A Day In Detention Part Four by: Tiffany

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(In the supply room)

Dawson and Joey are banging on the door, both clearly ticked off.

"Pacey, open this door right now!" Dawson says yelling and banging at the same time.

Joey hits her head against the door. "I can't believe this. I just can't believe this."

Dawson and Joey finally give up on the door, realizing that either Pacey or Andie are there and simply not answering them, or they went back with the group to the library. The two both sit on some boxes across from each other, their head in their hands.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Dawson says calming down a bit. This had to be the worst thing for him, locked in a supply closet with his ex-girlfriend and best friend after a painful breakup not more than a few days ago.

"Oh, no I get him first."

Wonderful, I'm stuck in a room the size of a garbage disposal with the my ex. Is someone trying to tell me something?


(Back at the Library)

Jack, Jen, and Abby reach the library quickly. As they run breathlessly in the room, they stop immediately. Mrs. Tringle in standing there, her eyes narrowed. She points to the set of tables.

"Amazing, none of you knew the meaning of detention last time, and apparently the message still hasn't gotten through. Sit down, all of you!"

Abby goes up to Mrs. Tringle as everyone sits. "You really should find a way to channel that anger. I'm thinking perhaps new hairdo and a date."

"Well, I'll take that into consideration," she says sarcastically, and points to the table. "And you'll be able to elaborate on that further next week when you have Saturday detention."

"What! I can't have detention again." Abby says indignantly. "I'm...I'm...it's just too inconvenient right now. How about we work with my schedule?"

The group laughs. Abby was always one for making detention fun. It seemed her time of showing some form of humanity a few moments ago, was short-lived.


Meanwhile, Pacey and Andie walk quickly to the door of the library. Pacey stops Andie as when hears Abby talking.

"It's no-go this way. Come on, McPhee," he says taking her hand and leads her in the opposite direction and down a set of stairs.

"Witter, where are we going?" Andie says as they walk down the halls, and they walk up another set of stairs.

Pacey puts one arm around her shoulders. "We are going through the back way of the library so Mrs. Tringle doesn't see us. You wouldn't want to get detention for real, would you?"

"No, oh god, of course not! She'd do that?" Andie says with alarm.

He smiles at her, she was especially funny when she got all frazzled. "Yep, quick too. So, this is the only way in."



"Sorry, dear that's the way it works." Mrs. Tringle says to Abby, then turns to the others. "And since I know all of you love to read and spend quality time in the library, you'll be doing this."

Mrs. Tringle walks over to a large table piled high with books. Everyone groans in response.

"These books need to be shelved, and put in the proper place. So, enjoy yourselves people." She makes her way to the door and walks out.

"Wonderful!" Jen says starting to look through the books. She takes some in her hands and starts to put them away.

Jack shakes his head. "This was all your fault, Abby."

Abby sits down in the chair watching the others start to put away the books. "You guys are seriously in need of some FUN. Mrs. Tringle is just pulling our legs to see which one of us will squirm. You take it entirely too seriously!"

"Stop your bitching, Abby, and help!" Jen replies loudly. She was really getting tired of Abby and with laid back by of everything.


(Pacey and Andie walking in the back way)

"Hello, fellow students!! We're back, did you miss us?" Pacey says from the back of the library, and Andie following behind.

Abby and Jack turn around shocked.

"Where have you been?" Jack asks. He thought Andie and Pacey had been right behind the rest of them, but then he quickly realized something. "And where are Dawson and Joey?"

Pacey and Andie walk over to the table without a word and sit down looking through a few of the books. Abby notices this and says something.

"H--e--l--l--o, dim wits? Where are they?"

Andie giggles and replies nonchantly. "Locked up."

Jen stops shelving her stack of books and turns around. "You're kidding, right?"

Pacey doesn't look up from the book he's glancing through. "Nope, not kidding. As we speak, the star-crossed lovers are locked up in a room down aways, and out of my hair for a while, thank you."

Andie sees the other three with books in their hands and walks over. "What are you guys doing?"

Jack points to Abby and says sarcastically. "Well, Ms. Thing here decided to complain about getting detention again..so Mrs. Tringle told everyone to reshelve books for the rest of the day. Isn't that fun?"


(Supply room)

Dawson and Joey sitting on boxes throwing out ideas as to how to get out of the room.

Joey eyes widen happily. "We could pick the lock."

Dawson goes over to the door and looks it over. Suddenly, his face falls. "Forget it! It's locked from the inside."

Joey runs a hand through her hair getting irritated. "This is hopeless. I have to get out of here."

Dawson answers testily, pushing over a few boxes. "I see. You'd rather be stuck in here with someone else."

Joey winced as if she'd been slapped in the face. "You know I didn't mean that."

Dawson ignores the comment and continues to look around the room, searching for an exit. He was feeling hurt and wanted Joey to know it. He wasn't going to pretend their breakup didn't happen, even though she might.

Joey sighs and glances around the room. *What, a musty dusty place..not a window in site. There has to be a way out of here besides the door.* Suddenly, her eyes catch something and she grins.

"Hey, Dawson. Remember the movie The Breakfast Club?"

Dawson answers matter-of-factly. "Of course. The John Hughes film staring Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Ally Sheedy."

Joey smiles. "Impressive, film buff. But can you tell me how John got out of the room the teacher locked him in?"

Dawson turns around to faces Joey and it takes only a second to answer the question. "Easy. John climbs through the ceiling to get back to the library."

"Okay, and how does that help us in there?" Joey folds her arms across her chest, waiting for him to figure it out.

Dawson stands for a moment and considers the situation they were in. He narrows his eyes and looks up at the sides of the room. A smile spreads across his face. "You are a genius, Jo."

"I know, Dawson." She jokes back.

Dawson points to a soft area in the ceiling. "That looks like where we can get out. But we need to..." He looks around the room again and replies. "climb up there."

"Well, there are some boxes we can use. I just hope they're heavy enough to hold us." Joey says indicating the boxes at the other end of the room.

They both lift the boxes one at a time together and stack them on top of each other. Finally, 3 boxes later and breathing heavily, Dawson and Joey relax for a moment

"Oh, that was fun," Dawson says sarcastically..

"A blast, Dawson," Joey says wiping a thin layer of sweat from her forehead.

"Well, I'll go first then?" Dawson asks staring at the boxes.

"Sure, go ahead."

Dawson cautiously lifts one foot at a time over each box and slowly raises himself up to the ceiling. He places his hands over on the ceiling material and presses against it.The boxes begin to slide a bit, and Dawson freezes.

Joey gets nervous and moves closer. "Are you okay?"

Dawson breath was caught in his chest. "I'm fine. Don't stand too close, Jo. If this tumbles, you'll break every bone in your body."

He makes a final push and the piece slides out. Dawson tosses it to the floor, and looks inside the opening.

"It looks like we can fit in." Dawson says putting his hands inside and slowly lifting himself inside. It was narrow and dusty but otherwise bearable.

"Well?" Joey asks curiously.

"Okay, Jo," Dawson sticks his head out from the opening and holding his hands out. "Your turn, come on."

Joey is afraid of heights and as much as she wanted to get out, it was easier said than done. "I...umm...changed my mind, Dawson. I don't want to go this way."

Dawson sighs, a little impatient but speaks calmly. "Jo, this is the only way out. I realize you are afraid of heights, but this calls for some desperate measures. So please, come on."

Joey swallows hard, and walks over to the boxes. She carefully steps on the first box and sways a bit as she gets to the second box. and then the third one. She could feel her heart jumping out of her chest. *I'm not going to make this..I'm gonna fall.* She slowly stands up.

Dawson reaches for her hand. "Okay, now take my hands, and I'll pull you up."

The boxes begin to sway under Joey's feet, and in her nervousness she moves her feet trying to steady herself. She becomes more afraid.

"Oh, my g-o-d...Dawson..the boxes!" she yells to him.

Dawson grips Joey's hands tightly. "Hold on, Jo. Relax, don't move your feet."

"I can't stop it, Dawson. Don't let go of me, please!!" She pleads fearfully.

"I'm not going to, Jo. Trust me...just trust me!" He says staring at her seriously.

Joey calms down a little and nods her head. The boxes stop swaying and become still. She breathes out..relaxing and looks up at Dawson. "Okay, now what?"She asks.

Dawson holds her hands in his tightly. "Now, to pull you up. Help me."

Dawson pulls and Joey helps by lifting herself up. Slowly, Dawson eases himself inside and pulls harder. Joey uses both hands and lifts herself up inside. Sitting inside, Dawson and Joey are breathing heavily.

"Okay...what's next, oh pioneer?" Joey says wiping the dust from her hands.


(In the Library)

Everyone is shelving books now. Well... not everyone really. Pacey is staring at one person through the shelves..Andie. He smiles to himself, watching her reading the book instead of putting it away. *Always the scholar.* He quietly tip toes over past where noone can see him, and wanders around the corner. Andie's back is to him. He takes his hands and wraps them around her waist. Andie jumps up a bit and turns around.

"P--aa.." She tries to yell, but he covers her mouth with his hand.

"Andie...shhh...it's a library. We are supposed to be quiet!" He whispers in her ear and begins to trail soft kisses down her cheek.

Andie nudges him in the shoulder and slides away from him.

"Pacey." She whispers. "Go back and shelve some books."

"Ah...and miss out on the all the fun I could have here. You and me...behind a few bookcases where noone could see us...and I could entertain a few ideas for us..."

Andie laughs. "Ya know what, Witter? You have a severely perverted mind. As much as your little sexual innuendos are, which I won't confirm or deny, be somewhat of a turn-on.... "

"Ah...you admit I do turn you on?" Pacey grins. "Now, this is definitely something I can work with."

She rolls her eyes back at him. "Don't get full of yourself. This is strictly a momentary lapse in judgment, which I assure you will be gone soon."

Pacey leads against the bookshelf and sighs. "So..you think our prisoners of love are getting anywhere right now? I'm thinking some horizontal action, that sexual tension during the kiss would turn anyone to think irrationally!."

Andie puts more books back. "I don't know, Pacey. We could have sturred up a hornet's nest. They were pretty angry when we left. They might kill each other...and then us!"

Pacey shakes his head. "Hah..Dawson and Joey have this way of being angry and then not angry...it's there way of communicating..flirting..etc. They will be fine, trust me. This little adventure will definitely be instrumental in getting back together, you wait and see."

"I hope you're right." Andie replies uncertainly.

Okay, people, now whatcha think? I enjoyed doing the whole Dawson and Joey in the closet...but they aren't out yet. They still have to figure out the vents and get out! And what about everyone else? Who knows. Please e-mail to me all comments about it to me, Tiffany at djsoulmates@yahoo.com

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