Misinterpretations Part Six by: Venusian Girl

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Joey was scrubbing the counter in the Icehouse furiously and imagining that it was Dawson's face. The guy was a complete jerk. All day he had been trying to tell her something. He would begin by starting a discussion on the importance of honesty between friends and then he would chicken out and not be able to tell her what was on his mind. Joey had thought that he was trying to tell her that he wanted to get back with Jen, but it turned out she was wrong. If Dawson got back with Jen she would be suicidal. She had loved him for longer than she cared to admit. The truth, however, was much worse. Joey had accidentally stumbled in on Dawson's secret in the library that afternoon.

Dawson was in love with Abby Morgan. Joey couldn't believe it. She was incredulous. But I saw it with my own eyes. She had seen them making out. At the end of school Joey had waited at her locker for Dawson, Pacey and Jen. The four of them usually walked home together. Pacey had arrived there first and told Joey that Dawson would not be walking home with them today because he was in detention. Secretly, Joey had been relieved. Dawson had been fraying her temper all day with his lectures on confiding with each other. But then Jen had approached them and she was crying. Pacey had made some excuse to walk on ahead so that Joey could talk to Jen alone. Why can't all guys be that perceptive? Joey thought, still maniacally scrubbing the counter. Although she and Pacey were always ragging at each other, she had to admit that the guy had his good points. Anyway, once Pacey had gone Jen had told Joey that Dawson was the cause of all her tears. Joey could only decipher a few sentences from Jen's sob-punctuated narrative but what she could make out was enough to make her mad. Apparently Jen had been telling Dawson about her grandfather's death during their Chemistry class together. Joey knew how hard it was to confide in someone about a bereavement which made what Dawson had done all the more unforgivable. According to Jen, he had started airing his views and doubts on the afterlife and did not offer Jen any sympathy at all. In fact, he had even gone as far as to suggest that it was Joey's fault because she had not told him about it first. But I told him about Jen's gramps on the way to school this morning. Was it my fault that he wasn't listening? Jen had decided to walk home alone and Joey had marched straight to the library where Dawson was in detention so that she could beat the crap out of him because of his careless words. Joey, however got a huge shock when she got to the library. Dawson and Abby kissing? Joey instinctively turned around and ran away as fast as she could.

Now Joey was at work. She had had hours to go over the scene in her mind and she was kicking herself. Why didn't I act cool about it, like I didn't care? Why did I have to run away like Dawson cheated on me. It's not like I own him or anything. The door of the Icehouse jingled and Pacey walked through. "Oh great! It's my second least favorite person in the world," Joey said sarcastically.

"Hey, watch what you say to the customers, waitress, or I might have to report you to the manager."

Joey sighed. "What can I get you Pacey?"

"Actually, I came to ask a favor, Joey." Joey put away her notepad and looked at him through slitted eyes.

"That sounds ominous. What'd ya want?"

"I really need you to go over some Math stuff with me. I have a big test coming up tomorrow and I am totally clueless. Please help me Joey?"

"Oh, okay." I'm an idiot, she thought. I never have any time to myself....Still, if it keeps my mind off jerko Dawson for a while.....

"Great! Come round to my place at seven?" Joey nodded and smiled as Pacey bounded out the door. Who would've thought I could make a guy that happy?

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