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The first series by Crystal takes place right after the season 1 finale, but with a twist. It is based on rumors and spoilers about season two and what she predicts will happen after Joey dumps Dawson. The second series is really good. It deals with Pacey and his family, starting off after the episode "The Kiss".

Disclaimer: All the characters and anything else affiliated with Dawson's Creek belong to Kevin Williamson, WB, Columbia Tri Star, etc. Also I do not own the song "Muneca Cruel." by Enrique Iglesias.

Please note: Though Tu Vacio is complete, the other works have not been updated in a long enough time to categorize them as incomplete. The author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again.

Tú Vacio

Tú Vacio (Your Emptiness): Joey is shocked at the state she finds Dawson in when she goes to check on him.
Death...: Dawson's state deteriorates as he tries to forget Joey. Rated PG-13
Life?: A wave of shock hits Joey and Mrs. Leery when there is a change in Dawson's condition.
Hate...: Pacey has a talk with Dawson. Joey finally sees him.
Love?: Dawson returns to school and bumps into Jack. The last of the series.

Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces: A new series by Crystal, this story deals with some serious issues as it gives a glimpse of Pacey's home life. Rated PG-13
Hey You: Pacey deals with the after affects of his father's abuse. Rated PG-13
Comfortably Numb: Pacey's abuse continues but he finally tells someone about it. Rated PG-13
The Thin Ice: Andie tries to fight for Pacey. Rated PG-13
The Trial: Dawson stumbles in on a horrific scene. Rated PG-13


Esperanza: Dawson and Joey's thoughts after the episode "The Reluctant Hero".
Desire: Joey continues to think about Dawson, even as her relationship with Jack progresses.

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