No More Running by: Rachael


Summary: This takes place during the time of the series finale, and it explains the events that led up to Pacey and Joey being in her apartment together in the end. It also will go on to tell the story of Pacey and Joey after the show was over.

No More Running......

(this starts out in the kitchen where Pacey and Joey were standing talking)

Pacey stood in the kitchen after Joey left. He couldnít help but think of how badly he wanted to finish their conversation. He was sure she was about to say something important. He had told her that he had always loved her and that she was off the hook. First they got interrupted by Dawsonís mom. Joey had started to say that she didnít want to be let off the hook, but then they got interrupted once again, this time by Bessie. Joey left with her. He stood there for a while longer and thought of just exactly how much he still loved Joey after all these years, all the fights they had, all the women he had been with after Joey, and everything else they had been through. Now 10 years since he fell in love with her, no matter what had happened along the way, he was still so much in love with her. She was after all, his TRUE LOVE...................................................

After Joey finished helping Bessie, she went out to the back of the restaurant for some fresh air and a moment alone with herself. She leaned up against the building and thought of the conversation she was having with Pacey before they got interrupted (twice). He told her she was off the hook. She didnít want to be off the hook, she had started to explain, but didnít get to finish. But it was true, she didnít want to be let off the hook, she didnít want to run anymore. She knew that she loved Pacey so much, for 10 years now. She just couldnít figure out what made her run from it for so long. She wanted to tell Pacey so badly how much she loved him and that she hadnít ever stopped all those years. No more running..................................................

Everyone was gone. Pacey had let all the wait staff go; he was cleaning up at the restaurant. It was raining outside. As he was sweeping the floor, his mind floated off back to Joey. He remembered how she couldnít ask him to stay all those years ago, even though she ended up going with him. Even if she did love him (and still did), would she ever stop running?

Joey was walking through Capeside in the rain, making her way to the Ice House. When she reached it, she stopped out on the balcony, careful not to be seen. As she peered through the window, she saw Pacey sitting at one of the tables with red and watery eyes, staring at something in his hand................................................................

Pacey stared at the picture of Joey forever. He had been staring at it all these years and would probably never stop. He heard a creak from a board or something outside. He looked up, there in the rain was Joey, soaking wet but still beautiful as ever. He stood there and stared at her a moment and she stared back.

Standing in the rain, which she couldnít even feel anymore, she was mesmerized by Paceyís big blue eyes looking into hers. She could still see it so much, the love that he had for her. She had made it here without turning and running away. She really didnít even have to force herself to, it was sort of like something was leading her there.

He finally stood and walked towards the door. He opened it slowly, as they were still locked in each otherís gaze. Joey noticed what he was holding in his hand, it was a picture of her. He saw she was looking and began to explain, "Joey, I, um........" He couldnít find what it was he wanted to say even though he knew it in his heart. "Josephine Potter, I have carried this picture of you around for 10 years. I look at it all the time, more like stare at it," he tried to joke, but was on the verge of tears. She gave a half smile but continued to listen. "There is something else you should know too, Jo. No matter who tried to come between us or what anyone thought or who we have dated or how many fights we had or how mad you were.......... Or how much you ran........" he added carefully, "I have loved you through all of it. I have never stopped loving you, Jo."

"Pace......" she started to say.

"No, let me finish," he tried not to sound too harsh. She just stared at him, tears rolling down her face as he continued. "If you want to run, then run. Because it doesnít matter how many times you run, where you go or how long you stay gone, I will NEVER stop loving you. So what I am getting at is that you CANíT run from it. All you are simply doing is hiding from it."

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