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In this series by Ashley, Joey has been with Pacey for eight months since the series finale, but "The Creek" keeps drawing her thoughts back to her history with Dawson...

Disclaimer: Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Audrey, Jack and all other Dawson's Creek characters are the property of Kevin Williamson and the WB. I don't own them, so please don't sue!

Second Thoughts

Prologue: Joey watches "The Creek" alone because Pacey is stuck at work.
Chapter One: Joey's boss's request is going to force her to miss Pacey's big party at The Icehouse.
Chapter Two: Joey bumps into Dawson in LA.
Chapter Three: A heavy storm strands Joey at Dawson's house.
Chapter Four: Joey realizes she's late for her flight home!
Chapter Five: Bessie asks Joey about Dawson's unusual behavior.

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