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In Jen's new series, Joey's at Brown, and she has a great life, including a great boyfriend. But what happens when she starts to like Pacey more than 'just friends'?

Disclaimer: I don't own, nor do I have anything to do with Dawson's Creek, the WB, or anything associated with dc. Please don't sue, I'm just writing a simple fanfic

Please note: This series has not been updated in a long enough time to categorize it as incomplete. The author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again.

What Did I Do?

What Did I Do: Joey is in a great relationship but she's not quite satisfied.
The History of Me: Erik tells us about himself.
Getting Over Him: Jen makes a plan
Boys' Night Out: Joey's date ends in tears.
All That Matters: Erik is called to the hospital.
Everybody Hurts: Erik talks to Joey openly.
The Awakening: Joey talks to Erik, who realizes he loves her forever.
Confrontations and Interrogations: Dawson probes Erik.
The Aftermath: Erik pays a visit to Mr. Potter.
Back To Your Heart: Joey goes back to school, and Erik asks her an important question.
Fast Forward: Fast forward five years to the future.

Made In Heaven

Prologue: Did Pacey and Joey know each other in a past life? And if they did, will Heaven intervene in their present lives, or will the have to subconsciously find each other?
Beginnings: We watch snipets of the Creek gang's lives over the years.

He Didn't Have To Be

He Didn't Have to Be: A one part story that is in the form of a letter.

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