Shriek! by: Tessa

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Rating: Somewhere between a PG-13 and an R. There's the usual language, and some violence, but not a lot.

Summary: A serial killer is on the loose in Capeside.

Disclaimer: I don't own the movie Scream. I'm just borrowing the characters from Dawson's Creek and the plot and dialogue of Scream and throwing them together for fun.

"Wow." Tatum said as she and Joey walked toward school "Did something happen at school? Look at all the news vans and police cars."

"I don't know." Joey replied, "I hope no one's hurt."

As the girls got closer, they could hear what the reporter outside the school was saying ".......rumors of involvement in the occult. Police are questioning students and faculty."

"Can you believe this?" someone asked

Joey and Tatum jumped "Andie! What's going on?" Tatum asked

"You didn't hear?" Andie replied "Mindy Canton was murdered last night."

"You're kidding!" Joey gasped

"No." Andie said "And we're not just talking killed, we're talking splatter movie, bloodbath killed here."

"Mindy Canton." Tatum repeated "I think she sits next to me in Algebra."

"Not any more." Andie said "It's so awful. Her parents found her hanging from a tree, her insides on the outside."

"Sick!" Tatum gasped "That's so awful!"

* * * *

Tatum stared at the empty seat next to her in algebra "Miss Potter?" Mrs. Kelson said "I believe it's your turn."

Gathering her books, Tatum followed a police officer down the hall to Principal Markey's office

"Good morning, Tatum." the sheriff said

"Hi Sheriff Adams. Hey, Doug."

"Actually, it's Deputy Witter today, Tatum." Doug said

"Of course." Tatum replied

"Have a seat, Tatum." Sheriff Adams said "How are your sisters?"


"And your daughter?"

"She's doing great."

"Glad to hear it." Sheriff Adams said "Now then, we'll make this quick. Tatum, how well did you know Mindy Canton?"

* * * *

"Did they ask you if like to hunt?" Tyler asked Pacey and Dawson

"Yeah." Pacey replied

"What about you, Kevin?" Tyler asked Andie's new boyfriend


"Why would they ask that?" Jen asked

"Because Mindy was gutted." Tyler explained

"They didn't ask me if I like to hunt." Abby said

"Duh." Kevin replied "That's because a girl couldn't do something like that. It takes a man to do something like that."

"Or a man's mentality." Tatum muttered "Hey, Pacey, why's your brother so crabby?"

"He's been like that ever since Kelly dumped him and moved out."

"How do you gut someone?" Joey asked

"You take a knife, and you slit 'em from groin to sternum." Tyler said

"It's called tact, fuck rag." Jack told him

"A girl could do something like that." Andie muttered "I mean, I wouldn't want to. But girls can be just as vicious as guys."

"Damn straight!" Kevin said

"Hey Tyler, didn't you used to date Mindy?" Dawson asked

"Yeah." Kevin snorted "For about two seconds, before she dumped him for that loser Jonathan."

"I thought you dumped her for me." Jen said

"I did." Tyler replied "He's just full of shit."

"Hey where were you last night?" Pacey asked

"Are you implying something? I was with Jen last night. Where were you?"

"Really?" Pacey said "Was that before or after you sliced and diced?"

"Where were you last night?" Tyler repeated

"Working." Pacey replied

"At the video store?" Jen giggled "I thought they fired you."


"I didn't kill anybody." Tyler said

"No one said you did." Abby told him

"Besides," Pacey said "It takes a man to do something like that."

"I'm gonna gut you in a second, kid!" Tyler threatened

"Let me ask you something," Pacey said in a goofy, high pitched voice "Did you really put her liver in the mailbox 'cause I heard they found her liver in the mailbox next to her spleen-"

"Jesus, you goon!" Tatum interrupted "Fuck! I'm trying to eat here!"

"My name's not Jesus."

"I dunno, maybe we better 'liver' alone, man. She's getting pissed." Kevin said "Ha! 'Liver' alone!"

"You are so sick." Jack told him

"Andie thinks I'm funny." Kevin said "Don't you Andie? Andie? What are you staring at?"

"What?" Andie said "Oh, nothing." she glanced at the young reporter who had just walked by, then at her brother. Jack nodded.

"What is with you guys?" Tatum asked "You look like you've seen a ghost."

* * * *

Andie stared blankly at her computer screen. She had a report to write, but she was suffering from severe writer's block. Suddenly, she heard a noise outside her window. She walked over to investigate. A hand reached in through the open window and grabbed her arm. Andie screamed and jumped back

"Kevin, you scared me!"

"Sorry." Kevin said as he climbed in through the window "Just thought I'd drop in and say hi."

"Hi." Andie said, "And bye! If my mom catches you here she'll skin us both."

"Andie?" Mrs. McPhee called "Is everything ok?"

Andie opened the door a crack "Everything's fine, mom."

"Are you sure?" Mrs. McPhee asked "I thought I heard screaming."

"Nope." Andie said

"Well, ok. Listen, my flight leaves in half an hour. But with the murder last night I really don't think I should go. This conference isn't really that important."

"Yes it is." Andie insisted "I'll be fine. Tatum's staying over at Pacey's house. I could go with her."

"Are you sure?"

"Completely." Andie replied

"Ok, now remember, I'm staying at-"

"The Hilton." Andie interrupted "And you'll be back on Sunday. Don't worry, I know. Have a great time in Philadelphia."

"Ok, see you on Sunday." Mrs. McPhee said as she started to close the door. She paused for a moment "I could've sworn I heard screaming. Oh well."

"That was close." Kevin said as soon as the door was shut

"Too close." Andie agreed "You'd better go."

* * * *

"He snuck in through your window?" Tatum giggled "Guys are so weird."

"I know." Andie said "Listen, I'm gonna drop by the video store on my way over to your house, ok? I'll be there around 8."

"Ok, hurry." Tatum said

"Scared?" Andie asked "Don't be, Mindy didn't bite it until after 11."

"Gee, that's so comforting." Tatum sighed "See you soon." she hung up the phone and flopped down on the couch. She turned on the TV. Joey was at the Ice House. Abby had been nice enough to agree to babysit for Noelle, and Bessie had been nice enough to drive Noelle over to Abby's house on her way to the mall to do some shopping, so Tatum had the house to herself for a while. She flipped through the channels, but all she saw were news reports about the murder. She turned off the TV and shut her eyes.

* * * *

Tatum was awakened at least an hour later by the ringing of the phone on the table "Hello?"


"Andie, where are you?" Tatum asked

"Sorry, practice ran late." Andie replied "I'll swing by the video store and be there in ten minutes."

"Ok, bye." Tatum said. She hung up the phone. Just then, it rang again. "Listen, Andie, just get in your car and-"

"Hello, Tatum." A strange voice interrupted

"Who's this?" Tatum asked

"Scary night, huh?" the weird, distorted voice continued "With the murders and everything it's almost like the plot of some creepy movie."

"Pacey." Tatum sighed "You gave yourself away. Listen, Andie's gonna be at the store to pick you up in a few minutes."

"Do you like scary movies?"

"You know I don't like that crap."

"Why not? Too scared?"

"No, I just think that all horror movies are the same. Some skinny, big chested girl running up the stairs and into the closet when she should be running out the door so she ends up getting cut the fuck up."

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

"Pacey, I'm so disappointed in you. That's so unoriginal."

"Maybe that's because I'm not Pacey."

"So, who are you?" Tatum asked

"The real question is, *where* am I."

"So where are you?"

"Your front porch."

"Yeah? Well I'm calling your bluff." Tatum said as she walked to the door and opened it. She stepped out onto the porch. "Can you see me right now?"


Tatum stuck her finger up her nose "Yeah? Well then what am I doing? Huh? Hello?" she giggled and turned off the phone "Nice try, asshole." as she walked into the house, the door slammed forcefully behind her. She whirled around and saw a man in a long, hooded black robe and white ghost mask. Growling, he lunged at her.

Tatum screamed and backed away. She tripped over the rug and fell flat on her back. In a second the killer had her pinned and pulled out a long knife.

"No!" Tatum screamed. She grabbed the hand that was holding the knife and pushed it away. Then she kicked the killer in the groin and rolled away. Scrambling to her feet, she rushed for the door. But her path was blocked, so she ran up the stairs, screaming at the top of her lungs. She ran into her room, slammed the door, and locked it. A second later, the knife plunged through the door, inches away from her face. Still screaming, Tatum picked up the phone and dialed 911.

"What's going on?"

Tatum screamed and dropped the phone just as someone picked up the phone at the other end

"Tatum, what's wrong with you? It's me, Kevin." he pulled himself in through the window "What happened? I was walking by and I heard you screaming."

"Kevin, the killer's here, he's in the house!" Tatum wailed, throwing herself against him

"It's ok." Kevin said softly, putting his arm around her. Suddenly, something fell out of his pocket. Looking at the floor, Tatum saw that it was a cellular phone. She looked at Kevin, horrified "What?" he asked

"You." Tatum gasped "You..." she turned around and ran out of the room and down the stairs

"Tatum?" Kevin yelled "Oh shit! Tatum!"

Gasping for air, Tatum reached the front door and pulled it open. And came face to face with the white ghost mask. She screamed.

Doug screamed and dropped the mask "Whoa, calm down. I found this in the bushes."

"He's in the house." Tatum cried "He's in there."

* * * *

"What's going on here?" Sheriff Adams asked

"I caught him, Sheriff." Doug replied

"Who is it?"

"It's Kevin Mitchell."

"I didn't do it!" Kevin yelled as the officers pushed him into the squad car "Dammit! Tatum, it wasn't me, really!"

"We certainly are seeing a lot of you today." the sheriff said to Tatum "We'll need you to come down to the station to answer some questions, ok?"

A black Saab pulled up on the other side of the street. "Tatum?" Pacey yelled

"Oh shit! Tatum!" Andie cried. They ran across the street "Oh my God." Andie said "Tatum, I'm so sorry. Are you ok?"

"You guys can't be here." Doug said "This an official crime scene."

"She's staying with us tonight." Pacey told him

"Does her sister know?"

"Yes, doofus."

"Did you catch him?" Andie asked

"We did." Doug replied "Andie, I'm sorry. It's Kevin Mitchell."

"Are you sure?"

"We'll talk about this down at the station."

Nicole Harris opened the door to the news van "Dammit, Nathan, get the camera, hurry!" she ran across the street just as the police cars pulled away. "Andie!" she called "Who was that they just took away?"

Andie cringed as she got into her car "Go away, I'm not talking to you."

"Can you tell me anything?"

"Yeah, I can." Andie replied "You're a real pain in the ass. Go away, you've done enough already."

"Dammit!" Nicole muttered. She turned to her camera man "Nathan, I understand that you are more than 50 pounds overweight. But when I tell you to hurry, please interpret that as move your fat tub of lard ass now!"

* * * *

"So why were you at Tatum Potter's house tonight?" Sheriff Adams asked

"I already told you." Kevin snapped "I go by her house on my way home from work. I heard her screaming and I wanted to see if she was ok."

"And last night, why were you at Andie's house?"

"You went out last night?" Mr. Mitchell asked

"Only for a little while." Kevin muttered "I just wanted to drop in and say hi."

"And did you happen to drop in at Mindy Canton's house first?" The sheriff asked

"No!" Kevin insisted "Sheriff, I didn't kill anybody."

"And what about that cell phone? What were you doing with that?"

"Everyone's got them, it's the nineties!"

"Why don't you call the phone company?" Mr. Mitchell suggested "You can have them trace the calls and I'm sure you'll see it's just a big misunderstanding."

Outside the office, Andie avoided looking at Kevin while she and Pacey comforted Tatum.

"Don't worry." Andie said "You'll be fine."

Joey, Abby and Jen came running in "Tatum! Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Tatum replied, managing a shaky smile "Where's Bess?"

"About halfway to Andover by now." Joey explained "As soon as we figured out that you were ok, I convinced her to take the kids and get the hell out of town. She headed for her friend Celia's house as soon as I promised we'd be right behind her."

"We can't skip town just yet." Tatum said softly "The police may need me to answer more questions. And I'm not leaving my friends at a time like this."

The door to the office was opened and Kevin was led out, followed by his father.

"Andie, it wasn't me!" Kevin yelled. Andie cringed and shut her eyes "look at me, Andie!" Kevin said desperately "You know me better than that!"

"Leave them alone." Doug told him firmly. He turned to the girls "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it." Tatum said "Just get us the hell out of here."

"Take them out through the back." Sheriff Adams said "There's a huge crowd of reporters outside."

* * * *

Nicole glared at the crowd "Dammit" she muttered "Nathan, isn't there a way in through the alley in the back?"

* * * *

"Doug, we have to go now!" Pacey said impatiently

"Just a minute!" Doug replied, then went back to talking to the sheriff

"Now!" Pacey said

Doug turned red as some of the other officers snickered "What did mom and dad always tell you? When I wear this badge you respect me as an officer of the law!"

"Well we're very sorry, Deputy Dougy boy!" Tatum snapped as she stood up "But we are ready to go now!"

"Maybe you'd better listen to them." Sheriff Adams said

The officers laughed even louder as Doug led the three teenagers out into the back hallway "He's my superior." Doug muttered

"A janitor is your superior!" Andie and Tatum snapped in unison

* * * *

"Whew, looks clear." Tatum sighed.

"There she is!" Someone yelled

"Or not."

"Tatum Potter?" Nicole asked "Hi, Nicole Harris from 'Inside Report with Nicole Harris'- oh, Andie! So nice to see you again."

Andie forced a fake smile "Nicole. Destroyed any interesting people lately? And how's that book coming along?"

"It's doing great." Nicole replied

"Well I'll have to look for it."

"Don't bother, I'll send you a copy." Nicole offered

Andie cringed again and shut her eyes. Tatum whirled around and punched Nicole in the face "Send that!" she snapped

"Where did you learn to punch like that?" Doug asked as he helped Tatum into the van that was waiting outside

* * * *

"That was so cool!" Jen giggled "I'll send you a copy." she said in a perfect imitation of Nicole's annoyingly nasal voice "BAM! Bitch went down!"

"Yeah, I know, alright?" Abby laughed "I'll send you a copy. BAM! Tate, superbitch! You are so cool."

Tatum blushed "Ok, yeah, I know." She sighed "I wish Bessie would call us already."

Doug knocked on the door "Pacey? There's a phone call for Tatum."

"Is it my sister?" Tatum asked

"I don't think so."

Tatum went out to the kitchen, followed by her friends. She picked up the phone "Hello?"

"Poor Kevin." A familiar voice said "An innocent guy just doesn't stand a chance with you."

"Who are you?" Tatum asked "What do you want from me?"

Andie grabbed the phone "Leave us alone!"

"Well well well. If it isn't little Andie McPhee. Do you want to die, Andie? Your brother sure didn't want to die."

"Fuck you!" Andie sobbed

Tatum ran into the hallway "Doug! Doug, get in here!"

Andie hung up the phone and wiped her eyes Doug ran into the room "What?"

The teenagers gave him looks as they walked out of the room "What? He says 'what?'"

"Hello?" Doug said, picking up the phone "Huh. No one there."

* * * *

"Andie, are you ok?" Joey asked the next day at school "You've been acting really weird."

"There's something I need to tell you guys." Andie sighed, shutting her locker "It's about my brother, Tim. He....he didn't really die in a car accident. He was murdered."

Tatum gasped "Murdered?"

Andie nodded "Because of a car accident. He was driving home from a Christmas party with his friend, Olivia. She was drunk off her ass, so Tim took her keys. Anyway, from what Tim told me, Olivia was grabbing the wheel and goofing off, making it really hard for Tim to drive. And he drove off the road and right into a tree. He wasn't hurt very badly, but Olivia wasn't wearing her seatbelt, so she died instantly. We could always tell that her family blamed Tim for her death. So did her boyfriend, Ryan White. One night while we were out, he broke in and killed my brother. I got home first, and I saw him leaving. I recognized his jacket. I ran into the house and found Tim dead."

"That's horrible." Jen said "What happened to Ryan?"

"My testimony helped convict him." Andie replied "He's on death row. But the damage was done. Our family was ruined. My mom isn't really sick. Lying to everyone we know here about what really happened just put such a strain on her. Especially when we found out that bitch Nicole Harris was writing a book about how I 'wrongly accused and helped condemn an innocent man.'"

"Hey, have you guys seen Kevin yet?" Tyler asked "They let him go, you know. They traced those calls. He didn't make them."

"Oh, Jesus." Andie groaned "Is he mad?"

"What, after you girls labeled him the Candyman? No. He's heartbroken."

The hallway filled with screams as a group of boys wearing masks just like the one worn by the killer tore by Tatum gasped and shrunk back "What is with these people?"

"Are you kidding, baby?" Tyler said "It's like a party here. Like Christmas."

Tatum whacked him over the head with her lollipop a few times "Stupidity leak!" she picked up her bag "I gotta go find Pacey."

Walking down the hall and not watching where she was going, Tatum crashed right into the last person she wanted to see at that moment "Kevin! What are you doing here?"

"They let me go, Tatum." Kevin said "I didn't do it."

"Yeah, I know." Tatum sighed

"But you don't believe it." Kevin said "I can tell."

"No, it's not that."

"Then what is it?" Kevin asked "Is this some sort of residual 'I never had a mom so I'm paranoid and delusional' thing? Tatum, you need to get over that. My mom left me, too. Moms leave, it's a fact of life for some people."

Tatum glared at him "How dare you bring that up? Your mom left. She's not buried in a cemetery in California!" she turned around and ran down the hall into the girls' bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, she heard Vanessa and Valerie in two of the stalls, talking. She quickly ducked into one of the other stalls

"She was never attacked." Vanessa said "I think she made the whole thing up."

"Why would she do that?" Valerie asked

"For attention, duh."

"Hello?" Valerie said "She's head cheerleader, dating the star quarterback, had an eating disorder, spent two weeks in a coma, just had a baby, not to mention she's the resident bastard out of California at this school. How much more attention could she get?'

"Know what I think?" Vanessa asked "I think she has the hots for Mindy's boyfriend, so she killed Mindy in a jealous rage."

"That doesn't make any sense." Valerie said "She already has a boyfriend."

"I'm telling you," Vanessa insisted, the girl's a slut!" the rest of whatever she was saying trailed off as the two girls left the room.

As soon as they were gone, Tatum stepped out of the stall and wiped tears out of her eyes


"Who-who's there?" Tatum gasped, looking around. The door to the stall closest to the bathroom door burst open and the killer jumped out. Screaming, Tatum shoved right past him and tore out into the hall

* * * *

"It was probably just some sick fuck looking for a cheap laugh." Joey said

"No. It was him, Joey. I know it." Tatum insisted

"Well from now on you're not to pee alone, got that?" Abby said

"Can you believe this?" Pacey asked, pointing to the parking lot. Doug was standing there talking to Nicole Harris "I can't believe he's talking to her."

"She's probably flirting with him to get the scoop." Andie said "Would you guys excuse me for a minute?" she stood up. She walked right over to Nicole and grabbed her arm "Doug, could I speak to Nicole alone for a moment." she dragged Nicole away "Ok, let's talk."

"Nathan, get the camera!" Nicole said

"No cameras." Andie said "This is off the record."

"Then what's the point?" Nicole asked

"You *owe* me!"

"I owe you shit!" Nicole snapped

"You owe my brother!" Andie insisted "Why are you doing this? Do you still believe Ryan is innocent?"

"Ryan White is in jail. They're going to gas him." Nicole replied "Your testimony helped put him away, what does it matter what I think? But yes, I still believe you fingered the wrong guy."

"I saw him leaving my house." Andie said

"You saw someone wearing his jacket leaving your house."

"Ryan killed my brother!"

"Attention students," Principal Markey said over the PA system "Due to recent incidents involving students on campus, school is closed and classes are canceled until further notice."

There was a stampede of students towards the parking lot. Without saying another word to Nicole, Andie calmly walked away and rejoined her friends.

"Schhhhoooolllll isssss ooouuuuttttt!" Tyler said "Tate, baby, I don't know what you did but on behalf of the entire student body we all say THANK YOU!"

"Thanks, Tatum!" Several other students yelled

"So, what do you guys say to a little fiesta at my place tonight?" Tyler asked "My folks are out of town."

"I'm in." Andie said

"Great." Tyler said "Pacey, Abby, Jen, any takers?"

"I'm in." Abby said

"I second that." Jen added

"Sounds good to me." Pacey said "Tatum, Joey, will you ladies grace us with your presence?"

"Well, Bessie will have a conniption fit worrying about us...but, what the hell. It sounds like a blast." Tatum said

* * * *

"Look at this place." Pacey said "Curfew isn't for another three hours and already it's like 'The Town That Feared Sundown.'"

"That was a pretty good horror movie." Doug said "I kind of see you as a young Cate Blanchett." Doug said

Abby blushed "Thanks, Doug. But knowing my luck they'd probably cast Claire Danes. What about you, Tatum?"

"Ugh. I shudder to think." Tatum sighed "Probably Lacey Chabert."

"That annoying chick on 'Party of Five' with the really whiny voice? Ick!" Andie giggled "I hate to say it, but they'd probably cast Gwenyth fucking Paltrow as me."

"Oh ew, I hate her." Joey said "She's so fake. They'd probably cast Shannon Doherty as me."

"Barf!" Tatum giggled

"Would you guys excuse me for a minute?" Doug asked. He walked over to the sheriff's car "I thought you were done for the evening."

"I was." Sheriff Adams sighed "But goddamn it I just found out who the cell phone calls were traced to. Mrs. McPhee, Andie's mom. And that's not all. Guess what tomorrow is? The anniversary of her eldest son's murder."

"So what do we do?" Doug asked

"We keep the curfew in effect and set up road blocks. If she isn't picked up by tomorrow morning we do a door-to-door. Where are Tatum and Andie right now?"

"With my brother and some friends. Do you want me to tell Andie about her mom?"

"Not yet." Sheriff Adams replied "But stay close to those girls. Don't you let them out of your sight."

* * * *

"You kids have fun." Doug said as he dropped the five teenagers off in front of Tyler's house that evening "Not too much fun, or I'll bust ya."

"Hey!" Tyler said "You guys were tardy for the party so we had to start without you." he handed Tatum some videos. "Since you're the celebrity of this party, why don't you do the honors of deciding which movie we watch first?"

"Is Kevin going to be here?" Pacey asked

"Nope. I promised Jen he wouldn't."

"I saw him in the video store today." Pacey said "Really poor taste. He's the only suspect in a brutal slaying, and he's standing there in the horror section."

"He's innocent, man." Tyler said "Where have you been?"

"All I'm saying is if my glorified crossing guard of a brother and his ten donuts a day cronies would just watch a few horror movies they'd get their facts straight."

"Oh yeah?" Tyler chuckled "How do we know you're not the killer?"

"That's a good suggestion." Pacey admitted "If this were a real horror movie I'd be one of the first suspects."

"And what would your motive be?" Tyler asked

"Do I really need a motive?" Pacey asked, raising his voice "If you get too bogged down in details like that you lose your target audience! Besides, anyone who's seen enough horror movies knows that there is a very simple formula! *Everyone* is a suspect!"

"And *everyone* is staring at you!" Abby whispered. Sure enough, the party had fallen silent.

* * * *

"Hey, Vanessa." Brian Arnold said "Go get me another beer out of the garage, ok?"

"What am I? Your beer wench?" Vanessa muttered as she stood up "There's tons of beer in the kitchen."

Brian shrugged "The crappy one are in the kitchen. The good ones are in the garage."

"Fine!" Vanessa moaned. She walked through the kitchen and out the garage door. Leaving the door open a crack, she went over to the refrigerator and started pulling out some beers. The door slammed, causing her to jump.

She looked around "Probably just the wind." she muttered. She turned around and saw someone in a long, hooded black robe and white ghost mask standing in front of the door "Is that you, Brian?"

The person shook his head Vanessa laughed "Ok, what movie is this from? 'I Spit on Your Garage'? You know, you better lose the outfit. If Andie and Tate see it they'll flip." she tried to push past him but he wouldn't let her "Oh I get it. You wanna play psycho killer?"

The person nodded "Can I be the helpless victim?" She pulled her arm free and ran towards the other side of the garage. She opened the freezer door, hitting the killer in the face. "Fucker!" she yelled as she pulled out some bottles of beer and threw them at him. They shattered on contact. Vanessa ran for the door to the house but found it locked. She bolted for the garage door. Diving to the floor she tried to push herself through the dog door. As she struggled to get through, the killer pushed the button on the automatic garage door opener. He watched as Vanessa tried in vain to free herself before the door reached the top. Vanessa's screams stopped, and the garage was silent.

* * * *

"Why is Jamie Lee Curtis in all of these movies?" Andie asked

"Because she's the token virgin in each one." Tatum whispered "She's the one who always survives."

"What does being a virgin have to do with it?" Andie asked

"Those are the rules."

"What rules?"

Tatum stood up and paused the movie just as Michael Myers was about the stab another victim "You don't know the rules?"

"Geez, have an aneurysm, why don't you?" Andie muttered

"The rules of the horror movie are very simple." Tatum said

"Oh man, here she goes." Dawson groaned

"Rule number 1." Tatum continued "You can't have sex. It's the sin factor, you have sex, you're screwed."

"So, basically, we'd all be dead meat." Pacey said

"Exactly!" Tatum replied "Well, except for Dawson and Joey. Rule number 2. You can't do drugs or drink alcohol."

Everyone raised their bottles of beer in the air and hooted and cheered "It's the sin factor." Tatum giggled "It's an extension of number 1! Rules number 3 and 4, the golden rules. Never say 'who's there?' when someone knocks on the door. And never, ever say 'I'll be right back.' because you won't be back. Well, you may be back in a body bag."

"Hey Tatum , I'm getting another beer, you want one?" Joey said as she stood up

"Yeah, sure." Tatum replied

"I'll be right baaaaaack!" Joey announced in a spooky voice as she ran out of the room

"Very funny." Tatum said "See that? You fuck with the rules you end up dead every time. Ok, sis, I'll see ya in the kitchen with a knife!"

* * * *

Joey turned on the kitchen light and opened the fridge. She had just pulled out a beer when the phone rang. She picked it up "Hello? Uh-huh. Uh-uh! No way. No fucking way!" she hung up the phone and ran back into the living room "Listen up, people! They found Mr. Peterson dead. He was gutted and hung from a goal post in the football field."

"Well then let's get over there before they cut him down!" one of the boys suggested. Only a few followed out the door to the street.

"The rest of us should be getting home." Valerie said as she stood up "Curfew's in effect. Vanessa, let's go!" she waited for an answer "Any idea where she is, Brian?"

Brian shrugged "Probably got pissed off at me and left."

* * * *

Outside in the news van, Nicole and her camera man watched the whole scene on the monitor.

"You're a genius." Nathan said "So how'd you get it in there again?"

"I bribed on of the guests to take it in." Nicole replied

"Oh, shit!" Nathan said as the crowd of teenagers walked past the van "We got a delay."

"How long?" Nicole asked

* * * *

Abby pulled her coat around her and shivered as she walked down the road to her car. She bumped into someone and screamed. "Doug! Oh, my God. You scared me."

"Sorry." Doug said "Where's everyone else?"

"Still at the party." Abby replied "What are you doing here?"

"We got reports of a car in the woods nearby. I was going to go check it out."

"I know this is crazy," Abby said "but my car is parked just past the woods. Would you mind if I went with you?"

* * * *

"So where are all your friends?" Brian asked as he put on his coat

"Dawson and Joey left already." Andie replied "Pacey went with them, and so did Jen. I'm just waiting for Tatum, since she needs a ride home.

She's upstairs using the bathroom."

* * * *

Tatum walked into the hallway just as Kevin came out of one of the bedrooms "Hey, Kevin."

"Hi." Kevin said

"Uh, could I ask you something?" Tatum asked


"Who did you call?"

"Huh?" Kevin said

"When you were arrested. You got one phone call, right?"

"I called my dad." Kevin replied

"Oh." Tatum said "Wait a minute, no. Sheriff Adams called your dad. I saw him."

"I didn't get an answer when I called." Kevin explained. He paused for a moment "You still think it was me, don't you?"

"No." Tatum replied "I was just-"

"Dammit!" Kevin interrupted "What do I have to do to convince you I'm not a murderer?"

Tatum looked past him "Oh my God."

"What?" Kevin asked, looking confused

"Kevin, look out!" Tatum screamed

Kevin turned around and saw the killer coming at him. Before he could react, the killer stabbed him several times. As Kevin fell, the killer wiped off the knife and started after Tatum. Too shocked to even scream, Tatum barely managed to run into the bedroom. She slammed the door, bolted it, and ran to the window. Moments later, the knife plunged through the door and the killer managed to break it down. Tatum struggled with the window and finally pushed it open. She climbed out onto the garage roof just as the killer reached out to grab her.

"Somebody help me!" Tatum screamed. Desperate to escape, she leapt off of the roof and landed as gracefully as she could manage under the open garage door. When she landed she felt something warm and sticky. Looking down, she saw blood all over the ground. She suddenly felt something dripping onto her head. She looked up and saw Vanessa's lifeless body hanging from the garage door. Tatum groaned and had to fight to keep from vomiting. She scrambled to her feet and ran to the front of the driveway. She saw a van parked across the street and ran to it.

"Open up!" she screamed, pounding on the door

Nicole pushed the door open "Tatum? What happened?"

Tatum gasped for air as she climbed into the van "The and Kevin."

"We've got a video camera set up in the house." Nathan said "We can see anything that goes on in there."

"I'm so scared to death I'm not even going to bother getting pissed off about that." Tatum said. She focused on the TV screen in front of her. She saw Andie flopped over on the couch in front of the television.

"Aw, Jamie. What are you stupid or something?" Andie was saying to the TV "He's right behind you! Ooh, see? I told you he was around! He's right around the corner."

As she said this, the killer crept around the corner and into the room

"Jamie, he's right behind you! Behind you, Jamie, behind you! Behind you!" Andie yelled

Tatum watched in horror as the killer crept up behind her friend "Andie! Look behind you!" she gasped

"Behind ya, kid!" Nathan yelled "Oh shit!"

"What?" Tatum asked

"We got a thirty second delay."

"Crap!" Nicole yelled. She turned around and threw the van door open. As she and Nathan stepped out, the killer jumped out of nowhere and slashed both of their throats. Nicole fell to the ground. Nathan grasped the side of the van and turned to Tatum "Shut.....the....door!" he choked out.

Tatum tried to slam the door, but the killer reached in and managed to stick her in the shoulder with the knife, right next to her throat. Screaming in pain, Tatum slammed the door and scrambled to the back of the van. The killer smashed through the window and reached in to unlock the door.

Tatum opened the back door and ran out.

* * * *

"There it is!" Doug said

"Can you tell whose car it is?" Abby asked

Doug checked the license plate number "Shit! It's Mrs. McPhee's car. Come on, we'd better get back."

* * * *

"I'm going to check in the house." Doug told Abby "You get to that news van over there, they probably have a cellular phone. Lock yourself in there and call for backup."

"Be careful!" Abby called over her shoulder as she ran to the van. She banged on the door "Let me in!" she cried. She tried to look in one of the windows, but as she turned around she slipped in a puddle on the ground. She looked down and saw blood dripping out from under the door of the van. She cautiously opened the door and jumped back screaming as Nicole's body tumbled out. She stepped over Nicole and jumped into the front seat of the van. She grabbed the cellular phone and dialed 911. Just as someone picked up, Andie stuck her head in through the smashed window.

"What's goin' on?" Andie slurred

Too panicked to realize who it was, Abby screamed and hit Andie over the head with the phone. She grabbed the keys to the van off of the dashboard and started the engine. Only when she began driving did she realize that the windshield was soaked with blood. She turned on the windshield wipers, but that only seemed to increase the amount of blood covering the glass. She put the van in drive and sped forward, then stepped carefully on the break to slow down. As she did so, Nathan's body fell off the roof of the van onto the windshield. Abby screamed.

* * * *

Looking around, Tatum saw that the street was completely deserted. As terrified as she was, her shoulder hurt like hell, and she knew she could be in trouble if she didn't get medical attention soon. Her only hope was to go back to the house and call for help.

* * * *

As Abby turned the van sharply in a circle, Nathan's body finally fell to the ground. Immediately, she sped down the road, knowing that she had to get help. Suddenly, Tatum darted out into the road, screaming "STOP!" and waving her hands around. Abby swerved to avoid hitting Tatum, and drove right off the road and into a tree.

* * * *

Tatum knew she couldn't stop. If whoever was in the van was still alive, she would send help for them. Right now, she had to get to the house and call 911.

"Hello?" Tatum cried, running up the front walk of the house. The front door was wide open "Is anyone there?"

Doug stumbled out the front door "Tatum?" he tripped and fell, and Tatum saw the knife sticking out of his back. The killer appeared in the doorway. He bent over, picked up the knife, and ran after Tatum.

"No!" Tatum screamed. Ignoring the pain in her shoulder, she ran to a car parked nearby. She scrambled in and shut the door, making sure that all of the doors were locked. She searched frantically for the keys. Outside, the killer tapped on the window. Tatum looked up and saw the killer waving the keys around. Gasping, she put her hands over the lock. The killer slid under the car and unlocked the other door. Tatum pushed the lock down and held it firmly in place. After a moment, the killer disappeared. Tatum saw a cellular phone. She picked it up and called 911

"911 Emergency response." The dispatcher said

"I'm at the Madison house on Concord Avenue." Tatum screamed "The killer's here, he's after me!" Suddenly, the phone was wrenched from her hand and the killer grabbed her from behind. In a second, Tatum realized that he must have climbed in through the back. She struggled and finally freed herself from his grasp. She unlocked the door and scrambled out of the car. She ran for the the front door of the house. Just inside the front hallway, she saw Doug's gun lying on the floor. She picked it up and turned around to find the killer.

"Tatum!" Andie screamed as she ran up the front path "Jesus, Tatum we gotta get the fuck out of here!"

"Don't listen to her!" someone interrupted. It was Valerie "She did it! I found Vanessa, she's dead! Andie killed her!"

"You did it!" Andie shot back

Tatum pointed the gun at both of them "Both of you back off!"

"It was her, Tatum!" Valerie cried "She killed Kevin, she killed my sister!"

"Fuck you both!" Tatum screamed. She ran into the house and slammed the door. She leaned against it, sobbing, while Andie and Valerie pounded on the door and screamed at each other.

"Tate?" Looking up, Tatum saw Kevin stumbling down the stairs

"Kevin!" she gasped. She pulled him to his feet "I thought you were dead."

"I'm ok." Kevin winced . He walked to the door


"Tatum, it's alright." Kevin told her. He opened the door and Andie and Valerie ran in

"It was her!" Valerie insisted "She's gone mad!"

Kevin raised the gun and shot Valerie in the chest. Andie and Tatum screamed

"Kevin, what the hell?" Andie gasped

"We all go a little mad sometimes." Kevin chuckled "Tony Perkins, 'Psycho.'" he licked some of the blood off his finger "It's corn syrup. The same thing they used for pig's blood in 'Carrie.'"

Whimpering, Tatum grabbed Andie by her arm and pulled her towards the kitchen. And crashed right into Tyler

"Tyler!" Tatum gasped "Oh, thank God! You've got to help us, Kevin-"

Tyler pulled out a voice scrambler and held it to his mouth "Surprise, Tatum!" he chuckled in a distorted voice

Andie looked horrified "You two?" she gasped as the boys pushed them into the kitchen "I don't understand."

"It's all very simple, really." Kevin explained calmly "We're gonna play a little game." Tyler threw him the voice scrambler and he held it to his mouth "It's called guess how you're gonna die!"

"You'll never get away with this!" Tatum sobbed

"Ya think so?" Kevin said, holding the knife to her face "Tell that to Ryan White. You wouldn't believe how easy he was to frame."

"You...." Andie started to cry as she realized what he meant "Why?" She demanded, slamming her fist on the counter "Why did you kill my brother?"

"Why?" Kevin repeated "WHY?! Hear that, Tyler? I think the girls want a motive. We put that son of a bitch out of his misery. He was strutting around town like he was Leonardo fucking DiCaprio."

"Yeah we did him a favor!" Tyler added "Because your brother was no Leo DiCaprio!"

"How's that for a motive?" Kevin asked "Not good enough? Well how about this? Your fucking idiot brother killed my sister! Didn't you ever recognize me, you dumb shit? I'm Evan Micks. Olivia's younger brother!"

Andie nearly fainted "Evan?!"

"You know time it is?" Evan asked "It's after midnight, It's Tim's anniversary. We killed him exactly one year ago."

"Oh!" Tyler said "We got a little surprise for you!" the ran over to the closet "You're gonna love this, baby! It's a real scream!" he ducked into the closet "I'll be right back!" he returned a moment later, pushing two people who were tied up and had duct tape over their mouths in front of him "And what's behind door number three?' he pushed the two people to the floor.

"Mommy!" Andie cried "Jack!" she tried to run to them, but Evan blocked her path

"Got the ending figured out yet?" Evan asked "Suppose your mom and brother never got over Tim's death. Suppose the anniversary set them off, and they went on a killing spree, offing everyone in sight. It wasn't to hard to plan. Watch a few movies, take a few notes. We cloned your mom's cell phone, so all the calls are traced to her. So, they kill you two, shoot themselves in the head. Everyone's dead. Except for us. We're left for dead. We get to carry on and plan the sequel."

"That's right!" Tyler said "Cause let's face it baby, these days, ya gotta have a sequel!"

Evan picked up the knife and stabbed Tyler in the side with it "Ah, shit!" Tyler groaned "Good one, man! Ok, my turn." he took the knife

"Remember our deal." Evan reminded him "Stay to side, don't go to deep."

"Ok, I'll remember." Tyler said

"You sick fucks watch too many movies!" Tatum cried

"Now, Tatum, don't go blaming the movies!" Evan told her "Movies don't create psychos, movies just make psychos more creative!" he screamed and doubled over as Tyler stabbed him in the stomach "Ahhh! Dammit, you moron!"

"Sorry, Evan." Tyler said "I guess I got a little too zealous, huh?"

"Just get the gun." Evan said "I'll untie them."

"Ok." Tyler said. He turned around "Uh, um, Houston, we have a little problem."

"What?" Evan snapped

"The gun, man, it was right here..."

"Well where is it?" Evan yelled

"Right here, dipshit!" someone interrupted

"Abby?" Tatum gasped

"Oh, man." Evan groaned "I thought she was dead."

"She looked dead, man." Tyler snickered "Still does."

"How's this for an ending?" Abby said "The girl left for dead in the news van wakes up, stumbles upon you two mother fuckers, fins the gun, and saves the day."

"I like that ending." Tatum said with a grin

"You guys really are insane." Abby told the boys "Making your own scary movie. Well guess what?" she aimed the gun at them "One false move and you're outta the sequel."

"Oh yeah? Evan asked "Well I know something you don't know."

"Really?' Abby said. She pulled the trigger, but nothing happened 'And-and what's that?"

Evan grabbed the gun out of her hand and punched her in the face, sending her tumbling right out the front door. she landed on the porch next to Doug and lay silent.

"Works better without the saftey on." Evan said as he aimed the gun at Abby's head

"Aw, baby, you're gonna love this!" Tyler said, turning to the girls in the kitchen. His face fell "Uh, Evan?"

"What?" Evan snapped, turning around "Where the hell are they?"

The phone in the kitchen rang

"Shall I let the machine get it?" Tyler asked

Evan grabbed the phone "Where the hell are you?"

"Not so fast!" A distorted voice said "We're gonna play a little game!" Tatum dropped the voice distorter and screamed into the cell phone "It's called 'guess who just called the police and reported your sorry mother fucking ass!'"

"Bitch!" Evan screamed "I'm gonna tear you to pieces! Where are you?" he pushed the phone at Tyler, who had collapsed on the ground next to the counter "Talk to her!"

"I don't know, man." Tyler whined "I'm really bleeding here. I think I'm dying." He took the phone "Hello?"

"Oh, Tyler." Tatum sighed "What's your excuse? The cops are on their way, Evan's got his motive. What are you gonna tell them?"

"Peer pressure." Tyler said "I'm really sensitive. Hey, did you really call the cops?"

"You bet your sorry ass I did!"

Tyler burst into tears "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"

Evan was ripping the house apart looking for Tatum. Suddenly, she jumped out of the closet and stabbed him with the sharp end of the umbrella. He screamed and fell to the ground. Tatum stood there and breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Tyler burst into the room and lunged at Andie. Reacting quickly, Andie punched him in the face. He fell to the ground, pulling her with him. He pinned her to the ground and started to choke her

"I always had a thing for ya, Andie!" Tyler yelled

"In your dreams!" Andie replied. She grabbed a vase off the coffee table and smashed it over his head. As he released his grip on her throat and collapsed, she stood up and knocked the TV over onto his face.

Tatum sighed and stumbled toward the couch. Suddenly, Evan sat up and grabbed her leg. Tatum tripped and went flying across the room. Andie tried to grab Evan, but he knocked her over and grabbed her by the throat.

"Say hello to your brother for me!" Evan snarled. Suddenly, gunshots rang out and Evan collapsed.

Andie and Tatum stood up and saw Abby standing in the doorway with Doug right behind her.

"Remembered the safety that time, you son of a bitch." Abby muttered "It really does work better without it."

"Are you guys ok?" Tatum asked

"A little sore." Abby said "But I'll live."

"My back hurts." Doug said

Someone grabbed Tatum's ankle, causing everyone to jump "Valerie!" Tatum cried "I thought you were dead!"

"And I probably should be. I never thought I'd be so happy to be a virgin." Valerie replied

Tatum giggled "Careful." Doug warned, pointing to Evan "This is the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back for one last scare."

Evan sat up. Tatum grabbed the gun and shot him in the head. "Not in my movie." Again, a loud thud made everyone jump

"Mom, Jack!" Andie gasped. She ran over and started untying her mother "Guys, give me a hand here, will you?"

* * * *

"Tatum!" Pacey called "Are you alright?" he threw his arms around her

"Ouch, my shoulder!" Tatum winced


"No, it's ok. I'll live." Tatum said

"Where's my brother?" Pacey asked

"In the ambulance. He'll be fine." Tatum sighed

"So, what exactly happened?" Joey asked

"I'll explain later." Tatum said "Right now, I'm exhausted. I can tell you this much, it sure would make a good horror movie."

* * * *

Part 28 coming soon!
Copyright 1999 by Femme Fatale Fanfic (FFFF) productions

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