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Short Summary: The gang makes plans for Valentine’s Day (Duh. Like you couldn’t tell that from the title. Anyhoo, this one does have some sexual material, but none of it is graphic, so if you’re old enough to watch Dawson’s Creek you’re old enough to read this.)


Valentine's Day

“Oh God.” Tatum moaned as she fell into a chair in the library “Could a day be any longer?”

“Probably.” Pacey replied “But I wouldn’t want to find out.”

“I just need to relax for a while.” Tatum said. She suddenly jumped onto the table and grabbed the collar of Pacey’s shirt “You look like you need to relax, too.” She pulled her sweater over her head and threw it on the floor, then she started unbuttoning Pacey’s shirt.

“Uh, Tatum? Just what are you trying to do?” Pacey asked.

“You.” Tatum whispered seductively, kissing him passionately. She reached behind her back and took her bra off. “Go ahead, Pacey, touch me.” she whispered “You know you want to, Pacey.” she suddenly put her hand on his shoulder and shook him gently “ Pacey? Yo, Pacey! Snap out of it! Earth to Pacey!”

Pacey blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes “Whoa, sorry. I must’ve been daydreaming again.”

Tatum rolled her eyes “Honestly. Why do guys always do that? Well, what were you daydreaming about this time?”

“Winning the lottery. Again.” Pacey replied.

Tatum shrugged “Cool. I gotta go look something up on the computer.”

As soon as Tatum was gone, Dawson sat down at the table “Hey, what’s up?” he glanced at Pacey and chuckled “Never mind, I can see for myself. Nice tent. Having another X-rated fantasy about Tatum?”

Pacey turned bright red and put one of his binders in his lap “R rated, actually. She interrupted me before it went that far. You know, I really have to try to get those under control. I can only use that ‘I was daydreaming about winning the lottery’ excuse so many times before she catches on.”

Dawson chuckled “I’d be willing to bet she already knows. Tatum may be innocent, but she’s not blind.”

“Who’s not blind?” Tatum asked as she returned to the table.

“Uh, gee, look at the time.” Dawson said “Gotta go.”

Tatum sat down at the table “What’s with him?”

“No idea.” Pacey replied “And on a completely unrelated topic, Valentine’s day is Friday. What do you want to do?”

“Well,” Tatum said “Bessie’s gonna be out of town, and she’s taking Alexander with her.”

“What is she thinking leaving you and Joey alone on Valentine’s Day?” Pacey asked.

“Well, just me, actually.” Tatum explained “Joey’s got a lot of stuff to do, so I’ll be all alone.” she smiled at him and batted her eyelashes.

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

“Poor, poor little me.” Tatum sighed “All alone in the house. Just me and my nightie. Maybe I’d feel better if I weren’t alone.”

Pacey pretended to be shocked “My God, you are! Why you little tramp.”

“Keep it down!” Tatum giggled, punching his arm playfully “Come on! We’ve been dating for six months! I’m ready. You know, if you’re up for it.”

“Oh, I’m up for it.” Pacey told her “*Very* up.”

Tatum laughed “But whatever we end up doing, maybe my house isn’t the best place to be. Joey may have plans, but she will be home most of the night.”

“Well, how about my place?” Pacey suggested.

“What about Doug?” Tatum asked.

Pacey scoffed “Please. He’s totally clueless.”

“I’ll need an alibi.” Tatum said “I’ve go an idea.”

* * * *

“Andie, darling, how are ya?” Tatum asked.

“Ok, cut the crap, Tate. What do you want?” Andie said.

“Nothing.” Tatum insisted, looking hurt “Honestly, Andrea! You should know me better than that.”

Andie rolled her eyes “Oh come on. I’m not a moron. You want something.”

“Well, now that you mention it, what are you doing Friday night?” Tatum asked.

“Friday? Nothing.” Andie replied “Wait a minute, isn’t that Valentine’s Day?”


“So don’t you have plans with Pacey?” Andie asked.

“Of course she does!” Abby put in “She just wants you to pretend that she’s at your house in case Joey calls.”

“What she said.” Tatum added.

“No way.” Andie said “I’m not lying for you guys.”

“Oh come on, Andie!” Tatum whined “Please?”

“I’ll do it.” Abby offered.

“Really?” Tatum asked “Thanks, Abby.”

“So what do you two have planned that you need an alibi for?” Andie said.

“None of your business.” Tatum retorted.

“Uh-huh.” Abby giggled “That’s what I thought. It is what I think it is, right?”

“That all depends.” Tatum replied “What do you think it is?”

“What do you think I think it is?”

Tatum rolled her eyes “What do you think I think you think it is?”

“Enough!” Andie moaned “Tatum, are you going to sleep with him?”

“That’s what I think it is.” Abby said.

“Well that’s what it is.” Tatum told her. Then she gasped and covered her mouth “Omigod! Did I just say that out loud?”

Andie laughed “Aw, you hear that, Abby? Our little girl’s a woman.”

“She’s all grown up.” Abby teased.

Tatum moaned “I can’t believe it. That just slipped out. You guys have to swear you won’t tell anyone.”

Andie and Abby exchanged looks “Hmm. Ok, yes.” Andie said “We will do this thing you ask of us. But one day we may ask something of you.”

“Cut the crap, Andrea!” Tatum snapped, using her friend’s full name the way she always did when she was annoyed “How about I let you keep all your teeth?”

“Uh, good deal.” Andie agreed “But you also have to give us the details.”

“Details? You guys are sick.”

“Is that a ‘no’?” Abby asked.

“I didn’t say that.” Tatum giggled “So, you guys keep your mouths shut and I give you the details? Sounds fair.”

“It’s more than fair.” Abby told her.

“How do i know you’re going to keep shut about this?” Tatum asked.

Abby looked hurt “After everything you’ve done for me? And you never even told anyone. You keep my secret, I keep yours.”

“You’re right.” Tatum said ‘I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Abby reassured her “I can see how you might have trouble trusting me. hey, we all have our little issues.”

“Yeah, what’s yours?” Tatum asked.

Abby hesitated for a moment “I’m...scared of clowns.” she admitted.

Tatum and Andie burst out laughing “Clowns?” Tatum repeated “Oh come on!”

“Hey, shut up!” Abby whined “I knew I should’ve taken this one to the grave.”

* * * *

“Ok, girls, I’ll be back on Sunday morning.” Bessie was saying “Now remember, I left the list of numbers on the fridge next to the list of ground rules. And also remember no parties, no drinking, and no boys in the house after nine PM, that clear?”

“Totally.” Joey said.

“Absolutly.” Tatum agreed.

“Great. You girls have fun, call me if you need anything. You can order a pizza for dinner tonight if you want, but get try to get something even moderately healthy, ok?” Bessie picked up Alexander and left.

As soon as she was gone, Tatum picked up the phone “Hello, Dominoes? I’d like to order a large pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese.” She grinned at Joey “Hey, we tried.”

Joey laughed.

* * * *

“Anyone home?” Pacey called.

“Come on in!” Tatum replied “The door’s open!”

Pacey walked into the living room “What’s up?”

“I think my pizza’s about to come up.” Tatum moaned “I think they added an extra quart of grease to the recipe this time.”

“Oh man, she has got to be kidding.” Joey said, looking at the list of ground rules Bessie had left behind.

“Let me see.” Pacey said. He looked at the list “ ‘Rule number 21; Do not drive any vehicles of any sort through the house. Rule number 22; Do not set fire to your clothes for any reason. Rule number 23; Absolutly no human sacrifices-’ Is this some sort of joke?”

“It’s the first time Bessie’s left us alone for the weekend and she’s really nervous.” Tatum explained.

“So, you two have any plans for tomorrow night?” Joey asked.

“We’re going to a movie.” Pacey replied quickly.

“We’re going out to dinner.” Tatum said at the same time. “Uh, well, out to dinner and then to a movie. And then Andie and I are going to sleep over at Abby’s house. You know, since they’re single and all, we thought it might be fun to have a girls only Valentine’s Day party.”

Joey looked hurt “You guys didn’t tell me.”

“Oh, well, you know, it’s gonna be mostly a cheerleader thing. You’d probably be bored.” Tatum told her.

“Abby’s not on the cheerleading squad.” Joey said.

“She’s an alternate.” Tatum reminded her.

“Oh yeah.” Joey said “Well, Jen invited me to sleep over at her house and watch some movies. Maybe I’ll take her up on that.”

“Yeah, that’s sounds like a good idea.” Tatum agreed “In fact, I think you should call her right now.”

Joey shrugged “Ok.”

As soon as Joey was gone, Pacey sat down next to Tatum “You think she suspects anything?”

“Nah.” Tatum sighed “And I’ve got Andie and Abby’s word of honor that they’ll keep shut.”

“Good. Nothing ruins the mood like getting busted.”

Tatum nodded “Especially by your sister.”

“Well, I don’t think Joey would tell anyone if she found out.” Pacey told her.

“Yeah, but it would still be weird.” Tatum said “I mean, you two have been friends since kindergarten. How do you think she would react if she found out you were planning to screw her little sister?”

“Good point.” Pacey agreed “But she isn’t going to find out.”

He pulled Tatum close and kissed her “I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow.” he kissed her softly and left.

* * * *

“Tatum, just relax!” Andie giggled, twisting the phone cord around her finger.

“I am relaxed!” Tatum replied “I’m completely relaxed. I don’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed.”

Andie laughed “Ok, I get the point. Listen, I gotta go, Jack needs to use the phone. You should get some sleep. You’ll need it. Believe me, I know.”

“Oh shut up!” Tatum giggled.

“Why?” Andie asked “Am I making you blush?”

“Shove it!”

“Ooh, I just bet you’re turning bright red right now.” Andie teased “I really do have to go. Later!”

“Yeah, bye.” Tatum replied.

“Ok, people, let’s try to concentrate!” Dawson was saying the next day at play rehearsal “I know we’re all excited about the weekend, but if we could just get through Juliet’s death scene once without screwing it up, that would be great.” he looked around “Where is our Juliet, anyway? Jo, where’s Tatum?”

“I don’t know.” Joey replied “I thought it was your job to keep track of the actors, Mr. Big-Shot director.”

“That’s what I hate about these student productions.” Dawson told her “Everything’s so disorganized.”

“Hey, Dawson, where you calling me?” Tatum asked.

“Yeah, we need to run through Juliet’s death scene a few times.” Dawson replied.

“Shouldn’t we be working on Mercutio’s death scene?” Tatum said “You’ve screwed up your lines almost every time we’ve done it.”

“We’ve done it enough.” Dawson insisted “I’ve said ‘A plague o’er both your houses’ so many times the words have lost all meaning.”

“Like they had all that much meaning before.” Tatum muttered.

* * * *

“I thought that rehearsal would never end!” Tatum said as she and Pacey left the school “Is it me, or is Dawson pulling a total James Cameron? He’s so obsessed with every little detail. Opening night’s in three weeks and at this rate we’re going to have to move it back six months.”

Pacey chuckled “He just wants everything to go right.”

“He’s going to drive me insane.” Tatum groaned “How many times am I going to have to stab myself before he’s happy?”

“What about me?” Pacey asked “I’ve had to poison myself about a thousand times.”

“Well, whatever!” Tatum said. She looked at her watch “Oh, and of course now we’re going to be late! Come on, our reservations at the restaurant are in ten minutes.”

* * * *

“Hi, Andie, could I talk to Tatum?” Joey asked when Andie picked up the phone.

“Uh, hold on a second.” Andie said. She put her hand over the receiver “Abby! Turn that music down!”

Jack looked up “Abby’s not here.”

“Jack, shh!” Andie hissed “Uh, Joey? Tatum and Abby aren’t here. They, uh, went out to pick up some movies and get the Chinese takeout we ordered.”

“Ok, I’ll call back later. Bye.”

Andie hung up the phone “Jack? Next time you want to blow my cover, do me a favor, just go outside and sit in the middle of the road until a truck runs you over instead, ok?”

“Well that seemed uncalled for.” Jack said “What’s going on, anyway?”

“None of your business!” Andie snapped.

“Ok, ok. Sheesh.” Jack muttered “So when are Abby and Tatum getting back with the Chinese food? I’m starving.”

* * * *

“Hello? Anyone home?” Pacey called as he and Tatum entered his house that night “Doug? You here?” no answer “I guess not. Perfect.”

“Yeah.” Tatum said, wringing her hands.

“You nervous?” Pacey asked.

Tatum shook her head “Not really. I thought I would be, but I’m not.”

“Good.” Pacey said. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. He pulled back and looked into her eyes “I love you.” he whispered.

Tatum smiled and leaned against his chest “I love you too.”

* * * *

“Andie? It’s Abby.”

“Oh, hey, Abby, what’s up?” Andie said.

“How’s it going?” Abby asked.

“Well, about half an hour ago Joey called and Jackass almost blew it.” Andie sighed “Now he wants to know when you and Tatum are getting here with the Chinese takeout-long story.”

Abby laughed “Well, sounds like you’re having a fun night.”

“I hope Tatum is.” Andie muttered “She so owes us.”

“Definitely.” Abby agreed. There was an awkward pause “Um, Andie?”


“I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry.” Abby said “For everything. You know, for telling everybody about your mom and totally humiliating you and Pacey when I found that note and all that stuff.”

“That stuff?” Oh, forget it. It was a long time ago.” Andie said.

“I know, it’s just that you guys have been so nice to me. I wish I could feel like I deserve it.”

“Hey, listen, Abby,” Andie said “if you’re not doing anything, you wanna come over and hang out?”

Abby thought for a moment “Sure.”

“And, listen, on your way over, would you mind picking up some Chinese food?” Andie asked “Jack is driving me insane!”

Abby laughed “Sure.”

* * * *

Pacey shut his bedroom door and locked it. Then he picked Tatum up and carried her over to the bed.

“I love you.” Tatum whispered as he kissed her.

“I love you, too.” Pacey replied.

They started to kiss again, each kiss deepening until neither of them could have stopped, even if they had wanted to. Pacey started kissing Tatum’s neck gently. Tatum leaned back against the pillow as her hair spread out like a halo around her head. She pulled her blouse over her head and threw it aside. Pacey kissed her chest gently and reached behind her to unhook her bra while she began unbuttoning his shirt.

* * * *

Abby took a sip of her soda “What are you stupid or something, Casey? Just hang up and star sixty-nine his freaky butt!” she yelled at the TV screen “Haven’t any of these people ever heard of Caller I.D?”

Andie shrugged “It wouldn’t be much of a movie if they used Caller I.D to figure out who the killer is in the opening sequence.” she looked at the clock “What do you think Pacey and Tatum are doing right now?”

“Who knows?” Abby replied through a mouth full of lo mein.

“Pass the wontons.” Jack said.

* * * *

When it was over, Tatum collapsed in Pacey’s arms, dizzy with bliss and exhaustion. She pressed her head against his chest, listening to his heart beat. Soon, they both fell asleep, still wrapped up in each other.

* * * *

“Pacey, wake up!” The next morning, the couple was awakened by Doug pounding on the door.

“Yeah, I’m awake!” Pacey called “I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, hurry up!” Doug said. A moment later, they heard his footsteps retreating down the hall and then down the stairs.

Tatum poked her head out from under the covers “You think he knew I’m here?” she asked.

“Not a chance.” Pacey replied as he leaned over and kissed her “Good morning, beautiful.”

Tatum smiled “Hey, handsome.” she gasped “Oh, God! Morning! I better get home before Joey does or we’ll be busted for sure.” she jumped out of bed and started picking up her clothes.

“Ok.” Pacey said “I might as well get up, too.”

Tatum pulled her shirt over her head “Where the hell’s my skirt?”

“Right here.” Pacey told her as he handed her the skirt “Hey, what’s your rush? Joey probably thinks you’re still at Andie’s house.”

“Yeah.” Tatum sighed “It’s just that last night was amazing. It was perfect, and I don’t want anything to happen to ruin the memory. And someone find out would completely ruin it.”

Pacey put his arms around her “No one is going to find out. I promise.”

“Pacey!” Doug yelled.

“Alright, alright!” Pacey hollered.

“Sounds like I better get out of here.” Tatum said as she put on her skirt “I’ve got to be at work in an hour anyway.”

Pacey kissed her “Ok, I’ll stop by to see you sometime this afternoon. I love you.”

Tatum kissed him back, then opened the window and climbed out “I love you, too.”

* * * *

Part 16 coming soon!

© Copyright 1999 by Femme Fatale Fanfic (FFFF) productions

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