Secret and Lies by: Tessa

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“Know what I think?” Tatum said to Pacey while they were watching the football game at his house “Take a look at Elway. In ten years, that could be you.”

“You really think so?” Pacey asked

Tatum nodded enthusiastically “Absolutly. Only, you know, better.”

Doug walked into the room “Pacey, what is this?”

Pacey looked at what his brother was holding “That’s a toothbrush, nimbus.”

“Very good, Einstein.” Doug said sarcastically “Would you care to expand on that?”

“It’s a purple toothbrush.” Pacey replied with a shrug

“And whose purple toothbrush is it?” Doug asked

“It’s mine.” Tatum said “I was wondering where I left it. Thanks, Doug.”

Doug rolled his eyes “Pacey, doesn’t this break our no live-in girlfriend rule?”

Pacey laughed “That’s a good one, man. Yeah, right. A toothbrush automatically equals a live-in....oh, you’re serious.”

“What are you, high?” Tatum asked “Just because you found my toothbrush in the bathroom doesn’t mean I live here now.” she giggled “Honestly. Jumping to conclusions much?”

“Are you two sleeping together?” Doug asked

“I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may humiliate me.” Pacey replied “Go away, Doug.”

Doug nodded “Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. I hope you two know what you’re doing.”

“Trust me.” Tatum said “Go away, Doug!”

* * * *

“Hey, how’s it going?” Andie said to Tatum at school the next morning

“Bad.” Tatum replied

“Why bad?” Jen asked

“Because Doug found out that Pacey and are sleeping together, so embarrassing!” Tatum moaned “And I got, like, three hours of sleep last night, and on top of it all, I feel like crap!”

“Yeah, you look like crap.” Abby said

“Thanks!” Tatum said, her voice dripping with sarcasm

“Oh, no no no!” Abby said quickly “I didn’t mean it like that, sorry. I just mean you don’t look too good. Are you sure you’re not sick or something?”

Tatum put her hand over her mouth “Well, now that you mention it.....oh my God!” she pushed past her friends and ran for the bathroom

“Tatum?” Andie said as they followed her. “Are you ok?”

“Does it sound like she’s ok?” Abby asked

A minute later, Tatum stumbled out of the stall and went over to the sink. She wiped her mouth and washed her hands “Third time in a week.” she muttered

“Really?” Jen asked “This has happened before? In the morning?”

Tatum looked miserable “Guys, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Andie said “I’m late.” Tatum replied

“Class can wait, really.” Jen reassured her “Now what’s wrong?”

“No, Jen, I’m *late*!” Tatum moaned

Abby gasped “Omigod! You don’t mean-”


“You think you’re pregnant?” Jen asked “I thought you said you and Pacey are always really careful.”

Tatum nodded “We are. But a few weeks ago we were...y’know, and the condom broke.”

“Damn it, Tate!” Abby whined “There are pills you can take for things like that!”

“I know, I know.” Tatum sighed “But we just freaked out. We were afraid my sister would find out, so we just figured, you know, that one time-”

“Tatum!” Andie interrupted “What is one of the first things they teach us in sex education? One time is all it takes!”

Tatum leaned against the wall “I panicked.”

“Tatum, it’s ok.” Abby told her “Have you done a pregnancy test?”

Tatum shook her head

“Then we’ll take you to the pharmacy right now, get a test, and everything will be fine.” Jen said

* * * *

“What was that you said about everything being fine?” Tatum asked

“Don’t say that just yet.” Jen replied “Can you tell what it says yet?”

“Not yet.” Tatum sighed. She shook the test “Damn it! Hurry up!”

“Just relax!” Andie said “It’ll be ok.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right-Oh shit!” Tatum moaned “Look.”

“Positive.” Abby said “Ok, ok, no one panic! Those tests are all crappola anyway. Tell you what, we’ll take you to the family planing clinic in Acton.”

“Alright.” Tatum said “But we have to get home before Bessie. If she finds out we skipped school to find out if I’m pregnant, she’s gonna have two really good reasons to kill me.”

* * * *

“Tatum, stop fidgeting!” Andie whispered

“You’d be fidgeting too if you were knocked up!” Tatum snapped

“Don’t say that just yet.” Abby insisted “They haven’t gotten the test results in yet.”

“I’m surprised they’re able to get them so fast.” Jen added

“Miss Potter?” A nurse said “I have your test results right here.”

“Oh, thank you.” Tatum said as she took the folder the nurse held out. She turned to her friends “C’mon, let’s wait till we get outside to open this thing. I’d rather not humiliate myself by screaming in front of all these people.”

“Just stay positive.” Abby told her “Eek! I mean, uh, well, not that kind of positive.”

“Thanks a lot.” Tatum muttered. As soon as they were outside, she sat down on a bench and opened the folder. “I can’t look!” she said suddenly “Andie, what’s it say?”

Andie looked at the paper “Uh, oh boy.”

“What do you mean by that?” Tatum asked. She took the paper “Oh no.”

“Wow.” Jen said “You’re pregnant. You know, I don’t know if I should congratulate you or fall off the bench. So, uh, congratulations. And, uh....” she fell off the bench

“Jen!” Tatum whined “Dammit, this isn’t funny!”

“Honey, relax. It’ll be ok.” Andie said as she put her arm around Tatum’s shoulder “Everything will be ok.”

“How do you know?” Tatum asked “How is everything going to be ok? Andie, I’m *pregnant*! This is disturbing and depressing on so many levels! The least of which is that I’ve pretty much turned into my mother. She was eighteen when she had me, I’m sixteen. History’s repeating itself.”

“Come on.” Abby said “Let’s get you home.”

Tatum nodded “Guys, promise me you aren’t going to tell anyone. Not my sisters, not any of your friends, and please, for the love of God, don’t tell Pacey!”

“We won’t tell anyone.” Jen vowed “We’d never do that to you.”

* * * *

“Tatum? Don’t you want your dinner?” Bessie called, knocking on the door

“Not right now.” Tatum replied “I’m not feeling too well. I just need to get some rest.”

“Ok.” Bessie said “Holler if you need anything.”

The phone next to the bed rang, startling Tatum out of the daze she had been in for hours “Hello?”

“Hey, gorgeous.”

Tatum smiled “Hi, Pacey. What’s up?”

“Nothing much.” Pacey said “I was just wondering where you and the other girls went today. Were you skipping school?”

“Oh, no. Nothing like that.” Tatum replied “It’s just that, uh, Andie, um, wasn’t feeling too well, so we helped her out around the house, you know, with Jack at school and their mom staying with their dad this weekend, you know?”

“Are you sure you’re feeling ok?” Pacey asked “You sound a little sick.”

“I’m fine.” Tatum insisted “I’m just really sleepy.”

“Well, I better go do my homework.” Pacey said “You get some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Tatum replied “See you.”

She hung up the phone and stared up at the ceiling. He says he loves me now. she thought How will he feel when he finds out he knocked me up? No. I can’t think like that. He wouldn’t dump me just because I’m pregnant. He’s not like that. Still, the thought stayed with her most of the night, keeping her awake until very late.

* * * *

“Geez, Tate, you look awful.” Abby said the next day at school

Tatum shut her eyes “Whoa. Deja vu. And again, thank you so much.”

“Oh, come on.” Abby said “You know I didn't mean it like that. I just meant you look like you didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“I didn’t.” Tatum told her “I couldn’t sleep. I just kept on thinking about what I’m going to do about this and how I’m going to tell Pacey. And what are my sisters going to think?”

Andie put her arm around her friend “Tatum, it’ll be ok. Your sisters will understand. And hey, TGIF, right? You’ve got a whole weekend to think about everything.”

“Think about what?” Joey asked

“Uh, nothing.” Tatum replied. She gave Andie a look

“Um, hey Joey, we were just talking about, um, Jack.” Andie said

“What about him?” Joey said

“Well, have you guys noticed him acting strange lately?” Andie asked

Tatum shrugged “You mean stranger than usual? Actually, yeah, he has.”

“And you guys would not believe the magazines I found in his room.” Andie added

“Don’t worry.” Abby giggled “He probably just reads those for the articles.”

“Very funny.” Andie muttered “Not those kinds of magazines. Fag mags.”

Tatum slapped her arm “Andie, that’s not very PC. What are you, some kind of homophobe or something?”

“Sorry.” Andie said “I just couldn’t think of anything else to call them. But why would my brother have those magazines in his room?”

“Well.” Tatum replied “Unless he’s got some project he’s doing that somehow involves those magazines, which is unlikely since if he had a project due he would’ve come to me and begged me to do it for him by now, there’s only one other explanation.”

Andie nodded “Now that I think about it, that would make sense. I mean, he does like to shop.”

“And he’s got a thing for art exhibits.” Joey added

“So, what are you going to do?” Jen asked

“I’m going to ask him about it.” Andie replied “When he’s in a really good mood.”

* * * *

“Jack, could we talk to you?” Andie asked as she and Tatum walked into the Ice House that afternoon

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Jack replied. he followed the two girls outside

“Ok, I really have no idea how I should put this, so I’m just going to, uh, come right out and say it. “ Andie said “Tatum?”

Tatum rolled her eyes “Jack, you wanna tell us about these magazines Andie found in your room?”

“Well, uh, you see,” Jack struggled “the thing is, uh, well, um....”

“Point!” Andie and Tatum interrupted

“I’m gay.” Jack said. He looked more surprised than either of the girls “Wow. I, uh, just said that out loud, didn’t I? That actually felt pretty good, getting it out in the open like that.”

Andie burst out laughing “Ha! I knew it!”

“You knew?” Jack asked

“Well, I had a feeling.” Andie replied “Sisters notice these things.”

Jack looked even more surprised “When the hell were you gonna tell me?” “I thought it was funny.” Andie giggled “You know, watching you chase after Joey and all.”

Tatum snickered “And watching you hit on Jen all the time was a hoot!”

“That’s not funny.” Jack told them “No, Jack, it’s ok.” Andie said, patting his hand “Now we know. And we’re your friends, we’ll support you no matter what.”

“Really?” Jack asked “Thanks, Andie.” he turned to Tatum “And now that my sordid little secret is out in the open, what’s been up with you lately?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tatum stammered

“Sure you don’t.” Jack chuckled “Today at school, Pacey asked me how Andie was feeling. He said that you told him you guys were at my house yesterday because Andie was sick. And I know that none of you were in that house yesterday.”

“So why do automatically assume it has something to do with me?” Tatum asked

“Because,” Jack said “whenever something strange is going on around here, you’re usually at the bottom of it. So, out with it, what’s up? Are you gay, too?” T

atum rolled her eyes “I am not! I’m-Oh, very clever. I almost walked right into that one. I’m not telling you.”

“What if I guess?” Jack asked

“You’ll never guess.” Tatum replied Jack nodded “Uh-huh. So, when are you due?”

Tatum tried to play innocent “What do you mean?”

“When’s the baby due?”

Tatum took a deep breath and clenched her fists

“Careful, Tate.” Andie warned “Think of your baby’s future, try to make it look like an accident.”

“Alright, listen!” Tatum snapped, grabbing Jack by his neck and shoving him against the wall “If you tell anyone about this, especially Pacey or my sisters, I will flatten your head and fax it to your next of kin, is that clear?”

“Crystal.” Jack winced “Could you let me go now?”

* * * *

“Jack’s *gay*?” Pacey asked “Why do I keep on thinking that today is April Fool’s Day?”

“That’s not for another week.” Tatum told him “And please, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming.”

“Well, I knew there was something weird about him.” Pacey admitted “But I always just figured he’d been dropped on his head as a baby. A lot.”

“Well, that’s true, too.” Andie laughed “But don’t make a big stink over it or anything, ok? He says as far as we’re concerned, he’s just the same old guy he was before, only now he’ll be hitting on you and Dawson instead of Joey and Jen.” she noticed the look on Pacey’s face “It’s a *joke*!” she told him

“Sheesh. So, when’s Doug getting home?”

“Not for a few hours.” Pacey replied “Hey, you guys think we should try to set him up with Jack?”

“Very funny, Pacey.” Tatum said “Your brother is not gay. It’s just something you have accept.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Pacey said “You guys want to order take out?”

“Not hungry.” Andie replied

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Tatum added. They sat quietly, watching TV for a few minutes before Tatum spoke up again “Actually, you know something? I could really go for some Chinese food.”

“You just said you were fine.” Pacey told her

“Well, now I’m not fine.” Tatum pouted “I want some Chinese food.”

Pacey gave her a weird look “Ok, fine, whatever makes you happy. You sure are acting weird.” he headed for the kitchen, still mumbling under his breath “If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was pregnant or something....”

Andie nearly choked trying not to laugh. Tatum shot her a look.

“Sorry.” Andie whispered

“You’re going to blow it.” Tatum hissed “I’m waiting for a good time to tell him. Like when he’s in a really good mood. Or maybe if we got him really drunk.”

“Oh, please.” Andie muttered “I foresee a very long night ahead. Hey, Pacey? You think you could get us some coffee while you’re up?”

“Sure.” Pacey replied

”I’ll have decaf.” Tatum hollered

“You have to tell him tonight.” Andie insisted “The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be.”

“I know.” Tatum sighed “But how do you bring something like this up? I can’t just go up to him and say ‘By the way, I’m pregnant and it’s yours. See ya later!’.”

Andie patted her hand “I know. A subject like this can be very difficult to broach.” “

So, Tatum,” Pacey said as he walked back into the room “when did you start drinking decaf?”

Andie stood up and grabbed her coat “And then again, sometimes an opportunity just kicks you in the butt.”

“Hey, Andie, where are you going?” Tatum asked

“I just remembered I have something to do at home.” Andie replied “So I’ll just get out of your way, see you!”

“What’s with her?” Pacey asked

Tatum shrugged as she turned off the TV “We need to talk.”

“Uh-oh. Am I getting dumped?”

“No, of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” Tatum replied “But it is pretty important.” She paused for a moment. In the kitchen, the song “Brick” by the Ben Folds Five was playing How perfect Tatum thought A song about a pregnant high school girl

She took a deep breath “Pacey, yesterday, when the other girls and I weren’t in school, we didn’t really go to Andie’s house. We went to the doctor.”

“Why?” Pacey asked “Is everything ok?”

“Not really.” Tatum sighed

Pacey looked worried “What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

Tatum shook her head “No. It’s nothing. Well, I mean, it’s nothing that won’t go away in a few months. Pacey, I’m......I’m pregnant.”

There was a painful moment of shocked silence

“Pregnant?” Pacey repeated “Are you sure?”

“The test confirmed it.” Tatum said “That’s why I’ve been acting so strange.”

Pacey smiled “I don’t believe it. You’re really pregnant? This is great!” he threw his arms around her and kissed her

“Whoa, back the baby carriage up.” Tatum said “Why are you so excited? This is bad. This is horrible!”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Pacey asked “Were you afraid I’d split?”

“I guess I was.” Tatum admitted “A little.”

Pacey put his arm around her “Well, I’m still here, aren’t I?”

Tatum broke down and started to cry. Pacey held her tightly for a few minutes

“Stay with me.” Tatum sobbed

“I promise.” Pacey told her “We can get through this together.”

“What are we going to do?” Tatum asked

“I don’t know.” Pacey told her “But we’ll be ok.” in the kitchen, the song on the radio continued;

“She’s a brick
And I’m drowning slowly
Off the coast
And I’m headed nowhere
She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly....”

* * * *

Part 18 coming soon!© Copyright 1999 Femme Fatale Fanfic (FFFF) productions

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