.

J(smiling): Yeah, well, that's number one on my long list of faults.

[Dawson smiles as the old Joey emerges. He reaches over and tickles her until they fall to the sand, laughing. Dawson lies on top of her, kissing her gently, and the kiss becomes deeper as the camera zooms out, and the scene fades to black]



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