Carry On by: Omolara


Spoiler: If you read Dawson's Creek fanfic you must already be a die hard fan (or getting there) so this takes place after the last scene in the Season One Finale.

It was seemingly impossible to escape her thoughts. The night was cold and the walls of her room were caving in. So, very quietly Joey Potter put on her jacket and slipped out the door. Once outside, she felt like she could breath again and walked to her boat and got in. Her movements and the surroundings around her seemed surreal and almost unfamiliar. Maybe it was because she now looked at the world just a little differently, and it looked slightly off balanced. She rowed a bit and then put the oars in the boat so she could just float.

Joey thought about Dawson. The strange events of that night where what was on her mind. His eyes, his lips, his hands covering hers, and the kiss. Then there was what she had said.

"Joey-" Dawson began after the kiss had ended and he raked his fingers through his hair.

Joey looked at him with a new feeling and the strength to finally tell him the truth, "I love you, Dawson. And I want to know how you feel."

His eyes seemed to plead at her, like she was asking to much of him. But he finally spoke," don't say that Joey, this was a mistake and-"

"And what Dawson................well," she shrugged and distanced herself from him, "maybe you're right, I mean why should I be willing to give my love, my life, my breath to someone who doesn't care? Someone who is living in oblivion where Oompa Loompa's dance around waterfalls of chocolate and where women are willing to wait around forever!"

Dawson, who looked stricken by Joey's burst of anger tried to speak, "Listen, Joey-"

"You don't have to explain, I'm happy that you live in your own world where someone would wait for you because I won't." She went to the window and was prepared to climb out when she turned around and looked Dawson directly in the eyes. "Don't feel sorry for me, at least I now know that you will never love me the way I want you to, I'll get over it. And I have figured out that I don't need some guy to make me who I am, being Joey is all right with me." And she climbed out of the window.


The events took place hours ago, but Joey's feelings were still raw. She planned to do exactly what she had said, get over Dawson and get on with her life. How hard could it be? Love was lost everyday, why would hers be more special than any other? Yet those where questions she could not answer because it was all up to time. Joey rowed her boat to the dock, got out, and went inside her house. She was planning to go get ready for bed when someone at the kitchen table caught her off guard.

"Bessie?" Joey whispered loudly at the dark figure at the kitchen table

The Bessie rose and came towards Joey, "Shhh I just put The Alex back to sleep and where were you?"

Joey followed her as she put the baby down in his crib. "Sorry, I was just in my boat floating around.........and thinking."

Her sister turned away from the crib and led Joey to the couch where they sat down before she spoke. "Care to tell me about it?"

"It's nothing really, just the usual trials and tribulations of adolescence, like my hormones it will soon subside."

Bessie stood up to leave, "I'll take that as no, but if you want to talk later I'm here, goodnight Joey." Her figure turned and went down the hall to the master bedroom.

She was gone and again Joey was alone with her thoughts.


To be continued with Walking Away

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