I Know What You Did Last Summer by: Lisa


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Classification: P/J
Rating: This part, G. Subsequent parts - dunno. Nothing over PG.

Disclaimer: The idea for this fanfic was shamelessly lifted from I Know What You Did Last Summer, as if you couldn't tell by the title. Some of the plot was also taken from the movie. The characters in the fanfic all belong to Kevin Williamson et al. I'm not brilliant enough to come up with an original plot or characters, so I'm borrowing them.

Author's Note: This is loosely based on the film "I Know What You Did Last Summer". I got the idea for this fanfic during a bout of insomnia at five am. So, when I should have been sleeping, I was planning out this thing. Sad, isn't it? Sigh. And I wonder why I'm always tired… Anyhow, send along the feedback. You know I love it. And I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this one (I have some idea, but not really) and I'd love the input. LMK what you think of it.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

               "Bessie! I'm home!" Joey called as she dropped her bags and suitcase on the floor of her tiny house. She yawned; the trip home from the University of Richmond had been a long one. It was only six in the evening, but she felt as if she had been awake for days.               

"Hey, Joey," Bessie called from the kitchen. "Come on in!" Joey smiled at the sound of her sister's voice. She stepped into the doorway of the kitchen, reveling in the feeling of home that enveloped her. She hadn't seen anyone in her hometown since the August before, when she had boarded the train to Virginia and escaped everything in Capeside. Dawson, Pacey, Jen, and…the incident. She pushed thoughts of it out of her mind and walked over to her sister. Bessie crushed her in a bear hug.              

"How's college?" Bessie asked.      

"Pretty good. It's tough, but I'm happy there," Joey replied. "It's so different from here, though, that it took a long time to get used to. Nothing's the same down there."               

"It took us a long time to get used to not seeing you at the Icehouse or sitting on the couch, too, Jo," Bessie said. "We've really missed you." Joey felt her eyes well up with tears. She cursed that night and the accident. She had been all set to go to Boston University, to be with Pacey and near home, when it happened. Nothing had been the same between any of them. Dawson was in California, the last she had heard. He had taken it the hardest out of any of them. Her thoughts of what she had lost were interrupted by her sister.               

"Dawson and Jen were here earlier. They want to see you," she told her.               

"Dawson and Jen?" she repeated. "I thought Jen went back in New York."               

"She was going to go back, but whatever made you and Dawson and Pacey change your plans had the same effect on her. She works at the Icehouse now. Pacey works at the marina; he skipped BU too." She shook her head. "Teenagers. Sometimes you get the craziest ideas. I wonder about you four sometimes. You and Pacey are all set for Boston University, Jen and Dawson are ready for New York University, and all of a sudden, boom! You all decide to do something else with your lives."               

"Must be something in the water," Joey laughed weakly. She shivered. Bessie had no idea what had happened last summer. And Joey wanted to keep it that way. She wanted to forget that it had ever happened.               

"Joey!" Bodie boomed from the doorway with Alex in his arms. "Welcome back!"               

"Hi, Bodie," she smiled. She had forgotten how much she missed everyone in Capeside. Especially Alex, who by now could actually walk. She picked him up.               

"Hey, little guy," she cooed. He gurgled and smiled. Bodie and Bessie smiled as well. Joey glanced around the kitchen. This is what my life should be like. I should be with my family and friends, not with a bunch of strangers, she thought sadly.               

"So, did you get my package at the post office?" Bessie asked Bodie, breaking the mood.               

"Yeah, it's sitting on the couch. That's a big box just for a sweater for Alex, Bess," he said, raising his eyebrows. She smirked.               

"Well, there might be a few other things in there…" she teased.              

"Bess," he said warningly.               

"Come on! One pair of pants for me and a few shirts! That's not too much to ask for, is it? Some clothing?" He groaned.               

"Whatever you say," he said, giving up. "By the way, Jo, there's a letter for you there too."               

"A letter? Who would write me here?" she wondered aloud. Bodie shrugged.               

"No return address. Open it and find out while I go beat up your sister for blowing all our money." Alex squealed with joy as Bessie and Bodie chased each other around the tiny living room, laughing. Joey smiled and sat down on the couch.               

She picked up the letter. It was a basic white envelope, with her name and address neatly printed on the front. She shrugged and tore it open. Probably one of those mass mailings from Capeside High School, begging for money, she thought cynically. She ripped it open. What she saw stopped her heart. In the same neat printing, in black ink, were seven words:

Here's a shocker…to be continued. Send along some feedback!


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