A Little Prayer by: Omolara


Author's note: Big thanks to Matahari for your comments about this new series. I was somewhat apprehensive about it but I love writing and I love Dawson's Creek, so writing fanfic for the show is a little bonus, anyway I hope you like it.

A Little Prayer

Pacey Witter left his publishers office and got into his car and drove onto the freeway, dreading the traffic that was famous in L.A..

The truth was that he really didn't want to go home because he had no one waiting for him there. His divorce from Stacey had been inevitable. She had told him that it was because that, as a writer, he tended to be distant and didn't seem to have enough time for her. That was a small portion of the problem. What was really wrong was that his heart had never really belonged to her. Stacey didn't come out and say that, but Pacey knew that was the real reason. He didn't blame her for leaving, just himself for wasting her time and being delusional to the truth. But the marriage was long before over and there was no love lost.

Pacey finally parked his car in the garage and headed inside. Having had a long day he was completely prepared to pour a scotch and unwind. Taking off his tie and walking into his bedroom he wondered what his friends were doing. They had been so close but got spread apart at collage. Dawson to CSU, Jen to Boston University, but he and Joey had both gone to Columbia University. So many things had happened those two years they went to school together before she left for SDSU. *Missed opportunities* he thought and pushed play on his answering machine. There was a frantic sounding Mrs. Leery on the phone.

"Pacey this is Dawson mom, there's been an accident....................................."


"Jason could you get that for me?"


Joey went into her room to get ready to go out and make use of San Diego's famous weather. Jason was going to take her to an early dinner. He was a great friend and they always had fun.

"Joey, you better get this."

She walked over to the nightstand and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Joey, this is Mrs. Leery."

She smiled, "Hi, how are you?"

"Not very good, there was in a car accident......................Dawson was hurt and is in a coma."

Joey's smile faded as she soaked it all in, *No.*

"Joey, are you there?"

"Yes, when did it happen?"

"This morning. I can't get into much detail right now," her voice gave way to tears, "please come if you can, he needs you."

"I will, I'll leave tonight."

There was a small sigh of relief in her voice. "Thank you, I have to go now but we're at Mercy on the third floor. I'll see you soon, bye."

"Bye," Joey spoke softly into the phone and then replaced it on its cradle.

She then started making plans for a flight to Boston with a stop in L.A. and Jason promised to come that weekend and to tell their boss at the San Diego Union Tribune what was going on. He saw her to the gate.

"Call me when you get there, okay?"

She gave him a weak smile, "yes, mother hen."

"Very funny, Josephine."

Joey said bye and headed onto flight 1226 hoping Dawson would be all right.


Jen checked the luggage and walked to the gate. She still had about twenty minutes until they boarded and sat down near the gate. She had rushed to the airport because if she stopped going she would cry and may never stop. After college she had moved to upstate New York and started a bed and breakfast. Money was tight for a while, but she was doing okay. *At least I'm not that far away,* Jen reflected as she though about the call Mrs. Leery had made to her. She had sounded awful and had a right to considering what she must be going through. Jen boarded the plane and thought about what Mrs. Leery had said to her. "Pray for Dawson," and even though she was still an atheist, she prayed that whoever controlled the events of the universe would keep him here.


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