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Jade's series tells how Pacey might have met Dawson and Joey when they were kids. This story is a really creative flashback one, check it out!

Disclaimer: The characters of Dawson's Creek do not belong to me. That's it I guess.

The Long Ago...Series (1992-7)

When Pacey Met Joey: Pacey moves to Capeside and meets some new people in school.
Just One of the Guys: Dawson begs Pacey to make friends with Joey.
In the Neighborhood: Pacey tries to figure out what's wrong with Joey.
Your Secret Valentine: Joey finds a note in her locker, but doesn't know who it's from.
Cuts: Both Joey and Pacey go through trials with their families.
The Good Fight: Joey and Pacey get closer because of Joey's tragic situation.
The Water is Wide: Joey's mother's condition continues to deteriorate.
Take Me There: Pacey and Joey finally manage to find her father... with disasterous results.

This Is When It All Began...

The Beginning of Everything Else: Dawson makes his movie, but we see the missing scenes from the show.
Back to School: Joey meets Anderson, and Pacey gets closer to Ms Jacobs.
Growing Pains: The gang share an eventful detention.
In The Summertime: This part is after the suspenseful 'From now on, Dawson, I don't want to know you'!
Massachusetts: Better friendships develop between Pacey, Joey, Jen and Jack.
We Are Who We Are: Pacey helps Joey find a job.
Liar, Liar: Joey and Pacey play girlfriend/boyfriend.
Gossip: Jen and Pacey try to protect Joey from Matthew.
Just Friends, I Promise: Pacey and Joey spend the night at his house.
Nothing More, Nothing Less: Joey gets attacked.
To Be Loved: After an argument, Pacey and Joey make up...
One Week: Pacey hears Bessie and Joey talking.
One True Thing: Summer's almost over and reality is just beginning.
I Love You, But...: Andie begs Joey not to take Pacey away.
Let Me Let Go: Things end happily... or do they?

The Story Of Us

After Some Time: Pacey and Joey haven't met for years. But they're living in the same city...
Family Ties: Joey's career advances.
That Old Feeling: It's Joey's thirtieth birthday and Greg's parents are throwing her a big party.
So We Meet Again: Pacey and Joey finally cross paths.
It'll Be Okay: Karen threatens to take a distracted Joey off the project.
Runaway: Pacey realizes how much of a jerk he's become.
I Know Him By Heart: Joey prepares for her wedding.
One Hundred Tears Away: Greg confronts Joey about Pacey.
Epilogue: The end of the trilogy.

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