Courtney's Stories

This is a series by Courtney. Everyone is 25 years old. Dawson and Joey broke up before they went to college, but can things go back to the way they were? Read it and find out!

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. They are the property of Kevin Williamson. The titles aren't mine either. I have nothing to do with the Acadamy Awards or any of the movies or celebrities I mentioned. I am making no profit from this.

Please note: This series has not been updated in a long enough time to categorize it as incomplete. The author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again. .

Now and Then: Bessie reunites Dawson and Joey, who haven't seen each other in 7 years, as Alex's birthday party.
The Mirror has Two Faces: The tabloids get wind of Dawson and Joey's stay at the Duck Inn and start to speculate.
My Girl: Pacey meets Dawson and Joey and suggests that Joey have a small part in their movie.
Shall we Dance: Pacey sends both Dawson and Joey and package and tries to get them to rekindle their romance.
Love me Twice: Joey repays Dawson for her hotel dilema. Pacey meets a girl from Capeside.

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