Cupid's Matchmakers Part Two by: Tiffany


Romance: Dawson & Joey, Pacey & Andie

Spoilers: Read Cupid's Matchmakers: Part 1 or you're lost! :)

Rating: Hmm...I'm kinda the romantic, and not into R rated stuff. So, this is a PG or PG-13 at most.

Summary: Pacey and Andie help our torn lovers get back together!! :) Oh, and by the way, Joey sort of has a bedroom! Okay, just to let you know!

Cupid's Matchmakers: Part Two

(Capeside High School Hallways)

The bell rings through the halls at the end of seventh period. Students began rushing out of the classrooms to their lockers. Dawson heads over to his locker and puts his books in. He was going over in his mind the production and getting everything organized for shooting which was going to begin in a week. Jen unfortunately wasn't available for a few days because she was visiting her family in New York.

Joey notices Dawson getting ready to leave. She smiles as she watches Dawson nervously looking through his locker, and reading papers. Joey gets her things together and shuts her locker. She narrows her eyes to get a view of a few pictures she sees on his door. One was the two of them when they were seven years old outside his house all ready for their first day as first graders. Another one was of her standing at the stage during the Miss Windjammer Pageant. It was after she had sung "On My Own". The last one was after their first date. They had their arms wrapped around each other, lips touching soft and passionate. Mrs. Leery had sneaked the photo in while they were saying good night. Joey remembered how embarassed her and Dawson felt when they heard the click from the flash. Dawson had said "My mom just loves these 'hallmark' moments".

Suddenly, a hand waved in front of her face. It was Andie. Joey shook her head free of her daydream.

"Oh hey Andie. What's up?"


Dawson turns around and sees Joey a few lockers down talking to Andie. He shuts his locker and starts to walk over, but Pacey steps in front of him and puts his hand on Dawson's shoulder.

"When was the last time you really had some fun with the opposite sex?"

Dawson frowns, and Pacey catches himself. "Forget I said that."

"Pacey, I've got a lot of work on the film to finish up. Then, I'm heading up to my dad's apartment. So, I'll talk to you later." And he walks out the door towards home.

Pacey rolls his eyes. He looks over at Andie and Joey. Joey's back was to him, but Andie could see him perfectly. She looks at Pacey and points to the door indicating to go after Dawson. He nods and goes to catch up to him outside.

"Look, I said I was sorry. You take things entirely too personally. I'm just sick of the pathetic state of melancholy you're living in. So, you're coming with me and Andie tonight out for Valentine's Day and that's final."

Dawson shakes his head. "Negative, my friend. You guys deserve lots of private time. Three is a crowd."

(Back at School, Andie and Joey)

"What were you pointing at?" Joey asks and turns around. She sees noone.

"Nevermind." Andie smiles. "First of all, do you have plans tonight?"

"Well, I have a sketching assignment due in a few days, so I'll be working on that." Joey answers.

Andie jumps up. "Perfect!" Then she snaps her mouth shut, realizing she's giving herself away. "I mean, no it's not perfect. It's terrible. It's Valentine's Day and you should be going out. So, you're coming with Pacey and me tonight."

Joey makes a forced smile. "Thanks for the offer, Andie. But I really need to finish this. Besides you and Pacey should be alone and knowing Pacey he's got something planned for you...."

"Oh, no Pacey is fine with it." Andie interrupts.

Joey puts on her coat. "Look, I know you're trying to help, but I'm still getting over some stuff and Dawson and I are connecting again. I just want to concentrate on getting things back to normal."

Andie nods simpatically. She really felt bad about Dawson and Joey being so ackward. "I know you are, but I think a night out will help you, please say you'll come."

Joey looks at her watch. Bessie would be home soon. "Look, ah..I have to get going. I promised Bessie I'd clean up the house before she came home. But thanks anyway."

Andie wasn't going to be let off the hook. "I'll come with you okay?"

Joey sighs. Oh well, she thinks, Andie's only trying to help. "Sure, come on."


(Pacey and Dawson in Dawson's room about2 hours later)

Dawson is sitting on his bed, his laptop on his lap, edited his script. Pacey is pacing the floor and looks at his watch. It was already after 5, and the reservations for Dawson and Joey were for 6:30. Plus his plans with Andie were for 7, so he'd have to break some ground here pretty quick.

"So what do you say, Dawson? A night out, food, music, and all around good time?" Pacey says pleading. It was getting difficult.

Dawson grins. "What is it with you? This is the most romantic day of the year, and you want me to join you and Andie on a date?"

"It's a double date." Pacey corrects him. "I found you a sweet, beautiful girl. You'll have a great time, I promise."

Dawson gets off his bed, surprised. "Wait a minute, you set me up with someone? How could you do that to me?"

Pacey nods and makes a small laugh pointing to the laptop. "See, I knew you'd be like this. I told you before, this obsession with your script is getting ridiculous. All you do is stay up here, writing away an autobiography that has you living in the past. Have you even tried to get Joey back?"

That set Dawson off immediately. "Of course I have. You know that. Look, I don't wanna go, okay. Just tell the young lady I'm sorry."

Pacey heads for Dawson's closet, and opens the door. He begins filtering through the clothes, and finally finds a casual suit hanging up. It was the suit he had worn to the homecoming dance. He takes it out of the closet and passes it to Dawson.

"You're going out Dawson, and that's it. Stop moaning, and get dressed."

Dawson stood there for a moment, dumfounded. He couldn't think of anything else to say, and Pacey looked so determined. Okay, maybe he should go out, it might be fun. And with that, Dawson walks to the bathroom and starts to change.

(Joey and Andie at Joey's house)

Joey was finishing up the last of the dishes. Andie offers to sweep the hallway, and vacuum the living room, which Joey was grateful, but she couldn't help but feel this was apart of softening her to go to tonight. Finally, the work was done and in record time, because Bessie walked in carrying some groceries. She sets them on the table

"Hey, Joey." She scans the kitchen and smiles. "You did a great job thanks."

"Yeah, I had Andie's help." Joey says giving Andie a smile.

Bessie looks at Andie. "Thanks. Uh..Joey I have to go pick up Alexander at Bodie's parent's house. I'll be there for a few hours visiting, will you be okay here or do you want to come?"

As much as Joey did like Bodie's family, she didn't want to go tonight. "Nah, that's okay Bess, you go. I'll be fine."

Bessie takes her purse and heads out. "Bye, Joey. Bye, Andie."

Andie smiles, perfect, she thinks. She takes a peak at her watch, it reads 5:30. Yikes, she thinks, the reservations are for 6:30, I'd better get convincing. "Okay, Joey have you thought about it further? Please come out with me and Pacey."

Joey smiles. "I guess that help with the cleaning, was a way of getting me to agree?"

Andie raises her hands. "Yeah, I admit it. So come on, let's get you something great to wear for your mysterious date."

Joey freezes. "Andie, I thought it was just you, me, and Pacey? You didn't tell me I'd have a date."

"Oh, but please come, it will be fun. It's just going out, no commitment or anything I swear."

Joey finally gives in. "Okay, I'll go. I mean, why not?"

The two girls go down the hall to Joey's room. Andie goes to the closet and inspects it. She found very few skirts or dresses. Finally, in the back, she discovered a soft lavender knee-length dress with spaggetti straps. She takes it out, and shows it to Joey.

"Wear this." Andie says. "You'll look just perfect!"

Joey laughs. "Andie, this was Bessie's before she had Alexander. I don't think it will fit."

"Hey, you never know. Go change." She says pointing to the bathroom. And Joey takes the dress and heads for the bathroom.


(Pacey sitting on Dawson's bed waiting for Dawson to get out of the bathroom)

Finally, Dawson emerges. The suit fits perfectly. His hair combed, a few stray curls falling over his forehead, his black shoes polished. Dawson turns around, pretending to be a model.

"How do I look?"

Pacey looks him over critically. "You dress up real nice." Now to get things rolling, he thinks.

Then, Pacey continues. "Okay, the place we're going to is The Capeside Bar & Grill, that restaurant on the docks. The reservations are for 6:30."

So we're leaving now?" Dawson asks grabbing his jacket.

Pacey thinks quick and grabs his jacket. "Actually I have to get home and change, so we'll meet at the restaurant."

"Sure thing." Dawson answers.

"See ya then." Pacey takes his backpack and heads out of Dawson's house.

(Andie helping Joey with some makeup)

Joey takes the mascara stick from Andie and wips it off of her face with a tissue. "That's too much, I look trashy. God, Bessie will kill me when she sees I've raided her makeup case."

Andie gets out some light pink lip gloss and holds it out. "This doesn't look too bad, put this on."

Finally, after about 10 minutes of getting the makeup squared away. Joey settled on no marcara, a little blush and some pink lip gloss.

Andie studies Joey's face. "Now, for the hair. You look nice with it pulled back." She gets a brush and sets it up. "I think a french braid would be very elegant."

Joey stands up after Andie finishes the braid. She looked beautiful. Her long, dark brown hair pulled back into a braid, a few tendrils over her ears, and dainty pearl droplets in her ears. The dress was straight over the straps and fit snugly over her waist, the skirt flared out to her knees. On her feet, she wore lavenar shoes with straps.

"Well, what do you think?" Joey asks looking at the dress.

Andie smiles. Dawson was going to need someone to lift his jaw off the ground. "You look beautiful, Joey." She looks again at her watch it's 6 o'clock. "Oh, gees, I have to get home and change."

Joey gets her coat and puts it on. "Oh, I'll come with you."

Andie looks up quickly. "No, no Joey. Ah...we're all meeting at the restaurant, it's more organized that way. Reservation are at 6:30."

"Oh, okay." Joey says a little confused.

Andie notices this, and tries to cover. "It's The Capeside Bar & Grill on the docks. So, it's a quick walk over, okay?"

Joey smiles. "That's okay. I guess I'll see you there."

Andie bends for her jacket and backpack, trying to hide her face because it was obvious when she was lying. "Yep, see you later."

(Dawson and Joey both walking in opposite directions toward the restaurant, neither seeing the other.)

Joey enters through one doorway into the restaurant, Dawson the other. Joey goes up to the matrade.

"Hi, there I'm here to meet with some people. The reservations would be under Andie McPhee."

The young man nods his head as he looks over the list. "Of course, Miss, right this way."

He leads her to a small table near the dancing area. A few couples, dancing closely together to a slow song. A few girls had their heads on their young man's shoulder. She smiles and sits down. The restaurant was very quaint and small. The music was soft, and the lighting, not dark, but brighter than dim.

Meanwhile, Dawson reaches the matrade and smiles. "Hi, I'm meeting with a few friends of mine. The reservations might be under Pacey Witter or Andie McPhee."

The matrade makes a knowing smile, deciding not to let the young man know that reservations were only for two and not four. "Come this way."

Dawson follows behind the matrade, up to the table. He takes his attention away from the dancing area, and looks down. Joey looks up. Shock written across both of their faces. While, the couple was staring at each other, the matrade places a small envelope on the table.

"Enjoy your meal." He says and leaves them alone.

Joey was the first to recover.

"Dawson, what are you doing here?" She looks him over. Wow, he looks soo nice, she thinks to herself, and flushes.

Dawson sits down opposite Joey He just stared at her. She looks absolutely breathtaking, so beautiful. "I'm here to meet Pacey and Andie."

Joey shakes her head. "No, that can't be, I'M here to meet Pacey and Andie."

Suddenly, they both sit back and decide to wait until Pacey and Andie come so this could be explained. But after about 15 minutes, Dawson looks again at his watch.

"Jo, I think we've been had."

Joey makes a smile, it really didn't bother her. "Yep, looks like it."

Dawson looks down and sees the envelope with his name written on it.

"What's that?" Joey asks.

"I have no idea." He takes the paper in the envelope and opens it. He begins to read aloud for Joey to hear: ( ) - mean that Pacey and Andie are interjecting their comments :) P - means Pacey, A - mean Andie. Hi Dawson and Joey,

Well, by now you've probably figured out that there really was no double- date. (Ha Ha!) This was the work of me and my other half, your best friend and mine, Pacey. We decided it was a shame for two people who are so much in love with each other to not spend it together. I know (P: we both know, Andie!) that you, Dawson, love Joey with all your heart, and I know (P: we both know!, Andie stop this, sorry guys my girlfriend needs a refresher course!) that she loves you as well.

Anyways, I hope that you two can come together tonight and rediscover your incredible connection, and find a way back to where you both belong, by each other's side. (P: poetic, Andie, this sounds like a hallmark greeting card! A: Shh..Witter is almost finished!) But we want you both to be happy, so we masqueraded this little dinner for you. Oh, and the bill is all set. (P: No thanks to me, and Dawson it's about half my paycheck so you better get back with Joey or I'll hunt you down! A: Pacey, that's not nice, be quiet!) So, please, eat drink, dance, all on us. Enjoy!

Sincerely, (P: And Dawson, I want full details at school!) Pacey Witter and Andie McPhee (A: Good luck, Joey, I know that you want this!)

Dawson and Joey look downward at the table, not meeting each other's eyes. Dawson finally looks up. He wanted more than anything to have Joey back with him. But he wanted to be sure from her, before he got ahead of himself. In the background, softly another song began.

"Well, since we have a free meal. Why don't we stay." Joey says smiling.

Dawson's eyes brighten up and says jokingly. "Yeah, sure. I'm not letting Pacey's generousity go to waste!"

They both watch as couples began to take the floor. Dawson turns to Joey, and takes a deep breath. "Would you like to dance?"

Joey slips her hand in his. "I'd love to."

Dawson places one arm around Joey's waist and Joey places one arm around his neck, and the other clasped with his other hand. They begin to sway slowly to the music.

"You're the Inspiration" by Peter Cetera You know our love was meant to be The kind of love to last forever And I want you here with me From tonight until the end of time You should know Everywhere I go Always on my mind In my heart In my soul

Dawson smiles as their heads lean in closer together. He loved being so close to Joey, his best friend, his love, his everything. Joey inched in closer to Dawson, leaning the side of her head against his. She could smell his cologue, it was so intoxicating, and she breathed it in. She loved him so much, and missed him so much. Even though movie night was back, and their 15-year friendship was easily repaired, she wanted to be this close to him always, to hold him, and to kiss him. Dawson loosens his hand from around her waist and slides it up to touch her cheek. Joey immediately looks up. Dawson notices the tears in her eyes.

"Jo, are you okay?"

Joey leans in until their lips are inches apart. "I miss us so much, Dawson. I love that we've been able to be the best friends we are to each other after all the heartache that we've suffered. I treasure that more than anything in this whole world."

Dawson runs his finger across her cheek and down to her chin. "Me too."

"But," Joey continues. "I also want us to be together. I love you so much. And I know I caused you so much hurt and pain. I broke up with you, because I was afraid. Afraid of us, and the love that we have at such a tender age. We're only sixteen, and I was so afraid."

Dawson's other hand unclasps Joey's hand and touches her other cheek. "I missed us so much too, Jo. I love you and whether you know it or not, I was also afraid. But what I know is that we have something so incredible, that I'm willing to hold on tightly to it. Are you?"

"Yes, Dawson I will hold on to it." She replied with certainty.

Their lips come closer and closer, and they kiss sweetly, softly and yes, passionately. Joey wraps her arms around Dawson's neck. They sink into each other, never letting go. And the song continues.

Baby, you're the meaning in my life You're the inspiration You bring feeling to my life You're the inspiration Wanna have you near me I wanna have you hear me saying "No one needs you more than I need you"
(The Ruins)

Pacey and Andie sat on a blanket overlooking the creek. Andie searches in the picnic basket for some sandwiches she made. Pacey looks inside the basket and sees two wine glasses.

"Don't tell me little miss innocent Andie brought wine for us." He says in surprise.

"Of course not, Witter. And we both know I'm hardly innocent." She pulls out a bottle of sparkling apple cider and hands it to him, and she gets a bowl of potato salad from the basket and gives some to herself and Pacey, while he fills the glasses.

"We are soo brillant, Andie." Pacey says matter of factly.

"That we are, Pacey." Andie says as they touch their glasses together and drink.

Pacey smiles and takes the glasses and places them in the basket. He leans over her, and softly touches her cheek. Andie shivers from the contact, and touches his face. They come closer and closer together and kiss softly. Andie takes Pacey by the shirt and they lay on the blanket, underneath the stars.

"I love you, Andie."

"I love you, Pacey. But you know what?" She says smiling.


"Now isn't the time for talking." She says but before pulling his face down to hers she whispers in his ear. "Happy Valentine's Day."

Okay, that's it!! The Series is officially finished! Did you love it, hate it! Please tell me. This was a great pleasure to write, writing about my two favorites couples, and getting them together for Valentine's day!!


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