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These stories are rated R!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in my story. Kevin Williamson does.

The Seduction

Part One:What happens when Joey and Dawson...experiment?
Part Two: Dawson feels awkward around Jen.
Part Three: It is clear that Joey and Dawson aren't just friends anymore...
Part Four: Dawson tells Pacey what's been happening.
Part Five: Things get interesting...
Part Six: Jen tries to seduce Dawson, but he only has eyes for Joey.
Part Seven: Joey plans to ruin Jen's date after being warned off Dawson.
Part Eight: Jen and Dawson's date at the Icehouse is interrupted by Joey and Pacey.
Part Nine: Jen tells Dawson she loves him, but Dawson doesn't exactly reply to her honestly.
Part Ten: Dawson and Jen have drastically different plans for their big night.
Part Eleven: Jen angerly confronts Joey.

I'd Die For You

Part One: A modern day Romeo and Juliet.
Part Two: Dawson learns of the rivalry between his father and Mr. Potter.
Part Three: Joey discovers her father's plans...Dawson and Pacey sneak into a party held by Mr. Potter.
Part Four: Joey and Dawson's relationship progresses.

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