Nothing Stays the Same by: Tessa

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“Hey all!” Andie said brightly

“Oh, hi, Andie!” Tatum called “The door’s open, come on in!” she turned her attention back to her nephew “Oh, Alexander! Please just eat your breakfast!”

“Ok, does anybody else think that this a little bit hypocritical?” Joey asked “*You’re* telling *him* to eat?”

“Gee, that’s so funny.” Tatum sighed. She glared at Alexander “Oh, no. Don’t you use that look on me. That look does not work on me. I invented that look! I invented that look and therefore I am immune to that look so don’t you use that look on me!”

“So,” Andie said as she walked into the kitchen “how’s your house guest?”

Tatum rolled her eyes “Abby’s been in bed since Friday night. I’m kind of worried about her.”

“You guys, what’s this all about, anyway?” Andie asked “I mean, this whole thing is somewhat alarming. One day you and Abby are going at it like Diana and Camilla on crack, and the next she’s sleeping on your fold out sofa bed and you’re *worried* about her.”

“Well, Andie,” Tatum explained “what happened to Abby is, well, pretty difficult to explain. And she doesn’t want me to tell anyone. You’ll find out when she’s ready for you to find out.”

“Yeah, so you’ve said a hundred times.” Andie said “But what’s the deal? Are you guys, like, friends now or something?”

“No.” Tatum replied “Well....I don’t know.”

“Good morning.” Abby yawned as she stumbled into the kitchen. “Is there any coffee?”

“There’s a coffee maker.” Tatum replied with a shrug

Abby rubbed her eyes and looked at the three girls “And which one of you would that be?” she giggled slightly as she sat down at the table “I’m just kidding. God, I am so hungry.”

“Yeah.” Tatum said “Well, staying in bed for two days straight can have that effect on a girl.” she moaned in frustration “Alex! Dammit! Quit being an ass and eat your oatmeal!” Alexander responded by shrieking and dumping the bowl over on his highchair, splattering oatmeal all over Tatum’s face and clothes. Tatum screamed. The baby screamed.

“Need some help?” Abby asked “I have a baby cousin about his age, so I’ve done this stuff before.”

“This isn’t a baby.” Tatum said as she wiped oatmeal off her sweater “This is Godzilla in a diaper.”

“Well, let me try. I feel like I owe you some small favor.” Abby insisted. She sat down in front of the highchair and took the spoon “C’mon, you little monster. The space shuttle’s comin’ in for a landing! See? There ya go!”

Tatum rolled her eyes “I guess I just don’t speak the language.”

“Well at his age it doesn’t matter what you say. Just what tone you use.” Abby explained “Watch. Hey! Hey, Alex.” she said in a soft, sweet tone of voice “You wanna be sold to the gypsies? Do ya? Do ya?” Alex giggled and splashed his hands in the spilled oatmeal on the highchair. Abby turned to Tatum “See?”

“Ok, enough!” Andie said suddenly “What the fuck is going on here? This does not make any sense! A week ago you two hated each other, now she’s staying in your house, helping you take care of the baby, and she’s been in the kitchen for five minutes and no punches have been thrown. Would someone please explain this to me?”

“Andie-” Joey began

“No, it’s ok.” Abby interrupted “Maybe it’s time you told her. I mean, you have to admit, this would look kind of strange.”

“Alright.” Joey said with a shrug “Come on, Andie, I’ll explain everything. she led Andie out of the room

“So, did you get through to your mom?” Tatum asked

Abby nodded “Doesn’t matter, though. She’s stuck at the airport in Delaware and it looks like she’ll be stuck there for a few days.”

“But Christmas is only three days away.” Tatum said “Do you think she’ll make it back in time?”

“I don’t know.” Abby sighed

“Did you tell her about know...”

“It’s ok, Tatum.” Abby said “You can say it. No, I didn’t tell my mom that I was raped. I mean, it’s not the kind of news you give your mom over the phone when there’s nothing she can do. I mean, what could I say? ‘Ok, mom, try to have fun in Delaware, don’t worry about me. Oh, by the way, did I mention I was drugged and gang raped?’ She’d have a heart attack.”

“Hmm. I see your point.” Tatum agreed

“Thought you would.” Abby said “Ok, the monster’s done with his breakfast. Who’s gonna clean up this mess?”

“I’ll do it.” Tatum said, grabbing some paper towels. She rubbed a spot on her sweater and frowned “This *was* my brand-new chenille sweater from the Gap. What possessed me to wear it while I was feeding the baby?”

“I take it that’s rhetorical?” Abby asked “So, is Pacey coming over today?”

Tatum nodded as she began wiping up the spilled oatmeal “Yeah. We’ll probably go to a movie or something this afternoon.”

“Does he know?”

“Well, yeah.” Tatum replied “Oh, but don’t worry. He gave me his word of honor not to tell anyone.”

“Good.” Abby said “So, you guys seem pretty happy together.”

Tatum sighed “Absolutly.” she said dreamily “He’s so amazing. He’s sweet and supportive and-Oh, I’m sounding like some Lifetime movie of the week, aren’tI?”

“More like one of those supersappy long-distance commercials.” Abby giggled

Tatum made a face “Ick. I hate those. So, you wanna come with us this afternoon?”

Abby’s mood changed immediately “I can’t. I have an appointment with that counselor the hospital referred me to. And I have to go and get a blood test done.”

“Well, I could go with you if you’d like.” Tatum offered

“No, that’s ok. I’m fine. You go ahead, have fun with Pacey.” Abby insisted “You’ve done enough to help me and I really appreciate it, but after the way I’ve treated you ever since you’ve got here, it really isn’t necessary for you to be so nice.”

Tatum sat down “Abby, could I be honest with you for a minute?”

“Sure.” Abby said as she sat down next to her

“I don’t like you.” Tatum admitted “I never have liked you, and maybe I never will. But I want to make an effort to help you. I’m not asking you to let me be your friend, I’m just asking you to open up to me and let me help. And who knows? Maybe I will grow to like you. But I can’t help you if you shut meout.”

Abby smiled and nodded “Ok.” she said softly

“Great.” Tatum said as she stood and picked up the phone “I’ll call Pacey and let him know there’s a change of plans.”

“No, bring him along. No reason why you should be bored or anything.”

* * * *

“This won’t take too long.” Tatum said to Pacey at the hospital that afternoon “We’ll get to the movies before six.”

“I don’t mind waiting.” Pacey said, kissing her on the cheek

“Well, this isn’t exactly the romantic evening we had planned.” Tatum sighed

“Any place is romantic as long as I’m with you.” Pacey told her “And have I mentioned that I think you’re doing a wonderful thing helping Abby out like this?”

Tatum rolled her eyes “You and everyone else. About a million times. What about Abby? Let’s not forget, she’s involved in this whole mess, too. And she’s been great. Most girls would just curl up in a ball and shut down. But she hasn’t even resisted getting help or talking about it at all. She’s been pretty brave. Besides, why is everyone so surprised that I’m helping her?”

“Well, because most people wouldn’t help her.” Pacey explained “And she’s hurt you more than anyone else.”

“Is that the only reason they’re surprised? Because she’s mean and I’m not?” Tatum asked “What if it had been me, Pacey? Would people want to help me?” “

I guess.” Pacey admitted “But you’re sweet, and helpful, and popular, and Abby’s, well....not.”

“So? Does that mean that when something like this happens to her she’s any less deserving of our sympathy than a ‘nice’ girl? People who go through shit like this need help.”

“And they’ll always get it.” Pacey said “As long as there are people like you around.” he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her

Tatum giggled and kissed him back. Suddenly, jumped up “Abby! How’d it go?”

Abby managed a shaky smile as she approached them ‘I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both. I’m ok. I didn’t catch any diseases and I’m not pregnant.”

Tatum breathed a sigh of relief “See? I told you. What did the counselor say?”

“Oh, she was really nice.” Abby said “She said she’s really impressed with how well I’m doing already. I’m just so relived that I’m ok.”

“Well, I think this calls for a celebration.” Pacey said “What movie do you ladies want to see?”

“Well, I really wanted to see ‘She’s All That’” Tatum suggested

“Oh, I could definitely go for that.” Abby agreed

“No way.” Pacey whined “No chick flicks. I wanna see ‘The Faculty’”

“You have got to be kidding!” Tatum moaned as they headed out to the parking lot through the snow “You have seen that movie way too many times. It’s going to start to put weird ideas into your already fucked up head!”

“Hey, I like the concept of teachers from another planet, what’s so weird about that?” Pacey asked

“Ok, we’ll vote.” Tatum sighed “How many want to see ‘She’s All That’?” she and Abby both raised their hands “Well well well, looks like the chicks haveit.”

“Oh, blast you two and your estrogenical treachery!” Pacey groaned

“Do you even have any idea what the hell you’re talking about?” Abby asked

“Not a clue.” Pacey admitted “Why? Do I sound like I do?”

Tatum laughed and threw a snowball at Pacey, who ducked.

“Ahhh!” Abby shrieked as the snowball hit her face “Oh you are so dead!” she laughed as she bent over and picked up some snow

“Ha ha! You’ll have to catch us first!” Tatum giggled

* * * *

“Ugh.” Andie moaned as she and Tatum walked down the hall the next afternoon at school “I just had this wicked dream that I had this pop quiz in math that I was totally unprepared for.”

“Were you in your underwear?” Tatum asked

“Nope.” Andie replied “And that’s how I knew it wasn’t a dream.”

“Uh-oh.” Tatum said

“Tell me about it! Fortunately, I was able to fake convincing stomach cramps and get sent to the nurse, but now I’ll have to take a make up test after lunch, so I’m off to study hall.”

“To finish your nap.” Tatum muttered

“You know me too well.” Andie laughed as they walked into the bathroom

“Oh, hi, Abby.” Tatum said

Abby smiled weakly “Hey.” it was obvious that she had been crying again

“What’s wrong?” Tatum asked

Abby wiped her eyes “I was just thinking about what happened. You guys, do you think I did something to bring this upon myself?”

“No!” Tatum said firmly “God, no!”

“Well, you know, I didn’t know those guys well at all, and they were older.” Abby insisted “Common sense should have told me I shouldn’t have been hanging out with them and getting drunk. Maybe this was a wake-up call that I’m wasting my life.”

“You’re only 16.” Andie pointed out “It’s not too late to turn your life around.”

“You really think so?” Abby asked

“Absolutly!” Tatum agreed “And we can help you.”

Abby smiled “Thanks, you guys.”

Tatum nodded “C’mon. We’re late for class.”

Together, the three girls walked out into the hall.

* * * *

Part 13 coming soon!

© Copyright 1999 by Femme Fatale Fanfic (FFFF) productions

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