5/13/08: Added chapters 5 and 6 of Kelli's Made and chapter 1 of Rachael's new series Was That My Life?


3/28/07: Added chapter 7 of Kelli's Counting the Stars, Act One Scene Ten of Alex's Phantom from the Creek, and a new series by new author Jill called Evolutions.

2005-2006 no updates


8/21/04: Added chapters 13-15 to Ashley's Second Thoughts, a new part to Kelli's Made and a new part to Kelli's Counting the Stars.

8/14/04: Added chapters 10-12 to Ashley's Second Thoughts, a new part to Bookworm's Afterthoughts, parts 4 and 5 to Kelli's Counting the Stars, and a new series by new author Monique called Wichita Creek.

7/9/04: Added chapters 5 & 6 to Ashley's Sisters Know Best. Completed the Contact section, finished reformatting all fanfic stories.

7/6/04: Added chapters 1 through 4 of Ashley's new series Sisters Know Best and chapters 5 and 6 of Kelli's Raiders of the Lost Heart. New link added to Web section.

6/24/04: Added chapters 8 and 9 of Ashley's series, Britney's In the Heat of the Moment Part 6, and parts 2 and 3 of Kelli's series Counting the Stars.

6/19/04: Added Act One Scene Nine from my series Phantom from the Creek. Also added parts 6 and 7 from Ashley's series Second Thoughts, but she consolidated her stories, so I actually added new parts for chapters 4 and 5 as well.

6/15/04: Added Room Raiders parts 2-4 by Kelli and part 1 of her new series Counting the Stars. Also added the next two parts of Britney's series, In the Heat of the Moment.

6/14/04: The extras and web sections are complete. Added 13 stories by 5 authors recovered from 1999-2000. "New" authors are Cat, Denise, Jamie, Nicola, and Lauren.

6/12/04: The new layout is complete! THANKS FOR THE REDESIGN, DANNIE!

6/10/04: Took some time out of my frantic redesigning to add the newest part of "Made to Love You" by Kelli.

5/30/04: New author Kelli, with two new series up. Also added two new parts to Ashley's series and two new parts to Britney's series.

5/27/04: Added two stories by new author Britney, and two new stories by me (Alex), including a brand new series!

5/4/04: Oops, I lost all the site updates from this year. Sorry, there have been some!! There are three new stories by KatieJoWitter and a brand new series by her in addition to there being a new part of No More Running by Rachael.


12/24/03 - There are five new stories today including one from new author Bookworm, a new part of Ashley's series Second Thoughts, and three parts of a new series by KatieJo. Check them out! We've hit over 700 stories!

12/6/03 - Lots of new stories today. There are two new stories by NEW author Ashley, six new stories by KatieJoWitter, and there is a new story by Rachael. Check them all out!

12/4/03 - *phew*, that was a close one. I haven't posted any new stories for a while because I was having server problems and none of the new pages I made were showing up. They are now, though, so there are 4 new stories by new author KatieJoWitter, check them out!

11/13/03 - Part Four of Rachael's series has been posted.

11/8/03 - Handful of new stories... part three of Rachael's series is up, parts 12-14 of Laura's series The Object of My Affection are up and Phantom From The Creek Act One Scene Seven by me (Alex) is up!

10/24/03 - Part two of Rachael's series is up.

10/18/03 - Updated Anne's email address.

10/17/03 - Brief update, couple of new links. There is a link to Anne's website on her author's page and a link to Virtual Season Seven, a fanfic series that continues Dawson's Creek, on the banner's page. Also, the link to my banner has been updated.

10/15/03 - There is a new author up! Be sure to read Rachael's series No More Running. There are also three new stories in Laura's The Object of My Affection series posted.

9/9/03 - I have now completely restored this website! I finished adding my current recommendations and comments to the View The Award Winner's page, which there is a link to on this page and on the fanfic page. I have also added the last 5 stories of Omolara's "Face to Face" series and a new part to my series Groundhog's Day! Check out Groundhog's Day: Day Five.

8/26/03 - The fanfic restoration is complete! I have posted the rest of Becci and Jade's stories, including another new part of Becci's, and added my recommendations to the View The Award Winner's page, which also has monthly fanfic award winners listed on it. That means this entire site has been fixed. If you see any broken links or pictures (except for one blank link of Becci's), please tell me, because to the best of my knowledge, everything should work! New stories will get posted as they are submitted (and I do have a few old ones waiting to be put up), and hopefully I'll get to put up more of my own fanfic.

8/24/03 - Finished posting Becci's Eternal Flame series, including a new part seven.

8/20/03 - Fixed the links to many of Becci's stories and fixed the link to Anne's story "The Seduction, Part Two".

8/19/03 - Lots of updates. Fixed all of the links to Dannie and Holly's stories, adding two new stories to Dannie's series "Our Little Secret" and adding 3 new stories by Holly to multiple series of hers. I also added 3 new stories by me, including new parts to Analyze This, Groundhog's Day, and The Phantom From the Creek!

8/18/03 - Fixed the links to all of Lindsay's stories and fixed the link to Kate's story "Fishing in Boston".

8/17/03 - Another daunting task completed. Finished fixing the links to all of Laura's stories, as well as to all of Tiffany's. There are also a bunch of new stories by each author, including part nine of Laura's series Forget Paris, parts 6-8 of Laura's series The Object of My Affection, and part two of Tiffany's series Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely!

8/13/03 - Finished fixing the links to all of Tara's stories!

8/9/03 - Another day of lots of updates. I've started working on fixing Laura's links, and I reposted (and consolidated, so each part is very lengthy) the Dazed and Confused series, Separate Lives, and the Westing Game series, for which I also posted two new parts, parts 4 and 5! Check them out. I also posted two new stories of Lisa's, parts 11 and 12 of the I Know What You Did Last Summer series. I reformatted 20 of Katy's stories, so her page is entirely comprehensive now, and I strongly suggest going through her stories because they rock. Don't forget to check out NEW AUTHOR Vinnie if you haven't yet!

8/8/03 - Lots of updates! There is a NEW author with a new "Alternate Script" for the ending of Season Six! Check out Vinnie's author's page! There are also two new stories by Jen, one new part of What Did I Do and one part of Made in Heaven. In addition, the rest of her stories have been fixed, as have some more of Jade's series This is When It All Began.

8/05/03 - Working on fixing the links to Jade's stories. Fixed parts five and six of This is When it All Began...

8/01/03 - All of Lisa, Matahari, and Jeannie's stories have been fixed. There is also a new story by Ygrawn, part 6 of Don't Forget to Remember! In addition, everything aside from the fan fiction (and View Award Winners... that pertains to monthly fanfic winners and I'm going to update that) has been updated completely. Every banner works, every link works, the music, transcript, webrings, site awards, gossip and spoilers pages, etc. are all as updated as they can be. That means my site revamping is complete with the exceptions I've listed. Hurrah!

7/31/03 - A lot of stories have been fixed. These include all of Lucie's, Courtney's, Crystal's, Fionna's, Seren's (which I highly recommend), Nicole's, and Vlada's links. In addition, the last installment of Vlada's series "Angels Will Take Care of Us" has been added! Check it out!

7/29/03 - NEW STORY BY MATAHARI! Check out "Down the Path of True Love"! There are also two new stories by Omolara which are part of her series, "Face To Face". I took on the daunting task of reformatting ALL of Kilby's 25 stories, which I highly recommend (the Moving series AND her story with Suzanne, Dream a Little Dream. It's quite amusing). The problem there was hers were some of the first stories on my site, before I knew how to code properly, and they were too long for me to fix when I was running the site and adding new things to the entire site. Anyway, now her stories are all properly readable! I also reformatted Aaron and Cuddles's stories and fixed Debra and Amy's (Decisions... Decisions is now back online!). I think I have also cleared out all of the superfluous "new" icons, so anything with a new tag is actually new.

7/28/03 - More stories! Just about all of Anne Gooding's links have been fixed and five new stories have been added to her series The Seduction and I'd Die For You! Amanda's stories have been fixed and her series Stand By Me is once again complete. Courtney's story Now and Then has been reformatted, and finishing the reformat of her stories is my next task. Also, check out my personal DC Fanfic site to get the new installment of Analyze This called Eye to Eye!

7/27/03 - More fixed links and more new stories. Bryanna's stories have all been fixed, and parts 7 and 8 of her series "See You In Eternity" have been added (although not yet summarized)! Tara's series "When She Was Bad", which is a very fun read by the way, has been fixed, and a new part has been added! Check it out!

7/26/03 - Lots of new stories. Katy has been added to the author's page, along with her story "Untitled: Part One". Omolara's stories have been reformatted, and a new story has been added to her Carry On series called "Afterglow". Petra's stories have been fixed and Part Three has been added to her series "My Favorite Mistake". Rachel's page has also been fixed, and her story "One Faithful Heart" can be found on it. The Dawson's Creek Soundtrack section has been completely updated, with listings of both volumes of Songs from Dawson's Creek and the link to buy Volume Three, which you get to customize! I've also added some new banners of sites I get my photos from, updated the updates page, and fixed (I think) all of the broken photo links.

7/22/03 - Last update added to this page, then I get rid of the older updates and start putting them in the update section again. I'm sure no one really cares, because these are minor additions, but I've updated the banner and I've added my story "Driven" in the Analyze This series that I just never linked from my other website. Enjoy!

7/21/03 - There's been an update! I've added a story by Lady Pacey that the link never worked to, and I added the links to authors whose stories I can replace. There are still a lot of broken links (all the new stories besides Lady Pacey don't really work yet), and I'm working on them! I've also updated the banners, the polls, are you obsessed, gossip and spoilers, meet the staff, and DC Soundtrack info. For the most part, it means I've cleaned them up and gotten rid of broken links (though the DC Soundtrack info is now really old. I'll get to that sometime).

7/20/03 - Ah, my ever-shrinking site. After 5 years, I guess I'm still anal-retentive, and it was really bothering me that half the links on this site didn't work after Becci's server went down. I am currently fixing that, and contacting authors to see if I can replace their stories. The broken links that I think I can fix eventually still have the story names and descriptions up, but they are now fully text. Any broken links left that are not that way, I know about, I can and will fix those eventually. Maybe one day I'll even add some more fanfic of my own!

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