Prolouge by: Lisa


Summary: Joey and Dawson's have been dating for a year.

Author's Note: This is my very first fanfic. E-mail me with comments and suggestions.


Joey was ecstatic. Her shift at the Icehouse was almost over. But that's not why she was so excited. Today was her and Dawson's one year anniversary. And Dawson was planning something very special for her.


Dawson was rushing around the house getting the rest of the stuff packed. He was planning a romantic candle lit dinner at the ruins. He had went to the ruins earlier to set up. It was beautiful. He knew Joey would love it. It was almost 8:00pm and he had to be leaving.


Joey walked out of the bathroom at the Icehouse.

"Wow, Jo, you look great!" Bessie exclaimed.

"You're gonna knock Dawson's socks off," Pacey added.

Joey was wearing a very simple knee length violet dress. Her hair was pulled back in a french braid with little tendrils falling out. "Thank you, guys. Well, I'm off. Bess, I probably won't be back until late, so don't wait up. Bye."

"Bye," Pacey and Bessie said.


Dawson was putting the final touches on everything. Everything was perfect. Now all he had to do was sit and wait for Joey.


Joey couldn't stop smiling. She was so happy with her life. She had Dawson, who she loved. She and Pacey had quit bickering so much and become great friends. Business at Icehouse was booming. She couldn't have asked for more. Her life couldn't more perfect. Until now...........


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