Down The Path of True Love by: Matahari


Personal message: Part 11. Well, this one took a long time, but it is finally out. I hope nobody got too tired of waiting :) I'm so sorry it's just been a really busy year. This one will basically focus on what Dawson and Joey are doing in the ruins and shows an outsider's view about things that happened in the past. The next one will will probably have some of the same and maybe also some of what's happening with Pacey and Andie. That's about it! The focus switches in here so just expect it.

Rating: Hmm...possibly PG...PG-13? There's kissing in this part... more in quantity and description than usual I think.

Spoilers: If you know whatever things in here are spoilers than this doesn't matter anyway. If you don't...well, everything in here could just be from my imagination...maybe not.

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Down the Path of True Love

Joey stared into Dawson's eyes and for the moment really did believe that it *could* get better. "It's the magic of the full moon..." she thought, "It makes people act in ways that they normally wouldn't..." She was getting very nervous and anxious. She knew that they would go through the skit as they had prepared in Dawson's house. Well, *almost* exactly like they had practiced in Dawson's house. They had never actually rehearsed the kiss. That was going to be interesting when it happened.

Joey was afraid that she might get completely undone when Dawson kissed her...his kisses always seemed to do that to her for some reason. Her kiss with Anderson, even with the near perfect setting and situation, never held up to any of her kisses with Dawson. There was passion, mystery, awe-inspiring magic, that just seemed to describe the moment when their lips touched, their eyes met briefly for a moment, and they gazed at each other in that tiny millisecond to reach into the depths of each other's souls.

It was amazing that the person she had known for most of her life and had known her for just as long, could invoke these powerful emotions with a simple touch, glance or word. Just a few years ago, she would have never dreamed that she would be giving in to the feelings for a "boy" as she had teased Bessie about then.


When Bessie was dating Bodie, one evening while they were out on the porch together, Joey decided to interrupt and found them making out on the swing. Joey had opened her eyes wide and rushed quietly back into the house. When Bessie had finally come inside, Joey, with her trademark sarcasm had asked, "I am so glad that nobody's going to suck my face like a vacuum cleaner like that." Bessie had responded, "You never, know sis'. I practically guarantee that you will and that you'll actually enjoy it." with a secret smile.

Dawson glanced at Joey sitting beside him. She seemed a million miles away. Her head was tilted slightly to the side and her eyes had a glazed look. She looked happy enough though because there was the smallest sign of a smile on her face.


Here they were...the ruins at last. He wasn't exactly sure how everything would turn out. I mean, he was pretty sure there was no one he knew that would have ever been in this situation before...a single night in which to forget virtually everything in the world around them and to just focus on each other. If he played his cards right he might even convince Joey to get back together with him...the question was, were they every actually together in the first place? It was confusing because to him, the line that divided friendship and love was very ambiguous when it was applied to his and Joey's relationship. Were they destined to be best friends who kissed occasionally forever or were they meant to experience so much more?

Over the years, it was like she had slowly become a part of him, something inherent to his survival. She was the air that he breathed, the water he drank, the food that he ate. Lately, he had been realizing just how much he needed her.


After a few seemingly long minutes, Joey realized that between her and Dawson there hadn't been that much conversation. Also, she had come to discover that Dawson was staring at her. Sure, there used to be silences before, but she had always enjoyed them, knowing that she and Dawson didn't have to speak to understand completely what each other was thinking.

Now...there was a feeling of something wanting, of incompleteness like a part of her was missing. A nagging doubt in her being told her that it was probably him, but her thoughts from her mind pounded the doubt that came from her heart begging to be heard. Instead she ignored her heart, turned to Dawson and said, "Why don't we start?"


Unbeknownst to the two friends, more than friends or whatever they were, (As Dawson said, it's very confusing defining their relationship) on top of a hill overlooking the ruins, a watcher thoughtfully lifted his head from a golden rimmed ivory telescope.

A slight breeze whipped the light material of the lace curtains from the open window. Behind it could be seen a man, more or less in his mid 30's with light brown hair and piercing black eyes. He sighed softly, his chest heaving slightly with emotion. By his manners and dress, people could assume that he was no regular peeping Tom and they would be absolutely correct.

When his mother had died of her chronic disease there was sadness, but also a feeling of release. His father and he had known that the time was dwindling down quickly and she was getting weaker and weaker. Her one last wish was to go to Greece, yet her condition made it virtually impossible, but nothing is impossible with love.

The love shared between his mother and father was a like of which he'd never thought he'd ever see again. It was this love that gave his mother her Greece and granted her one wish. After his mother's death, it was not that unsurprising that his father died soon afterward. They always seemed to have this connection...this bond which would last for all eternity...something that even death could not destroy. For some strange reason he felt the same sort of bond between the two young people in the ruins.


Despite the fact that basically everyone thought he was just a grumpy, bitter, man he was very much a romantic. He knew that young lovers came into the ruins for romantic rendezvous and he could chase them away anytime he wanted for trespassing, but he didn't care. He had no need for money (his parents had left him a sizable inheritance) and had spent a large bit of his life searching for the same kind of love that his parents had shared. However, it always seemed just beyond his grasp.

He began to lose all hope of even the existence of true love until one day he saw them. A young boy with golden curls and a girl with dark flowing hair were chasing each other across the street one late afternoon. That day, he had decided to do something that he only rarely did. He had gotten out of the house and gone to a small cafe in Capeside to have a cup of coffee and get in touch with the real world. Seeing those reminded him so much of his parents when he was a young boy. There was an innocence and friendship that would ultimately lead to love.

He decided right then and there to find out whatever he could about them, but he had to be subtle. He discovered that Dawson Leery...that was the boy's name...came from a relatively middle class family living in a suburban neighborhood. His mother was a news anchor and his father...well, his father was currently trying to design this restaurant with a octopus theme or something like that. The boy had this strong ambition to be a film maker, something that wasn't a common occurance in a small town.

The girl that Dawson was chasing was not so lucky. It turned out that she lived down the far side of the creek. Her family ran the restaurant next to the high school and they just barely made ends meet. Her name was Josephine Potter, but only her mother and some teachers called her that. If you did happen to call her by her full name, let's just say you would not make the same mistake ever again. Ever. She was certainly a spitfire from the looks of it and had a spirit that didn't seem like it could be tamed. It also happened that the two often had sleepovers which most of the uptight townspeople looked down upon. He placed this in his mental notebook.

Later, he found out that her mother had died of cancer, a occurance which he truly sympathized with. Standing just beyond the trees in the cemetery, he watched the funeral procession and saw her finding solace in the arms of her best friend, none other than the boy he had seen chasing her before. Her father had been jailed a few months ago ...something about trafficking marijuana... and she was placed in the sole care of her sister and her sister's live-in boyfriend. He knew it was rough for them and every once in awhile he would place an oversized tip in somebody's place after they had left to help a little.

He heard after awhile that Dawson had started dating this new girl in town...a Jen Lindley, but he was right in thinking that it wouldn't last. Later on, he also found out that Joey (Josephine) had gotten first runner up in the Miss. Windjammer Pageant at the Yacht Club of which he was a member.

However, that was not the reason why he had left the place smiling. The reason was that he had managed to catch a glimpse of Dawson's face when he saw Joey come out onto that stage with a look of surprise and realization and when he saw the glance that passed between the two when they walked out together along the dock.


Now the moment was here...the time when it would all come together he thought as he turned from the scene. He slowly gave one last glance to the illuminated figures down in the ruins before at last drawing the transparent curtains to a close. As he stepped back towards the middle of the room he whispered a low, "Good luck." Maybe *they* would travel where few were blessed enough to tread...down the path of true love.


The moonlight glittered off the silver of the camcorder stand as Dawson set it up next to a pale white column. He carefully placed the video camera on the stand and gazed through the lens. No. It wasn't completely right. A little to the left. Yes. There it was. Perfect. There was Joey, right in his field of vision...exactly where he always wanted her to be. "Joey?" he called, "Do you think we need to rehearse some more? You know, just to be sure?"


Joey thought about that for a moment. No, there wasn't anything else to memorize. She knew every line, every motion, every movement that she needed to make....that was of course, pertaining to the performance of the to her normal life she was in utter confusion. "No, I've think that we've practiced enough. Let's get on with the real thing." Once that sentence had come out she had immediately started to blush. She had just realized how her comment could be misconstrued.

When she turned to Dawson she realized that he must have also had the same realization, but he tried not to show it. She suddenly noticed something else. During all the time she had been in the ruins with Dawson, she hadn't realized what he had been wearing. She had mainly focused on feeling embarrassed, nervous and well, something else. He had a silken white shirt that flowed at the arms and black pants and boots. His also seemed to have a red sash tied around the waist. It was probably one of his mother's silk scarves she thought laughingly. He had tried to look as authentic as possible with what he had.

"Well, I guess we should start." she said.

"Yeah. Umm...I'll get the camera ready. We want to get everything situated. How about we have the camera just focus on the "balcony" and then we come into the scene." Dawson said as he slipped something in his had behind his back.

"Sure. Sounds great."

"Okay. Lights! Camera! Action!" Dawson said with a smile.


The moonlight shone on Dawson's makeshift balcony creating a trail of light for Dawson and Joey to enter upon. Their furtive figures could be seen traveling towards their final destination. Dawson and Joey had to play the part of people who were completely in love (big stretch right?) and so they pretended to laugh and Dawson's lips left tiny butterfly kisses along Joey's neck which Joey and Dawson admitted to themselves was not an unwanted or undesirable thing.


What came as a tiny surprise was when Dawson lifted Joey up onto the "balcony" in his arms and she felt his chest heave with the effort. Her lips brushed his cheek as he left her on the ascent. Dawson closed his eyes briefly and there was a slight intake of breath. He reached behind him and brought forward a red rose that he had hidden from her sight before. The effect was a truly genuine look of surprise and a trace of Dare he hope?

He looked into her eyes and let his gaze linger for a few seconds longer than necessary then let them dart down towards the flower in his hand. He slowly brought his lips down to the dewy petals and reverently kissed them. Then he slowly let the rose glide delicately up Joey's arm and onto her shoulder, cheek, then finally her lips.

Now was the scene of initial parting. Dawson gently brought down the rose, regretfully. He opened up her fingers from her palm with his and then placed the scented flower into her hand. He carefully closed the smooth hand with his own and then bent down and let his lips travel down the very tips of her fingers before encasing her in a loving embrace.


Joey's expressive eyes showed forth a deep sadness and longing and slowly pulled Dawson closer to her. Her heart stirred suddenly as she gazed into his eyes and she and he spoke their lines. They were near the part with the nurse--they wouldn't have another person so Dawson had said that he would dub someone's voice in for the nurse's lines. Joey paused leaving space to place the nurse's part and then it was time for Dawson's line and that inevitable event to occur...


"Farewell, farewell! one kiss, and I'll descend." Dawson heard the words that he was speaking vaguely as if he wasn't the one talking at all. Dawson looked at Joey. Her eyes were all of pent-up desire, anxiousness, and longing. They both hesitated for a moment. It was kind of silly that one event could possibly affect their lives since they had known each other for so long, but that's exactly how each of them felt.


Little events in life that don't seem important now might have tremendous unforeseen effects later on. It's happened before. Now here was that moment that could change both of their existences or maybe do nothing at all. Dawson knew with all his heart that he wanted to kiss her--that he wanted for Joey to feel the emotions that were so strong inside him, he felt that he would burst if he didn't. He hesitated for a moment, licked his lips and closed his eyes.


Joey noticed that she wasn't the only one who was hesitating when they were about to kiss. It was nice to know that even through all the conflicting feelings and emotions for Dawson there would always be something that connected the two of them like they were in a way kindred spirits. Maybe she had put too much value on this kiss they were going to have...I mean, how special could a kiss really be? Actually now that she thought about it, any kiss of Dawson's had a very powerful effect on her and he had only kissed her a few times. Her knees weakened, her heart quickened, her cheeks warmed and her whole soul filled with intense completeness and joy. As she wondered she realized that whatever this kiss meant it was going to be the last if she had meant what she had said to Dawson before... "Only tonight." ...She closed her eyes and then she and Dawson joined together in a sweet, emotion-filled kiss. --But after the kiss what would happen?


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