Jessica's Stories

In this new series by Jessica, Dawson has some serious thinking to do after seeing Joey at the Ms. Windjammer beauty contest.

Disclaimer: I don't own the song "I will wait" that belongs to Hootie. All of the characters and, etc., belong to Kevin Williamson, because if I did own Pacey, he'd be locked in my room. Grrrrrlllllllll!!!!

Please note: The series has not been updated in a long enough time to categorize it as incomplete. The author's provided email address may no longer work, and it will likely never be updated again.

Simple Again: In this one part story, Dawson, unable to sleep, decides to go to Joey's house to talk to her.

Love Conquers All: A one part story, Joey must visit her mother's grave without Dawson.

In Love and War: Joey and Dawson think about their break-up.

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