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Disclosure is one of my favorite stories. It takes place right after "The Breakfast Club" episode. Unfortunatly, it is not a series, it is just one part, which is completed. The rest of the season is the sequal. French Kiss is a really good completed story, too. It's a possible season premiere that was written before the real one (season two) aired.

Disclaimer: Dawson's Creek & all the characters always were and always will be the sole property of Kevin Williamson & Columbia-Tri Star/ WB. I just want to borrow them for a little while, and will return them promptly at the end of my fan fic.

Please note: This author has not updated in a long enough time that the provided email address may no longer work.

Disclosure: Joey and Dawson discuss a lot of things after she almost skips movie night and he comes to get her.

French Kiss: Dawson and Pacey greet Joey at the airport when she gets back to Capeside after spending the summer in France.

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