The Day After Part Two by: Tiffany

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Romance: Joey/Dawson, Andie/Pacey

Spoilers: Read "The Day After Part One" or you'll be totally lost.

The Day After Part Two

Joey continued putting her books into her backpack. "There is nothing to talk about, Dawson. We said all that needs to be said last night."

"No, Joey I didn't get to say what I needed to. You just dumped this on me. You tell me you need to find yourself. Fine, I know what. I want to be apart of it. I'm your friend. Jo, let me help," he pleaded.

She watched him calmly. She was prepared for this, but it was harder than she thought to deal with, what could she say? She shut her locker and slipped her backpack over her shoulder. "Look, I said I need to do this independently. I can't have you around. I need to handle this alone."

Dawson said impatiently, "So you're just going to block me out of your life, indefinitely. If it's the art thing, I said I want to be involved with it wholeheartedly. I may not like art the way you do, I may not see the fascination with it, but I could learn to appreciate it."

This only frustrated Joey further. She raised her voice, hoping the message would be clearer. "God, Dawson. Don't you get it? This has nothing to do with the 'art thing'. This has to do with me having a life outside of you. I have lived in your shadow for the past 15 years. Doing your things, being in your films. I've never had anything of my own. You have a passion, Dawson. You want to be a director. You're eyes light up with anticipation at the thought of creating films. I want that for me, a passion."

Dawson also raised his voice, his frustration matching hers. "You know what I think? This has absolutely nothing to do with finding yourself. This has to do with you deciding our relationship isn't what you wanted and here was the perfect excuse. Kissing Jack! Now there's a great thing to do. And you're completely right, I don't know you at all."

Kids in the hallway turned to the voices that were becoming louder and louder. Joey and Dawson looked around and saw that they were the center of attention.

"Go to hell, Dawson." Joey said angrily and walked off to class. Dawson banged his hand against her locker and walked off in the opposite direction.

(Cut to Pacey's locker)

Pacey and Andie are seen kissing at his locker, their arms wrapped around each other, obvious to the people looking at them. A very angry Dawson shows up. He barges in on the two, rudely.

"Pacey, I really need to talk to you."

The kissing couple stopped and looked at Dawson. Andie gave a shy smile and looked away. Pacey looked over at him aggravated.

"Dawson, I'll talk to you later, man. I'm busy." He replied moving his head to the left, indicating for him to leave. Dawson ignores the signal and raises his voice.

"No, Pacey, now!"

Andie looked at Dawson, surprised at his tone. She decided to let the two talk it out. She looked up at her new boyfriend and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in class, Mr. Whitter."

"Yeah, Andie see ya," Pacey looked at her and she walked away, and grinned. Then turned to Dawson. "Okay what's your deal? You know I don't bother you when you're making out with Joey, okay. I expect the same curtsey extended to me. What is soo important that couldn't wait."

Dawson looked at his watch, "I'll tell you on the way, come on."

The two began walking through the hallways toward the gym. Dawson began straight away "Pacey, I don't know----, Joey and I, things are just totally wrong now, I'm at the loss for-------."

Pacey interrupted him "You know before you start babbling about your little soap opera relationship with Joey, let me tell you about my time last night." Dawson agreed glumly listening. pacey tapped his chest with his finger. "Andie, likes me! Me, Pacey Witter, the guy whose flunking biology, is laughed at by this whole town, and labeled the go now-where kid of the century. We danced and on the dock and kissed. Oh, man I love my life." I am soo----, he stopped, trying to find the words, and threw out his hands. "I don't have a word Dawson I am speechless."

Dawson took this pause as an opportunity to speak out. "The most imaginable, most tragic, most upsetting, event in my life other than my mother's affair, which I'm now believing this tops that, has happened.

Pacey looked over at Dawson in rolling his eyes, waiting for him to get to the point. "Dawson, what could have possibly happened in your perfectly scripted Norman Rockwell picture perfect postcard of a life?"

Dawson stared at Pacey, upset and angry, his eyes filled with pain. "Joey and I are finished. Oh, god this is the break-up of all break-ups. None of those blockbuster movies and emmy-award winning TV shows could top the tragic reality of losing someone. There are no words, Pace. She decided last night that I make her soo happy, but I'm too involved in her life, I am her whole life. She says I consumer her and she needs something of her own to feel, I don't know.

"Separate," Pacey finished. Pacey listened for a moment, and then said "Okay, you're saying, she ended it?"

"No, Pace, I decided to end the most perfect relationship I had just for fun." Dawson said sarcastically.

Pacey was irritated by Dawson's tone and was quick to offer an insult of his own, but thought better of it, knowing it wouldn't help things.

I'm definitely sure it wasn't my fault. I did everything right. I was totally supportive of her interest in art and of anything she wants to do with her life. I want her happy, whatever it may be that does it. I was affectionate, (Pacey rolls his eyes), romantic....

They reached the boy's locker room and changed into their gym clothes. Then headed out for one-on-one basketball Pacey made a basket. "You are way too dramatic about this. Here's a tip, go to Joey and tell her how you feel. You're the romantic here, you know this. Besides, those puppy-dog eyes will be hard for her to resist. Get what I'm saying?" Pacey smiled.

Dawson threw the ball to the hoop, it bounced off and missed. "I already did. We argued, she left. You know this is in no comparison to my break-up with Jen. You know this one is more real, vivid.

Pacey placed his hand to his head. "Why are you bringing Jen into this? It took you forever to get over her, okay let's not indulge on it?"

Dawson continued, "When I had Jen troubles, Joey was always there to talk about it. I got advice and she pushed me to move on. Now, Joey is the Jen in the picture."

"Trust me, Dawson she's not Jen, Pacey said, remembering a very drunk Jen at his 16th birthday party, making a fool out of herself.

(Cut to Joey in art class sketching a lamp Ms. Emerson placed in the center of the room.)

"Youre coming along excellently, Joey". Mrs. Emerson said smiling. "You have quite a gift."

Joey smiled shyly, "Thanks, but it's just a small drawing, nothing as professional as any student at a fine arts school. But I really enjoy it."

She had successfully ignored jack during class, who sat a few rows over. And she was grateful. Jack smiled as he looked at Joey. Remembering the kiss they had shared under the full moon. He touched the area around his temple, still swollen from the punch he received we was also turning a ghastly black and blue, curtsey of her boyfriend Dawson. The bell rang for next period. Joey grabbed her things and headed out briskly.

"Hey, Joey, wait up," a voice called. She ignored it.

"Joey, wait up, please," the voice repeated. She turned around and saw Jack jogging to catch up with her.

"What do you want?" she asked impatiently.

I was hoping we could talk about the other night."

Joey's anger flared up immediately. "No, I am not interested in rehashing the events of last night, which were not only embarassing but extremely upsetting. Enough is enough, Jack. Let's just drop it."

Jack placed a hand at her shoulder, stopping her. She shook him off. "No, Joey this isn't over. You aren't sorry that you kissed me, are you?"

Okay okay I know conflicts a brewing!!! The only happy couple is Andie and Pacey, but to be sure I am a severely devoted Joey/Dawson fan so things will get back on track. But when????? Just wait and find out. I would sincerely appreciated any and all comments and/or complaints.

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