Afterglow by: Omolara


The next day was Saturday and Andrew had come by the Icehouse. Joey had just finished her shift when she saw him. She had no doubts about what his intentions were. To grill her.

"So, what happened?"

"Nothing much."

"Do I look stupid?" He asked pointedly, "There is something about you and my educated guess would be that a lot happened. Am I right?"

"Yes," Joey turned two shades of red as a smile crossed her lips.

Andrew looked at her with a contented smile, " well if you tell me about your night I'll tell you about mine."

"Okay......................" Joey then began to an account of her encounter with Dawson.

"No wonder you look so happy, what happened after the kiss?"

"Nothing and everything all at the same time," she paused for a moment, "with out a word we lay down and fell asleep in each other's arms. There is nothing in this world like waking up in Dawson's arms. It's completely gratifying how the simple act meant so much."

There was a moment of silence between the two. He felt a small twinge of something, jealousy maybe. It wasn't much, but he felt it as he tried to brush the feeling away. Andrew truly cared about her, how deeply it went he couldn't tell. Yet her happiness made him smile inside.

"Now you tell me about your night."

Joey interrupted his thoughts and he was dazed for a moment trying to grasp at what she meant.

"What? Oh, well, while finishing up your shift I met this girl named Amy. Amy Turner, and we're going out tonight."

"That's great Drew, I know her, she's in my Marine Biology class. But I wonder why she would go out with you?"

"Because unlike you, she's nice."

"Hmm," Joey started sarcastically, "I still don't see it. It must have been the scotch I saw her drinking.............................."

Joey looked serious until she gave him a laugh that showed no malice.

"Very funny, Josephine. It seems that happiness hasn't curved your sense of humor. All hail the Queen of the Comebacks."

Andrew made a gesture of worship and Joey fell out laughing. They were still talking when Dawson came up behind Joey. He put his finger to his lips so Andrew wouldn't say anything. He then preceded to Put his hands over Joey's eyes and pull her body against his.

"Guess who," Dawson spoke in a low voice.

Joey seemed annoyed, "not funny Pacey. You know if Dawson sees this, he'll find out about what we did the other night."

"What!?!" Dawson exclaimed.

Joey started laughing, "you are too easy Dawson, I knew it was you."

Andrew cleared his throat to get their attention, "I have to go, but I'll catch you later. Okay?"

The feeling had reared it's ugly head again. Only this time it was larger and harder to ignore.

Joey said bye and Drew took off towards his house as Dawson turned Joey around to face him.

"So, what was that about?"

"Don't act jealous, Dawson."

He grinned at her, "I'm not. Seriously. Besides that's not why I came here.......I have something to give to you."

"You do?" Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Yeah, just come by my house tonight."


He glanced at his watch, "I promised my dad I would help out with repairs today. So I'll see you later?"

"Absolutely," Joey spoke as she leaned in closer and kissed Dawson with enough fervor to make her anticipate their meeting. And she could tell by the look on his face, that Dawson felt the same way.

He said bye, walking away to leave a perplexed and hungry Joey to wonder what would come out of the impending liaison.


Jen was sitting at a dock as the sun quietly set with a sky painted in colors beyond imagination. And she sat there, surrounded by the breeze yet wrapped up in the warmth of the sky. It was just her, thinking of when she was little and how she would wonder what was beyond the horizon. Jen had been filed with much child-like wonder back then, she missed the awe she would feel at every new experience. Now she felt like she had experienced to much. Like a child who had too much cake for their own good. There was much to be said for innocence and she wished she still had hers.

Jen was so deep in thought, that she did not immediately notice when Joey sat down next to her. Though when she did, they exchanged a brief smile of acknowledgment and went back to looking at the sky. The sun not yet gone all the way down

"Sometimes I look at the sky and think of how small I am compared to the universe." Joey spoke, breaking the quiet.

"Pretty heavy conversation for a Saturday afternoon."

Joey shrugged, "I guess so. But I've had a lot of time to think, about myself and where I'm going. I won't mince words, this provincial life is getting to me and I have to get out when I graduate or I will die. Not physically, but my spirit."

"But your a little happy, right? With Dawson?"

She looked out at the water, "I've experienced life with him in it and life without him. And I prefer the former. So to say that I'm happy with him would be an understatement." She paused and looked at Jen, "When I see him, I get this, this sensation and the impulse to run my fingers through his hair. And when we kiss, it's like drowning, but giving into it. I give into him."

Jen didn't know what to say. Joey's words were spoken softly, but with so much feeling, Jen felt in awe. She was in awe that feelings that strong did exist, it gave her new hope that she would find someone special. And in turn, gain back a little of the innocence she had lost and dance the dance of those truly in love. *How wonderful it would be to experience true love, * she thought wistfully and looked at the sky.


"I'm going to leave so you can prepare."

"There's nothing to prepare for."

"Oh, I think so."

Pacey finished his words as he made his way to the door. Dawson had told him about Friday night and Pacey was happy that they were finally happy.

"So I can safely assume that your not threatened by Andrew's presence in Joey's life?"

Dawson smiled a little to confidently, "not at all."

"Glad to hear it," Pacey opened the door and was prepared to go, "because any jealousy could possibly ruin the best thing in your life. Well, besides me that is."

"Get out of here, Pacey."

Pacey gave a devilish grin and retreated out of the door.

Dawson sat down and thought about what Pacey had said, he resolved to accept Andrew as Joey's friend. He was there for her when Dawson wasn't, but maybe it was that fact that made Dawson feel like his new found relationship with Joey was jeopardized before it ever really started. I was a strange case, though he had the distinct feeling that it would play it's self out soon enough.

"Hey," Dawson rose as he spoke when Joey came into the room.

The words were spoken quietly, "Hey yourself."

"I've been waiting............."

"Well, I hope it wasn't too long."

"Oh," Dawson breathed deeply, "it's always too long."

Joey walked up to him, getting close enough for a kiss, and then walked around him to sit on the bed. Dawson's pulse had risen with anticipation, and was even more excited by her actions. He knew exactly what she was doing and had no objections.

"What had you wanted to give me?" The tone suggested mock innocence with a touch of seduction.

Dawson smiled and went to his desk and back to Joey, "I bought you this."

"Poems from the muse.......thank you," Joey opened the book and scanned the pages thoughtfully as Dawson spoke."

"My love is intensified
by the sight of you
and I'm coming closer
with the cup that overflows of me
would you like a drink?"

Joey smiled at the suggestiveness of the poem, and stood up to meet Dawson's gaze. Leaving the book on the bed

"Is that all?"

"No, the rest is on page 34, If you'd like, I could read the-"

"I'd like you to shut up and kiss me."

With out another word Dawson brought his lips down onto Joey's and soon deepened the kiss. Their hands explored as the moment intensified with every touch.

"You could be arrested for that," Joey breathed as they broke apart.

"You're no goody-goody yourself."


"Well what?"

Joey looked at him suggestively, "you could finish that poem."

"I've got better things in mind."

Joey laughed softly, "I can deal with that."


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