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If You Had My Love: Dawson and Joey struggle to trust each other again.

True Love

True Love: Joey returns to Capeside for a few days after 3 years and is saddened at the memory of Dawson moving away when they were 16.
True Love Part 2: Joey is surprised when one of her clients is Dawson.
True Love Part 3: Joey reads over some of the many letters that she wrote to Dawson while he was gone but never sent.
True Love Part 4: Joey's letters give Dawson an insight to her life while he was gone.
True Love Part 5: After Dawson tells Joey about his new movie they decide to take a trip.
True Love Part 6: Dawson and Joey share a night of pleasure before catching their flight.
True Love Part 7: Joey reveals to Dawson who her first time was.
True Love Part 8: Dawson plans a surprise for Joey.
True Love Part 9: Dawson proposes to Joey.
True Love Part 10: Dawson and Joey get a surprise visitor.
True Love Part 11: Dawson, Joey, and Pacey discuss what's been going on in their lives.
True Love Part 12: Joey finds out some shocking news but is reluctant to tell Dawson.
True Love Part 13: The last in the series. Get your tissues out!
True Love Part 14: A bonus part to celebrate her nomination!

Emotions In Motion

Declared Laura's Monthly Fan Fiction Award Winner!
Honesty: A new series inspired by Duchess's ‘From Here To Eternity' about Pacey and Joey's evolving relationship.
Love: It's Pacey's birthday, and Joey has a special present for him!
Commitment: It's Joey's birthday, and Pacey plans a surprise. But will her answer make them break up?
Happiness: Joey and Dawson have a bet - will she succeed?
Anger: Diaster strikes - a misunderstanding breaks Joey and Pacey up.
Forgiveness: Will Dawson and Jen's plan work?
Fear: Joey finds she's pregnant.


Parenthood: Joey's been gone for years, leaving Dawson depressed. Pacey forces the friends to meet up, and Dawson finds out her secret.
Ever After: It's the day of the service, but will Dawson's cold feet make him back out?

The Fugitive

Prologue: Joey and Dawson come back to Capeside after seven years, but why did they leave?
Hold On: Seven years ago, the couple tell their families their problem.
Love Child: Joey and Dawson run away again.
Forgiven Not Forgotten: Joey sees Pacey.
You're Still The One: Joey and Dawson meet their families again.

Everyone Says I Love You

Everyone Says I Love You: Joey and Dawson explore their new relationship. Pacey feels like the third wheel in the friendship. Jen is upset by the loss of both Dawson and Gramps.
The Age Of Innocence: Joey and Dawson are broken up over Pacey's prank. Pacey comforts Joey. Jen finds comfort in the arms of a stranger.


Crying: What should have happened after the pageant!

Deep Impact

Deep Impact: Dawson and Joey realize their feelings.

This Girl's Life

Rated R

Down So Long: Joey tries to free herself.
Shimmer: Dawson tries to stop Joey making a life-or-death decision. Literally.
Whatever You Do! Don't!: Dawson and Joey finally discuss their relationship.
I Grieve: Joey goes back to school.
Love To Love You: It's graduation, and Joey has to make a speech that shocks Dawson.
Indestructable: Joey leaves only letters behind her.
She's The One: Three years later, in Las Vegas, Dawson is intrigued by a singer.
We Have Forgotten: Dawson and Joey are really glad to see one another...
Someone You Use: The last in the series.

Eternal Flame

The Wedding Singer: A sequal to This Girl's Life, Dawson's party is eventful.
My Best Friend's Wedding: Joey is a woman on a mission.
The Boy Is Mine: Joey sets out to reck havoc.
The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You): Joey pledges to be good again.
Breathless: Joey and Dawson stumble into something while very drunk.
She Can't Feel Anything Anymore: Dawson chooses.
War of Nerves: Dawson receives an invitation to Joey's wedding in England.


Daddy: Joey feels her life has been ruined by her father causing her break-up with Dawson.
You've Got a Way With Me: Joey reminisces about Dawson.


I'll Be Missing You: Joey reflects on an accident that happened after the prom.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Dawson realises he doesn't know everything about his two best friends.
My Body's Broken: Joey explains things to us.
Coffee Black and Egg White: Pacey tries to explain himself.
My Favorite Mistake: It's Christmas, and there's extra pressure.

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