A Day In Detention Part Two by: Tiffany

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Rating: PG

(2 Hours Later, around 10am)

Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jack, and Andie are all sitting at the same table.. Dawson looks over at Abby and Jen talking up close.

"They're planning something. What's going on between those two can't be a good thing," he says.

"Why?" Andie asks. She'd never met Abby Morgan before. She didn't know what she was capable of.

Pacey put his arm around Andie. "You have to know a few things about Abby Morgan. Okay, this girl lives for gossip. It's her life, trust me. If there is any kind of skeleton in your closet, any close-kept secret that you wouldn't reveal to anyone, then steer clear of her."

Joey nods in agreement. "Take it from me, your life will be revealed to every person in Capeside."

Andie crouches in her chair, knowing full well which secret she doesn't want told. Pacey looks at her and knows it, too.

Abby goes over to the doorway and looks out. Dawson sees her and says, "Abby, Mrs. Tringle doesn't want us leaving, remember what happened last time. Sorting cards? Does that ring any bells?"

She frowns at him. "Dawson, please if you aren't going to say anything worth it, keep your mouth shut. The rest of us might want to make the most of this pathetic day."

Abby goes to the audio/video room and sees Mrs. Tringle watching Days of Our Lives. "My bladder is about to explode." Abby whines.

Mrs. Tringle frowns. It was the inevitable cliffhanger. Will Bo and Hope be together or will Stephano take her away? She turns to Abby. "Fine, go. And tell the others they can go too. Now, shooo," She says shutting the door. "I have too much work to do."

Abby goes back to the library and looks at her watch. "Okay, people we have access to the bathroom."

Pacey gets up immediately. "Get up, boys and girls. It's time for a jail break."

Everyone gets up and walks into the hallway. Jack takes a hold of Joey's hand. "I really do need to talk to you."

Joey pulls away from him. "You know what, Jack? I really don't want to talk to you, okay? Just leave me alone! You've done enough." And she walks away.


(Girls' bathroom. Abby, Jen, Joey, and Andie are at the sinks washing their hands)

"You know, Joey, I sense some real hostility from you. Come on, unleash yourself in here. We're all friends, aren't we?" Abby asks lighting her cigarette.

Joey however isn't interested. "Abby, cut the 'let's be friends' crap. I'm not buying any of it."

Abby isn't about to be shoved off and finishes lighting her cigarette. "I know that with your dysfunctional family it's hard to be a normal teenage girl, complete with a sex life, but at least make an effort. I mean, years from now you'll be completely alone and miserable. But funny, it can't be any different than it is right now."

Joey folds her arms across her chest. "Hmm.. funny, you'll also be known as the biggest slut of Capeside High School. Think that will bring you up to par with Monica Lewinsky?"

"Low blow, Ms. Potter," Abby says rolling her eyes.

Jen stares into the mirror and begins to apply some lipstick. "Joey, I know this whole Dawson thing is eating you alive. You got what you wanted, and now what? You got bored, right?"

Joey's eyes narrow, she tries to keep her anger in check.

"You two are made for each other. This sick twisted game you have going.. You ruin people's lives. Go to Hell!" And with that, Joey walks out of the girls' bathroom. Andie finishes drying her hands, and also leaves.

Abby laughs it off and blows out some smoke. "I really think we are on to something. Okay, we have Joey and Dawson mooning in their own pathetic way.. And then we have Andie, who based on study body profile, is a straight 'A' student. So, she's got detention? Then we have Pacey. Now, to speculate on what he did, well, his reputation doesn't leave much to the imagination. And Dawson, well, we know why he's here, completely predictable. And Jack, hmm..not a clue." Jen puts away her lipstick. "I think it's time we rocked the boat, and see who falls out."


Andie catches up with Joey in the hall. "Joey, could you wait up a sec?" Joey turns around.


Andie wasn't sure how to ask this. She'd only talked with Joey a few times, and she didn't want to be sticking her nose where it didn't belong. "I know I should probably mind my own business, and I'll completely understand if you choose not to answer. But I have a question."

"Okay, go ahead and ask. It's fine." Joey says.

She takes a deep breath. "I'm worried about you. You haven't been yourself in days. It's almost as if you've shut yourself off from everyone. And you aren't anywhere near Dawson. Are you guys okay?"

Joey smiles at Andie. She seems like a really nice person. Someone you could be friends with. The thought had even entered her mind a while ago. And Joey was surprised that Andie noticed the behavior change in the past few days. She managed to keep it hidden.

Joey nods sadly. "We, ah, broke up after the homecoming dance. I told him that I needed some time to myself."

"This also has something to do with Jack making an ass out of himself that night?"

Joey shakes her head and they lean against the lockers. "I hate to say this, but yes. Your brother wasn't the person I thought he was. He took our mutual interest in art and created this fantasy that doesn't exist."


(Boy's bathroom, Pacey and Dawson)

Pacey goes to the sink and washes his hands. Dawson comes out of his stall and sees Pacey. "This detention is going to be the longest one ever."

Pacey smiles. "Well, not for me. Andie's around, so I'll be fine."

Dawson laughs. "See, I told you. There are girls your age that like you.. But you didn't listen."

He smirks. "Of course, you would do the 'I told you so'. But, I'm way too happy to care." He looks at his best friend's long face. "Okay, I've kept silent long enough. Time for relationship check. Are you and Joey going to say anything to each other?"

Dawson goes over to the wall, and begins to bang his head against it. "Pace, she won't talk to me at all. Nothing. We have classes together, we're still sitting next to each other, and it's like she doesn't even see me."

Pacey puts his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Look, just go talk to her. You will totally thank me later. These little spats are over in a second. And with you and Joey, your spats are ancient. We could go as far as first grade and replay these things. You two can't stay away from each other for long."

Dawson turns back to lean against the wall. "It's not that simple. She told me she wants space to pursue her artistic talents. Pacey, she does have a gift. You should see the sketch she did of me. I couldn't put into words, what I was feeling when I saw it."

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens, and in walks Jack. Dawson stares at him immediately, his eyes cold and hard. Jack walks quickly into a stall.

Dawson turns back to Pacey. "I can't be responsible for what I'll do to him, if I stay in here."


(Pacey and Dawson walking out of the bathroom)

They walk out of the bathroom and Pacey answers. "Well, from what I've seen of Joey the past few days, it doesn't look like she's enjoying her space very much. You want her back, right?"

Dawson runs a hand through his hair. "Of course I do. But, there's a certain way to handle this. It has to be on her terms. I can't just walk up to her and say, 'Jo, I am absolutely miserable without you in my life, please come back to me.'"

They walk down the hall toward the library and notice Joey and Andie. Pacey couldn't help but feel completely lucky. Andie was the sweetest person he'd ever met. She could talk up to him on anything. He especially liked their sparring, because it really was a way of flirting.

Dawson saw Joey and tensed up. One part of him wanted to run, and the other wanted to stay and be so near her. Pacey goes over to Andie and stands next to her, grinning.

"So, McPhee, did you miss me?"

Andie folds her arms pretending to be deep in thought. Then she smiles. "You never crossed my mind. Sorry to disappoint."

"Well, I missed you." Pacey says jokingly. "Let's take a walk down this way and I'll show you how much?" Before she could come up with anything to say, he takes her hand and they go past a few lockers.

Dawson watches the two walking off and shakes his head. "I guess Don Juan can't keep his hands to himself."

Joey laughs immediately. "Well, if Andie has anything to say about it, he won't get too far."

Dawson turns back to Joey, preparing to make another comment, but his voice falters. Joey could feel his eyes staring straight through her. She could feel her cheeks growing warm, and she smiles.

"So…" she says.

"So…" Dawson answers.


(A few feet away Pacey and Andie are walking down the hallway)

"Pacey, what's this all about?" Andie asks. He doesn't answer her. She gets impatient and elbows him.

"Ouch," he yells aloud then whispers, "just a little further and I'll explain."

They stop half way down the hall. Pacey puts his arms around her and moves his lips close to hers.

Andie moves back a bit. "As much as this is a turn on, I know you have reason for this. So, let's hear it."

He smiles, loving when Andie gets nervous before they kiss. "Ah, you know me too well. I do have a small motive. I'm trying to play rematchmaker for our two friends over there. We give them some time alone. And bingo!" He snaps his fingers. "We'll have them all over each other by the end of the day."

Andie looks doubtful. "They haven't spoken to each other since the dance. Who's to say they won't have another argument?"

"I say so," Pacey answers. "See, what we have to do is get them alone as much as possible. Get them really close."

"Why would Pacey Witter want to do this?" She says wrapping her arms around his waist.

He nods his head. "Well, let's just say, I'm tired of Speliberg movies with Dawson. For the past four days, I have lived through," Pacey begins tapping each finger. "E.T., twice I might add, Hook, the Indiana Jones series, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, and last night we rented Amistad. And Dawson makes it a point to look for the hidden meanings after it's finished."

Andie smiles. "Sounds like you had a blast."

He turns toward the couple again. "Don't you see? If I can get Joey back with Dawson, they can go back to psycho-babbling and deconstructing everything, and leave me on the sidelines."


(Abby and Jen coming toward the group, with Jack following)

"Okay, children, we are going to play a game." Abby says with a smile.

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