Too Quick by: Nicole


The shot is of the video store. Everyone is exactly as they had been since last time.

Dawson and Jen's lips are still plastered to each other. The camera takes a close up of Joey's face, tears now evident on her cheeks. She turns to leave and almost runs right into Pacey.

JOEY: (embarrassed) Oh! (she tries to push past him before he can see her crying, but he grabs her arm and pushes her out the door)

PACEY: (sitting her down on a bench and seating himself next to her) He's just confused, Jo. I think you should forget what you saw in there.

JOEY: (trying to wipe at her eyes, but new ones quickly replace them) I know I should, I mean I deserve it, right? I kissed you twice, no, three times. I should just pretend it was a figment of my imagination, right?

PACEY: (seemingly struggling for the right way to phrase his statement) Uh, well, I guess you could sort of call it your comeuppance, but that's pretty drastic.. I really don't know what advice to give you, Jo.

JOEY: (smiling through her tears) Are you actually going to let me make this decision on my own, Pace?

PACEY: (smiling also) Looks that way doesn't it.

JOEY: Yes it does.

Pacey places an arm around her shoulder and chuckles. The camera fades.


We are back inside the video store, The kiss between Dawson and Jen is just breaking up.

DAWSON: (suddenly jerking back away from her) What are you doing?!

JEN: (in a sultry, sexy voice) It takes two to tango, Dawson.

DAWSON: (a slight blush floods his cheeks and he turns slightly away from her) I knew you were low, but I didn't think it was to this extent! (a look of horror crosses his face) Could you imagine if Joey had seen that? I am so lucky!

JEN: (scornfully) Who cares if she saw us Dawson? She deserves it for cheating on you three times with your best friend. You aren't going to just forgive and forget are you? Even you can't be that weak.

DAWSON: (his face has a faraway look) I'd never just let her get away with it (pauses) but I miss her so much..... (he seems to remember Jen is standing there, his tone becomes cold) It's none of your business anyway. You can count on one thing, though (he leans closer to her)

JEN: (her voice is sexy once again) What's that?

DAWSON: I'd never let my eyes, nevermind my lips, lay on you ever again. Now, I have work to do and if you aren't interested in any movies I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Jen can do nothing but stare at Dawson in shock and surprise. She takes a few steps backward before turning and all but running out of the store. Dawson leans back in his chair, a satisfied grin spread across his face.


We are at the Icehouse, watching Joey wait on a table, a somewhat harried expression on her face.

JOEY: (to the customer) So you want two orders of clams, is that the kids' or family meal?

CUSTOMER: Family please, and make it to go.

Joey nods and hurries off, scribbling some last words on the order pad. She stuffs the sheet into the kitchen and walks back into the dining room. She looks toward her next table and visibly cringes. The camera pans to it and we see Dawson seated at it, looking glumly at the menu. He is alone.

JOEY: (not sure if she should be friendly or act as a waitress) Can I take your order?

DAWSON: (looking up from the menu. His face falls as he realizes Joey is his waitress) I was hoping it wouldn't be you. (he doesn't try to disguise his anger)

JOEY: (indignant) There are only three waitresses in this place, didn't it occur to you that you had a one in three chance of getting me?

DAWSON: (snarling into the menu, not looking at Joey) There isn't a wide variety of restaurants to choose from in Capeside.

JOEY: (her anger rising) There's more than one, Dawson. And maybe you'd like to find one of the few that aren't named The Icehouse?

DAWSON: (finally looking at her, rage in his eyes) Where do you get off being mad at me? I didn't go kiss your best friend, did I?

JOEY: (raising an eyebrow) My best friend is..was, you. And anyway, if you want to be technical and say same sex friends, (her voice breaks slightly) the sight at the video store yesterday seems to contradict that.

DAWSON: (his face pales and he struggles for something to say) were there..Jen told you..

JOEY: (smiling sarcastically) No, blondie kept her mouth shut, surprisingly. It was my own doing. I came into the video store to.. (her face becomes sorrowful and she pauses) I came into the video store to.. (suddenly she stands up straight and throws her order pad on the table) I came there to apologize! I was all set to get down on my hands and knees and grovel for you, Dawson! Good thing I got there in time. (her voice raises when Dawson doesn't say anything) Well, now we're even. Tell me, Dawson, (her voice softens and she sits across from him, he is trying hard to avoid eye contact with he and is only halfway succeeding) how does it feel to be in my shoes? You want so bad to just revoke the moment, forget it ever happened. But you can't because the person you love most in the world, at least in my case, has found out. You watch them crumble in front of you, wanting to reach out and comfort them, but you can't because you are the reason for their pain. It kills you, doesn't it, Dawson? (he looks down at the table, obviously warring with his emotions. He finally looks up.)

DAWSON: (softly) Do you want to know why I came to the Icehouse today? (Joey nods) Can't you guess? (he is trying to save himself from an embarrassing moment)

JOEY: (with a wary smile) I really have no idea at all, Dawson.

DAWSON: (sighing) I.. oh God, I miss you so much, Jo. I..(in a rush) love you, more than I ever expected. It's, just like you said, it's killing me. I need you. (Joey has a smile spread across her visage that seems to be involuntary, tears glint from her eyes)

JOEY: You are so sappy, Dawson.

DAWSON: (frowning) What do you call that speech you just gave me? That very convincing, heartfelt speech, if I may add. Was that cold and impersonal? (Joey makes her way over to his side of the table as he continues to speak) You always accuse me of being a hopeless romantic when, in actuality, I think-- (he is broken off by her kiss. He smiles against her lips and puts his arms around her. The entire restaurant starts applauding them, including Bessie and Bodie. The two break apart and look around, laughing in embarrassment)


There is a shot of the front of Dawson's house, then we see Dawson and Joey, hands linked, walking up to his front door. They see the car, but it is loaded up with luggage.They share a worried look before running inside.

DAWSON: Mom! Dad! Where are you guys?

They walk into the living room and see Gail, crying on the couch. Dawson sits next to her, but Joey walks over to the door.

JOEY: (awkwardly) Maybe I should go...

DAWSON: (jumping up) No, Jo, stay. You're as much a part of this family as anyone. (Joey smiles, embarrassed and sits on the edge of a chair) Mom? What's going on? Why is the car full of suitcases?

GAIL: (trying to get control of herself, doesn't seem to notice Joey) I..I'm going to leave, for a little while. Only for a little while. Your father and I (a sob escapes her throat) we need some time to..sort things out. (Dawson's face is getting more and more belligerent as she speaks)

DAWSON: (standing from the couch) So you're just leaving? Just like that? Never ask me what I think, I'm not significant anyway. (Gail wipes her eyes on a tissue)

GAIL: Dawson, honey. You know you're very significant. We needed to make this decision on our own.

DAWSON: Fine, whatever. I don't care. C'mere Joey.

Joey walks over to Dawson and he takes her hand and leads her to the stairs. She looks back at Gail.

JOEY: I'm really sorry Mrs. Leery.

Gail doesn't respond and Joey turns and follows Dawson, they run into Mitch on the way down, he is lugging two more suitcases after him. Dawson looks at him, but just passes by him. Joey avoids eye contact.

MITCH: (softly) Dawson...


Jen is sitting in a rocking chair on her porch. She has a blanket over her shoulders and a book in her hand. She seems to be engrossed by it. Warren walks up and enters the porch.


JEN: (surprised) Warren! Hey.

WARREN: I haven't seen you in ages, so I thought I'd stop that okay?

JEN: Yeah, yeah that's fine. (Warren sits in a chair next to Jen)

WARREN: What have you been up to? You sort of dropped off the face of the planet, at least in my case.

JEN: (smiling) Yup, I decided to cruise around Mars for a while, visit some relatives. (Warren laughs) No, I've just been..around.

WARREN: Would it be too forward of me to say I missed you?

JEN: (looking slightly uncomfortable) No.. I missed you too.

Warren smiles and kisses her cheek, he moves to kiss her lips, but she tilts her head and he ends up kissing her ear.

WARREN: What? Why'd you do that? I thought you missed me.

JEN: (wrapping the blanket tighter around her) No reason. I.. (she shakes her head) You know what? There is a reason. Things are really screwed up around here and..I don't think we should see each other anymore.

WARREN: (looking taken aback) Was it something I did?

JEN: (laughing, making Warren more angry) I can definitely assure you it had nothing to do with us.

WARREN: (twisting his hands together) Nothing to do with that false rumor? And it was false.

JEN: I know it was false, Warren. No, it isn't about you one's about-

WARREN: (cutting her off) Oh God, it's Dawson. You're still jonesing after him aren't you?

JEN: (looking a little surprised that he figured it out) Yes. I still like Dawson, I still want him to be mine. And I'm going to get him back.

WARREN: Jeese, Jen! Have you forgotten that he has a girlfriend, a tight girlfriend. You aren't going to be able to break them, sweety.

JEN: Are you sure about that?

WARREN: (ignoring her question, his face looks troubled) So what was I? Was I just some..object to make Dawson jealous? Or was it just a fling to pass the time until Dawson came around. You know, Jen, you could've told me. I wouldn't have fallen as hard as I did. I would have used you for sex like they're all saying I did and moved on to the next girl. Except you didn't tell me and now.. (he breaks off and Jen looks down at her hands)

JEN: I'm sorry-

WARREN: (in anger) No you're not! You're just glad that this part is over, one more thing to check off on your checklist. Dump Warren, check. Break his heart, check.

JEN: I really am sorry. Sorry you fell for such a horrible person. Sorry I don't like you as much as you like me. Sorry for liking Dawson. See, I'm sorry, but I can't help my feelings. Just like you can't.

WARREN: (standing from the chair and heading for the screen door) As much as I want to, Jen, I don't regret liking you so much.

He leaves and Jen picks up her book and puts it over her face, letting out a frustrated groan.


Pacey is walking up the front walk of his house. He notices Doug's car running and he goes over to it. Doug is inside.

PACEY: What are you doing, Dougie?

DOUG: (distractedly, he is fiddling with a lever on the dashboard) What I should have done a while ago, Pace. Why don't you take a look in the back of this car?

Pacey looks and we see it is piled high with boxes. He smiles broadly and claps his brother on the back.

PACEY: You're finally leaving the nest, huh? About time, Dougie. I'd like to say I'll miss ya, but..I won't. (he laughs. Doug looks up from the dashboard with a disgusted face)

DOUG: I'm not the one leaving, Pacey.

PACEY: (slightly worried) What do you mean? You 'are' twenty four.

DOUG: (scornfully) Do you really think Dad would get rid of me before you? Let's be serious, now.

PACEY: (looking stricken, trying to keep his voice steady when he speaks) It's-I'm leaving? (Doug nods with a smug smile) But..but I don't have the money for it. I'm broke. I can't leave.

DOUG: You can't say this surprises you, Pacey! Didn't he say he was going to kick you to the curb a few days ago?

PACEY: Yeah, but he always says that..

DOUG: (looking at his watch) You can sulk all you want, Pacey, but later. I have a meeting in twenty minutes and I still have to bring you to your apartment.

Pacey climbs into the car, dumbstruck. Doug sighs when Pacey just sits there and reaches over him to close the door. The car roars to life and the camera follows it down the street until it's out of sight.

END of Part 5..what an ending,huh? Well, as always, I live for feedback, it's like food for my typing hand=)


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