Best Friends and Possibly More Three By Tiffany

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Spoilers: You have to read “Best Friends Again…And Possibly More” Parts 1 & 2 or you’ll be lost I promise you.

Note: Parts from Dawson’s movie are in **.

Rating: Good Grief…rated G!!! I can’t write any of that other stuff, without blushing!

Best Friends Again….And Possibly More Part Three

(Saturday Morning, 9am.)

Dawson is walking downstairs toward the porch with his equipment, scripts, and video camera. Mrs. Leery is in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. She’s dressed in her suit, ready for work.

“Hi Mom.” Dawson says going to the cabinets and gets some juice.

“Hi, honey. What’s with the equipment?” She says standing up and reaching for her briefcase.

“I’m starting the shoot on my new movie.” He looks at his watch, drinks the rest of the juice and gives his mom a kiss on the cheek. “Speaking of which, I’d better get out there. Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, honey.”

(Dawson’s dock)

Joey rowing up in her rowboat. She ties the boat to the dock and walks over the pier. Dawson is walking out to the back yard carrying his video case, camera, and papers, with no hands left. He drops his papers while trying to shut the door, and they start flying away in the breeze. Joey runs up catching a few of them.

“Let me help you, Dawson.” She and Dawson pick up a few more papers. They reach to grab the equipment, their heads bump.

“Sorry.” They say at the same time as they look up and stare into each other’s eyes. Joey could feel her heart beat faster, and they smile awkwardly. She picks up the papers and stands up.

“So, where are we setting up?”

“Out here is the first scene. Wade and Sammy are talking about their new relationship and everything.” Dawson backs away with regret.

(Jen walking over)

“Hi guys, what’s up?” She says smiling.

“You have your lines memorized?” Dawson asks getting his equipment set up. He takes a videotape out of his case and puts it in the camera.

“Yes, sir.”

Dawson looks over his things. “Oh, I forgot something. Be right back.” He says and runs into the house.

“I didn’t expect to find you here, Joey with you two broken up and everything.” Jen starts off curiously.

Joey looks away from Jen and begins setting up the camera on the stand. “I’m the producer, so of course I’d be here.”

“Oh, I know. It just surprised me. Things seemed pretty tense last time, at Chris’s house.”

Joey takes up a set of stapled pages, the script for the first scene and begins to read. “Well, we’re fine, Jen. You don’t have to concern yourself.”

Jen shakes her head. “Thanks, Joey. I try to make polite conversation and you treat me like this. Fine, we don’t have to talk to each other.”

Dawson walks out carrying a blanket. Joey notices this. “What’s that for?”

“Props, Jo.”

Dawson goes over to a big shady tree and lays the blanket down. He then goes back to the get the camera and sets it up.

“Okay, Jo since I’m in this scene you have to run the camera. Take some close-up shots and background too. Anything that doesn’t look right, you can say ‘cut’, and I’ll check it out.”

“I’ve done it before, Dawson. You have no worries.” She says rolling her eyes.

Dawson goes over to Jen. “All ready?”

“Totally ready.”

They both go over to the blanket and sit down. Joey turns on the camera and moves it to focus on the two of them. She looks into the lens and says. “Action.”

*First Scene: Wade and Sammy played by Dawson and Jen:

“Wade, do you really think this is a good idea, you and me a couple?” Sammy asks a little worried. “We’ve been best friends for so long, can we take that kind of step?”

Wade takes her hand in his and smiles lovingly. “Sammy, I want this, and I know you do too. We can make it work. It won’t be as hard as you think.”

Sammy grins. “What brought this sudden realization that you’re in love with me?”

Wade uses his other hand to touch her cheek. Off camera, Joey watches through the camera as Dawson leans in closer to Jen. Jen moves in closer as well. Joey looks down at the script and sees in parentheses (Wade and Sammy kiss passionately). Joey’s eyes widen in shock, as their faces get closer and closer. * She can’t watch it and yells. “Cut.”

Dawson and Jen break away. He looks over at Joey. “What happened?”

“I ah…. it’s just that the sun was in the wrong place, the glare would have shone up. I couldn’t see your faces.” She explained quickly.

(Pacey shows up with Andie)

“I have arrived, thank you. No need to get up.” Pacey cheerfully says to the group.

Andie looks over at everyone and makes a small smile. “Hi guys.”

“Hey, how are you doing?” Joey asks sincerely. She knew it was going to be a while before Andie would be chipper again, but she seemed to be coping well.

Dawson gets up. “Just in time, Pace. Your scene is up next.”

“You have nothing to worry about my friend, I am completely ready.” Pacey says.

Dawson walks over to the camera where Joey is. “So, the glare shows up? Well, we’ll just move it this way.” He lifts the camera on the stand over a few feet and sets it down. He then looks into the lens and moves the camera around. “All set, Jo. There should be no more trouble.”

“Thanks.” She says looking up at him and smiles. Dawson smiles as well, and they say nothing.

“Hey, you guys can we get the show rolling, I woke up early on a Saturday morning for this.” Pacey says walking over to Joey and Dawson.

Dawson walks back toward the group. “Okay, we’re doing the scene again. Places, everyone.” And sits next to Jen on the blanket again.

Joey looks into the lens and says. “Action.”

The scene moves again in the same way. Andie comes to stand next to Joey, watching her reaction to the scene. Dawson and Jen lean in to kiss. Joey turns away from the camera that is still rolling.

*“You don’t believe me, even now. I love you. You are my everything.” Wade says their faces close.

“Yes, I believe you. Wade, I love you so much.” Sammy replies pulling him into another kiss.*

Joey watches as Jen deepens her kiss with Dawson, and he’s kissing her somewhat stiff holding her face in his hands. Joey looks down, her lips tight with anger, knowing Jen is clearly enjoying it, and glances at the script seeing that ends scene 1. She turns the camera off quickly and says. “That’s it.”

Dawson pulls back from Jen and stands up. “Okay, that’s a rap. Next scene, Pacey my good friend, you’re it. And we’re moving location. Jo suggested the dock near the Icehouse for our scene. Everyone else can take a break, and stay here or go home. We’ll be back in a few hours, around 1pm for lunch.”

Dawson and Pacey gather up the equipment and head to Pacey’s truck. Joey picks up the camera case and scripts. Andie walks over to Joey and kneels to help her.

“I saw how hurt you were when Dawson was kissing Jen.” She says softly.

Joey looks at her sadly. “I know it was only acting.”

“But Jen wasn’t acting, I knew that immediately.” Andie says as they stand up. “She definitely took advantage of the situation. And Dawson loves you, no worries.”

“Well, there are more scenes to shoot with those two, so I could deal with it. I’ll talk to you when I get back, okay?”

Andie smiles. “Sure. And keep an eye on Pacey for me. If he even hints at giving a wandering eye to one of those 5’7, breast implant girls with a pea for a brain, please dope slap him for me.”

Joey laughs. “Will do. But I seriously doubt that will happen.”

(Dock, near the Icehouse)

Joey stuffs the equipment in the back of the truck, and climbs into the front seat next to Dawson. They drive down through Capeside and park at the Icehouse.

“Here we are kids, everyone out.” Pacey yells after putting the car in park and turning off the ignition.

Joey opens the door. “I can’t believe they actually gave you a license. What did you do, bribe the instructor?”

“No, I think he asked her out, and well the rest is history.” Dawson jokes back.

“Hey, all I said was ‘A nice looking woman like you shouldn’t be an instructor, but a model’. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that.” Pacey says innocently.

They grab everything out of the back, and walk to the dock. There were fisherman setting up their nets, the sun was bright and the sky was blue. Joey noticed that the Icehouse was busy, but there was coverage a few extra waitresses. Dawson sets down his camera on its stand.

“Perfect location, Jo.” Dawson says helping her unload things.

“Well, it is beautiful here, I thought a change was needed.” She replies.

Pacey reads over his lines. “Dawson, so Ricky is a stud?”

Dawson smiles. “A total stud. You have two girls pining away for your affections and you play them off each other.”

Joey rolls her eyes. “How appropriate.”

Dawson turns to Joey. “He’s not a bad guy, Jo. He’s just confused about which one he wants. It’s understandable.”

Pacey looks at his best friends and says jokingly. “I feel déjà vu all of a sudden. Didn’t someone go through this in real life about 5 months ago?”

Dawson takes the script from Pacey and says testily. “That’s enough. The scene starts.”

Joey looks through the lenses and sets up as Dawson and Pacey take their places looking at the water. She focuses on Dawson to get a side view of him and smiles, his wavy dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, eyes that had a dreamy look to them, eyes she could definitely loose herself in.

“Okay, ready. Action.” Joey says aloud.

*Scene 2: (Wade and Ricky at the dock)

Wade looking out, breathes in the salty air. “I cannot believe that Sammy and I are a couple. This is the most unbelievable, wonderful, amazing thing that has ever happened to me. It’s so easy. Things are the same, but different too. I’ve known her forever, but then there’s more to know about her too.”

Ricky looks on smiling. “See, I told you, man. You were so blind for so long. I was getting sick of hearing about your obsession with Kim. ‘Why doesn’t Kim love me, why did she break up with me.’ Seriously, Dawson---*

Joey called out. “Cut.”

Dawson looks over at his friend. “Pacey, it’s Wade.”

Pacey takes a deep breath. “I know, a slip up. Dawson, let me ask you something, where in god’s name did you get Wade?”

Dawson shakes his head. “It’s just a name. And I figured, no one has that name that we know of, so I picked it.”

They take their places again. Finally after three slip ups with the ‘Wade’ name, the scene continues.

Scene 2: (Redone)

* “Seriously, Wade, Kim wasn’t in love with you, okay. And you my friend were never comfortable with her. And Sammy, was in love with you for ages, which I can’t believe you couldn’t see.”

Wade smiles to himself. “Well, you know what they say ‘love is blind’.”

Ricky slaps Wade’s back. “Actually it’s more like you were really blind.”

“So, what’s with Nancy and Anne? Have you figured out which one you want?”

Ricky begins walking, and Wade follows. “I don’t know, man. Each one has something I like. Nancy is good for practical jokes and sitting around watching TV. Anne is smart, witty, and very beautiful, and we enjoy complaining to each other about our non-existent love lives.”

“You want my opinion?” Wade asks.

“Considering your luck with women, do I dare?” Ricky answers.

Wade pretends to be insulted. “Hey, I can offer some very honest advice. I think you should pick the one who knows you best, the one who makes you very happy.”

Ricky takes his backpack and puts it over his shoulder. “You’ve given me something to think about. I have late shift at the video store, so I’ll talk to you later.” And he walks off.

“Bye.” Wade replies. *

Joey zooms up for a close-up of Dawson, looking out to the ocean for a moment, then says happily. “All set. Great job, guys.”

Dawson turns around and heads up to Joey. “What did you think?”

Joey grins. “It’s nice seeing you in front of the camera. You haven’t done that for a while. You both did great. I could end up directing this, if you keep this up.”

Dawson playfully shoves her. “I don’t think so, Ms. Josephine.”

Joey shoves him back. “Hey, you call me Josephine one more time, I’ll tip you over the dock.”

Pacey walks over to both of them. “Guys can we lay off the foreplay, please.” Joey and Dawson turn to him blushing, ready to offer an insult, but instead smile and run for Pacey. They grab him by the arms, pull him to the dock, and push him over. Pacey falls into the water with a huge splash.

Dawson and Joey slap a ‘high-five.’ “What can I say, Jo. We are soo good.”

Joey smiles at him. “We are most definitely.”

Okay, guys Part 3 is done!! I haven’t figured out how far to go with it. I’m hoping a few more parts to this story. What do you think? Tell me, be honest. This is my second series, so I’m hoping I’m getting better with my plots and such. PLEASE, e-mail me with some feedback.

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