A Smile Like Yours Part 1 by: Melissa


Author's Note: This could be anytime after 'Sex She Wrote', but that's about all. It has no specific place in time. Basically, they're all friends, Jen included, and Joey and Dawson are together. I hope you liked this, it's based on personal experience. I would love feedback on this.

A Smile Like Yours

Andie sighed heavily as she leaned opened her locker. Another day of school was upon here, and she could think of about 20 places she would rather be. She felt wretched, and had all morning. The first 4 periods seemed to crawl by, oh well, at least she had lunch break now. She could rest for a while.

She was placing her books back in her locker, when a sudden wave of dizziness passed over her. Andie grabbed the door of the locker, leaned her head against it and closed her eyes as she waited for the feeling to pass. She was still standing that way when Pacey came up from behind her.

"Hey McPhee, you ok?" he asked. She turned to her boyfriend, and tried her best to look healthy.

"Hello. Yeah, I'm fine, couldn't be better." Andie smiled at him then gave him a quick kiss.

"You sure, you don't look so well."

"I'm fine, stop worrying, I'm just tired is all. PMS got me down" She closed her locker door.

"Oh, you poor thing, need a back rub?" he offered.

Andie smiled at his sweetness. "No, I'll be fine, but thanks for the offer." She kissed him again. "Come on, the others will be wondering where we are."

"OK." Pacey replied reluctantly, as he followed her down the hall to the cafeteria.

After collecting trays of so-called 'food', they searched for their friends. Pacey spotted Jen who was watching something across the room.

"Hey, what's so interesting." He asked as he and Andie approached her.

"That." Said Jen as she giggled. Pacey followed her gaze to a nearby table where he saw Dawson and Joey sitting there, quite involved in a game of 'let's see who can suck out the most oxygen from the other'. Pacey smiled at the others evilly, and headed over to the table, Jen and Andie following.

"A-hem!" Pacey cleared his throat loudly, as Jen laughed. The couple flew apart, and Joey gave Pacey a Look. "As much as I am pleased about the fact that you two are back together, I think you should keep the public foreplay to a minimum." Pacey said as he Andie and Jen sat down.

Dawson and Joey ignored his comment, and moved on, talking about the group's summer plans. With only three weeks of school left, summer was the main topic on their minds. Plans were being tentatively made for a road trip up the coast, or into the city, and all involved were very excited.

Joey watched Andie as they talked. She noticed the girl ate nothing, choosing to push the food around her plate instead. She was awfully quiet, which was strange for Andie, and was becoming gradually paler. Joey really began to worry, when her skin became suddenly white as a sheet. "Andie", she asked quietly "Are you ok."

Andie looked at Joey, her vision swimming. "I think I need to see the nurse." She said as she stood up. She was upright for no more than a few seconds before her eyes rolled back in her head, and she collapsed to the ground.

"Andie!" Pacey screamed as he watched her fall.

Pandemonium erupted as people crowded around to see what was going on. Joey rushed to Andie's side, checking her over. "Get the nurse, and call an ambulance!" she called out to the crowd. Several students ran to do just that. Joey lay Andie flat on her back. She was unconscious but breathing, and her pulse was very weak. Joey couldn't see any reason for her collapse, she had no fever or head injury, and on the outside she seemed fine. Jack joined Joey kneeling next to Andie, as Dawson Jen and Pacey stood behind him.

Pacey stood by helplessly as Joey sat with Andie, monitoring her breathing and pulse. It seemed so unreal to see his girlfriend lying there on the floor. He knew she hadn't been well that day, but he'd never suspected that she was this sick. Really, he didn't even know what was wrong with her.

After what seemed forever, the paramedics arrived, clearing a path through the crowds of students, who were being slowly dispersed by the teachers. Joey gave them the rundown on what she knew, as the paramedics checked her vital signs. Suddenly, one of them exclaimed, "She's hemorrhaging! Let's get some O neg. in her. I want her in the ambulance ASAP."

"What, what does that mean 'she's hemorrhaging'?" Asked a frustrated and upset Pacey as they loaded her onto a gurney.

The paramedic turned to him, "Are you family?"

"No, I am." Said Jack, stepping forward, "What's wrong with my sister."

<"We don't know, you can come along with me to the hospital if you like." Jack nodded, and followed the gurney down the hall. Pacey was hot on their heels, as he ran for his car in the lot.

"Pacey, wait!" He turned to see Dawson, Jen and Joey behind him, "We're coming with you." Dawson said as they all climbed into the car, and sped off behind the ambulance.

Pacey walked the length of the waiting room for what seemed the hundredth time. So far, they knew nothing, and it had been over an hour. The other 4 were sitting uncomfortably in hospital chairs, waiting for news on Andie. The doctors had rushed her away so fast, that no one had a chance to ask questions.

"Is anyone here with Andrea McPhee?" a nurse asked finally. All 5 teens stood, as Jack stepped forward.

"We all are, I'm her brother Jack."

"Can you come with me sir, the doctor wants to see you. Is there a Mr. Witter here with you?" Jack hesitated and he looked at Pacey.

"Yes, that's me." Said Pacey

"You'd better come with me too." The nurse gave Pacey a sympathetic look, for what reason he did not know, but nodded. Jack and Pacey followed her down the hall and around several corners, to a small room. Andie was lying in the bed, asleep, and a female doctor was standing beside her, writing on her chart.

"Dr. Barnes, here's her brother and Mr. Witter." Said the nurse.

"Thanks Mary." She said quietly, before ushering Pacey and Jack into the hall. "Hi, I'm Dr. Laurie Barnes, which one of you is her brother."

"Me, I'm Jack." Jack said as he offered his hand to the doctor, who shook it. "Can you tell me anything about my sister."

"Yes, she's going to be fine, we have to keep her in overnight for observation, but there is nothing to indicate that she won't make a full recovery."

"What caused it. The paramedic said something about her hemorrhaging."

Dr. Barnes sighed, and looked sympathetically at Pacey. "Andie suffered a miscarriage. When she arrived here she was bleeding quite heavily, and soon after it became obvious that she was miscarrying. It was too late, there was nothing we could do." She finally said.

Pacey stood dead still, in shock at what she had just said. Tears came to his eyes and he managed to choke out, "Miscarriage? Like a baby."

"Yes." Laurie said, "She was about 3 or 4 weeks along."

Pacey broke down crying, and slumped down against the wall. "Oh my god." He said. "I didn't know."

"That's not uncommon, I doubt Andie knew. She probably just assumed her period was late, and a miscarriage can often be mistaken for a period, especially one this early along."

Jack looked down at Pacey, tears in his eyes, and then at the doctor. "Are you sure she's ok?" He asked.

"She's going to be fine, physically, but emotionally she will need a lot of support." Dr. Barnes turned to Pacey, "When she wakes up, I think it would be best for you to tell her. Can you do that? I'll be in the room with you."

Pacey nodded mutely, then stood and turned to Jack, "We'd better go tell the others that she's ok, they're pretty worried."

Jack looked at the doctor for permission, and she nodded. "Go, she won't be awake for a while yet. I'll come and get you."

"Ok, thank you doctor." Said Jack as he led a shaken and upset Pacey to the waiting room. Pacey sighed as he looked at his friends, he didn't know how to tell them this.

"Um, Andie's going to fine." He started. Jen, Dawson and Joey all breathed a sigh of relief. "There's more. Um, she had a miscarriage, that's why she was so sick." Silence filled the room as Pacey's tears became stronger, and he sat down. Dawson sat on one side of him and Joey the other, both hugging their best friend as he sobbed. "And, now I have to tell her. I have to tell her that not only was she pregnant, but that she lost the baby. Our baby."

Pacey sobbed, as the others looked from one to another, various looks of shock, sadness, and surprise on their faces. One thing for sure, they didn't envy Pacey's situation at all.


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