Epilogue: The Barbara Walters Special
XOXO Part Eight by: Vlada


"It's about to start," Pacey yelled from the couch. Jen quickly poured the popcorn into a large bowl and exited the kitchen to join Pacey. She sat down next to him on the couch in the living room in front of the television. She draped her legs over his and put the bowl down on her lap so they could both has easy access to it. Pacey took some popcorn and threw it into the air and opened wide trying to catch the pieces as they fell back down. He caught about only a third of what he threw and the rest fell to the floor.

"Pacey, you're making a mess," Jen whimpered. He took a fistful of popcorn and threw at her.

"Oh, so that's how you wanna play? Okay then," she said grabbing a fistful of her own popcorn and throwing it at him. They continued to throw popcorn at each other, as the bowl quickly became empty.

"Ahhhh," Pacey screamed covering his right eye with his hand, "I think you got a kernel in my eye."

"Don't be such a baby," Jen said laughing. Then she noticed he was seriously hurt and stopped. She came up closer to him and tried to pry his eye open with her fingers. "Let me see, Pacey,"

"Ouch," he screeched as she looked at his eye. He took his left hand and lifted it above her head. Slowly he released his grip and let the popcorn flow through his fingers and down to her hair.

"Pacey!" she yelled as the popcorn reached her head. "You big phony."

"And you know you love me," he said smiling.

"Unfortunately," Jen said sarcastically. He picked a piece of popcorn out of her hair before kissing her.

"How'd I fall for such a goon?" Jen asked jokingly.

"Blame it on the matchmaking birds, Dawson and Joey," Pacey replied as they cuddled up on the couch. "A little taste of revenge for Joey after the way we pushed her."

"But it worked," Jen said. "They're together and happy."

"Damn right it worked," Pacey replied smiling. "They should be groveling at our feet."

"Shhhh, Pacey," Jen said putting a finger to his mouth. "It's starting." They both turned their attention to the TV screen as "The Barbara Walters Special" began.

"Hello, and welcome to 'The Barbara Walters Special,'" Barbara's voice could be heard saying as the screen displayed a montage of past interviews. "Tonight I interview Cassedy Hampton, of Hollywood teen fame, and Grammy award winning singer, Minka Lee, but first Dawson Wade Leery and Josephine Potter after we return from the commercial break."

"This is gonna sound weird," Jen said, "but I feel kinda odd about this interview."

"That's not weird," Pacey replied. "I feel kinda odd too like they're gonna tell all our secrets or something."

"Exactly," Jen said, "but of course they won't. It's just a feeling."

"Yeah, they won't tell that you still sleep with your teddy bear from childhood, Mr. Snuggly," Pacey said smiling.

"I swear to God, Pacey. If you tell anyone…," Jen replied.

"Potty mouth. Don't swear or use the Lord's name in vain," Pacey said pointing a finger at her playfully.

"Oh, if you want to get pure with me, let's talk about how you know about my teddy, Pacey," Jen said pointing her finger in his face. "Oh yeah, that's right, because you sleep in my bed."

"Welcome back to 'The Barbara Walters Special'," a voice said as Barbara appeared on the screen. "We continue now with Dawson Wade Leery and Josephine Potter."

"They grew up along side this creek," Barbara said walking along the creek in Capeside. "Josephine, better known as Joey to her friends, on the other side just a row away from her best friend Dawson. This was their pier and this was her rowboat," she said coming along to the edge of the pier by Dawson's house. Then she pointed to her right up the lawn, "and that was his house. That is where the famous director began his dreams of directing, his love of movies, friendships that would last lifetimes, and a love that he'd never outgrow."

"They meet as toddlers and were from then on inseparable. Countless movie nights and sleepovers followed. They've constantly stated in interviews that they had a connection from an early age. A single look meant thousands of words. Yet looks could not tell Dawson Leery that his best friend secretly harbored feelings for him as he was swept away by the ravishing blond who had just moved from New York. Third musketeer Pacey Witter stood by and watched."

"Stood by and watched?" Pacey asked. "That's it?" How about my affair with my high school English teacher?"

"Ravishing blond," Jen stated to herself. "Got to admit, Barbara's got good taste."

"All that changed in 1998 as Joey was offered a semester in France and Dawson was finally faced with a challenge. Let her go or prove to her that she has to stay? We all know the outcome," Barbara said standing in front a swing set in the park. "And here they shared their second kiss. The two had a rocky relationship through high school, but finally found happiness in their senior year through college. However, they lost touch with each other once graduating college. A letter Joey wrote to Dawson years later brought the two closer together again. The two continued writing to each other whilst Dawson gained fame as a director. A reunion was only expected. They're Hollywood's most prized possession. The 'it' couple. Tonight I sit down with Dawson Wade Leery and Josephine Potter."

"Hello," Barbara said shaking hands with Dawson and Joey as they sat down in a pair of lawn chairs across from Barbara in the Leery front yard. "Thank you for inviting me here to your hometown."

"Your welcome," Joey said. "Not too exciting here though."

"Well, I'm sure since news of your romance broke out thing around here got interesting real fast," Barbara said smiling.

"Yeah, mom told last week about a teenage girl coming to her door and asking if this was where I lived and if she could see my room," Dawson said chuckling.

"Now, Joey you seem pretty laid back about all the herds of teenage girls," Barbara stated.

"Why shouldn't I be? After all, when the lights go off, he's all mine," Joey said grinning.

"Good one, Jo," Pacey said chuckling. Jen giggled.

"You just broke thousands of little girls' hearts," Barbara replied laughing. "So there's no chance for them even though you two are not married?"

"Sorry," Dawson said sincerely, "but my heart belongs to Joey."

"Now you've made them swoon," Barbara joked. "Why is that? You two are obviously serious about each other and very much in love. You're expecting a baby in six months, but you have yet to even plan marriage."

"It's mostly Joey," Dawson said rubbing her stomach. "I'm more than willingly to make this family official."

"I just don't think marriage should be forced," Joey said. "I don't want to get married because I'm pregnant or because it's the right thing to do. I want to get married because it feels right."

"So you do plan to get married eventually?" Barbara asked.

"I'd love to, but I don't feel I can till this baby is born because it feels obligated," Joey replied.

"But as soon as that kid is born, I'm gonna make her elope," Dawson joked.

"How do you feel about starting a family? Dawson, you seems very happy I assume from the constant tummy patting."

"I'm waiting for the baby to kick," he replied as Joey laced her fingers through his. "Would you believe I always miss it? I just decided to never take my hand off her stomach."

"And Joey, you lost your mother at a very young age. Does this bring back any memories?" Barbara asked.

"I always think of her, pregnant or not. It's just now I want even more for her to be here. I want her to see her granddaughter."

"So it's a girl? Do I get first confirmation?" Barbara asked. "Yes, it's a girl," Dawson replied smiling brightly. "We hadn't announced it yet, but this is a good a time as any. We'll be naming her after Joey's mother, Lillian."

"I've heard that you two live with your best friends. How do you plan to go about your love life, work, and this baby in the same house as your friends? Do you ever just want to be alone?"

"I wouldn't trade our friends for anything," Joey said. "They've been especially helpful and wonderful all our lives. We've established a family of our own in our little house. This child is going to be just as much loved by them as us."

"We've talked about it," Dawson continued, " and we plan on living together still after the baby is born. We need them, they keep us sane."

"You two, unlike most couples, are very open about your relationship. Lots of people would ask, how can you be that way?" Barbara said.

"All Joey's work," Dawson answered. "I used to wrap myself in a cocoon when it came to reporters."

"I figured it's pointless really to let reporters control your life. Why hide? So they print some nasty stuff about you. I know the truth and so does Dawson. That's all that matters. I a lot of the times it's the constant running from the media that will ruin a relationship."

"How do you plan on keeping your relationship?" Barbara questioned.

"We made a promise to each other to communicate and not hold anything in. it's what ruined us all the other times and I refuse to let it happen again," Dawson answered taking his and Joey's intertwined hand and placing it in his lap. "Plus, we're extremely affectionate with each other even in public."

"Dawson's also quite the romantic," Joey stated.

"What's the most romantic thing he's ever done for you?" Barbara inquired.

"God, there's so many," Joey said thinking. "I'd have to say when he would give me roses on Valentine's Day. It's one of the more simplistic gestures, but it meant so much to me because he'd do it every year even when we weren't dating. He'd ask me to be his Valentine and we'd have one blissful day as friends even though deep down inside we were so much more. It just reminded me that even though we weren't together he still loved me and cared about me."

"Dawson, when did you first tell Joey you loved her?" Barbara asked.

"It was sophomore year. We hadn't been together very long, but I felt myself hopelessly falling further and further in love with her. I think it happened so soon because I had already been in love with her, but just didn't want to admit it. We had gone to the homecoming dance and God this is the worst 'first time I said I love you' story," Dawson said chuckling. He looked at Joey and she nodded for him to continue. "I had caught her talking with this guy about how he had kissed her, who by the way is now a good friend, and of course I was furious. I stormed out, she followed, and we fought in front of the school. Later I found her hiding out in my bedroom. She told me that she had to find herself and she was breaking up with me. Just as she was about to leave I took a deep breath and just blurted it out. She said it back and continued to leave. All I could say was, 'We can't just say I love you for the first time and have it be over.'"

"Wow," Barbara breathed. "Joey, you're a journalist. Do you ever get pressured to write about you and Dawson?"

"Constantly," she replied smiling, "but I refuse to. We're already so open about our relationship. There's already so much about us that we've put out there. We need to keep something for ourselves."

"Where do you want to be ten years form now?" Barbara asked.

"Here," Joey said. "Never thought I'd say this, but I wanna go back home permanently sometime. And of course together."

"With a little family living in my own family's old house," Dawson added in. "Wouldn't be too bad to be successful too. Maybe an Oscar or two."

"Truly happy," Joey added in.

"Engrossed in love," Dawson said passionately kissing Joey in front of the camera. "Totally engrossed in love."

The End


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