A Day In Detention Part Five by: Tiffany


(Dawson and Joey, in the tunnel, above the closet. It's around)

Dawson and Joey sat side by side, their knees crunched to their chest shifting uncomfortably. Uncomfortable for one being the tightness and narrowness of their surroundings, not exactly kind to the legs and shoulders, but also the growing tension from being so close to each other.

Not that Joey was complaining. Sure, it was tight quarters and the air quality was poor, and it was dusty...as..*hold on I am complaining*. She glanced over at Dawson who was wiping the dust off of his pants. It had been awhile since she'd been near him...let alone talking with him. In fact, this morning was the first time they'd said anything to each other...since the night of the dance.

Joey frowned and looked to the ground, letting her thoughts drift to what had happened today...so far. Abby and Jen's comments about her relationship with Dawson. What did they care? But wait...Jen cared. She wants Dawson back, anyone can see that. Joey's stomach churned at the thought.

Andie proved to be a concerned and good friend about everything, she didn't judge the situation, no matter what had happened. She only wanted to help and didn't have any motives behind it. Joey smiled. *That is until she and Pacey decided to lock us in the closet.*

Jack...Joey shook her head confused. This whole situation came to head with a kiss from him. It wasn't his fault entirely..but it had been the match that eventually set everything on fire with her and Dawson...and not in a romantic way.

And finally...Dawson. *One big question mark.* Joey frowned remembering when she walked into the library this morning. He wouldn't even look at her, and it hurt deeply. Under the circumstances, it was understandable, but it still hurt to know he turned away from her. Joey's eyes closed....*Then...the kiss.* She lovingly replayed the kiss they shared just a few hours ago over and over again in her head. Just the way he looked at her before they kissed today was enough to make her knees shake and her heart beat wildly. Being in Dawson's arms was the most contented place...she felt safe, happy. Everything was okay, with just that kiss..he made everything okay. She wasn't confused about anything, everything was clear..for about 20 seconds. But when they stepped away from each other...the reality of their situation resurfaced, making what was now.. an ackward silence.

Joey sniffed the air and caught some dust. She rubbed her itchy nose, but then her eyes began to water. "AHHHH...CHOOO."

"Bless you." Dawson mumbled glumly looking at the ground.

Dawson raked a hand through his hair. *Great one, Dawson. You've been wanting to talk to her all day, and now..you are alone in the most confining spaces imaginable and all you have to offer as a reply is 'Bless You'.*

Joey slowly turned and looked down. His blonde hair fell over his forehead and tiny hairs clung to his neck. How she longed to run her hands through the soft hair that just slid through her fingers.

"Thanks," she answered quietly.

Joey rested her chin on her knees and wrapped her arms around them.*So, this is the way it's going to be between us now...silence. Silences have always existed between Dawson and I...but they were the silences that were sweet, where we knew what the other was thinking...feeling..words weren't ever necessary. But what's going on now is nothing like that. We are using the silence as a way from discussing the issue at hand..us.*

Dawson glanced at their surroundings. He made a face when he saw few spiders climbing up the walls and dust hung in clumps above their heads. He cringed. *We need to get out of here. This place is creepy.*

"You have a pencil, Jo?" Dawson asked as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a scrap of paper.

Joey rolled her eyes. "Oh, yeah, Dawson. I have pencils, pens, paper, everything tucked away inside my shirt."
"I'm being serious." He replied turning to her. "I need a pencil. Do you have one or not?"

"Lemme check." She slid her fingers into her pockets, pulled out something, and handed it to Dawson.

He held the object up and smirked. "A crayon? Did you bring a coloring book too?"

"Cute, Dawson." Joey retorted. "But for your information, this was compliments of Rosemary's baby..better known as my nephew."

"Sure it was, Jo." Dawson answered doubtfully with a grin.

Joey placed a hand in front of him. "If you're going to make fun, I'm taking it back."

Dawson smiled. "Counsel rests on the subject."

"I thought so." She replied with a grin. She knew when Dawson was backed into a corner he usually ended it quickly. She didn't want the play to end, it was fun jabbing back and forth.

Dawson unfolded his scrap paper and started making a few shapes on it. One was a rectangle and then smaller shapes.

Joey watched him silently for a few moments taking it all in. He made what looked like rows of above the shapes. Suddenly she covered her urge to laugh with her hand when she saw two stick figures placed inside one of the rows. She slowly calmed for a second.

"Ah...Dawson." She pointed to the figures. "I'm going to take a big shot in the dark here. Are these things suppose to be us?"

Dawson smiled at the paper. "Yeah...you can see I lack the creative streak. But I did give you hair, so atleast there is a difference."

"I appreciate it." Joey joked back. "Now explain to me what this is."

Dawson labeled one of the squares, Library. "I'm trying to make a floor plan so we have some kind of idea where to go. I don't want to just blindly crawl through here, we'd be here for days."

"Or worse yet." Joey reminded him. "Be going around in circles and not know it."

(A Few Minutes Later)

Dawson surveyed his finished outline. He smiled. "Done!"

"Great." Joey mumbled with an elastic between her teeth. She pulled her hair into a ponytail. "What's the plan?"

"Okay." Dawson edged himself closer to her and showed the paper all mapped out. "This little diagram is how I think we can get back..based on the closet and it's relation to the hallway and then relation to the library. Good?"

"Alright, explain."

"I think if we crawl down this tunnel." He pointed to the tunnel he created on the paper and moved across it, then pointed to the left of them. "I'm guessing...don't quote me..we'll run into a fork in the tunnel, because the library is to the left and the stairway upstairs is to the right, they branch of...or so I'm hoping. We'll go left and be home free, back in no time. What do you think?"

Joey considered it for a moment. "Alright, let's try it. What have we got to lose."

Dawson nodded in agreement. "Okay then. But first things first."

"What?" Joey asked.

"My leg is absolutely killing me." He answered biting his lip. And with one quick pull he got his foot out from under his other one got on all fours.

Joey smiled and got in the crawling position. It was a little tight but there was enough room for the two of them to crawl side by side.

"Ready?" Dawson asked turning to her.

"Ready as I'll ever be," she replied.

The two started off on their hands and knees, their heads just touching the top of the tunnel. This would definitely be an experience either would forget...getting to know the unseen parts of the Capeside High School..the dusty parts a little more intimately.

"With any luck Ms. Tringle didn't even know we were missing." Dawson commented a moment later. "That is if Abby Morgan didn't rad us out."

Joey narrowed her eyes. "If she did, she will pay dearly for it."

Her best friend smiled. "Not to suddenly develop a soft spot for Abby, Jo, but it wasn't exactly her fault that we are in here. The blame belongs to Pacey... "

"And Andie." Joey interrupted him. "She's also a part of this, Dawson. There were two people slamming that door in our faces. I mean Andie's nice and a good friend... but she's a little too perky for me at times to take..way too happy.."

"So, it's like 'the wicked witch of the West meets Dorothy'?" Dawson commented coyly.

Joey shoves him lightly with her shoulder. Caught off guard, he stumbles and hit the wall with a thud. Dawson turned back at her and looked stunned.

"Oh, please." She answered with a grin. "You were soo asking for that."

Dawson leaned back against the wall, his eyes soften. She was all flustered, cheeks pink, her hair falling out of her ponytail, and smiling. He could have stayed there for hours just looking at her.

Joey's heart skipped a beat and she turns away and looked down the tunnel. "Umm....we should get going. We still have a ways to go yet."

Dawson noded and lifted himself up to sit on his knees and his hands out. "Yeah right.. good idea."

Dawson and Joey began to crawl again. Joey sneaked a look at Dawson and smiled.

(In the Library)

The group each stood at different parts of the library, a small stack of books in their hands. Pacey and Andie shelved books a few yards from each other. Jack stood at the back with his stack. And Jen was closer to the front standing on a small stool to reach the top shelf.

Abby sighed and looked at the stack left to finish on the table. In the half hour they'd been working on it, it seemed as if the pile hadn't gotten any smaller. She was not happy doing this little project anymore. Her eyes drift around. seeing Pacey and Andie flirting in between the bookcases...casting side glances at each other . Oh, how sweet, Abby's lips curved up in disgust It was nauseating. *There must be something I can do...*. A smile spread across her lips as she spots her potential victim...Jack.

Jack quietly organizes the books in alphabetical orde and stacks them on the shelf. Abby walks over to him. His jeans hugging his long legs...her eyes slide up his body.....broad shoulders. He wasn't bad...she muses wide-eyed...not bad looking at all. She leans back against the wall and folds her arms across her chest

"So...Jack.." She starts off.

Jack looks down at Abby. He groans. "What do you want?"

"A little harmless chatter," Abby responses candidly. "I figure you and I can get better aquainted, learn a little more about each other."

"I don't think so." Jack answers with a shake of the head and returns to his stack of books. He learned plenty in one day about Abby Morgan and that was enough. He didn't want to get involved in any conversation with her.

Abby refused to give up. Jack was mysterious..and she craved gossip. Considering what happened at the dance....Abby's eye lit up. Bingo...found a topic.

"So, tell me about your relationship with Joey Potter...better known as the convict's daughter? You decided to play Don Juan and have a little tongue tango?"

Jack furrowed his brow. His eyes stared blankly at the book in his hand. What did happen with him and Joey? It was obvious from today alone she was disgusted with the situation and did not wish to discuss it further. He had been hoping for more...hoping for a miracle she might consider him.

"What Joey and I do or don't do is none of your business, Abby." He answers firmly walking over to the table and reaching for another set of books. Abby followed him mercilessly.

"OOH, so you're saying you and Joey did more than kiss?" Abby prompted him curiously. This is getting good. "Let's see would that imply..some feeling up...???"

Pacey overhears Jack and Abby talking, the conversation made him immediately curious. For the sake of Dawson and Joey having any possiblity of getting back together, he needed to know what happened between Jack and Joey.

Andie didn't really notice and continued to chat. "So, anyways I was thinking after detention we could head up...."

Pacey smiles and touches his finger to her lips. She smiles at him.

"Hold that thought for a second, McPhee." Pacey whispers. "I'm thinking the talking over there..is getting a little heated, the topic is quite interesting."

Both Pacey and Andie stop talking and listen intently.

"I just told you, Abby. It's none of your business," Jack replies, edgy.

"Come on, Jack." Abby says smiling. "You want her, don't you? At least be man enough to admit it." Jack doesn't comment and Abby takes that as a yes.

"That could be a good thing actually," she comments dryly. "I always thought she wasn't good enough for Dawson Leery anyway. I mean let's face it, with her family history of a drug-dealing father, and an unmarried sister with a child...and then compare that to his perfect life..minus the cheating-mother-with-her-coauthor saga."

Abby glanced over to Jen, who by now stopped shelving books and was listening to conversation with interest.

"See, now Jen is right up Dawson's alley," Abby told him. "She could take his sweaky-clean image and show him things that would make even most adults blush."

"Don't bring me into this," Jen said, edgy. "Don't use my history with Dawson to your advantage."

Jack looked at Jen. "You and Dawson were involved?"

Jen closed her eyes briefly for a moment, and then reopened them. "I'll only say that we dated for a while."

Abby laughed. "Try for a milisecond. After he realized you weren't as pure as the Virgin Mary."

"Abby, shut up!" Jen said, her voice filling the library. Talking about her past relationship with Dawson was still a touchy subject for her.

(Pacey and Andie..out of view from the group)

"Witter, things are getting out of hand." Andie comments with worry. "Mrs. Tringle was sure to hear that."

"Doubtfully, McPhee." Pacey answers knowingly looking at his watch. "Mrs. Tringle is probably on yesterday's episode of Days of Our Lives by now..which probably means.."

Andie smiles. "If she did hear Jen..she'll probably wait until after the episode is finished..."

"Because Fridays are when they leave the cliffhanger for Monday's show," Pacey finishes. "We are geniuses."

"Actually...Witter." Andie reminds him. "We should check up on our other ingenius situation. I believe we have two friends locked inside a closet that we should check on."

Pacey laughs. "I wouldn't want to find out what they are doing by now, McPhee."

Andie's face colors. "I don't think that would happen Pacey."

"Hey, you never know."

"Well, I don't want to stay here and watch Abby and Jen claw at each other." Andie says peaking her head to get a view of them. "But I do feel bad for Jack...he's kinda got to fend for himself out there."

Pacey starts to move out of their hiding place. "Well, if you feel that bad, we could always come to his rescue."

Andie smiles. "I don't feel that bad, Pacey. He'll be fine."

"Okay then, McPhee." Pacey answers. "We're heading out."

Pacey and Andie quietly walk to the door at the back of the library and slip outside to the stairway.

Okay, people watcha think? I cannot tell you how sorry I am for taking so long with this part. I received mail from people..begging to continue it :) and for that I am touched beyond words. If you would like to e-mail feedback to me...my e-mail addy is djsoulmates@yahoo.com


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